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Chapter 147: Guardian Deity (1)

Chapter 147: Guardian Deity (1)

The demons who entered my dungeon. Half the creatures they brought had been removed from the dungeon. They were released all over South Korea and hadn't yet been cleaned up.

It was ridiculous that there was such a large number of creatures.

'Other demons. Or it might be aid from Pandemonium.'

I touched my jaw.

By now, the demons would be aware that there was a problem.

They would be planning their next move.

So...I planned to wipe out all the creatures while making them aware of a 'strong presence.'

I would use it to confuse Pandemonium.

'A special event.'

Special events had happened several times in my previous life and referred to things like the angels' descent or the emergence of the Cruel Commander Maxium.

I knew how to cause one event.

I wouldn't have even dared dream of it before stepping into the realm of transcendence as well as obtaining the treasures of the Hell Monarch...I formed a small smile.


A pair of large black wings fluttered on my back. They were slightly different from the ones I received when Corruption was used. They were an 'item' transformed after eating Pride's flames.

I recalled the brief description of the item called Thousand Wings.

-Name - Thousand Wings (Epic)

Description: Wings that are said to be capable of holding thousands of different types of magic power.

* The user can absorb and store the magic power of creatures that they kill.

* The colour will change depending on the type of magic power absorbed.

** Once the limit is reached, it is possible to use the skill 'Thousand Summoned Doors.'

** The amount of stored magic power - 445,344/1,000,000

It was an epic item with no stats, skills or titles. If I couldn't see the hidden options with Mind's Eye then it would have been a trash item.

It certainly wasn't worth paying 5,000 achievement points for.

However, the hidden options were remarkable. There were restrictions but it was an item that enabled the use of an exceptional epic skill. Besides, I was familiar with the skill.

-Name - Thousand Summoned Doors (Ex Epic)

Description: A unique monster can be summoned, depending on the specific place or time.. The summoned creature won't follow the summoner's commands but will act according to its own 'uniqueness.'

It was ambiguous.

But I knew a similar skill that had been triggered. As a result, something happened.

It was a half step lower skill called 'Traditional Summoning Door (Epic). A human had used it to reverse the destruction in South Korea. Immense wealth and great sacrifices were exchanged to summon a 'guardian deity.'

I didn't see the summoning with my own eyes but it was enough to stop the demons' invasion.

'Thousand Summoned Doors' was a higher rated compatible skill. If I collected enough magic power then it was possible to open the summoning door without any restrictions.

Of course, I didn't intend to use the magic power to summon something evil. It should be helpful to humans.

'Wake up a guardian deity to protect South Korea.'

A guardian 'deity.' It was still a creature. At any rate, I intended to wake it up in order to counterattack against Pandemonium. If I wanted to do that, I needed the magic power of creatures and the 'origin' of humans.

'The three-legged crow.'

I looked through my memories.

At that time, the three-legged crow had been summoned. At first glance, it resembled a crow. It was bigger than the griffin and could cover the sun. I wasn't certain of its strength but it seemed to be between a high class 3Lv and 4Lv.

The problem didn't listen to the summoner.

The three-legged crow certainly defended Korea but it was fickle.

After consuming the invading demons and creatures, it demanded more wealth. It liked flashy things and accumulated all types of jewels and goods on top of Mt. Baekdu. It caused things like tsunamis as a joke so the humans suffered.

In the end, it was cleaned up by Grand Duke Upa. However, the strength and will of the guardian deity was apparent.

'It can't attack when it sees me.'

I was a demon. There couldn't be instinctive recognition.

It wouldn't have been easy before the Underground World. Now I could easily defend against the guardian deity.

"Master. A lot of humans have come along."

Rose said as she glanced back.

This was the third day.

I had travelled through half this land without any rest.

Meanwhile, thousands of people had seen me taking care of the creatures. Many people were following behind me.

Some were civilians and a large number were Awakened.

I didn't rest for even one minute or one second and managed to move up to here. Despite being slow, the humans desperately tried to follow me. Their mouths were foaming as they chased after me.

'I need their origins in order to summon the guardian deity.'

Hundreds of people weren't enough. Thousands, no tens of thousands were required. Otherwise, the creature I wanted was unlikely to be summoned.

"Take a small break."

On a small hill.

I sat on a rock and closed my eyes.

The procession of people stopped and rested for a while.

Roy and Rose.

It was the first time they had left the dungeon. They were filled with curiosity and Rose was especially active.

While Roy stayed next to Dungeon Master, Rose started to move. She decided to enter the crowd of people to look at them.

"Ohh, Saviour-nim's child..."

As Rose approached, some humans kneeled down and raised their hands.

A modest attitude.

Rose blinked as one woman approached her.

"Are you hungry? It isn't much but have a steamed sweet potato. Try it once."

"Steamed sweet potato?"

"Yes. It is very sweet."

The old woman quietly laughed as she offered the sweet potatoes.

Rose bluntly grabbed one sweet potato.


She even chewed on the skin.


It was delicious. Rose ate the sweet potato in the blink of an eye.

The old woman didn't know she would eat the skin but smiled after a moment.

"That...Saviour-nim's child."

"I'm Rose. By the way, are you referring to Master? What is a saviour?"

No matter how grown up she pretended to be, Rose was young. She learned twice as fast as others but there was still a limit.

The old woman replied slowly.

"Rose-nim, we call him Saviour-nim because he did what no one else could."


Rose clapped her hands.

"Then Master is a saviour. Queen-nim used to always say it. Nothing is impossible for Master. Master was taken away by evil, but he came back to save us all. I knew it. Master is really great."

Um um. Rose nodded.

Every day was really new. Queen-nim, Chrisley's words weren't wrong.

Her confidence in that idea grew.

"From all evil...!"

"He will save us!"

"Finally! Finally!"

The humans interpreted it a bit differently.

There were good reasons.

A person taken away by evil. He came back to destroy all evil. Popular lines seen somewhere was natural for him to be deemed a god.

Before she knew it, thousands of people were gathered around Rose.

They created a circle and listened to Rose's conversation.

This was the first time Rose experienced so much attention. It was natural that she would feel flattered.

"You don't have to worry. I don't know why but Master is trying to help you. Queen-nim said that Master will bring 'hope' to the humans here. You are fragile beings but potential can be seen. If you don't aim your sword at Master then that potential can blossom. By the way...Queen-nim has another worry. Will humans point their swords at Master after gaining strength? I have to say this. Would you really?"

Rose didn't understand this point.

Humans were stupid but she couldn't imagine them raising their swords in disobedience. Were they that stupid?

She wanted to ask the humans directly.

Biting the hand that fed them. No matter how strong they were, it was natural that they were weaker than Master. She thought a species that would willingly walk down the path of death was strange.

An endangered species became drunk on power and tried to rebel. It was ingratitude. It was impossible for the dark elves.

"Ah, no. It is a misunderstanding. I can't say that no humans would do that, but there are more good humans."

"So it would vary? I don't know very well but you shouldn't cut off ties with Master. He is very strong! You should be careful. He killed four demons alone...hup!"

Rose quickly covered her mouth.

The surrounding humans started shaking.

"Four demons?"


"Oh my god!"

They didn't know why.

One day, the demons made their way to Korea.

There were exactly four of them.

Dipella, Anastasia, Amurun and Jenerald!

Their names were memorized. All the people gathered here knew the names of the four demons.

Yet, she said they were killed.

Curiosity filled the eyes looking at Rose.

Rose ignored them and turned around.

"Ah, I don't know. I will be going now. Master said that he will be moving after three hours."

Rose threw Master an embarrassed look.

Master didn't say it directly but Rose was aware of her role. It was to get the humans to follow him!

If not, Master wouldn't have bothered to wait for the humans to follow. Rose noticed and said a mix of facts to the humans.

Thanks to this, the faith of the humans became even stronger.

Mentioning the demons was dangerous, but that was only if they found out Master was a demon. 'Envy' would fill their eyes.

Now people who believed in Master would appear.

'Did I do well?'

Rose was young but noticed quickly.

She instinctively understood psychological methods.

So she was somewhat certain that her answer was correct.

'That's right!'

Then Rose hurriedly turned to the old lady and said.

"Can I have two more steamed sweet potatoes? I want to give one to Master..."

One was for Master. She would eat the other one.

She didn't think of Roy.

It was the first time she had ever tasted the delicious sweet potatoes.