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Chapter 146: Roy, Rose (2)

Chapter 146: Roy, Rose (2)

Near Seoul. 50 Awakened searched around with resolute determination. The slightest negligence was dangerous so they couldn't breathe easily.

A place that had been a huge city one year ago was already in ruins. Skulls were scattered all over the place as crows cried out. The cracked asphalt roads, abandoned cars and broken windows...

It was a place with no life. Only the sounds of death could be heard.


The Awakened in the front raised a hand. The 50 people simultaneously stopped.

The captain was called Jin Woo-ram. His team was scouting around Seoul for a mission.

Jin Woo-ram confirmed the footprints on the ground and spoke.

"Four days ago, massive creatures started moving in this direction. The footprints of trolls and a few ogres seem to be mixed together. In the east to west direction. The estimated number is 500."


All of the team members were nervous.

There were only 50 Awakened here.

However, there were 500 intermediate trolls and advanced ogres. No matter how many elites were gathered here, it was impossible to defeat so many creatures. It would just be a massacre.

"Do you intend to follow?"

One of the team members asked.

It was reckless. Common sense made it clear that following the footprints was too dangerous.

But Jin Woo-ram ignored their words.

"Hundreds of Awakened are being raised as food. Among them are the main members of each guild. If we lost them all then there is no future for South Korea."

"But...the behaviour of the creatures has become strange since a few days ago. They have become very violent."

That's right. The reason was unknown but the creatures had lost their senses a few days ago. They ran wild and smashed everything. Even birds couldn't escape being wiped out.

Jin Woo-ram knew all this. However, he was still confident until the end.

"10 days ago, the drone reconnaissance confirmed that they are alive. Abandoning the survivors...if you leave then never show up in front of me again."

Jin Woo-ram's words caused silence. No one wanted to say anything.

They confirmed that hundreds of Awakened were alive but 10 days had already passed.

10 days! They could have been killed in that time.

The creatures had gone wild so they couldn't confirm how many were still alive. To be honest, few of the members were very hopeful. They were convinced that all the captured people were already dead.

Nevertheless, Jin Woo-ram didn't give up hope. If hundreds of Awakened were alive then there was hope that the situation could be overturned. There was a low probability. The lives of the 50 people here were also at risk.

"There are a number of airborne creatures so we need to move as carefully as possible."

Jin Woo-ram went ahead first.

The ruined Seoul...the 50 people moved to find the slightest bit of hope.

Before long, the target location was found.

Jin Woo-ram and the team spread prepared troll faeces all over their bodies.

The stench penetrated their noses but they didn't care. This act was skillfully carried out like they were accustomed to it.

A pair of Awakened with detection and stealth skills went on patrol.

"There is a tunnel 500 metres from here. We can avoid the creatures and verify the situation."

Jin Woo-ram was extremely prudent as a leader. He wanted to save the survivors but he needed to confirm it first. He couldn't move recklessly.

If those gathered here were wiped out...the bad situation in South Korea would get worse.

The scouting members spread out as much as possible. They were to closely watch the movements of the creatures in order to be prepared.



The trolls drooled and looked around blindly. It made them extremely anxious. Fearsome teeth were revealed.

The ogres didn't hide their desire to kill. One wrong move would turn the members into victims. Just imagining it was terrible.

'There are approximately 500 trolls and three ogres.'

Jin Woo-ram's mind was complicated.

The number of South Korean talents being held was approximately 30,000. 500 was a small number but the number of Awakened moving around South Korea was limited.

The five large guilds in the past were almost in decline. Communication was cut off and the survivors were besieged by sudden raids. It was no different from the entire guild system collapsing.

-Survivors have been found. There are 200 people alive. Their conditions are very poor.

Soon the radio went off.

200 survivors!

Jin Woo-ram gripped his fists tightly.

'If we can rescue them safely...'

There could be a reversal. It could form a basis for driving the creatures out of the collapsed Seoul.

However, he was temporarily off guard due to that joy.


A few wyverns in the air found him and cried out loud.

Although they were covered with the troll faeces, their bodies weren't hidden. Once confirmed with the naked eye, they were humans again and the targets of the creatures.



The trolls turned their heads.

Kung! Kuwuong!

The ogres also moved their massive bodies.


Jin Woo-ram spat out with disgust.

The wyverns were a problem. They blocked the rear so three team members had already died.

The situation was the worst. They would surely be wiped out.

Therefore, Jin Woo-ram and the team members chose to struggle.

"Let's show them the power of humans!"

If they were going to die then they would take as many creatures with them as possible.

The humans couldn't be looked down on. Although their numbers were small, all the Awakened here were quite influential. They would let these creatures know that humans weren't just food. The dignity of humankind wouldn't be trampled on by the creatures.

Everyone had the idea of taking at least half down with them.

And the sword-wielding Jin Woo-ram shouted into the radio.

"We will be the bait to buy some time. Help the survivors escape!"

They would fight to the death.

It was okay if they died. The world had changed and their precious people had already died. There was nothing to lose so they would have no regrets about being buried in the ground. Most of the Awakened gathered here felt this way.

So...they hoped the survivors would be rescued while they died.

They hoped. It was a small sacrifice.


Skin was torn with their swords. Blood was spilled. The team members were desperate.


"Don't dawdle!"

A desperate voice flowed from the radio. Jin Woo-ram couldn't afford to talk.

He was enclosed on all sides. Team members prayed as they died.

'Dear God! Look down on us. I don't mind dying so please! Please!'


Screams from the members could be heard every moment.

The group of 50 was cut in half in an instant. They couldn't drag out the time. If they hung in there a little bit more then morale would rise.

Jin Woo-ram cut down a troll and shouted.

"We are humans! We...are strong!"

10 minutes.

No, it wasn't even five minutes!

There was a clear possibility the survivors could get out alive if they lasted that long. Those sent to scout were all strong. The ones who hid their bodies came out.


But...the ogres joined forces and it became more difficult.



They were being stepped on. It was impractical to think about the dignity of humans.

The end? It was only up to here.

Jin Woo-ram bit his lip.

Everyone slowly gave up hope.


A knight in silver armour ran among the creatures. His long lance was swung and killed dozens of trolls at once.


Black fire hit the creatures and burned them down.

The survivors, including Jin Woo-ran, naturally turned their gazes in that direction.

At the same time, their eyes widened.

Black flames and huge wings. A person wearing a skull mask and black armour. An overwhelming presence could be felt just by looking at him.


The creatures also hesitated as they felt something.

The silver knight ran like the wind and quickly cut down the creatures. It took no more than 10 minutes to wipe out the 500 creatures.

Everyone was at a loss for words.

After the situation was wrapped up, Rose opened her mouth.

"How is it? Do you see Rose's skills? Roy just watched."

She moved M3 alone. I briefly recalled the scene of M3 fighting.

"There are too many unnecessary tricks."

Rose pouted.

"Queen-nim praised expected, Master is too picky! I'll try harder."

Still, her attitude of not giving up was commendable. She didn't seem like a child and this might be due to Chrisley's influence. She was properly trained.

After killing all the enemies, M3 made its way over. Behind it, the 20 Awakened were just staring blankly.

"Who is the representative?"


A bear-like man came out.

I immediately looked with Mind's Eye.

Name: Kim Woo-ram

Occupation Hero (Warrior) Title

* Take Charge (R, Strength +4)

* Early Stage Master Fighter (U, Strength and Stamina +3)


Strength 62 (+7) Intelligence 55

Agility 49 Stamina 57 (+3)

Magic Power 52

Potential: (275+10/368)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Warrior's Will (U), Sensory Activation (R), Identify Weakness (Ex, U)

This was a good level for a human. The levels of the other Awakened were similar as well.

I spoke to Jin Woo-ram who was awkwardly standing there.

"There are other Awakened not far away. Their attack?"


Jin Woo-ram realized the important fact and pulled out his radio.

"All the creatures have been dealt with. Join us."

-That...are you serious?

"There was external assistance."

-I understand. We will immediately depart.

After a short radio conversation, Jin Woo-ram turned towards me.

"Thank you so much for saving us. I am a member of the Mithril Guild, Jin Woo-ram."

It was familiar. I frowned and asked.

"The top five guilds?"

"That's right. Although now we are mere scraps...of course, everyone gathered here doesn't belong to the Mithril Guild."

I knew a few points. It was because Gaparam's book contained some details mentioned. But this was the first time I had seen a living Awakened in South Korea.

"Are you moving to rescue the survivors? I didn't think this type of force still remained."

"We have a base in Yongin. you mind if I ask who you are?"

"A hunter."


Jin Woo-ram and his team showed signs of alarm.

However, I was reluctant to admit that I was the leader of the 'Devil Hunters' raid group when I was accompanied by dark elves. Things were occurring different from my previous life so there was a possibility of Pandemonium using the humans.

Maybe the fact that I was the Devil Hunters' captain had already been identified. It would be different in my past life but Okullos had already broken the taboo.

'There is nothing wrong with being careful.'

It was hard to see ahead.

The stereotypes needed to be boldly broken down.

I cleaned up my thoughts and murmured.

"I have no intention of harming you."

"I'm sorry. If you don't reveal it properly then I can't easily believe you. Besides, the identities of the two dark elves beside you are very suspicious...thank you for saving us, but we can't let our guard down."

Jin Woo-ram explained with restless eyes.

It was like I expected.

On the other hand, Rose exploded.

"Queen-nim's words are correct. Humans really are stupid. Why do they doubt Master who saved them? I would have killed them already if I wanted to."

"Stay still."


Rose's cheeks reddened.

Roy just fidgeted and looked between Rose and I. Both of them were cute like Yihi, but now wasn't the time to appreciate it.

"I am going to the south. I will be getting rid of any creatures I meet along the way. You can follow me or go your own way."

I turned around after saying that.

Rose poked her tongue out at the humans before following behind me.



Jin Woo-ram frowned as one of his team members spoke.

After the 200 survivors joined them, the group would have to lead them back to Yongin. If they encountered any creatures while heading to the south then there could be massive amounts of victims.

Jin Woo-ram glanced at the surviving Awakened.

They couldn't even rebel properly and were almost wiped out by 500 creatures.

It was difficult to think of that person as a human. He had never heard of dark elves following a human before.

Should they follow the mystery man or try to head to the south with their own strength?

After a moment of thinking, Jin Woo-ram made a decision.


They had no choice.