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Chapter 145: Roy, Rose (1)

Chapter 145: Roy, Rose (1)

The thing I needed most was information. I needed a clear understanding of what I missed in the world. The dynamics of wasn't possible to move without knowing the movements of the demons, angels and humans.

And the lich Gaparam was the best person to ask about this.


I remembered.

He was a lich researching life. Wasn't his goal to create a complete homunculus?

"I am fulfilling the promise, despite being late."

"It's okay. It isn't involving the homunculus but I've made my own progress."

Building a workshop. I promised to provide support so that he could continue his study into the homunculus. However, I had unintentionally spent one year and eight months in the Underground World. Points weren't available so he couldn't do his research.

Even so, Gaparam wasn't upset. He understood and didn't seem to care.

I turned my gaze to the two children next to Gaparam.

"These children?"

"I have been teaching the children these days. They are bright and their learning speed is amazing. Now, shouldn't you introduce yourselves?"

Dark skin and pointy ears. The two children were dark elves approximately four or five years old.

It was unusual that they were twins but they looked familiar.

Among them, the girl walked out first and bowed.

"Hello, Dungeon Master. My name is Rose. I heard that Dungeon Master gave me the name Rose. It is an honour."

"I-I am Roy."

Unlike Rose, Roy had a timid nature.

'They are already so big.'

Now I could remember the two children.

Not long after the children were born, I had named them. I had roughly named them but now it felt different.

Rose looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Queen-nim asked us to look after Dungeon Master if there are any problems. Rose is still young but I want to learn quickly to be helpful to Dungeon Master."

"M-me too..."

I gave a small laugh. The little girl was saying funny things. In particular, I liked Rose's unyielding eyes. I expected that she would be a confident heroine once she was older.

"It is brilliant."

"Correct. These children only have each other and are learning faster than others. The children will be a lot of help in my research. Roy's character is a little bit timid but can't that be gradually fixed?"

In the 3rd Demon World Auction, I had purchased a skill book called Twin's Mental Rapport. I was convinced after checking the two children with Mind's Eye.

It was obvious that the skill had been successfully learnt, causing a rise in their abilities.

"Gaparam. I heard that you could help me. How can you help?"

It was the reason I came to talk to him.

When I asked seriously, Gaparam handed me a thick book.

"First, please take this. It is a book where I noted down my past work and my thoughts. You should be able to fill some of the gaps with it."

I opened the book and saw things like daily changes, things that happened in the dungeon and external exploration. Even details about the weather were written down.

Gaparam said with a warm smile.

"I am a researcher. I like to keep a record of everything. It isn't just limited to the dungeon as this place called Earth is also very interesting. There isn't a fixed topic but it should be enough to fill in the gaps for you."

"It will help."

This much information. It seemed like it would take a few days to finish reading.

I was scanning through the book when Gaparam quietly muttered.

" you remember M3?"

"The artificial golem I purchased at the Demon World Auction?"

I turned and answered.

He was the completed version of M1 and M2. The name was a golem but he looked more like an artificial knight. Of course I remembered him.

However, I didn't know why that name would be mentioned right now. He didn't suffer a severe wound like the other high class creatures. Gaparam sensed my confusion and continued.

"I have been repairing and improving him every time he is broken."


He clapped and a silver knight with red eyes emerged.

However, he was covered with soot. There was a crack that seemed to be forcibly created and one finger couldn't be seen.

Ha! I clicked my tongue.

It was surprising that he hadn't been broken by now.

"There are many scars."

"Many enemies have tried to break it but I managed to get it out alive. As a result, it has become much stronger. It is because I have transformed it according to the many battles."


"I fixed the core of M3. That...I used a little bit of the knowledge of humans. Connecting multiple nuclei would allow for more power."

I touched my jaw.

Gaparam's story was very interesting.

There were certainly some great parts about the technology of humans. However, I never thought about taking advantage of it. There was no need to bother, but now Gaparam had tampered with that technology.

"I won't tell you a complicated story. I created four nuclear fusion cores and connected them to make him move more efficiently. Roy and Rose were very helpful here. I connected their 'telepathy' skill to M3's core so M3 itself started to grow."


M3 had been completed. There was no room for further growth. It was mentioned in his description. It meant the framework had been cracked.

I turned my head and looked at M3. I quickly opened Mind's Eye.

Name: M3


Strength 92 (+5) Intelligence 0 (+41)

Agility 91 (+5) Stamina 84 (+5)

Magic Power 85 (+5)

Potential: (352+61/340)

Uniqueness: Completed from the beginning. There is no more need for growth and there is no sense of self since its intelligence is 0. But the golem gives its best performance under a powerful master. There are more improvements since M1 and M2.

** Four nuclear fusion cores. The lich Gaparam has made M3 more efficient to use.

Skill: Gale (Ex U), Joint Attack (Ex U), Roy and Rose (Ex U)

There was a hidden option and the pure stat points had changed a little bit. Furthermore, another skill called 'Roy and Rose (Ex U)' was created.

A change. I never thought this would be possible. Even I was forced to be surprised.

'It is more combination than strengthening. He is transformed with pure technology.'

In the uniqueness, it had even written that M3 was complete.

'Something useful might emerge if Oswen, Gaparam and the dwarf king work together.'

It was natural to feel such curiosity. I couldn't imagine what would be created if those three joined forces.

"Roy and Rose can move M3. It will be a lot of help in battle."

I remembered seeing him before. While I was fighting the titan and four demons, I had seen a silver armour moving.

Roy and Rose had controlled him. I looked at them with surprise. Rose had a sassy stance while Roy's head was bowed with shame.

"Was this also part of the research?"

"It is similar. If I have the right equipment and workshop then I can make it more neatly."

"Okay. Then I will invest three million points."


Gaparam flinched.

He knew the weight of three million points.

He had no help for one year and eight months so this excited him.

"Really? Three million points..."

Of course, it wasn't just an investment.

"Instead, you should work with Oswen and the dwarf king. Help each other out."

Gaparam snorted.

"If it is the dwarf king then of course I will welcome the help. His dexterity will definitely be useful. But this is the first time I've heard of the name Oswen."

"The Twilight Blacksmith Oswen. You've never heard of him?"

"I don't know. I've never heard his name while researching in the mountains. If so, he can't be that great."

It was natural not to know, despite how famous Oswen was.

Oswen was originally a human. They moved in completely different areas.

"It will surely be helpful if you work together."

"Hmm...I am to complete the research together with Dungeon Master's subordinate."

He agreed in a patronizing manner. I would see whether he maintained this attitude.

"I will leave the permission for the points to Yihi. Speak to Yihi if you need anything."

"I understand. You won't regret it."

Gaparam briefly bowed his head.

As I turned away, Gaparam hurriedly said.

"Oh, I will leave my assistants. I won't be able to teach them while building the warehouse. The children are really excited about seeing Dungeon Master. Maybe you can take them along on a small errand. They can also help you by manipulating M3."

Gaparam...I hadn't spent that long with him so he didn't know me well.

In particular, Rose was looking at me with shining eyes.

'Knowing how to control M3 would be helpful.'

They were young but I didn't think they would be useless.

'Dark elf lords. They have the makings of a floor master.'

I recalled that the potential of the two children was very good. As expected, I checked with Mind's Eye and they had grown well. If I helped them a little bit then they would grow into powerful creatures in the future.

"Leave them behind."

I spoke curtly.

"I will immediately begin building the workshop. Then..."

Gaparam politely said before leaving.

However, the two children didn't easily move.

"Follow me."


Rose responded with a laugh.

Roy...he answered in a small voice and followed behind me.

There was a huge amount of content in the book Gaparam handed over. It was neatly arranged by date so the information entered my head well. The short summary was something like this.

[April 5th. Pandemonium noticed the dungeon and his faction started the offensive. He had left a watcher around Okullos' dungeon. We will likely have to retreat.]

[April 9th. The second battle. It was safely blocked. The demons have entirely surrounded South Korea. Their movements have been blocked many times.]

[May 18th. The human counterattack has begun. The attacks of the demons have slowed. The humans called Awakened who joined together in 'guilds' have declared war against the demons.]

[August 23rd. South Korea's capital 'Seoul' was taken. The supply station has been formed and the demons are carrying out the full scale dungeon invasion.]

[December 31st. Tens of thousands of angels have descended all over the world. Archangels are confirmed to be present. The demons, including Ariel Diablo, left their dungeons and announced their existence to the world. South Korea is still being devastated by four demons and the 7th floor of the dungeon has been breached.]


[July 3rd. A small number of human Awakened are being treated as 'points livestock' by the demons. They would force the humans to grow, earning more points that would allow them to summon powerful creatures. The angels have attacked the dungeons. On this day, the 12th floor of this dungeon was breached.]


This was the information contained in the book. It was written with blood onto flesh. Based on this, I was able to get some idea of the circumstances.

I didn't move for more than half a day.

Once I set down the book, I noticed Rose sitting on her knees. Roy was rubbing his feet with a red face.

"What are you looking at?"

"I was watching Dungeon Master."

The answer naturally came from Rose.

It wasn't the end to Rose's words.

"I want to know about Dungeon Master."

Her expression was so intense that it was burdensome. It seemed like she had heard a lot of stories about me. She wanted to know about me.

She truly was very smart. On the other hand, Roy's expression seemed to be the opposite of her words. If they heard about me, they would know how resolute I was. He was worried about Rose making a mistake with her words and being punished.

I didn't care as long as they wouldn't rebel against me.

And...I was going to raise them both as floor masters anyway.

I stood up and said.

"I will leave the dungeon. Make preparations and follow me."