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Chapter 144: Advanced Training Room

Chapter 144: Advanced Training Room

Sunlight came in through the window as Chrisley opened her eyes.

'I dreamed of my childhood.'

A very long dream. Her memories of the time she played on barren land under the protection of adults had passed through her head like a dream.

Then someone called her while she was immersed in the sweet dream. Wake up. Those words were constantly repeated. If it wasn't for that voice then she wouldn't have woken up.

After opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was the wooden ceiling. Her whole body was screaming as she stretched out. It seemed like she had been laid down for quite a while.


Chrisley remembered collapsing. She was trapped by the enemy while trying to save the dwarf king and her magic power surged.

But where was this place?

It was familiar. A home in the dark elf village.

Chrisley immediately adapted to reality and accepted that she was alive.

"Get up..."

She got up with great difficulty.

She knew she would have died from her magic power running wild. However, she somehow got another chance.

The demons had entered the dungeon.

They were constantly attacking. Many creatures would have died while she was lying down. She needed to quickly return to the dungeon.

Chrisley barely managed to get up despite the pain. She changed her clothes and thought about Okullos.

'That can't be repeated.'

Chrisley had returned without Dungeon Master. She hid from the enemies for over three months while waiting for Dungeon Master to return. However, Pandemonium started attacking and she had no choice but to return.

'I have to protect it even if my body is burned up.'

The dungeon couldn't be lost.

She had to defend it. She would surely protect it.

She formed fists as she thought this.


A dark smoke emerged from her fists. It spread and started to corrode everything.

The bed and everything else that was wooden! They crumbled and turned into black powder.


It took only 30 seconds for the small house to collapse.

But Chrisley was unharmed. Things like falling planks of wood were all broken before they reached Chrisley. They were also blocked by the black smoke coming from her body.

"What is this?"

Chrisley was baffled as she stood in the centre of the collapsed house.

Breeding species.

In order to configure my dungeon, it was necessary to spread out the breeding species. It was a method of obtaining enormous benefits with fewer points, and a large number of creatures was indispensable to winning this game.

There were many cases where the breeding species would produce multiple stronger offspring. I needed to mix them approximately in order to dominate the second half.

But this invasion had killed most of the breeding species. They needed to be restored and reinforced.

'A floor master is needed.'

An intermediate boss should be responsible for each floor.

Originally I thought a floor master wasn't needed. The final evolution of the species...for example, a special existence such as an orc lord was possible. My thoughts had changed in the meantime.

If I was absent then there was a limit to how much Chrisley and Yihi could do alone. It was more efficient to use floor masters to direct the strategy for each floor.

If the floor master was associated with the representative breeding species then they would understand the characteristics of the species, allowing them to unite more easily against an enemy's invasion.

'It will take approximately 12 million points to restore the dungeon. Summoning a floor master for all would take a month for the dungeon to return to normal.'

This was possible due to the features of the Tree or Origin. After getting rid of the enemy, I restored the original functioning of the Dungeon Core and Tree of Origin.

During this month, Pandemonium was unlikely to show any movements. He wouldn't take action because he had lost four demons at once.

'I have to make as much as possible during this month.'

I nodded.

But I was still provoked. This dungeon was still standing despite my absence. Pandemonium had some idea of my skills. Otherwise he wouldn't have mobilized four demons to raid this place.

10 days passed. Pandemonium would have started wondering after losing contact with his demons.

No matter how strong I was, I couldn't deal with all of Pandemonium's faction alone. So...I had to buy some time. Time for my dungeon to recover.


Yihi was hurriedly flying towards me.

She had been acting cautiously since I returned.

Questions such as 'Would you like honey water?' or 'Would you like a shoulder rub?' were asked in a mature tone different from before.

"What's going on?"



Pant pant!

Yihi took deep breaths before talking.

"It is breaking them. Everything is being broken. Yihi tried to stop it but she can't control it."

"...It seems like Ganak's Essence is causing trouble."


I was convinced.

It was expected. I had successfully melted Ganak's Essence into Chrisley's magic power. It was sweaty work but the effect was amazing. The quality and quantity of her magic power had grown rapidly. Naturally it would be hard to control.

I nodded and turned.

"Guide me to where Chrisley is."

"Hmm hmm. Yes Master."

Yihi replied with a fairly polite posture.

Her hands were folded on her belly as she started to gently guide me.

She looked just like a maid so I couldn't help laughing.

Kwa ru ru rung!

The inner wall of the dungeon was falling. The ground was split and the wind was so wild that it was difficult to get near. There was an empty circle hundreds of metres around Chrisley.

"Queen-nim, please!"

Julliom, the representative of the dark elves came forward. He didn't know how to respond to what was happening in the centre of the village.

"I can't stop it!"

The smoke that rose from her body caused 'death.' It mercilessly corroded everything around it. She tried to reduce the damage by not moving. However, the energy was becoming stronger and it was completely out of Chrisley's control.

"Please just wait a moment. Fairy-nim has gone to call the Dungeon Master!"

Julliom shouted from hundreds of metres outside the collapsing village.

Then Chrisley's eyes widened.

"Huh...? What do you mean? Dungeon Master?"

"He came back. Dungeon Master cured Queen-nim!"

While she was lying down, he had come back.

It was unbelievable.

At the same time, it became difficult for her to control her emotions.


Her aura became more intense and the range increased.

If this continued then the Tree of Origin would be affected.

"Hyah! Queen-nim!"

Julliom screamed with fright while Chrisley was upset.

She couldn't even feel the joy at the news.

"What should I do...?"

She bit her lips and asked Julliom. She couldn't cheer at the reality. She was afraid of what Dungeon Master would say when he saw her like this.



But Julliom's fears regarding Chrisley didn't occur.

From a distance, flames started to eat away at the black smoke.

Pride's flames.

I deployed them in order to eat as much of that destructive smoke as possible.

Pride had similar tendencies to me. It wouldn't tolerate anything entering its domain without permission. The flames had high attributes so they wouldn't lost against the smoke.

"My Dungeon Master! Don't come any closer!"

Chrisley shouted louder. In the midst of her joy, she was worried that the uncontrollable aura would eat me. But I just slowly walked forward.

Ganak's Essence.

I had a little bit of understanding after experiencing it.


Garnak the King of Death. The true power he used was 'time.' He could speed up time and cause corrosion.

My prideful flames refused to be fast forwarded by time. It was blocked.

"It has been a while."

I said as I stood in front of Chrisley.

Chrisley painfully opened her mouth.

"My...Dungeon Master..."

Her eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Her feeling of regret was the strongest. She seemed to have blamed herself after I disappeared in the battle against Okullos.

"Go to sleep. When you wake up, take steps to control your power."


I placed my hands on Chrisley's forehead.

Then Chrisley closed her eyes and slumped down.

After that happened, Chrisley became moderately stable.

But I didn't know when Ganak's power would emerge again. I had to take action before that.

Therefore...I went into the Achievements Store and bought one item.

It was a parchment style contract that had various languages on it.

I confirmed it with Mind's Eye.

-Name - Advanced Training Room (5/5)

Description: The user will be moved to a place where training can be done in earnest. 'Time' and 'spirit' can be used to balance the body. It won't have any effect on those on the way to completion, but it is possible to see a sizeable effect for those in a transition period.

* Can be used a total of five times.

* Please note. Time in the room will move 100 times slower.

* Entrance isn't allowed if the total stat points exceeds 450.

** There will be hidden compensation in accordance to the clear time.

It was an ideal place to train Chrisley. In addition, I was very curious about the hidden compensation. I wasn't allowed to enter but it would be good for Chrisley.

I called Chrisley as soon as it happened.

"Tashmal. I didn't call you."

Tashmal arrived with Chrisley.

She was a fallen angel with six pairs of wings. She was a major contributor to defending the dungeon.

However, I had only called Chrisley. I didn't know why Tashmal had followed.

"I know. But I need to be strong."

"Did you hear from Chrisley?"

"She told me that it would teach her how to control her magic power. However, Dungeon Master. Haven't you stepped into the transcendent realm? If you tell me the secret to transcendence then it will help me become stronger."

I never said anything but Tashmal seemed to have noticed.

I quietly shut my mouth as Tashmal continued.

"Angels...have come down all over the world. Although I have fallen, I want to defeat the demons before they are all sacrificed. I have protected your dungeon for one year and eight months so I think I qualify."

Tashmal had originally promised to end me. While I was gone, she had helped protect the dungeon for one year and eight months.

The influence of the Dungeon Core had weakened so she could have escaped outside to the angels.

"Okay. I will allow it."

I coolly accepted it.

Her qualifications were sufficient.

The parchment had been split into five pieces. I ripped two pieces and a large door was made.

"Go inside. Then Chrisley will be able to gain stability and Tashmal strength."

I didn't know how much they would grow.

However, this was from the Hell Monarch's treasure trove.

It was enough to give it an entirely different feeling.

There was no need for doubts. Something from the treasure trove definitely wouldn't be ordinary.

Soon Chrisley nodded. Her eyes were red-rimmed and looked sad. I quickly figured out the reason.

'She knows that Krasla is dead.'

It seemed that someone had told her the truth.

Yet it was evident that Chrisley had become more determined.

Chrisley entered the room with strong fists.

Tashmal entered next to her. The door closed with a loud sound.


I quietly stared before turning around.

Now it was time to take advantage of the next month.