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Chapter 143: A Worthy Death (2)

Chapter 143: A Worthy Death (2)

"Achievements Store."

As those words fell from my mouth, the Dungeon Core glowed more intensely.

-Welcome to the Achievements Store.

Current achievement points - 29,151

Achievement points can be used to purchase goods from the store.

Item names marked with a + are only available for purchase once.

-Items from the 'Treasure Trove of the Hell Monarch' have been added.

Intervention complete. Additional items can be found in the 'Achievement Related Items' column.

Hell Monarch.

He made the Underground World. The system wasn't recognized in that created world. And I obtained the treasure trove.

What was hidden in there?

The commanders had betrayed the Hell Monarch because of how great the items were.

I moved my gaze to the window that popped up.

[Additional Achievement Related Items]

Angel Egg - 500

Phantom Cavalry - 300

Ghost Archer - 400

Ghost Mage Soldier - 1,200


+ Thousand Wings (Epic) - 5,000

+ Roaring Shield (Epic) - 6,800

+ Absolute Ice Crystal (Ex Epic) - 23,000


+ Hell Puppet - 10,000

+ Mountain's Sign - 15,000

+ Doom Dragon - 60,000


+ Advanced Training Room (5/5) - 8,000

+ Utopia (Legend) - 99,555

+ Orb of Destruction (Legend) - 99,555

The list was long. I couldn't confirm everything with one glance. Among them, there were 10 important things.

Originally 'Aojin' was the one with the most expensive price in the Achievements Store. Now more expensive things existed.

Doom Dragon, Utopia and Orb of Destruction!

They were names I never heard of but I couldn't simply ignore them.

Doom Dragon was the first species while the other two had a legend rating.

Legend grade items were very rare in my previous life. As far as I knew, there had been only three items. Just one could unleash incredible havoc and reverse the game. In particular, the human camp broke the defenses of a grand duke using the 'Celestial Wand.'

Of course, the user was one of the 10 strongest humans but that strength was amazing.

'All of is enough to call someone a god.'

Hell Monarch. The more I thought about it, he really was an unknown person. He entered the transcendent realm and climbed to a position close to a god. He wasn't actually a god but he had enough strength to be one.

He lost the gamble and that power was now mine. Using it properly could allow me to gain the upper hand. I would be able to purchase a decent item with my current achievement points.

'It is enough to check it.'

I nodded.

I identified what was possible and what wasn't with my current points and achievements.

The budget was sufficient to restore my forces. It was overflowing. With a little more time, I would be able to make my dungeons strong.

My dungeon was safe despite being damaged. It was enough. The creatures were worthy of praise for holding out so long against the demons.

As long as I was back, I wouldn't tolerate another incident like this.

I shut down Domestic Mode.

After that, I left the top floor and found Chrisley.

Chrisley was in a serious condition.

She was lying alone in a treehouse with a pale face and closed eyes. I grabbed Chrisley's wrists and experienced some backlash as I poured my magic power into her.

This was the first time. It meant the body was instinctively protecting itself from external intervention.

At first glance, her source of life was quite compromised like Krasla's. There was a serious problem with her twisted up magic power.

"Yihi. Since when has Chrisley been in this state?"

I calmly spoke to Yihi who was quietly watching me from the door.

"Yes Master. Exactly 58 days. Yihi remembers it clearly. She was taken by a surprise attack while trying to save the dwarf king."

58 days...

'It is dangerous.'

There was a big difference between hearing and seeing it directly. If it was just a bodily injury then it could be healed with an elixir. But at this level, I would have to apply some force.

Her insides were being overwhelmed with magic power. She was able to live due to her 'good blood.'

The pure blood of the true demonic dragon Aojin and the dark elf was trying hard to restore Chrisley's body to normal.

There were few treatments for magic power running wild. The established theory was that death was inevitable. It wasn't quite twisted but the magic power was being squeezed by a force.

It was a type of incurable disease. There was no precedent for treatment but there were some methods. More than couldn't be solved alone.

Outside help was needed. And the outsider helping was also risking their lives. In the meantime, she was likely to die. If she was lucky enough to live, she might be disabled for the rest of her life. Interfering with magic power wasn't an easy feat.

This was the case.

'Her magic power is warping. She has been in this state for 58 days. It is probably too late for me to interfere.'

Her magic power would keep twisting until she died.

It took an average of seven days.

Yet she managed to survive for 58 days? It was quite remarkable. A great thing. No one would ever mention a 'cure.'

The most likely person was Pandemonium. He was familiar with magic and would have done research on magic power.

I had done similar actions a few times but I had never actually solved the problem of twisted magic power. For example, I had corrected the flow of electricity for Yoo Eun-hye.

I started frowning.

It was true that she had helped me a lot, but Chrisley was just one of many subordinates.

Usually I would have abandoned her. However...

"Krasla's death saved you. Thank his worthy death."

I placed my hands on her wrist.

And I ordered Yihi.

"Never, absolutely never let anyone enter until I come out. Yihi, this goes for you as well."

"I understand, Master. Yihi will stand guard here...yihihi."

Yihi gave a small laugh and flew away. She closed the door and stood outside it like a dead mouse. All the wind and sound was cut off.


I took a deep breath.

I stripped off her clothes and firmly grabbed her breasts.

I found her heart with my palm and closed my eyes.

My magic power already exceeded Chrisley's. However, the blood of the true demonic dragon and dark elf had a strong magic power that was equal to mine. It was a difficult task to get in between the twisted strands to unwind them.

It was like defusing a bomb. I couldn't be safe as this had been happening inside Chrisley's body for 58 days.

'Willpower is important.'

Dok dok.

I talked to Chrisley as I tapped on her magic power. At first I was ignored, but a reaction occurred as I constantly knocked. The weak reaction quickly disappeared. It was just for 0.1 second, but I walked the realm of transcendence and could react.

I detoured to the place where the magic power reacted. And I once again knocked on the door. This behaviour was repeated many times.

'Wake up.'

The reaction was a little bit stronger.

Tok! Tok!

I knocked even harder.

'Leave everything to me.'

The tangled magic power inside the body shook tremendously. I didn't know if Chrisley's spirit had woken up but I couldn't help believing.

I found one loose strand of magic power. After that, I identified the overall context.

Then I grabbed one thread and unraveled it carefully.

Chrisley's magic power no longer tried interfering. I didn't know if the body was instinctively reacting to my actions or if it was Chrisley's will, but I was glad.

There was no more need to be reluctant. My work was spurred on.


At that moment, I discovered another type of magic power.

Ganak the King of Death.

His essence was still remaining inside her body?

While fighting Okullos, Chrisley had borrowed Ganak's strength through his essence. I thought it was a one-time thing, but his power remained inside and was interfering with the magic flow.

'This was the cause.'

It wouldn't have been such a big deal without Ganak's Essence interfering.

I stood at the crossroads of choice.

I needed to either remove it or search for another direction.

But it was already too late. The threads were so badly entangled that it wouldn't be easy to find a way. It was irreversible so I needed to find another road.

'Getting rid of Ganak's Essence would be a waste.'

I made a third choice.

I would dissolve it. Ganak's Essence would be melted into Chrisley's magic power.

It would be more difficult than loosening the strands. Ganak's power wasn't Chrisley's power. However, I had absorbed power once so I knew it wasn't impossible.

Of course, the danger would double for both Chrisley and I.

It would double but...

'I will make you stronger.'

Krasla died due to a lack of power. So I asked for power. I said I would take care of Chrisley.

Krasla's death made her worth it. His defense of the dungeon moved me.

For his sake, I would venture to do this.



There was an explosion of magic power inside Chrisley.