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Chapter 142: A Worthy Death (1)

 Chapter 142: A Worthy Death (1)

I didn't drag it out.

I got rid of all restrictions. I opened my magic power and it caused a huge surge in the air around me. 'Dominance' started to creep into the surroundings. The creatures in the area were instinctively frightened. This was the perception of my presence.

It was similar to an area declaration. The high class 2Lv titan. Even this formidable creature took a step back. He withdrew and took a defensive attitude towards me.

The expressions of Dipella and the other demons changed. They frowned and placed a hand on their weapons. I was already moving before they could prepare their defenses.

They were completely lacking compared to the grand dukes. The reality couldn't be ignored.

I had gained a few enlightenments in the Underground World. I had grown rapidly and...the rewards I got from there were at a terrifying level.

Besides, this was my Dungeon. As soon as I returned, the dungeon recognized me and started operating normally. In my dungeons, I was almost invincible.


I pushed off against the ground while gripping Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

I used Moonlight Falling and instantly appeared in front of Dipella and the titan.

Even if it was only a short while, I couldn't tolerate their presence in my dungeon. I could get rid of them quickly but it was still unpleasant. It was only acceptable if they were corpses.


The titan's lumbering body was hit by Wrath. The titan was thrown back with a loud sound. His body slumped against the dungeon wall for a while.

Keoh, keoooh.

The titan speck on the wall got up with a shake of his head. He couldn't balance and staggered as he took one step. His spirit couldn't wake up from the sudden attack. There was a clear hole in the part of the armour that had been hit.


I muttered. At that moment, black flames sprung up from my gloves and covered my entire body. The Wrath and Sloth skills raised and lowered my stats, but 'Pride' was different.

Pride's flames. Once they hit the enemy, the flames wouldn't stop until the opponent died. Of course, intelligence needed to be high for the skill to have this effect...I already had one foot in the transcendent realm.

The flames at this level couldn't be avoided.


I stretched out my hand and Pride's flames reached the titan.

Keooook! Keooook!

The titan was directly hit by the fire and groaned in pain. The flames penetrated the armour and spread all over the body.

"Seductive Kiss!"

Dipella took the time when I was distracted by the titan to attack me. Hundreds of mouths floated around me, unleashing a specific pheromone designed for bewitchment.

But...I was covered with Pride's flames. The skill was unable to touch me.

"Twilight Whip!"

Whips emerged from the mouths and started swinging. It was a bizarre sight and annoying for me.


Wrath itself was a strong weapon, but it was overpowered with the combination of Dark Sword and Moonlight Falling. It was possible to break everything that existed in this world. There was no reason not to use the skills against Dipella.

The whips were cut off and couldn't be used again.

Dipella watched this process and opened his mouth.

"The power of that sword...! What is your relationship with Ariel Diablo!"

"Don't compare me with her."

Ariel Diablo's Abyss Sword and my Dark Sword were similar. However, hearing the comparison didn't feel that good. It was something that I purchased from the Achievements Store.

All the whips around me were cut off and then I assaulted Dipella. The moonlight from Haien Moon's sword technique shone even in the dark dungeon. The magic of the moonlight eroded away Dipella's magic power.

Dipella was baffled. Seductive Kiss and Twilight Whip didn't produce the results he desired. Originally it was normal to have hundreds of lips and whips. However, the ones that I cut didn't recover.

It was due to the magic power itself being severed.

"Randalph Brigsiel...!"


Dipella gathered his remaining magic power into his lungs. I knew exactly what skill was being used. It was Duke Dipella's patented skill 'Breath of Darkness.'


A dark cloud poured from Dipella's mouth. It flew towards me while corroding everything it touched.

I recalled Lightning God. Electricity and Pride's flames shot towards it. The two forces combined and collided with Breath of Darkness.


The dungeon shook. My flames smashing against Breath of Darkness caused a flare. It was only for a moment.

"This, this is ridiculous!"

How could he dream that his skill would be broken?

Breath of Darkness was eaten by my flames. It couldn't resist and eventually gave way. In the end, Dipella was in its path.


The flames swallowed up Dipella. The flames and Lightning God wiped out Dipella without leaving a single piece behind. He evaporated like there was nothing there in the first place.

The other demons hesitated and took a step back.

"Such a thing...!"

"Isn't he just an earl? That power...I can't believe it."

The titan was blown apart and even Dipella wasn't a match. It wasn't easy for them to accept. The most powerful one among them, Dipella, had been defeated...

They realized that I was a lot different from the 'Randalph Brigsiel' they knew. The power I showed at the Demon World Auction was only my points and high class creature. This was the first time I demonstrated my combat capabilities directly.

It was a pity but it was impossible for me to show generosity. It was the same for any demon.

Weak people weren't wanted. They deserved to die.


Pride's flames burned even stronger.

Oswen and Maxium approached me while covered in blood.

"New Maxium. I have punished the enemies in the name of Your Majesty."

"New Oswen. It was the same for me."

Maxium desperately accepted my words but Oswen had strong principles. In the first place, he hated the Hell Monarch. As long as I walked a different path from the Hell Monarch, Oswen would follow me.

He let me know it. Despite having four arms cut off, I brought Oswen along because his knowledge would be a useful thing.

However, I wasn't paying attention to Oswen and Maxium. My eyes were fixed on one point.



He stared at me with one hand on his red spear. But there was no focus in his eyes. He lost his eyesight.

His injuries were serious. His health was in a state of great deterioration. In other words, his life force was being gnawed at.

It wasn't just one or two times, but dozens of times. It was amazing that he even survived this long.

'I'm too late.'

In this state, he wouldn't be able to live, even with an elixir.

"Really...Dungeon Master? Strange. seems like I can't see."

"That's right."


Krasla smiled.

He had to understand that he would die soon.

Even so, Krasla still laughed. It was a fact that I had returned.

I recalled the first time I met Krasla. He had been trapped in a cage and shortly after entering the dungeon, I had punished both him and the dark elves.

Krasla was the one who most passionately imitated a dog. His sister Chrisley became queen and his warrior's pride was revived.

He swore his loyalty to me after Chrisley survived due to the ceremony. He followed me and was never a disappointment.


Krasla painfully opened his mouth. His words couldn't come out correctly. Most of his energy had been lost. However, I knew what Krasla wanted to say.

"Krasla. You are weak. Weak and about to die."

My words were heartless. On the surface, I seemed to have a blasé attitude.

Krasla closed his eyes. His life would wane in a few seconds. I was sure that he would completely stop breathing in a minute.

So...I said what Krasla wanted to.

"I will make Chrisley stronger than anyone else. She will never die like you."



Krasla's hands flopped down without any strength.

His heart wasn't beating anymore. The flowing blood cooled quickly.

However, the smile on his face didn't change. He was reassured by my words.

I had been missing for one year and eight months, yet he still blindly believed me.


Yihi's head was down as she wiped away the continuously flowing tears. Her expression showed her sincere sorrow and regret for the dead.

I was still looking down at Krasla.

He died without strength, but his death wasn't worthless.

I had that thought and finally turned away.

"Bury his body next to the Tree of Origin. I will be checking the top floor."

The dead creatures were buried near the Tree of Origin.

The process didn't last long. It was natural for creatures to die.

It was better to plan for tomorrow instead of dwelling on grief.

In order to do so, I needed to figure out the overall situation of the dungeon.

'There is almost nothing left.'

Curse words automatically rose.

The creatures had dried up. It was comforting that most of the major ones were well. Although many of them were injured and couldn't move, they hadn't lost their source of health like Krasla had.

Treatment was still possible.

'The China and Japan dungeons...are safe.'

I confirmed it through the connection to South Korea's dungeon. They didn't seem to be attack like the South Korean dungeon. It seemed like Pandemonium hadn't noticed them.

I examined the status of my dungeon.

'In order to normalize the dungeon, I'll need to repair what it broken.'

The most urgent problem was the breeding species. I had built them up over three years so an astronomical number of points was required for restoration.

'I got a huge number of points after escaping the Underground World.'

I received numerous achievements.

I realized that I hadn't checked everything.

I decided to use this opportunity to figure out what had changed.

Points - 38,799,344

Current achievement points - 29,158

The points and achievement points were satisfactory. I would be able to make a dungeon stronger than before. In addition, the treasures of the Underground World were added to the Achievements Store. I would use the achievement points so that such a thing wouldn't happen again.

'Status window.'

Soon my status window emerged in the air.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title

* Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)

* Origin Master (Epic, all stats +3)

* Undead (Ex U, Intelligence and Stamina +5)

* Ruler of the Underground World (Legend, all stats +5, the rating of all skills below epic grade +0.5)


Strength 85 (+20) Intelligence 90 (+15)

Agility 80 (+20) Stamina 85 (+22)

Magic Power 94 (+16)

Potential: (434+93/550)

Remaining Stat Points: 13

Electric Power: 21GW

Uniqueness: The master of the Underground World. The Heart of the Hell Monarch has completely awakened.

Skill: Combine Everything (Ex U), Mind's Eye (Epic), Dark Sword (Epic), Divine Sword Unity (Epic, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Pride (Epic), Corruption (Ex Epic)

Skill and Item Effects: Wrath (Strength +7), Sloth (Agility +7), Pride (Stamina + 7), Divine Sword Unity (Strength and Agility +3)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 96 Intelligence 93 Agility 86 Stamina 85 Magic 98 Potential (412+51/500)

Strength 105 Intelligence 105 Agility 100 Stamina 107 Magic 110 Potential (434+93/550)

It was an amazing growth. All my pure stats and calibrated stats had risen significantly. Above all, my potential limit had risen by 50. These were very tangible things.

By default, demons had a potential of 500 points. But normally, only the dukes and grand dukes managed to reach this limit. I had escaped that 'base' value. It meant that my limit was different from others and I had room to grow beyond 500 points.

Besides...if I added the calibrated stats then it already exceeded 500.

A total of 527 stat points!

I had used the basis of 500 points as the standard for transcendence and now I had dipped a foot in that realm. I wouldn't be lacking at all when going against the grand dukes.

My total stats were similar to the Dark Spirit King Adonis. However, I had surpassed the limits while he was still looking for a way. He was stagnant while I could continue to advance.

'A legend ranked title.'

My eyes looked at 'Ruler of the Underground World (Legend).' Something legend ranked couldn't be obtained just from being strong. I thought it would take at least five more years to even have a chance to obtain it.

My decisions in the Underground World were perfect. If I hadn't gone there and broken my limits then it was unlikely that I would win this war, even with my past knowledge.

'My skill ratings have also increased.'

It was due to a title.

It increased the rating of all skills under epic grade by 0.5.

The most gratifying thing was that Mind's Eye became epic grade. Now a similar incident to the one with Okullos wouldn't be repeated.

Divine Sword Unity enhanced the completeness of my sword techniques while the cutting edge of Dark Sword was sharpened. If I combined Dark Sword and Moonlight Falling with Wrath, it seemed to be able to match Ariel Diablo's Abyss Sword.

In a true sense, I had become their opponent. No...I became a hunter.

A hunter that beasts crawling on the ground would have to fear.