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Chapter 141: Return (2)

Chapter 141: Return (2)

Yihi was armed with the jeweled crown, jeweled shield and the Fairy Knight's Sword.

"They have already made it to the 14th floor. If the Tree of Origin is lost then it is all over! We must defend it until Master comes back!"

The badly wounded Krasla spoke with a merciless expression.

"Fairy-nim. The enemies are well prepared. Not long ago, the griffin and Gigantes was severely wounded. Chrisley also isn't safe. Tashmal, Mago and I..."

"Can't you be quiet? We will defend it no matter what. Anything other than that won't be allowed! Yihi will surely defend it."

"I know. But it isn't necessary for Fairy-nim to be here. Hasn't Fairy-nim already become the Core? Fairy-nim's presence is essential for the Dungeon Core and the Tree of Origin."

The demons were well prepared.

The magic power of the dungeon was being twisted.

An enormous amount of magic power was consumed from the Tree of Origin and Dungeon Core. The dungeon was collapsing. It was only continuing to be maintained thanks to Yihi.

However, it wouldn't be good if Yihi was damaged.

"Do you want Yihi to just suck my fingers and watch? This is all happening because of Yihi. Me!"




It was at that moment.

Noises indicating a large scale movement could be heard from downstairs.

"The enemy is coming. Fairy-nim. Please don't overdo it."

Krasla was holding his red spear.

There had been over 100 attacks in the past year. So far, the attacks had been blocked but...

The enemy's offense was growing these days.

They were able to hold on thanks to Tashmal, Mago, Krasla and some magic items from the lich Gaparam.

Krasla's thoughts didn't last long.

'My body is burning up.'

He needed to defend it.

Despite his expectations, the Dungeon Master hadn't appeared for a long time.

The severely injured Krasla turned around.

"Yihi will defend it. I will be sure to keep it until Master comes back."

Yihi couldn't stay there quietly. The fully armed Yihi bit her lips and flapped her wings.

Duke Dipella, Marquis Anastasia, Earl Amurun and Marquis Jenerald...four demons from Pandemonium's faction had gathered. They looked ahead of them with different expressions.

Even if they were from the same faction, it was normally impossible for four demons to be gathered together. However, it was a different story if the problem was important.

A fierce battle was going on in front of them.

It might look even at first glance, but it was actually extremely tilted to one side.

A handful of dark elves and angels were being overwhelmed by the four demons' creatures.

Krasla, Mago, Tashmal...they were certainly strong, but they were wounded and exhausted. If a huge rock continued being hammered at, cracks would start showing up.

"Resistance is strong so there must be something huge on the 15th floor."

Marquis Anastasia cried out.

All the forces remaining in the dungeon had been gathered to block them. It was the first large scale resistance since the early days.

Duke Dipella laughed.

"A last ditch effort. The creatures are tired from blocking us for one year. Randalph Brigsiel...he had this much power hidden, so it would be difficult for Pandemonium-nim if he was still here."

Pandemonium was a grand duke with a lot of knowledge. He had a solid knowledge and familiarity with magic. He devised a simple way to shock the magic power in the dungeon.

Pandemonium was the one who figured out that the master of this dungeon was Randalph Brigsiel.

Thanks to that, it was easy. The creatures with low intelligence lost control and the fairy was unable to make strategic movements.

"Even so, one year..."

Anastasia muttered with dislike.

Last year, Randalph Brigsiel's death was confirmed at the auction. He never showed up. He was certainly involved in a battle with the process, Pandemonium identified Randalph Brigsiel's dungeon.

There was no problem so far. The dungeon didn't have its owner. They could just grab it and eat.

But the power left behind by Randalph Brigsiel was beyond imagination.

The quality and numbers couldn't be gathered by a mere demon in just three years. It wasn't an issue to be taken lightly. The four demons rushed in. It had already been one year since they entered.

They didn't want to imagine what would happen against the high class creatures if it hadn't been for Pandemonium.

'They persisted for one year.'


Anastasia gritted her teeth.

One year. They only managed to reach the 14th floor in that time.

Troops weren't able to be recruited without the owner of the dungeon. Yet they persisted desperately.

It was completely frustrating.

There were 15 floors remaining but all the troops had been mobilized. It was a chance for victory. Now...they just needed to end it.

Then Dipella said to Anastasia.

"I feel a presence from the 15th floor. It is similar to the world tree but more intense. We need to bring it back for Pandemonium to confirm. What could they be hiding? Huhu."

It was natural for the demons to wonder.

There was 'something' hidden on the 15th floor.

Randalph Brigsiel had shown strange behaviour from the moment he first appeared. He had an overwhelming number of points that the other demons couldn't imitate...Okullos used a shortcut to imitate it but he still fell short.

The four demons thought the secret to Randalph Brigsiel's points was on the 15th floor.

"Let's end this."

A giant followed after Dipella.


A high class 2Lv creature. The entire body was covered with sharp armour. Gigantes was forced to kneel in front of the titan.

He was purchased at the last Demon World Auction and his power was beyond expectations. He was perfect for piercing through the enemies.

"They won't last much longer."

There were deep smiles on the faces of Dipella and the other demons.

A red spear flew through the air.


The body lost its strength and fell to the ground.


Krasla. He was an unyielding warrior who encountered countless enemies since the demons invaded the dungeon. He had never fallen, but was like a rock slowly being chipped away.

After Chrisley was trapped by the enemies and suffered a critical injury, he drove himself even further. However, it was only up to here.

'I have to stand up.'

He placed his hands on the floor but couldn't gather any power. His back and shoulders were disabled due to some mistakes.

As Krasla collapsed, a large number of creatures surrounded him. He was able to take down over 100 creatures alone but he was immobile.

'I must defend it.'

Beyond where he collapsed was the path to the Tree of Origin. The Tree of Origin was the hope of the dark elves and a comfortable home. Chrisley, who was being treated there, would die.

No. They barely found this place. This was a place where everyone could settle down and start fresh so he promised to protect it.

However, Dungeon Master had died. He managed to survive one year without Master but...


A werewolf's teeth approached him.

Krasla bit his lips. But his willpower couldn't transcend the limits of reality.


It was at that moment. Yihi flew forward with the Fairy Knight's Sword.

Light shone from the Fairy Knight's Sword and had the power to chase away evil.

The werewolf stepped back. The creatures couldn't approach easily.


Don't say anything else!"

"Please protect Chrisley and this place..."

"You can't die. Yihi won't allow it. You can't!"

Yihi stubbornly shook her head while using the jeweled shield. Then she burst into tears. Yihi felt responsible for it. She blamed herself and felt regret every day.

"There will be no more losses. Don't die because of Yihi's mistake. Master will come back, hiing."

The momentum was good but she couldn't help feeling fear. Her hands quivered as she used the sword to assault the creatures around her.

The saber tigers, Tashmal and Mago were fighting but...

The titan and demons irrevocably reversed the atmosphere.

"Tashmal? I had no idea that an angel had fallen. Randalph Brigsiel, he would be a nuisance if he was alive."

The leader of the four demons, Duke Dipella was playing with Tashmal.

Soon, Tashmal fell to the ground.

The massacre began.

The rest of the demons put pressure on Mago so the situation was the worst.

'Master. Yihi was wrong.'

Yihi closed her eyes. Everything happening around her was horrible. This was a punishment. It was natural to receive a punishment after sinning.

'Yihi was wrong.'

But...Yihi wanted to see Master at least once. Even if he hated her, at least once... She begged and begged.

She didn't know how much time passed.

At that moment, there was a change in the surroundings.



"This, this is ridiculous!"

"Randalph Brigsiel!"

The demons were shocked. Finally, that 'name' fell from someone's mouth.


Lightning struck.


A huge explosion occurred.



Demons were screaming.

That sound caused Yihi to open her eyes.

At the same time...


She couldn't believe it.

A dream?

Could it be an illusion created by her mind?

No, it was fine if it was an illusion. Even if it was false...that was still fine.

"Master! Hiing, Master!"

Yihi flew over and wept.

I raised Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

The demons and the creatures. They had invaded up to the 14th floor of my dungeon.

I felt dirty.

They didn't have permission to enter.

This was my dungeon and they were thieves. Thieves had entered the house, so the owner couldn't stay still.

"Your Majesty, what should we do?"

Maxium asked.

What should they do?

The answer was clear.

"The unauthorized beings, kill them all."

They coveted what was mine and it would cost them their lives.

"The other demons...?"

"They are my prey."

I said curtly. There was no yielding. The familiar demons. They were my food.

"New Maxium. I will follow Your Majesty."

"I will do my best."

Maxium and Oswen left.

I held Wrath and the Emperor's Sword, kicking off against the ground.

The demons managed to confirm my presence but it was too late.

I had grown stronger.

'Dark Sword.'


My swords were covered with darkness. Moonlight was laid down on top of that. It was a sophisticated and perfected technique. Due to my overwhelming growth, I was already standing on top of their heads.

It was a dicey situation but it wasn't too late.

If it wasn't too late then it would be simple to reverse the situation.

Kwa ru ru rung!

Lightning God popped out.

It immediately started to burn the enemies around me.

Duke Dipella. Marquis Anastasia. Earl Amurun. Marquis Jenerald.

I repeated those four names as I stood in front of them.

"Randalph Brigsiel!"

Dipella cried out incredulously as he saw me.

I hadn't shown up in one year and eight months, only to suddenly appear. They couldn't believe it. However, this was the reality.

I had come here to kill them.

"Did you come back from the dead? It is already too late. You alone can't change anything!"

Dipella closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Randalph Brigsiel was back after a while. Even if he was an unusual demon, it was too late to reverse the situation by himself. It was impossible.

"You shouldn't have touched what was mine."

However, my eyes blazed as I stared at Dipella and the other demons.

It would have been impossible before, but things had changed.

Unlike before, I was becoming complete. I had set foot in the realm of 'transcendence'.

There was no possibility that they could go near me.

I was completely confident.

"Your sins will be repaid with death."

They could freely act for one year and eight months.

But that would change in the future.


I was back.

What more did I need to say?

The only thing left for them...was ruin!