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Chapter 140: Return (1)

Chapter 140: Return (1)

The war continued for three days. I was in a hurry to return so I pushed them day and night.

I was more powerful than before and was already the strongest in this place. Lightning God burned down the enemies around me as I aimed only at the commanders.

Oswen and Maxium recognized my intentions and attracted the attention of the troops.

As a result...on the evening of the fourth day, I was able to return all six enemy commanders to the earth.

They spoke right before my sword sliced their necks.

"I want to forget everything."

"This is just a dream!"

The stopped world. Only time flowed.

In the process, they became exhausted. Maybe they were waiting for someone to punish them. There was a look of peace on their faces before returning to the earth.

They couldn't withstand the long years without the Hell Monarch.

Once the commanders disappeared, the enemy's morale quickly deteriorated. The enemy ran away and those remaining were quickly cleaned up.

Finally, my work in the Underground World was finished.

Shortly after the war ended.

I stood before a huge mountain. This was the place where the Hell Monarch's treasures were hidden.

'There will be a way for me to return here.'

There had to be. My real goal was to become the devil. Ruling the Underground World wasn't bad but I didn't forget my goal.

I needed to quickly leave here and determine the situation. After Okullos died, Earth was likely to have fallen into confusion.

The key was how much time had passed. A little over six months was spent here, but the flow of time could be different depending on the world.

"Their souls were sucked in."

I said while looking at the front.

There was an enormous entrance in the mountain. The souls of the commanders who returned to the earth had been sucked in.

"Once a commander loses their body, their souls are meant to be sucked into the treasure trove. Your Majesty, Oswen and I will place my hands on the entrance. Once you place your sword in the middle, the warehouse will open."

Maxium explained. I nodded.

There was something like a keyhole in the bottom of the door. The sword was supposed to be placed there.

Soon after, Oswen and Maxium touched the large door guarding the treasure trove.

I picked up the Emperor's Sword. I slid it inside the hole and...the world started to shake.

-System recovery complete.

The protection system is working.

The details of the demon 'Randalph Brigsiel' have been updated.

-Impossible achievement! You are the first person to step foot on an unknown world.

The system has obtained information about the Underground World.

-A link has been created between the demon 'Randalph Brigsiel's dungeon' and the 'Underground World.'

The link is being created. 1%, 2%...

5,000,000pt will be paid.

3,000 achievement points will be added.

-The 'Treasures of the Hell Monarch' has been opened.

Unable to judge accomplishments. Searching for similar achievements.

4,000,000pt will be paid.

800 achievement points will be added.

A list of treasures has been added to the Achievements Store.

-Incredible achievement! Surpassing the limits has been achieved for the first time.

1,500,000pt will be paid.

1,000 achievement points will be added.

-A remarkable achievement! 50,000 creatures have been handled alone for the first time.

1,000,000pt will be paid.

Achievements score 500 points will be added.

-An amazing accomplishment! The first to obtain two high class undead as your subordinates.

-Title 'Undead (Ex U) has been obtained.


-Great achievement!


-You will be forcibly transferred to 'Earth.'

A crack.

I was sucked inside.

When I opened my eyes, everything around me was different.


The surrounding air and magic power. It was familiar despite being gone half a year.

This was Earth. I had returned.

But it wasn't near my dungeon.

"A person has suddenly appeared!"

"Damn, what are you doing? Flee!"

Humans with extremely pale faces.

The Caucasian people looked at me.

I was on a street surrounded by tall buildings. Most of them were half destroyed and there were many humans killed.

'Monster wave.'

Creatures were moving in my direction.

They drooled as they came closer.

I was just about to pull out the sword when two people emerged from the crack in rapid succession.

"This place...?"

"Ohh, Your Majesty!"

They were Oswen and Maxium. They had come together through the large crack.

Oswen was confused because it was his first on Earth, but Maxium was familiar with it. Maxium had already experienced falling to Earth once.

"Clean up the creatures nearby."

I gripped Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

It would be better to talk to the humans but they were distracted by the creatures.

After I wiped out those around here, I would be able to get a better understanding of the current situation.

10 minutes passed.

The Awakened arrived but the situation was already over.

The three of us had killed 500 creatures.

Everyone who watched was speechless with astonishment.

They marvelled quietly at the surrounding devastation.


The representative of the 50 Awakened that were maintaining a distance asked.

It might be different if I was alone, but Oswen and Maxium looked like creatures.

Yet...I was plainly asked if I was a demon. It seemed a little different from when I was last on Earth.

'Have the demons become more prominent?'

It certainly seemed like a long time had passed. I put my swords away and said.

"A summoner."

It was extremely rare but there were some summoners among the Awakened. It was perfect to throw off suspicion.

The representative nodded at my words.

"Ah! You are a summoner! Can I ask where you came from?"

"South Korea, Heaven's Will. I am the leader of the raid group Devil Hunters. Is that all you need?"

"South Korea...Heaven's Will?"

The response was ambiguous. Distrust was in their eyes. I spoke with a frown.

"I would like to know the current date and the year."

"July 13, 2021."

"2021? Are you sure?"

"It is certain."

Tsk! I clicked my tongue.

The flow of time was different. One year and eight months had passed.

If so, their attitude could be understood. The demons had started moving and revealed their presence. That's why I was asked if I was a demon.

"By the way...are you really from South Korea? No one has come out of there for a while."

The suspicions of the representative Awakened weren't removed.

His hands were placed on his sword. A sneaky action.

In the meantime, the level of the Awakened seemed to have risen.

'I'll open Mind's Eye.'

I almost forgot about it since the skill wasn't used in a while.

I used Mind's Eye to grasp the level of the Awakened.

Name: Edgar Sheen

Occupation Hero (Warrior) Title

* Survivor (R, Strength +4)

* 1,000 Victories in Battle (U, Stamina +7)


Strength 65 (+4) Intelligence 41

Agility 44 Stamina 48 (+7)

Magic Power 48

Potential: (246+11/311)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Deadly Blow (U), Mental Focus (R)

Most of the Awakened gathered here had similar figures.

It was surprising. I couldn't believe the changes in one year and eight months. Their abilities had grown while I wasn't around.

If I thought of them as the average, the elite would probably exceed a total of 300 stats.

It meant that things had changed dramatically over time.

"What does it mean that no one has come out?"

"Have you been living in the mountains?"

"I have been in a similar place for the last two years."

"Ah, then you might not know."

The representative of the Awakened removed his hand from the sword. His doubts were almost erased.

He subsequently said.

"South Korea is under attack from various demons. They closed in from all over the place. The aim of the demons seem to be the Korean dungeon and the Awakened."

The attack of several demons?

Shouldn't I be glad that it wasn't occupied yet?

I breathed out. I needed to consider the possibilities before moving hastily.

I needed to hear the before and after of the situation.

"Since when?"

"Since a year ago. It is impossible to contact them because all electricity is disconnected and the sky is occupied. Well, South Korea isn't the only country in such a situation. Angels and demons are fighting...they aren't thinking of humans. Ahyu!"

All of the Awakened sighed.

The angels...

'There is no time to waste.'

It was worst than I thought.

I needed to move before I lost everything.

"Well, thank you for the help. Summoners are very rare. My name is Edgar. The guild master of the American guild 'Golden Time'...heok!"

I turned around and ran as hard as I could.

I disappeared in a flash, causing the Awakened to make a fuss.

"Did he use a space scroll?"

Edgar was the guild master of the Golden Time guild. He blinked and withdrew the hand he had held out.

The basic things had been restored but my connection to Yihi still wasn't working. In the end, I had to go directly to the dungeon to check out the situation.

"Is this place called Earth? It is amazing."

Oswen had heard the circumstances about how I obtained the Heart of the Hell Monarch. He knew that the demons were fighting to become the devil.

"His Majesty has work to achieve here. Keep silent."

Maxium spoke in a serious manner.

The two of them moved together with me.

"Of course I will follow."

Oswen laughed lightly. Oswen seemed to be enjoying this situation. Maxium thought I was the Hell Monarch and was delighted to follow me.

However, I had no time to worry about their conversation.

'I need to reach South Korea soon.'

Streets filled with creatures could be seen.

It was already at an intermediate level...but I sped up even more.