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Chapter 139: The Final War

Chapter 139: The Final War

Oswen reclaimed the main fortress.

Rumours about me were currently spreading through the Underground World.

I had the Heart of the Hell Monarch and the Emperor's Sword. The soldiers wondered if I was truly their monarch.

I wasn't going to announce it officially. It would be left as rumours.

'Maxium. Why isn't he coming out?'

Unlike Makdalli, the other commanders didn't move easily. Maybe they didn't believe it.

However, one person should move after hearing the rumours.

The Cruel Commander Maxium.

He knew me. He gave me the Emperor's Sword and pledged himself to me. Now I was out of the system so I didn't know if Maxium still accepted me.

Would he cheer and react like he did before? Or...would he be hostile?

Of course, I wasn't just waiting for his reaction.

After stabilizing the fortress, I started to look into full-fledged actions.

The wind was blowing. I planned to see this through to the end.

'I will go to the centre.'

I needed to have the consent of every commander to enter the treasure trove.

If they didn't follow me then I would thoroughly crush them.

"Follow me!"

A small wind.

There was a sharp gust as I moved.

The troops moved en masse out of the south. I advanced towards the central area without hesitation.

There were a total of 12 commanders. Makdalli had returned to the earth and Oswen was on my side.

The future developments depended on whether they accepted me or not. But I would erect a guillotine in front of them before making a judgement.

I would make them choose.

Along with Makdalli's remaining troops that I absorbed, there was also the phantom cavalry. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that I had the best army.

"Eat the weak."

This world was survival of the fittest.

I made a decision to step on the weakest commander.

They were shocked and unprepared. After having their power inflated, they claimed a 'legitimacy' and lied to the world.

'They are dogs that aren't worth leaving alive.'

It was like a commander raising their troops outside a warehouse.

It was unfortunate that they presumed to become the emperor. It was similar to a dog wagging its tail at me due to extenuating circumstances.

It was understandable.

It wasn't easy to believe rumours that the Hell Monarch had suddenly appeared. Eliminating Makdalli didn't mean that I was the Hell Monarch.

'Anguish and atonement. As time passes, the collar around their necks will tighten.'

However, those were just my 'thoughts.'

I sharpened my swords. They were also covered with poison that would be deadly with one prick.

Additionally...I was surprisingly stronger on the battlefield.

Time was completely on my side.

I was triumphant.

The commanders in the central area fell to their knees without hesitation. Three commanders had already returned to the earth. There were eight commanders remaining. I needed to handle seven of them.

My army grew quickly. It was at a level where I could be a match for Maxium.

But shortly after the third commander fell, someone came to my fortress.

He... was Maxium.

"Your Majesty! Is it truly Your Majesty?"

"It has been a while."


This place was my barrack. Maxium was the only one here.

Maxium immediately went down on one knee.

"Forgive me for coming so late. I thought someone had impersonated Your Majesty and didn't move. I thought it was someone's trap. Then I heard about Your Majesty's achievements..."

Indeed. That was the reason why.

I nodded.

"I don't care."

"After overwhelming the other commanders, Maxium is forced to believe Your Majesty's return. I can't forgive those ungrateful fellows!"

Maxium clenched his fists. I gave a small smile and asked the question I was curious about.

"Maxium. I was told that you were neutral. Then what is the reason behind your sudden movements? Are you aiming for the treasures?"

Maxium shook his head. He made a fuss.

"How can that be? After seeing Your Majesty, I started to move to clean up the trash. Their loyalty to Your Majesty has been distorted and I felt greatly disappointed after seeing you come back..."

I was the reason why he started to move. Although he was guilty, I wasn't the Hell Monarch. There was no need to punish Maxium.

"Then Maxium. Will you follow me to punish the other commanders?"

"Of course. I have come to do so. New Maxium's 300,000 soldiers will follow Your Majesty."

"Okay. I won't doubt you."

"Thank you!"

Maxium placed his forehead on the ground.

"You have come so...shouldn't you do all the work?"

I replied like it was no big deal so he glanced up and said.

"I will take care of everything."

"Guide me out of the Underground World."

He had a slightly disappointed expression. It was natural. He had been waiting a long time in the Underground World. I finally came so he was distressed at the thought that I would leave.

"Maxium. There is nothing definite. And there is only a short time to wait."

He was already convinced that I had amnesia. He was ready to follow me no matter what.

Furthermore, if there was a way to leave from the treasure trove then there would be a way to return to this world. Maybe it would be possible to link this place to my dungeon. There were some possibilities but I couldn't easily say them.

"New Maxium. I will help Your Majesty until I return to the earth."

Maxium got rid of all his doubts and heartache.

Considering the constant fighting that would take place in the future, Maxium's attitude was correct.

Thus, Maxium joined me. My power instantly doubled.

There was no need to be afraid anymore.

This was a golden opportunity to handle the commanders and open the treasure trove.

I rapidly gained a hold over the central area of the Underground World.

Rumours that I formed an alliance with Maxium spread quickly. The commanders felt the danger and started to join together.

It wasn't bad for me. I had gathered enough forces and was satisfied with how my strength had grown.

"The commanders have begun to assemble. We should handle them before they finish gathering."

Maxium advised. But my thoughts were different.

"Leave it alone. We will take care of them all at once."

It was an opportunity to sweep them all away.

It would take too long to go around and wipe them out one by one.

I had handled three commanders in 60 days. They were vigilant and ran away quickly. Even now, it wouldn't be strange if that happened.

'They will be prepared.'

They showed no signs of wanting to bow to me. They were waiting for me to show any weaknesses. It would be better to let them gather and wipe them all out at once.

"Maxium and Oswen. Train the soldiers and prepare for the final war. We will finish everything at once."

"New Maxium, I will follow Your Majesty."

"New Oswen, I will follow Your Majesty."

Both of them were part of my retinue.

Maxium and Oswen seemed to be enjoying this situation. The misunderstanding that I was the Hell Monarch needed to be maintained until the end.

'I have to be ready.'

Haien Moon's swordsmanship. It was almost complete. With a little more practice, I would be able to make it mine.

'It took several long months. It will be complete.'

My mouth was tight as I entered the training room.

My hands that were holding Wrath and the Emperor's Sword trembled with excitement.

Three months.

That was the time it took for all the enemies to gather. The remaining six commanders had formed a temporary alliance.

Maxium and I thought that the gathering was ridiculous. It might be because they were threatened by the rumours about the Hell Monarch, but it made things easier.

My army reached 500,000. I had two great commanders under me. It would be reckless to take command of the army without them.

The enemy's army was approximately 600,000. They had slightly higher numbers.

However, the six commanders had barely just joined together. It was obvious that their teamwork wouldn't match, unlike my army.

"I'm sorry. Those incompetent people have turned their hearts away from you."

Maxium had an ashamed attitude until the end.

This was in front of the treasure trove. It was the perfect place for the final war, but I once again felt sorry as I saw the hostile commanders.

They were originally the ones that would lead the Underground World, so they blamed me.

"It isn't your sin. They have been unable to throw off the confines of time and became corrupt."

I raised the Emperor's Sword.

And aimed it towards the enemy.

"Maxium. If you feel that they are wrong, then lay their heads down in front of me. I gave them plenty of time and opportunities to accept me. Cut off the heads of those who refuse. Then I will forgive you."

"I will follow your words. I'll present the heads of those unsightly commanders to Your Majesty."

Maxium perked up.

I looked forward.

There were over one million soldiers gathered in front of the place where the treasure trove was stored.

A wide plain. The two sides were facing each other.

Only the winner could open the door to the treasure trove. The loser would quietly return to the earth.


I shouted while quickly rushing forward.

It was the beginning of the final war.

The smell of death was everywhere. It was familiar. It was comforting like a home.

Numerous enemies were blown away by Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

Chwack! Chwaruruk!

I rotated my swords.

A trance!

The completed Haien Moon's swordsmanship was amazing. I immersed myself in the flow.

As I repeatedly wielded the swords and killed the enemies, I felt something changing in me. The change was so natural I took it for granted.

The magic power discharged from my heart fluctuated.


Then the sleeping Lightning God woke up.

Lightning God burned all the enemies in front of me. It was a reunion after a long time, but I acted casually like it had only been minutes.

As time passed, I gradually got faster. The moonlight became more intense and it felt like my heart was bursting.

It seemed like time was accelerating.


At one point, things became static and I awakened.

A surge of power!

I felt like everything had returned.

In fact, I knew that I was much stronger than in the past. It was like the limit had increased.

'I exceeded the limit.'

That's right. A sensation I had never experienced before. But I was certain. I had exceeded the limit. My potential had risen sharply...!

There was a smile on my face.

I woke up from the accelerated time in a very good mood.

The reason why?

The grand dukes had hidden the secret to breaking through the limits.

'I am complete.'

The Underground World had been a great help to me.

If I hadn't grown, then in the end, I might have been defeated. But not in the future.

They might grow to be equal to me. I needed to resolve this before it happened.

'I must end this war.'

It was coming to an end.