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Chapter 136: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (3)

Chapter 136: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (3)

Two days later, Torium came to me while I was meditating.

"He never takes off the gloves. He values the gloves more than his weapons and even hates to have water touch them."

Those gloves were cherished. It wasn't simply because they were one of the Seven Sins. The weapons he used were also very good. There had to be a hidden reason why he didn't want water to touch them.

'I need to figure out the reason why.'

I needed to do it myself. I stood up.

"Good job."

"No. I just followed your command."

I laughed. A fire similar to Krasla's had risen inside Torium. It was an attitude that indicated they would do everything to complete off my commands.

'I need to resolve this quickly and go back.'

At the same time, I was curious about the situation of the dungeons.

I didn't know what would happen while I was stuck here.

Okullos had died but the sensation he created was still there. The balance of power would be disrupted in the aftermath. It was highly likely that the other grand dukes would move.

"Ah, I've heard rumours about Makdalli. He has begun a full scale offensive. Lord-nim should be contacted soon..."



"Tomorrow I will participate."

"T-that is abrupt."

"I was just informed. I am going to see the soldiers."

20 minutes before Torium arrived, a dark warrior had entered the training hall and announced it.

It was quite abrupt. I needed to be prepared to move in just one day.

I turned and exited the training hall.

'If I am going anyway, I should prepare as much as possible.'

There were things only available here.

I couldn't ignore them.

My growth rate here was remarkable. I was changing every day. Simply pushing myself wasn't responsible for the abnormal growth.

This world itself seemed to be helping my growth.

As long as I was stepping on this ground. Once I returned to Earth, I would notice the difference as I engaged in a competition with the other grand dukes.

2,000 soldiers.

The majority of them were skeleton soldiers so the configuration was simple. They had low intelligence, meaning complicated commands couldn't be given.

But it was still good. At least they could steadily follow my orders.

Approximately 30,000 soldiers left the fortress. It was a considerable number that was prepared overnight.

Oswen shouted from the front.

"This is a sudden move because we have received intelligence that Makdalli's 4th subordinate, Gudeos, is moving to 'Dry Land.' Catching him will be like cutting one limb off Makdalli. Southern heroes! Save the south and sweep out the invaders!"

"Protect it!"

"Protect it!!"

The shouts rang out.

The remaining people in the fortress waved as we left. If it went as planned, there would be a landslide victory.

At the same time, Oswen raised his six swords up high.

"To war!"

The suffering south had finally drawn their swords.

Thanks to the intelligence obtained and great mobility, they successfully punished Gudeos.

Gudeos only had 10,000 troops prepared. The south only receive a mere 3,000 casaulties.

A great victory! The spirit of the south rose in a flash.

And...I also obtained some great achievements.

"Did you hear? The new lord of Pabrum carved a path to Gudeos and cut off his head!"

"Is that all? He also showed the best leadership when commanding his troops. Where did he come from? I've heard rumours about his talent."

"The heavens are helping the south. Makdalli is no longer a match for us."

Stories about the war were spreading everywhere. I was always at the centre of the stories.

I had directly cut off Gudeos' head. There was a large-scale propaganda campaign. Oswen seemed determined to make me the 'Hero of the South.'

'Success can bring bad luck.'

I was authorized to lead 2,000 soldiers and that number increased by a further 3,000.

Oswen worried me. He seemed to instinctively be drawn to me. Maybe Wrath and Sloth were affecting him...

Anyway, there was no harm in my authority going up. If I became a close associate of Oswen, he might sense the Heart of the Hell Monarch or the Emperor's Sword.

He might try to stop me from climbing to the position of commander.

The Underground World was a place where I needed to be careful. Right now I was somewhat lacking and I needed to catch up to Oswen.

I would continue to become stronger as he made me into an hero, causing more southern troops to follow me.

In order to do this, I needed solid performances.

The south continued to achieve victories.

"Makdalli isn't a big deal. The south will take revenge...he will fall quickly."

It was already the fifth one.

Torium muttered from outside the fortress. The south had conducted four raids that succeeded. Makdalli lost his 4th subordinate Gudeos as well as the 5th, 6th and 7th subordinates.

"It is thanks to the spies giving us definite information."

The previous four raids had taken place suddenly. Oswen moved quickly after verifying the information.

Torium had a smile on his face.

"Well, those are just words. Lord-nim has become the hero of the south. Right now, the south is only talking about Lord-nim."

"Soon it will calm down."

"We'll see. The southern commander is rising rapidly thanks to you. This has spread through the entire Underground World. Then...will you stay in the south with the southern commander? The value of Lord-nim will become higher."

If things flowed smoothly then it was likely to end up like that.

However, that was only a possibility. I had no intention of being satisfied with my current position.

"When did the last commander die?"

I asked Torium who replied.

"150 years have passed."


I nodded.

It had been stagnant for 150 years, with the wind of victory not blowing in this world.

The wind started blowing out of hand once I arrived.


Then I felt the surrounding atmosphere rapidly changing.

The number of soldiers assigned to this battle was 40,000. The moving troops quickly fell silent.

After crossing two mountains, something felt wrong as they stepped onto the wilderness.

"Originally this was a barren place..."

Torium said with confusion.

I looked around and said.

"There are no soldiers in this location. The intelligence was wrong."

"The scouts will look around."

There was no end in sight to the wilderness.

It was necessary to have people scout around the entrance.

Oswen raised a hand from the front. Just as people were about to scout around.


One hand appeared through the mud and grabbed a skeleton soldier.



Hundreds, thousands of hands rose simultaneously.

"Cursed souls! Why are they in this place...?"

Torium was shocked.

However, the danger hadn't begun yet.

Sound could be heard in the distance. Soon soldiers arrived from the other side. There were more soldiers than I could estimate. They swarmed towards the army here.


This place...

"A trap."

I took out Wrath.

I sensed that it wouldn't be an easy fight.

A dilemma.

There was no place to escape.

The difference in numbers, the geographic advantage...wasn't it too easy?

'The spies were caught or they planned to give false information from the beginning.'

Everything had a cause. The previous victories might have been paving stones for this trap. But it was too late for regrets. It was wise to move before the situation became worse.

"Jeff. Block the rear with the soldiers."

Jeff had been placed in the role of a non-commissioned officer. 5,000 troops couldn't operate alone.


That day. The day that Torium and others recognized me as a lord. Jeff's tone had changed. His tone became really awkward but I left it alone.

Anyway...I looked ahead.

'He is Makdalli.'


Makdalli was a dragon. It was the first time I had seen a dragon so I was amazed.

He flew in the sky and his breath dissolved troops. Oswen was currently engaged in a fierce battle with him.

But my role wasn't to help him out.

"The fleet-footed soldiers will follow me. We will eliminate the ones on horseback first."

I chose the soldiers with great mobility. The quality of the troops was superior, but in a confusing situation like this, there was no control over the tactics.

I started moving with 500 of the fastest soldiers.

War wasn't a simple numbers game.

There were bound to be dynamic changes depending on the situation of the battlefield.

However, there were also irreversible decisions.

I moved and succeeded in defeating two death knights and a lich. A considerable number of skeletal horses and soldiers were removed, yet the situation was worsening.

'It is tough.'

I decided quickly. The battle had started less than 30 seconds ago but the number of allies had dropped considerably.

Without Oswen, there were too many enemies to defeat when running around alone.

I quickly ran towards Oswen.

"Kuaaah! You! Makdalli!"

Oswen cut off Makdalli's left wing. Oswen had lost two arms in the fierce battle.

"Did you think I wouldn't know about the spies? You shouldn't mess with me. Your fortress has already been decimated! Now return to the soil. Oswen!"


Another hit. The attack that could rival the magic power of a lich slammed into Oswen. His skin melted.


The breath was poured out once again.

It was apparent that Oswen would melt without leaving a trace behind if he was hit. However, I was a little bit faster than the breath attack.

'I have to believe in Infinity Armour's defense!'

It was impossible to avoid taking any damage. I quickly grabbed Oswen but my right chest was exposed to the breath.


I had dealt with many enemies so I was already at my limit. My eyes widened and my heart beat like crazy. The blood of a thunderbird couldn't hide the loud noise.

Fortunately, the melted part of Infinity Armour quickly recovered. I bent to confirm it while running as hard as I could.


Torium, Jeff and 2,000 soldiers approached me. That number increased to 5,000.

I said through gritted teeth.

"Jeff, Torium, I will take the southern commander and leave the battlefield."

"Take my horse."

Torium agreed to my words. Jeff opened his mouth in support.

"Don't worry about the rear. The renowned warrior Jeff will block them."

It was impossible not to know his intentions.

"You won't live."

Jeff just laughed.

"I am dead anyway. Why is it a big deal if I die again?"

"That's right. And I have no intention of becoming a skeleton soldier. I will get out of here and see you again. Lord-nim's name will inevitably shake the Underground World. Go, there is no time."

The enemy had noticed and started to pursue Oswen. Makdalli had lost one wing and he needed to take care of enemies, but his mobility was still good.

"Find me. It won't be hard once I become the master of this world."

Torium chuckled at my words.

"You will become the master of the Underground World! I understand. We will surely find you! By all means!"

I formed tight fists. I wanted to meet them again someday.

I climbed on a horse. The collapsed Oswen was placed in front of me.


As my horse ran, I remembered Makdalli's words to Oswen.

'The fortress has already been decimated.'

If that was true then I couldn't head to the fortress.

'I have to modify the plan.'

Originally I had planned to help the south to test Maxium's reaction. But now the south was captured, so I had to choose the next best thing.

'First I will save Oswen. He had ruled for a long time so he should have several hiding places in the south. And...the Seven Sins.'

I looked down at the gloves. I tried to take them off but they didn't budge. It was clear that only the owner could remove them.



It had been less than 30 minutes since I left the battlefield.

Noises were heard from behind me.


My keen eyes noticed the trackers.

Fortunately, there didn't seem to be a lot of them.


I clicked my tongue and got off the horse. Oswen didn't move.