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Chapter 135: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (2)

Chapter 135: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (2)

The heart of the fortress was a great castle. I could barely see the top and it was easy to think the castle belonged to a duke in the Demon World.

'I can appreciate it.'

The castle looked like it was made in the olden times. It couldn't be called a small and insignificant castle.

In addition, there were quite a few high level undead.

The castle entrance was guarded by two dark warriors. After entering, there would probably be lich and death knights. The power gathered here was formidable.

I received information as I was escorted to the place where the southern commander was.

"I have never directly seen the southern commander. However, I heard rumours that he is someone who doesn't like dispensing with formalities. Be careful with your speech and actions."

Torium gave advice from his position next to me.

I was only listening with one ear.


It might just be a similar name. So it was better not to expect too much.

After climbing a spiral staircase, I reached the top floor of the castle. There was only one room that seemed to contain the southern commander.

"...The total attacks..."

"I'm tired of worrying and suffering..."

"Makdalli should have some limits..."

There were loud noises as I climbed to the top floor.

The dark warrior knocked on the door of the room and cried out.

"Commander-nim. The new lord of Pabrum has come."


A magnificent voice.

I immediately entered the room as the dark warrior opened the door.

Twelve undead were sitting at a round table. As expected, lich and death knights could be seen. It seemed like the strongest people in the south were gathered.

But the most eye catching person was the one sitting in the middle.

Doom knight!

It was the evolved form of a death knight and a high class 2Lv creature.

He had six hands. Bones protruded from the doom knight like wings.

He was the southern commander Oswen.

"Are you the lord of Pabrum? You look great."

Oswen turned his head towards me and said. It was evident that he was surprised by my appearance. Torium's plan had somehow succeeded.

However, I was keeping a close eye on the gloves he wore on his hands.

My skills weren't working but I had been using Mind's Eye for a while. At the very least, I could identify what it was.

'Seven Sins...!'

I figured that the gloves Oswen was wearing were one of the Seven Sins.

Was he really the Twilight Blacksmith Oswen? According to the description of the items, he was crazy. In the end, he had thrown away the Seven Sins. There was no way to know why he was in the Underground World.

So...I needed to confirm it.


I pulled out a sword.


It was one of the Seven Sins so I wanted to see Oswen's reaction.

However, the response I desired wasn't there.

"What are you doing?"

He just frowned.

It couldn't just be a coincidence that his gloves were part of the Seven Sins and he had the same name. I needed a clearer confirmation so I said.

"Oswen, Commander of the south. I, Randalph Brigsiel, challenge you to a spar."

There was another thing.

As soon as Maxium saw me, he had sensed the Heart of the Hell Monarch. However, Oswen showed no signs of knowing.

It seemed to be buried by the blood of the thunderbird.

There was a difference, even if they were both commanders.

He would naturally succumb if I pulled out the Emperor's Sword, but the situation was still uncertain.

In fact, a doom knight was a high class 2Lv creature so he wasn't an easy opponent even in my normal state. If he was seeking my life then he wouldn't be easy to deal with.

So I would let the situation ebb and flow.

"Many have come to this room, but it is the first time someone has challenged me to a spar in this main building."

This was important.

I slowly opened my mouth.

"I was originally a rogue mercenary. I've heard stories of the southern commander here and there. It was enough to make my blood run hot. The dullahan Somullem is just a small fry to you. How did he become one of Makdalli's top 20 subordinates? On the other hand...every single person gathered here looks great. If those men follow you then it is enough to deserve my sword."

These types of sugar-coated words weren't like me. But I only wanted to achieve my goal.

Oswen's expression changed. His frown was released and he shook his head.

"...Just ruling properly has allowed the strong to gather. You have seen it properly. I thought you were a simple, rude person, but that isn't the case."

In addition, I was able to guess Oswen's nature.

He was quite arrogant. He was confident about himself. He wasn't unwilling to flatter himself. Rather, it was his favourite thing.

I knew a few people like this. I also knew how to treat them.

"I didn't hear an answer. Will you receive my sword?"

So...I changed directions.

The spar had the dual meaning of 'accepting my sword.' It was like listening to a knight dedicate themselves to a king.

I had disparaged Makdalli by defeating the dullahan Somullem. Makdalli could be directly contrasted against Oswen.

It was a direct comparison but Oswen didn't want to hear the words 'you are not qualified.'

An exhibition situation. It would show his merits to everyone so...Oswen gave a satisfied smile.

"The new lord of Pabrum, Randalph Brigsiel. I will accept your sword. I have thought of a way to boost the morale of the south. Therefore, I will receive your sword in a friendly format."

Oswen said my name for the first time.

My plan had somehow worked.

'The first step.'

I would use the friendly spar to determine if he was Oswen.

I shook his hand while the frozen Torium and Jeff recovered.

"What is Lord-nim's identity? I almost lost seven lives."

Torium said after entering the deluxe room we were assigned.

Makdalli wasn't just running and fighting.

He had slowly carved away at the south's power. There hadn't been a single victory in a fortnight so the morale of the south was the worst.

Then I won. I reversed the situation against the dullahan Somullem. I even beat Somullem in a one on one battle.

A hero who reversed the situation. The light of salvation.

It was an event that boosted morale.

So there was a lot of goodwill towards the spar. All of the undead at the fortress gathered to watch the spar. It was estimated that there were 200,000!

'It is significant.'

It wasn't just the fortress, but undead scattered through the south gathered.

The spar was taking place in a building that looked like the colosseum. There was such a long procession outside that many failed to get in.

Oswen stood in the center of the arena, raised his six swords and shouted.

"We all know what happened at Pabrium! He might look like a zombie but he is a true warrior who fought and won against the dullahan Somullem! He defeated 1,000 troops with only 400 soldiers!"


"Randalph! Randalph! Randalph!"

So many people cheered my name that my ears hurt.

By the way, only 10 days had passed since my battle with Somullem. However, everyone knew about it...

'It was announced intentionally.'

Oswen had clearly spread it after hearing the news. My name had started to gain prominence before the letter even reached me. This told me how urgent the situation in the south was.

"This remarkable warrior wasn't just satisfied with Somullem after showing up here. We have determined that he is a worthy warrior!"

Oswen raised his six hands higher.

"Even though this is just an exhibition, nothing can stop the hot heart of a warrior! Enjoy the festival! Today, let's all toast!"


Kegs were procured. They weren't affected by the alcohol but the atmosphere was still heated. Everyone was looking forward to the spar.


He put his hands down and it immediately became silent. The signal announcing the start of the spar was given.

But...I had something to check before starting.

"Southern Commander Oswen. Before that, I would like to ask you something. What do you think is the true virtue of a king?"

"...The virtue of a king?"

Oswen didn't immediately answer the question.

However, my commitment was firm.

"I want you to answer me."

It was an unexpected question.

He was a commander. The emperor called the Hell Monarch was already gone. He was an existence that everyone in the Underground World knew of.

But the Hell Monarch never showed up again. That's why Oswen started to walk his own path.

He had the title of commander but...the shadow of the emperor was too large.

Anyway, the commander who obtained the treasure would eventually wish to be reborn as the 'emperor.' He should have thought about it at least once.

I poked that point.

Oswen hesitated for a while before saying.

"The true virtue of a king is...sloth."


The answer I wanted had appeared.

'Sloth' was a word that was written in Oswen's description of one of the Seven Sins. The southern commander Oswen had said exactly the same words.

'The virtue of a king is sloth. It is the same name as one of the Seven Sins. It can't be a coincidence.'

I was sure of it.

In front of my eyes...was the Twilight Blacksmith Oswen.

I didn't know why Oswen didn't remember or why he was a doom knight, but I was certain of it.

Dubolong said that the Dark Spirit King didn't have all of the Seven Sins. Now I had the method to find the remaining items close at hand!

I couldn't let him get away. It was thrilling. It felt like a puzzle had snapped into place.

"Thank you for the answer."

I pulled out Wrath.

Now winning or losing didn't matter.

Of course, I would compete to the best of my abilities. It was a chance to obtain some clues about Haien Moon's sword technique. He was a perfect opponent.

I had confirmed that Oswen was the Twilight Blacksmith.

After the spar and having my sword accepted, I swore a 'loyal vow.'

I was willing. Along with the title of lord, I was granted the position of a captain. I was authorized to lead 2,000 soldiers.

"...You didn't ask why I said such an unconventional thing. What does Southern Commander-nim want from me?"

"I want to make you the hero of the south."

I was currently at a training hall inside the castle.

I didn't rest for even one second. I needed to use every second to swing my sword.

Torium had watched from the sidelines as I trained in Haien Moon's sword technique.

"I heard about it. And...I am concerned. If you kick a rolling stone then the backlash might be even worse."

"It is needed to build achievements."

"Will you also try to catch Commander Makdalli?"

"That isn't bad."


Wrath quickly moved through the air.

I thought back to my fight with Oswen the other day.

Doom knight. A creature I had met in the Demon World. Even a grand duke couldn't easily deal with one. The swordsmanship that unfolded using six hands was dazzling.

'There is something in the glove.'

Even in the midst of the spar, I didn't neglect examining Oswen.

The gloves worn by Oswen. The magic power I felt from them made it highly likely it was one of the Seven Sins.

The magic power flowing from them was similar to when I was 'corrupted.'

Moderation was impossible.

"As carefully as possible, find out about the gloves that Commander Oswen is wearing."

"Is it a command?"

"It is a command."

"Then I will follow you."

Torium bowed and left the training hall.

Swik! Swiik!

Meanwhile, I was constantly on the move.