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Chapter 134: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (1)

Chapter 134: Seven Sins, Twilight Blacksmith Oswen (1)

100 people were waiting at the castle.

Most of them had heard about my victory.

The former lord had listened with a stiff expression. He knew that there was no way out. The scent of victory was already coming from me. If he tried anything hostile then it was highly likely that he would lose.

That evening, there was a large party. An undead party was quite different. They ate Jellim, danced or sparred. It was more fun than the party on Earth.

I took a break for a few moments and thought about my swordsmanship. In a spacious room set aside for the lord, I visualized and recalled the details of the battle.

'It is developing little by little.'

I was recovering my original strength. And invisible things were starting to show themselves.

'Haien Moon's sword technique...I can complete it.'

Ironically, Haien Moon's sword technique was harder for good swordsmen to learn. If it was just imitated then the essence of the sword technique wouldn't be learnt.

Even with Corruption, there was still 1% missing. I slowly realized the parts I was missing.

Mabe Ariel Diablo had also tried variations of it. She couldn't understand it so her stances were weak. She wasn't able to complete it her way.

But I thought differently. I intended to eat everything.

'The sword was his life.'


Yes, that was necessary.

There were few people that were that strong from the beginning. It was also true for Haien Moon. He only polished one sword technique for his entire life.

I trained every night that there was moonlight.


I brandished my sword. When the moon wasn't visible, I engraved Haien Moon's movements into my mind.

An enduring swordsman. No one could go against his sword. But that became harder as he got older.

'He wanted to become stronger.'

I knew a little bit about his life. A war slave who climbed up from the bottom. He survived by using the bodies of his allies as shields and desperately tried to learn the enemy's techniques.

I didn't resemble him.

He learned his sword techniques from the battlefield like me, but I had chosen to settle.


Wind blew into the room.

Wind came flowing out from the sword...the moonlight around the sword weakened.

Using the skill was smoother and more beautiful in the moonlight.

A clearing on the grounds of the castle.

Torium and dozens of skeleton soldiers were gathered in this place.

"What is this about?"

"The skin of the zombies is rotting quickly and the skeleton soldiers have stopped functioning. The bones are damaged but not unusable...we have managed to salvage 59 bones."


I gave a small nod.

This was something I just learnt. Of course, it wasn't a typical case. This was the Underground World. In other places, zombies and skeleton soldiers couldn't die.

Torium spoke with a bittersweet expression.

"Didn't I talk about resting? They have failed to find their rest. Their souls will forever remain in the bones, suffering in this world."

"You can distinguish between those who have found rest and those who haven't?"

I was filled with curiosity. Torium slowly shook his head.

"We don't know. However, there are some cases when their bodies will disappear without leaving a trace. We just think that they have truly found rest."

There was no way to be sure. Maybe it was just a futile hope. Even so, it was something that allowed them to endure for a long time.

"Oh, and..."

Torium paused before pulling out a letter.

"A messenger arrived early this morning. He delivered a stamped letter from the southern commander. You have only been the lord for four days, so it is meaningful that he sent it so quickly."

It finally came.

I took the letter and said.

"You told me the news a little bit late."

"I immediately went to find you but you were concentrating on the sword...I'm sorry."

It had been a few days.

I had only focused on wielding the sword.

It was in order to gain enlightenment in Haien Moon's sword technique.

But my senses didn't notice someone watching me for a long time.

'I was too absorbed.'

I opened the letter to see small words.

My eyes were caught by the contents.

[Randalph Brigsiel. That is the name of the new lord of the Pabrum Territory. I know very well about your victory against the dullahan Somullem. Somullem is within the top 20 of Makdalli's subordinates. Indeed, it is a truly great thing. I formally invite you to the main fortress in the south. Southern hero! A hero who can stop Makdalli's ambitions! My heart is burning and I am looking forward to seeing you at the main fortress.]

It was filled with flowery words but basically, he was curious and wanted to see my face.

However, there was one point I couldn't understand.

"Torium. What is the name of the southern commander?"

The letter only mentioned 'main fortress.' Torium had only called him 'the southern commander.'

Torium's eyes widened like he just realized.

"Ahh, I haven't mentioned. Oswen."


I hesitated for a moment.

I had heard that name before. Wasn't that the same name as the Twilight Blacksmith, Oswen who made the Seven Sins?

Torium saw my reaction and asked.

"Do you know it?

" is nothing. By the way, the southern commander wants to see me."

"Ahh! Very good. The commander will have many questions about your victory. It is because we've lost many battles to Makdalli."

"Then I have to depart."

"Right now? Before that...are you going to see him looking like that?"

"Is there a problem?"

It wasn't strange. Wrath, Sloth and Infinity Armour had returned to their original appearances. It was an assortment of equipment.

But Torium's thoughts seemed different.

"The first impression is the most important. You have drawn a considerable amount of attention and the commander has invited you directly. Lord-nim is a hero. Your style needs to have that type of elegance. Can you leave this to me?"

Torium said confidently.

It wasn't bad to be prepared.

"I will try it once."

I would check the work and wear it if it was okay.

50 skeleton soldiers, Torium and Jeff.

I was in the lead.

The road to the southern fortress wasn't very complex. We were able to arrive at the fortress after three days and nights.

The fortress was huge. It was at the level of a city. There were many traces indicating that it had been created a long time ago.

Several ghouls blocked us from entering the gates.

Torium came forward and said.

"This is the new lord of Pabrum! Southern Commander-nim has sent a letter so let us in!"

After confirming the letter, the ghouls bowed deeply.


The huge gates opened and a different world stretched out before me.

There were beautiful buildings with two or three floors where people seemed to live. Jellim trees were also lined up cleanly to create a beautiful view.

"Isn't Jellim hard to obtain?"

"In a manner of speaking. This is a place where only undead are allowed. That's why there are so many Jellim trees. Instead, take a look around. Isn't everyone staring at Lord-nim?"

Torium said with a smile.

Just like he said, all the undead were staring at me.

Torium was versatile and even had talent as a blacksmith. He created a few good accessories made of bones and layered them on top of Infinity Armour.

It was something that showed off the grandeur of the skeleton soldiers.

Quite a few undead looked like they thought it was handsome.

"Ohhh. I don't know how to move in this. I am just wearing armour but..."

Jeff was also wearing armour like a knight. He appeared awkward and slightly uncomfortable when moving.

Torium stared towards the heart of the fortress and said.

"Now, let's move on. Today's hero is Lord-nim."