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Chapter 133: Blowing Wind (2)

Chapter 133: Blowing Wind (2)

At that moment, the lord stood up.

He was twice as tall as a normal zombie. A ghoul.

"It has been a long time since I've seen an undead so filled with passion. Preemptive strike. Are your skills that great? Your appearance...aren't you still a normal zombie?"

A lazy face. He came down from his chair and slowly approached me.

I was in disguise. Despite giving a wild impression, the basis was still a zombie.

"The 'ordinary' changes are largely irrelevant."

My exterior might have changed but my insides couldn't. In the end, my nature was just strengthened. The outward change was very big.

I was changed to look like a zombie, but the ghoul was only a few centimetres larger than me. It was something that couldn't be changed. There were no obvious signs of power.

For example, the wings and horns I obtained after using Corruption were signs of 'real' transformations. The slight increase in size couldn't even be compared.

"That means you could even beat me."

"If you truly want to keep this place then follow me. I will defend it."

I raised Wrath and said.

The skeleton soldiers saw my actions and surrounded me.

"Hahaha! I have to recognize your ambition. Then, shall we see the skills you are so smug about? If you don't then the skeleton soldiers will tear off your limbs. A mercenary I've seen for the first time."

There were seven skeleton soldiers.

It wasn't a big deal. They were merely low grade creatures...and I had restored my strength to an intermediate level.

I looked around quietly. It would be hard to wipe out the incoming enemies alone. I needed the help of those who were here. Even if they didn't want to help, the situation meant it was necessary. In order to do that, I needed to appeal myself to them.

It was necessary to do this.

"How funny."

In the last 20 days, I had become more familiar with Haien Moon's sword technique. My stats and magic power weren't as strong but it was actually much easier now. The power of Moonlight Falling depended on the technique itself, so the power couldn't be ignored.

However, it would be a waste to use Haien Moon's sword techniques on these creatures.

I raised Wrath.



I made a fist.


The skeleton soldiers couldn't catch up to my speed.

My fist slammed into their faces. The skeleton soldiers fell down one by one. I cleaned up seven of them in only 20 seconds.

I shook off the fragments of bones left in my fist and looked at Torium.

"I have a question. Is the lord selected through any special method?"

"...Originally, the southern commander would be the lord. But in this remote territory, the strongest person becomes the lord."

Torium's face showed his surprise.

The skills I showed during the spars with Jeff were just the tip of the iceberg. My body's condition was to blame for not everything being revealed.

Of course, Jeff had enough strength to also deal with seven skeleton soldiers. But it was impossible for him to pull it off with his bare hands in 20 seconds.

I did it.

Therefore, they judged that I could compete against a dullahan.

Now they would move on their own.

"The lord is the strongest. I like it."

"Of course, he has been ruling this territory for 50 years. In order to become our lord, you need to show that type of strength."

Torium said.

In other words, I couldn't hold back. I quite liked it.

There was a thin smile on my face. I needed to become the lord if I wanted them to follow me.

"An incompetent person isn't eligible."

"Can you deal with the lord and 20 of the best talents in the village? Fight without killing! Then we will gladly follow you!"

Torium noticed my thoughts and made that suggestion.

The undead would use this time to judge me.

Torium wanted to see an epic tale that would make the wind blow.

"It will surely be difficult! Don't flatter yourself just because you beat seven skeleton soldiers!"

The confused lord took out a huge sword.

20 of the most talented and influential undead gathered. Jeff was included among them and unlike the others, he was smiling. His expression had changed since I came forward...

"I will take revenge for the 20 losses!"

Indeed. There was a reason.

The centre of the area quickly became empty. I looked at the opponents standing in a line.

21 vs 1.

They were also stronger than the skeleton soldiers. However, they weren't my opponents.

'It will be difficult to not kill them.'

I pulled out Wrath without any hesitation.

The challenge was to win without killing.

Naturally, I would win but...

I didn't know how good my control over my strength was.


It was three metres in height and one of the top undead.

"I don't know Makdalli-nim's intentions in making me obtain a small territory like this."

Somullem was a dullahan who led 1,000 troops. He was someone who grumbled a lot when he didn't like anything.

Commander Makdalli decided to push the south with simple power. However, he only used repeated raids to minimize his losses. Makdalli travelled around the south hitting it.

The problem was that not all of the south was the same.

Somullem sighed as he approached the target location.

"It is on the very edge of the frontier. Huu..."

Everything looked like a wasteland. That scene didn't change ever after a few days. Now it would only be half a day until he arrived. Commander Makdalli had ordered him to obtain this territory in the south. Somullem had no right to refuse.

"Will we give an offer for surrender?"

A skeleton asked.

Somullem placed a hand on his face and said confidently.

"Offer? There is no need. I will sweep all my resentment away."

Wipe out the enemy!

He seemed to be releasing some of his feelings.

Somullem was placing his huge sword on his shoulders when he saw something.

"Captain Somullem-nim. Something is approaching."

"I saw."

Someone was quickly coming this way. He was fearlessly rushing alone towards 1,000 soldiers.

"Is he crazy?"

Somullem muttered to himself.

The opponent didn't stop and came closer.

The skeleton soldiers took out their bows. Arrows coated with powerful poison were fired simultaneously from the bows.

But...the person didn't stop. Rather, he was getting faster.

"They are crazy."

Somullem laughed.

One thing was for certain, he would never make it here safe.


At that moment, there was a loud sound and the soldiers were swept away.

A line was created.

I pierced through on my own..


It was a refreshing feeling.

I was using pure swordsmanship to overwhelm the enemies. There weren't any skills or reliance on my stats. I only used my physical abilities and swordsmanship.

I wanted to push myself beyond my current limits. My muscles screamed as I accelerated.



All my strength was placed into my sword. I wouldn't be able to fight for a long time but I didn't care.

Pushing myself more was training. It was a risky fight where the result was unknown. Risking one's life was the driving force to becoming stronger. I had only realized it again after being weakened.


The dullahan Somullem!

He moved his heavy body while holding a greatsword.

"This guy! Don't even think about leaving here alive!"

I had slaughtered 200 enemies alone. The situation was reaching the turning point. But Somullem was now moving.

This wasn't a big deal. Rather, it came at the appropriate time.

My power had been used for a while and he was the strongest enemy. I would be able to feel a sense of growth if I won.

'Become much stronger.'


The sword and greatsword clashed.

At that moment.



"Help Lord-nim!"

My army arrived through the hole that I had pierced.

Somullem was one level stronger than a regular dullahan. He was around an advanced 2Lv creature.

But this much was expected.


In the confrontation of pure strength, I was somewhat pushed back. I was pushed to the ground and quickly rolled. Arrows from nearby skeleton soldiers pierced my thigh and chest.

'This is familiar.'

The wounds and pain were nothing. Such things couldn't stop me. I pulled out the arrows stuck in my thigh and chest. It was a little uncomfortable but I was still in the middle of the fight.

"For Makdalli-nim!"

Somullem cried out as he raised his sword. Calling out the name of Commander Makdalli just reaffirmed his loyalty.

I recalled a scene with Maxium. He had a similar attitude as he said 'Your Majesty.' He thought I was the Emperor due to having his heart.

That heart wouldn't stop so easily. It was similar to my nature. So there was no sense of difference. In moments of crisis, the heart also became stronger.

"Get rid of them!"

Victory was confirmed but Somullem's expression was still rotten. He showed signs of fright as he looked down at me.

And he started showing more signs of distress. Over time, it changed to a downright horrified expression.



I took a deep breath and raised Wrath. Then I cut off Somullem's head with it. In order to kill a dullahan, the heart and head had to be destroyed.

"Now I need to remove the torso."

"I will kill you!"


Somullem's head had been accurately cut in two.

After that, I assaulted the body with a smile on my face.


"Victory! We won!"

"Hooray Lord-nim!"

"Hooray Randalph Brigsiel-nim!"

There were 400 people who followed me. Of those, approximately 200 had survived.

On the other hand, they only wiped out a few enemies.


"He really pierced through alone..."

"Did you see the fight with Somullem? I got goosebumps!"

I put away Wrath while Torium came up and greeted me.

"Congratulations on your victory.

"Your tone has changed."

"Lord-nim should say something to the general undead."

I remembered. I had spoken to Torium in the village.

"Now I am the real lord?"

"Open a path to the centre of the enemy alone. We won't run away. We will fight. That is...we have accepted Randalph-nim as our lord."

400 people had been gathered here.

100 people were waiting at the castle. They were ready to flee in case the situation went bad.

I had allowed it. After all, the point of this attack was to display my skills while breaking through the enemy. If I couldn't pierce through then they would be eliminated.

"Send a messenger to the southern commander. Inform him that the lord has been replaced. Anyway, I know very well that Lord-nim has work separate from looking after our village."

"100 people are still following the old lord."

The 100 people remaining in the castle. They were followers of the ghoul. They hadn't approved of my plan.

Torium gave a bitter laugh.

"The tide has turned and they can't stop it. is a festival. Everybody is excited."

All of the remaining undead were looking at me. The expression in their eyes wasn't bad.

"Ah, we have fended off Makdalli's first attack on our territory. Once the southern commander learns of this face, he might contact Lord-nim separately."


I roughly replied.

I was exhausted. Rest was my top priority.

I moved back towards the village.

Torium remained behind me and said.

"...The wind has started to blow. The wind that will bring rest to everyone."