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Chapter 131: The Underground World (2)

Chapter 131: The Underground World (2)

I pulled the magic bag tied at my waist.

Fortunately, the bag was still safe. I was recognized as its owner so no one else could take anything out.

'Wrath and the Emperor's Sword are inside.'

It was lucky that the items I needed were all contained in the bag. I checked all the items and stood up.

I started stretching my arms. It only lasted for 30 seconds. My arms started trembling.

It was difficult for me to even walk. My stamina was a mess.

'I will have to start from the basics again.'

It was like when I first stepped foot on the battlefield of the Demon World.

I tried everything I could to survive. I desperately created and mastered techniques. It seemed like I had to repeat that once again.

'First I will start with my body.'

It was urgent that I rebuild my muscles.

I had already experienced this once. In addition, my body had a remarkable level of recovery that would allow it to reach its original state. It was something I personally experienced daily. Despite having trouble walking on the first day, my muscles had recovered a lot by the second day.

'It isn't a simple preservative.'

In particular, the effects of the 'Jellim' branches were excellent. It rejuvenated my body and made it more resilient. My weakened magic power was also returning. It was only a matter of time before I could use a skill.

'Wrath. The Emperor's sword.'

Were they originally so heavy? I could feel the weight and had to hold one sword with both hands.


It was like I had never held a sword before. I laughed as I recalled the first time I used a sword.

'This is the feeling.'

It happened when I was exactly 12 years old. I was forcibly mobilized for the war and received sword training. Approximately 30 demons of a similar age were gathered but only two could survive to become proper soldiers.

I tenaciously survived. I used every last bit of my strength to survive using the sword.

At that time, I remembered looking into the instructor's eyes. I had confidence that I wouldn't lose to soldiers.

'Those eyes are filled with hate.'

After the victory in battle that day!

I challenged the drunk instructor to a duel and killed him. Otherwise, I instinctively knew that I would be killed. I was committed to my survival. War was occurring everywhere in the Demon World. Only those with true power could have freedom.

'That was the period when I grew the fastest.'

It also happened with a demon. The evil Brigsiel was a demon whose last name I took after killing him. Despite being sloppy, he was still one of the 72 demons.

Following that, I put effort into becoming even stronger. My development slowed after meeting the grand dukes. But after receiving strength from Death Bringer's offer...was it really 'power' due to my efforts?

Of course, I couldn't deny all my efforts when touring the battlefields in the Demon World. I was a little bit fiercer but I was still responsible for the constraints on myself.

'I tried after going back. At the very least, I did better than my previous life. However, I still couldn't erase the feeling of being insufficient.'

I became complacent due to the memories of my previous life. This had become clear now that I thought about it.

I needed to rely on true abilities rather than stats.

The battle against Grand Duke Okullos had been a result of that pride. If I had made a little more effort on my own then the story might be different.

It was one of numerous possibilities order to do that, I needed to cross a wall.

'I need to recreate my body, so I might as well raise my pure strength.'

I wanted to rise on my own, without relying on anyone else.

I gripped Wrath and the Emperor's Sword again.

'Haien Moon.'

It was impossible to perfectly imitate even when using Corruption. It was 99% similar, but a critical 1% was still missing.

I would make the sword technique entirely my own.

I glanced up at the sky.

"The moon is floating here as well."

Late in the evening.

I wielded my swords under the moonlight.

My movements didn't stop until I felt exhausted and was about to collapse.

This continued for six days.

I increasingly adapted to the weight of the swords.

'This is the impact of Corruption or the influence of something else.'

I wielded my swords on top of a cliff and thought for a moment.

I was curious about the reason why I came to the Underground World.

It clearly affected my body. The magic power flowing around due to the Heart of the Hell Monarch still wasn't consistent. However, the muscles in my body had clearly degraded after I woke up. It must be due to using Corruption or dealing with Contegonom.

I couldn't use Corruption again. It was too dangerous. I pushed those questions aside and focused on the recovery of my body.

I turned my head and glanced at someone.


The undead Jeff.

A short distance away, his sleek body was practicing with a sword.

"Assa! Urassha!"

He shouted out loud. He was learning quite well.

Jeff had been repeating these actions since two days ago.

After seeing me practice the sword and the talk of 'war,' he would always come here. He cried out and would sometimes look over at me. He was asking 'how are my skills?'

Certainly, his ability to handle a sword wasn't bad. It was clear in practice, but there was no knowing how he would fare in battle.

"Spar with me once."

I walked over with my sword.

My moderate stamina meant I could use the swords.

There was one thing left. I needed to gradually get my body accustomed to fighting again.

The corners of Jeff's mouth lifted.

"Is it okay? You have recovered quite a bit, but a sword fight..."

He had been watching me for a few days.

Haien Moon's sword technique was complicated. From a third party point of view, it was a hard sword dance. Moreover, I was going slowly through it step by step so misunderstandings couldn't arise. Jeff had noticed the deepness behind my sword technique.

"You can't do it?"

"What? Me? Hah, no. I have killed hundreds on the battlefield. Jeff who killed 100 warriors! That's me!"

He hit his chest.

There was confidence in his skills. And he also felt pride.

I said calmly.

"Then let's make a bet. The winner will get whatever they want from the loser. How about it?"

"The winner gets anything they desire?"

"That's right."

Jeff looked at my swords.

Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

They weren't plain looking weapons. The magic power from them felt incredible. Anyone who inspected them would feel greedy.

The swords looked great even when they were still. He started drooling once he saw them in action. There was a feeling of tension because the swords could kill. However, slowing down the movements was effective in showing the swords off.

Now he was given a chance to obtain them.

Jeff licked his lips.

"Those swords. Give me both of them. Randalph, do you still want to face me?"

"Say that after you win."

"You should listen to me. Huhu."

At the same time, Jeff widened the distance.

He was holding a curved sword like a scimitar. He seemed completely confident.

'In my current state, I will be lightly pushed.'

I objectively analyzed. My body had adapted but it was still slightly lacking. But my growth was lacking a driving force.

Yes...winning a dull fight wasn't fun.


"Haha! Won't you regret this?"

I shrugged and Jeff clicked his tongue.

Victory. The one who struck first in a fight was more likely to win.

I didn't do that.

I was trying to save as much stamina as possible.

Fortunately, Jeff entered in range first.


Jeff's swordsmanship was excellent. He seemed familiar with fighting.

It wasn't a lie that he had killed 100 people.

But...that was it. It was regrettable, but he was lacking in sophistication. He didn't know how to distribute his power properly against the opponent.

I slowly wore Jeff down before ending with my sword at his neck.

'It was hard.'

It only took 10 minutes but I was exhausted.

In addition, there were wounds all over my body. It was because I only defended the important areas.

"No way! I was sure I would win..."

Jeff was astonished.

He consistently had the advantage when attacking. It only appeared like that on the surface.

I put down the sword and said briefly.

"Jeff, you will fight me every day for the next 30 days."

Jeff was a suitable opponent to check my physical condition.

Over time, the fights became more heated. My physical condition improved but Jeff became more desperate when fighting.

"You monster-like fellow!"


On the 20th day, Jeff was lying on the ground with his sword in his hand.

20 days and 20 losses!

Now he couldn't even last one minute against me.

"Just kill me! Stop teasing me!"

"I can't do that."

"Ugh...strong. I will bite my tongue and kill myself."

Jeff sat down and sighed.

Jjak jjak jjak!

At that moment, Torium showed up.

"You have really great skills. It seems like they are improving every day."

"What are you doing here today?"

"Don't worry. Today is the last time I will come."

Torium's face had darkened.

At the same time, Jeff's head sunk down even more.

"Did something happen?

"Commander Makdalli of the central area has decided to advance to the south. Jeff and I...we need to be prepared."


"Don't we have to protect our home? We have lived in the south for 50 years. We can't give it up now."

Torium's eyes shone with determination.

There was a strong will to protect.

"Have you found a way for me to return?"

Jeff and Torium had been searching for a way to return me, but now a war had started. Torium's expression changed at my question.

"I have looked for every possible method. The one thing that I found..."

"I want to hear it."

"In fact, I didn't want to say it. The truth about this world. I was too ashamed to say it but now I can't do anything else."

I folded my arms. It was a sit back and watch attitude.

Torium opened his mouth.

"This world is fake. A fake world made by the Hell Monarch."

"...Hell Monarch?"

I involuntarily said.

Hell Monarch. A familiar name!

Torium continued speaking with a solemn attitude.

"He is a very scary person also known as the Shadow Emperor. He is already dead but we were tricked into coming to this place. In fact, Jeff and I have never seen any rate, the commanders are meant to protect his treasures. Their role is to protect them until he returns to this world one day. However, they have become distorted over time."

Torium sighed.

"They started competing against each other for the 'legitimate rights' to the treasure trove. But, all the commanders agree that the treasure trove of the Hell Monarch should be opened. This is the only way to leave this place. It is self-explanatory that opening the treasure trove will cause a change in this world."

Torium shook his head before continuing.

"All the commanders agree, but they are killing each other for the sole right to open it. Some commanders have caused wars over it. It was the start of a long, long war that hasn't ended..."

"The Cruel Commander Maxium."

I interrupted Torium.

Torium's eyes widened.

"How do you know that name?"

"Is he in this world?"

"Y-yes...! He was a neutral commander but now he has declared war!"

Ahh. The fog slowly lifted.

This was related to my heart. And the Cruel Commander Maxium was someone I bought from the Achievements Store.

Now I knew what I had to do.

I thought I had fallen into an unknown world, but there was a reason for it.

Torium asked with a pale face.

"I never said the name so how do you know that? That name is synonymous with terror for us. He doesn't often participate in the war, so few have seen his true abilities. However, his name is like a taboo among us. Even Jeff would never say his name..."

His eyes looked at me carefully.

I raised the Emperor's Sword.

This was Maxium's sword. He gave it to me. Its true identity was a weapon used by the Hell Monarch.

"Torium. This war, I will also be participating."

I said it quietly.

However, there was a heavy weight to my words. If this was the only way to return...

I would have to make this world that stopped moving my own.