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Chapter 129: Corruption (2)

Chapter 129: Corruption (2)


I was suddenly tired after handling Okullos.

It was hard to keep my balance. Chrisley, who was blocking Gigantes, quickly rushed towards me.


I stopped Chrisley's hands.

Was this a side effect of Corruption?

I didn't trust anyone. I was even hostile towards Chrisley. It was an instinctive aversion. I felt like I was the only one who should exist.

"My Dungeon Master, are you okay?"

Chrisley asked in an anxious tone.

I turned my head towards Contegonom. It wasn't the end after handling Okullos. I needed to take care of that guy to be successful.

"How about the movements of the other demons?"

"...It seems like they are almost here. Okullos' death didn't stop them."

The demons in Okullos' faction.

I thought they would stop once he died. It seemed like they were performing his last command or there were other reasons.

This was dangerous. I didn't know if I could be controlled, but a vast majority of the creatures here could be victims. They were the foundation of my strength. I had worked hard to build them up in the past three years.

No, I would rather kill them than have them controlled. Anyway, I alone was sufficient. Yes, alone...


I shook my head. My mental state wasn't normal. At this rate, it was likely that my allies would be slaughtered by my own hands. It was becoming harder to resist.

"Get out."


"I will deal with Contegonom. Immediately leave the dungeon."

"I can't do that."

"You will just become obstacles. The creatures will be confused from Okullos' death so now is the perfect time."

"My Dungeon Master!"

"Chrisley. Do you want me to risk myself saving you? You will just be in the way!"


I spread my wings.

Chrisley looked up at me.

She formed tight fists as she tried to be patient. Chrisley then breathed deeply, relaxed her hands and bowed.

"...I will protect this place until My Dungeon Master comes out."


"If Dungeon Master dies then don't you know that I will die as well? Please don't say such words."

A large crow flew away with Krasla and the others.

I had ordered them to escape. Krasla had hesitated but decided to retreat after seeing Chrisley's decisive attitude.

Fortunately, I was able to maintain my spirit until then.

However, I felt my mental state take a nosedive after they left.


My vision darkened. It felt like all my emotions had been worn away until there was only one remaining. A murderous intent!

I was like a wild beast looking for food. Saliva dripped from my mouth. My eyes turned red. I started to rip into the creatures nearest to me.



They were torn apart like pieces of paper. I grabbed both shoulders and ripped a creature apart. My body was splattered with blood. These actions were repeated so many times that my black skin was completely obscured by the red blood.

I dug out their eyes and bit their necks. In order to quench my thirst, fangs broke the skin and started to suck out blood.



This place was like hell. I was recreating a nightmare here.

"You...what are you?"


The shadow of nothingness. In the past, he was the yeti king, and now he was just ugly. It was a nightmare but more importantly, I realized how strong he was.

My instincts were telling me to relieve my thirst with a stronger opponent.

He didn't have a hair out of place even when dealing with Mago. Rather, he was driving Mago to the edge of a cliff. If I left it alone then she would be defeated.

Contegonom was confident. They were just mortals after all. Once dead, their bodies would just become his subordinates. On the other hand, he was immortal and not bound by death. This was a screenplay he organized in the first place. Considering was understandable that he was confident. was the first time there was surprise on Contegonom's face.

"You are directly opposing nothingness. You don't feel like a god, yet you are trampling on everything! I will have your flesh."

In any case, this was the first time.

He had thought of my body as just a facade. His prejudice had been broken.

He felt astonished and greedy at the same time.

He stared at me. It was like discovering an artist with great artworks.

"I will take you. Once nothingness obtains that flesh, I will become a true god!"

Contegonom burst out with excitement. The creatures retreated as they felt his presence. A huge circle was created with Contegonom and I in the centre.

I opened my wings.

My body was my own and I had no intention of handing it over to anyone else. That was a vain desire. Okullos had also died with his dream unfulfilled.

Indeed. Both of them were a little similar. Those similar tendencies were probably why the shadow was summoned in the first place.


Of course, I wasn't thirsty for Contegonom. I looked at Contegonom and licked my lips. It wasn't thirst but a desire to eat him up.

I was a hunter...he was the prey. A seasoned hunter would win over their prey.

"Give me your body!"

The shadow fluctuated. It spread out and pressured me from the front. The attribute of my magic power was once again altered.


Light shot out from the horns.

The replacement attribute was surprisingly 'light.' It was a little different but had properties similar to holy power.

The light revealed the shadow. The shadow rushing towards me flinched back from the light.

"Aren't you a demon? Why can you use that?"

Contegonom was once again shocked.


However, there was still the aftermath. It burned through my flesh. Rapid magic power conversion. The magic power was opposite to my attribute so it burned my body from the inside.


However, I didn't stop. Light kept pouring out. Contegonom urgently recalled the shadow.



The recalled shadow gradually joined together to form one big sword. His ugly flesh was revealed but he was started to use his real capabilities.

The light attribute no longer worked on the shadow. I changed the magic power once again. This time, it was 'chaos.' The patented attribute of Ariel Diablo. Her Abyss Sword used the power of chaos. It filled my entire body.


The smell of burning became even more intense. If this situation continued then I would destroy myself, but I didn't mind at all.

Right now, the important thing to me was eating. And I was definitely going to eat.


I rushed towards his neck. Contegonom welcomed me with the shadow sword...a wave of magic power swept out from the intense clash.


Neither of us backed down. Explosive power built up from the clash of nails and sword.

"I am greedier!"

Contegonom gave an ugly laugh. His terrible appearance was hidden by the shadow, but he wanted a new body. He was pleased at the thought of winning and obtaining new flesh.

He just needed to drag out the time. It seemed like I wouldn't be able to maintain this state for much longer. It felt like my health was dropping. My rationality was already completely gone, so Contegonom became more relaxed.


Kwang! Kwang!

His hands randomly moved during the confrontation. Every time that happened, blasts of chaos magic power and shadows would explode. Due to that, hundreds of the surrounding creatures died.

The creatures in the circle watching the confrontation started to escape. It was even difficult for the advanced creatures to endure.

The confrontation between the two even burned away at the dungeon. The magic power couldn't sustain the floor any longer and it started to collapse.


"My Dungeon Master...!"

Chrisley came out from a gap in some rocks but it was too late. The space was completely divided in two.

"Give up and hand me your body!"

A long time had passed since the start of the confrontation with Contegonom. It was almost the end.

My nails were broken but I fought even more ferociously with my teeth. Contegonom wasn't safe either. His neck had been half torn off and pus was leaking. He needed to quickly change bodies or it would become dangerous.

It was at that moment.

"Yihihi. The pretty and cute Yihi is back, Master!"


Yihi appeared with a loud sound.

She wore a gold crown and carried a shield and shining sword that was like a toothpick.

Yihi shook her head and looked around.

"Huh? Who are you?"

Yihi didn't notice that my appearance had changed as she looked at both of us.

"Who are you again? Where is Yihi's Master? Didn't Master come to this place? Strange."

Yihi tapped a finger against her lips as she blinked.

She soon seemed to realize something as she pointed towards Contegonom.

"I feel that you are rather strange. It makes sense that your face is ugly. Yihi is annoyed. As a fairy knight, Yihi can recognize a bad guy. So you are a bad person!"

Yihi raised her shield. Then a bright straight line stretched out from the jewels in the shield.

Contegonom was dumbfounded. It was neck and neck. No, he was slowly grabbing the upper hand. My movements had been getting dull. He was certain of his 'victory' after a few more hits.

In the meantime, a fairy he had never seen before had intruded. He wanted to ignore her but...light started pouring out from the jeweled shield.

And that feeling was correct.


It wasn't a great blow. But it was enough to slow him down for a little bit.

A small gap. The opponent flew through the gap and used his teeth.




The subsequent scene was terrible. Contegonom's body was devastated by teeth. The winner didn't even enjoy the feeling and just settled down to feast.

Eat. Eat and eat again. That was his only action.


Yihi lost her spirit at the odd sight. She had goose bumps all over her body.

She turned away from Contegonom's body being devoured by a demon with grey wings. His eyes gazed at Yihi after he finished.

"Y-Yihi isn't tasty..."

Yihi grasped her sword and shield but there was an elusive feeling.

She felt like she had seen the face before, despite it looking quite different.She checked the blessing but there was no signs of a connection to Master.

What to do?

Meanwhile, the gray wings flapped as he headed towards Yihi.

Yihi closed her eyes tightly and cried out.



The crown shone.

This was the first time Yihi was using it, but the ability of the crown was very unusual.

She had a clear idea about the effect.

Yihi was reminded of the moment she met the Pink Queen.

The Mushroom Kingdom. The Cookie Kingdom.

The gold crown and jeweled shield were treasures of the two kingdom.

She wore the treasures and went to meet the queen.

She fought and lost. The Pink Queen laughed while Yihi was crying with vexation.

"Oh, how fun!"

As it turned out, the Pink Queen was a fairy knight. She had been waiting 20,000 years for a successor to appear. Due to her boredom, she plotted this drama.

She also apologized to the mushrooms and cookies. Yihi wept with pouting lips. The really bad fairy knight opened her mouth and said.

"That will be enough. You are called Yihi? You have a very nice mentality. I will pass the succession rights to you. Although it has already happened."

The crown, shield and sword. Those three items were tokens of a fairy knight.

"The sword can pierce through evil, the shield can reveal it and the returns evil to its original place. In particular, the crown is dangerous and should only be used when needed. Use these three powers well."

"Then Yihi can go back?"

"Yes! Where do you want to go? Think of the place where you want to go. I will take you there."

"I want to go to Master's side!"

"Huh? You are already serving someone? Awesome, awesome. I understand. Think about him closely. His features are required for something like this."

"Master has two, no three big weapons and is unbelievably handsome. I was bad a little while ago, yihihi. He still took care of Yihi."

"Uh...well, I understand. Now, are you ready to go to your master?"

"Yes. Goodbye, Fairy Knight-nim!"


The power of the crown returned evil to its original place.

Yihi calculated that it wouldn't work on Master. Master was sometimes nasty but Yihi never considered him as evil.

And the power of the crown sent the evil being away.

"Ah! He really wasn't Master."

Yihi neatly cleared the threat of the existence with grey wings. Only the remnants of the shadow remained.

"By the way, where is this place? Fairy Knight-nim sent Yihi to a strange place."

She looked around. There was a large pile of stacked rocks.

It was at that moment.

Chrisley emerged from a small gap in the rocks.

"My Dungeon Master...!"

Her fingernails were all broken and she had dried blood on her. It was from digging her way out of the rocks.



"Why are you here?"

Chrisley looked around anxiously instead of replying.

"Dungeon Master...did you see him? He was just here."

Yihi shook her head.

"No. Master isn't here. There were only two ugly things."

"T-that is impossible. Although his appearance had changed, he has grey wings."

Yihi's eyes widened at Chrisley's words.


"What's wrong?"

"Yihi did something bad."

"Then where...?"

The crown returned evil to its original place. The place where Master was born and grew up in.

"...The Demon World?"


"I-it is serious! Yihi did something wrong again!"

Yihi lamented with an upset face.