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Chapter 128: Corruption (1)

Chapter 128: Corruption (1)

-Are you sure you want to use Corruption (Ex Epic)?

This was the first time it had asked me again. However, my decision didn't change.

I would use it. I slowly opened my mouth.

-This is the final warning. Corruption...



Okullos' clone aimed for this gap. It became nervous at my shout.

-The demon 'Randalph Brigsiel' has used the skill Corruption (Ex Epic).

You have temporarily gone beyond the protective limits of the system. The lock has been released.

Until the effect of Corruption ends, you can't use all the features of the system.

Be careful. Demons outside the 'protection' won't be free of surveillance from heaven.

-Be careful.

Be care...

The message windows continuously rose. There were many warning messages. There was no way of knowing what going beyond the protection of the system meant.

However, I began to change as soon as Corruption was used. It felt like something was breaking through a blockage.

My body trembled. Two horns appeared on my forehead and enormous wings popped out from my back. I grew fur like an animal and my nails became longer. My fair skin was stained black. Strange tattoos were carved on my body. They looked like glowing wounds.

And...Infinity Armour was transformed. A dark magic power. It was absorbed and changed the look of the armour. The armour and helmet changed so that they didn't cover the wings and horns.

Usually a message window would appear now, but nothing rose.

'I am out of the system.'

I also couldn't check my status window. I realized that I was now out of the system.

I looked around slowly.

My presence alone overwhelmed everything around me. Okullos' clone showed no more signs of attacking me. Even Contegonom and Mago were looking at me.

"I feel strange."

That's right. It was really strange. I couldn't explain this feeling.

The movement of the wings seemed natural. The changes didn't feel awkward at all. It was like I had found my true self.

At the same time, I received a great enlightenment.

"...This is a true demon."


It was electrifying.

Every demon had questioned it at least once. Why didn't demons have wings like angels?

The demons looked too similar to humans. Sometimes demons would have horns like Ariel Diablo, but those were rare cases of blood and magic power mixing.

So demons hated humans in particular. It was because their appearances were too similar. There were strict differences in power but not appearances. They didn't want to admit it. That's why the demons rejected everything to do with humans. They hated even looking at them.

Now...I think I knew the answer.

I was a true demon at the moment. The demons lost their horns and wings for some reason, becoming human-like in appearance. Due to Corruption, I managed to remove those constraints.

'This corruption isn't corruption.'

Unlimited magic power. It was confidence that I could dominate everything.

I was definitely not a fallen being.

"The original appearance of the demons? That is nonsense, Randalph Brigsiel!"

Okullos gritted his teeth. His relaxation had disappeared. There was infinite hatred in the eyes that looked at me.

"Why are you so excited? I don't care if you dismiss it as nonsense."

I wasn't trying to convince him that this was 'real.'

Okullos couldn't accept it. He was staring at me with hate, but there was also envy mixed in.

He knew. Thanks to Naturalization, he instinctively knew that my current form was the origin of demons.

He felt like he had been deprived. No matter his mental state, he was still a grand duke. He hadn't lost his pride as a demon. It was natural for him to think it was unfair and to become angry.

"You...broke the taboo!"

"Okullos, you are the one who broke the taboo, not me."

"That appearance. are using some type of trick. Evolution? You have crossed the line and truly accomplished evolution!"


He was hung up on evolution.

I knew about it. Just a moment ago, I sensed Okullos' true nature. This wasn't his real character. A need to change...shortly after, he came up with the possibility of 'evolution' and crossing the line.

I developed so rapidly that it wasn't strange he mistook it for evolution.

Soul assimilation, demon predator, maybe...little by little, he realized he had gone down the wrong path. Therefore he summoned the shadow for 'answers.' Things fell into place.

"How pathetic."

My perception about Okullos changed.

He was just a maniac. It wasn't insanity. There was no luck and he told a mocking story at the Demon World Auction. But there was a misunderstanding. He struggled to find a 'source.'

It seemed to have transitioned into an ego trip. He started to crave evil and war.

I had felt sympathetic because I still thought of his past self. Even though I didn't like the grand dukes, I still felt some respect towards them.

In my previous life, he hadn't left a distinct impression. He obtained the first world tree. He showed no motivation and even seemed to neglect becoming the devil.

I was the turning point in his attitude. Due to the potential I showed, Okullos took a completely different route from the one he took in my previous life. Okullos was correct to be suspicious about me.

In my previous life, I had never shown this power.

"What is with those eyes? Put them away. Or else I will take them by force. I will completely erase you from this world!"

"Your journey is over, Okullos."

It was a long journey.

Okullos was tiresome. This was his limit. His desire was getting out of hand. Before that happened, I would help him find peace.

Okullos' worries would be eased. I would settle this once and for all.

"Shut up!"

Okullos shouted and moved. He ignored Lightning God and his clones. It was indeed a desperate struggle. He was doing everything possible to kill me.

However, I had regained my true nature so he couldn't reach me.


I flapped my wings. I seemed to know what to do from now on.

The two horns on my forehead were a source of magic power. Different magic power attributes could be substituted.

Once the magic power swept out from the horns, it was changed to 'moonlight magic power.'

Haien Moon. Now it was possible to use 99% of the sword technique.


Wrath and the Emperor's Sword moved brilliantly. The movements weren't just to mislead the enemy. Moonlight Falling became stronger the more I used it.

"My eyes can pierce through the world! Why can't I read your movements?"

Okullos had the skill 'Eyes of the World (Epic).' It was a skill that managed to grasp and reflect back Mind's Eye.

But...this time?


One clone was removed. He tried to partially strengthen the clone but it was no use. My wings touched a crumbling clone. The clone was melted by the magic power contained in my wings.

"I can't read it...!"

Okullos bit his lips.

"Okullos. It is unfortunate but you don't know everything about me."

This could sometimes cause failure. There were many cases.

Okullos also knew this, making him unhappy.

"Shut up!!"

Okullos recalled the one remaining clone. Soon, many large trees emerged from its body.

The momentum seemed like it would consume the entire floor of the dungeon, as the branches and roots moved like whips.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwakwang!

It couldn't be blocked.

I spread my wings wide.

I flew above the tens of thousands of branches. It would have been impossible in the past, but now I had wings.

I flapped my wings and floated in the air. My speed was faster than the whips and I soon reached Okullos' heart.

" in peace."


I stabbed his heart with Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.