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Chapter 127: Shadow of Nothingness, Contegonom (2)

Chapter 127: Shadow of Nothingness, Contegonom (2)

Then Tashmal accused him.

"Bah, it looks like you can't remember anything but your name. Everything else has been lost into nothingness!"


The shadow that called himself Contegonom moved.


Tashmal responded. Countless dark spears shot towards him.

However, the shadow was fast. It wasn't easy to hit him. On the other hand, Tashmal was injured every time the shadow moved.


I consider that name for a while. I had heard it somewhere before.

Soon I received a small surprise as I searched through my memories.

'Contegonom was king of the yetis!'

The king that no yeti dared refer to by name. He was the ancestor of a cursed yeti sold at the Demon World Auction and his name was also on a helmet in the Achievements Store. I never thought I would hear that name here.

The form of the giant shadow looked similar to a yeti. He must have died and become this. He was in a shadow state.

'It is certain.'

I needed to get rid of him in order to move forward.



This time it was the 2Lv high class creature purchased at the Demon World Auction.

The one-eyed Mago came forward. Mago regarded the shadow slowly. She had wise eyes that seemed to allow her to see right through the shadow.

'Fortunately, she is in a normal state.'

Due to the failed contract with the dark spirits, sometimes Mago would have seizures. They didn't know how to catch a high class creature, so I was dealing with the result. She would become tired approximately once a week and then calm down.

But today she was calmer than usual. Her one eye read everything about Contegonom.


A gust of wind rose next to Mago, and she hid herself in the wind.

Mago's habit was to mix in with the wind. I was reminded of her skills and laughed with satisfaction when recalling her status window.

Name: Mago


Strength 89 Intelligence 93

Agility 92 Stamina 68

Magic Power 93

Potential: (435/446)

Uniqueness: Unstable due to the contract.

Skill: Perfect Hurricane (Epic), Sage's Eye (Epic), Wind Tread (Epic)

It wasn't a surprising status window for a 2Lv high class creature. The disadvantage was her low stamina, but that didn't matter in the current situation.

Mago reappeared behind Contegonom. Her one blue eye was shining as she stabbed the centre of Contegonom's hand.



Contegonom, who had been pressuring Tashmal, screamed. It was the first time an attack had succeeded. Mago used the skill 'Sage's Eye (Epic)' to examine Contegonom. That was how Mago seemed to know a weak point.

Mago's eye alone made it worth buying her.

Contegonom jerked back from the unexpected blow.

That wasn't the end.

Mago pulled strongly on Contegonom's shadow. And the figure hiding in the shadow was revealed.


A terrible shape appeared from the shadow. A simple piece of flesh. The eyes, nose and mouth had melted together like he was failing to maintain his form.

He was a six to seven metre bipedal species but he really couldn't be called a normal existence.

'He lost all shape.'

Indeed. Aside from his memories, it seemed like he had even forgotten what he previously looked like. Something like pus was dripping from his skin, giving off a terrible stench. Bubbles occasionally popped on his body in different places. He was nothing more than a crumbling mess right now.

Contegonom urgently covered himself in the shadow again. His ugly appearance was once again hidden in darkness. However, I had clearly seen his shape.


I used Gigantes to verify this.

"Enemy! Win!"

Kung! Kung!

Gigantes seemed unstoppable as he moved forward. He was holding the huge club that the dwarf king made for him. Gigantes was thrilled about using the weapon. He was roughly snorting with excitement at finally being able to play.

It was a unique grade weapon with the skill 'Instant Acceleration' attached, overcoming some of the disadvantages of its size. Gigantes also wanted to see how quickly he could move.


He swung down with the club and accelerated. Gigantes had incredible strength. Normally the floor shook when he just walked, but the result was terrible after acceleration was used. However...the impact wasn't as large as I expected. The shadow-covered Contegonom didn't budge. The shadow was lacking to be called an armour.

-I will kill all of you!

Contegonom flicked out his shadow. The shadow was used to hide his body but it had a further effect. The shadow swallowed up Gigantes.

"Cough! Blocked! Out of breath! Let go!"

The shadow covered his entire body.

It slowly entered Gigantes. After making contact with the shadow, it seemed like Gigantes was dyed in darkness.

"Come out! Don't become stained with nothingness!"


Tashmal struck down with the dark thunder spears but it wasn't very effective. Like Tashmal, the shadow also had the attribute of darkness, so the effects were cut in half.

Mago was busy dealing with Contegonom's main body.

And I...

"Do you come here looking for a coffin? Randalph Brigsiel."

Okullos and his creatures slowly approached me.

There were the 30 year old death knight purchased at the auction, a bugbear, a dark warrior and 100 advanced creatures. There was an advanced 4Lv horned ant king and some gigantic ants.

Of course, the one I hated was at the front.

"Okullos. This guy, what did you summon?"

"A god who was trapped in nothingness. I called out to him."

The word 'nothingness' popped out to me. Where was it located? Okullos' smile just intensified.

"By the way, how did you discover the location of my dungeon?"

"You don't need to know."

"Indeed. I don't need an explanation. You will become trapped in nothingness and then you will follow my words."

His eyes turned towards Gigantes.

Gigantes had stopped moving after becoming tinged with darkness. The black shadow flowing around changed his eyes.

The eyes were still hostile but he had changed his target. He was staring at me like he wanted to charge over.

"Is he being controlled?"

"Huhuhuhu. That's right. Nothingness is not dependent on the shadow. Randalph Brigsiel, how long before all the high class creatures you are so proud of are controlled? I highly doubt that it will take more than an hour."

"Then I guess I should kill you before then."

"Do you think it will be that easy? You might have earned the title of hunter, but I am a predator. A showdown between a hunter and a predator! I'm trembling just imagining it. It won't be as easy as last time."

He proudly spoke about breaking the taboo.

I didn't answer him. This was shameful conduct for a grand duke. I needed to kill him as soon as possible before the shadow showed any more bizarre effects.

I gripped Wrath and the Emperor's Sword. The moonlight was fully charged. I had practiced Moonlight Falling for almost a month. One month was nothing compared to Haien Moon's existence, but that was enough.

"My Dungeon Master. Give me a command."

Chrisley spoke on behalf of the creatures.

She was holding a red jewel in her hands.



A ringing sound was constantly emerging from the jewel. It was the item Chrisley received from the Unknown Box!

"Break the seal."

"I will follow your words."


Chrisley swallowed the red jewel without any hesitation.



She raised the Death Wand and produced hundreds of shades. Skeleton soldiers emerged from the ground and a large crow formed on the Death Wand.

'The King of Death. Ganak's essence.'

This was the item that emerged from the Unknown Box.

Chrisley owned the Death Wand, so the box seemed to release an item related to necromancy.

Garnak the King of Death. He was a necromancer who reached the pinnacle. Those who swallowed his essence could have his strength for a limited time.

"Chrisley. Help stop the enemy from controlling Gigantes."


"Krasla. You will lead the creatures."

"Leave it to me."

"I...have a neck to cut off."

The delegation of roles was over.

I turned and looked at Okullos.

Okullos had already used Naturalization and relaxation was on his face.

He had a completely different attitude from before.

Confidence. Arrogance. He was feeling those things.

"Let's end this, Okullos."

"Come. Randalph Brigsiel!"


The creatures clashed with each other.

I was in the vanguard as I swung my sword towards Okullos.

Moonlight Falling!

It was a sword skill that consumed moonlight to make a sword of light. It increased the destructive power of the sword and also confused the enemy.

It was a skill that was compatible with Dark Sword.

"Become stronger! Huhahaha!"


Okullos was still relaxed. By now, demons from his faction should be heading to this dungeon. Was he thinking of buying time? No...he really believed that he could win. Several branches sprouted from his right arm.

A myriad of branches popped out from the ground. They took a similar form to Okullos. It wasn't very different from a clone. So two clones were created. Their destructive power could be compared to Okullos.

"Look! The demons I preyed on have taken on my appearance! Randalph Brigsiel, you will also have the glory of joining their ranks!"

Three against one.

One was easy.

Two enemies was similar.

But three...that was a little arduous.

The two clones even used the same skills as Okullos. It was no different from an infinite revival.

The injuries inflicted by the Dark Sword didn't recover, but the naturalized Okullos could replace them with other parts. It wasn't the same for the clones.

In short, I needed to handle the clones in order to increase the chances of winning.

"Lightning God!"

Although he had clones, I also had a powerful army.


Lightning God manifested and attacked. The giant lightning dragon rushed towards Okullos.

Meanwhile, I dealt with the clones.


My sword struck a long stalk. It had been reinforced so the cut wasn't very deep. However, the whole area couldn't be strengthened. The Emperor's Sword struck the side of a clone.


I had two swords but there were two clones. They both complemented each other and were pressuring me.

'If only I had the complete version of Haien Moon's sword techniques...'

It would be easy.

The practice time I had wasn't enough. More complex moves were required to kill the enemies. My job would be easier if Haien Moon's swordsmanship was completely learnt. Right now, I didn't have enough power.

'It isn't easy.'

The situation was neck and neck.

My creatures were a little bit ahead in that showdown.

However, Okullos and Contegonom were huge variables. Tashmal was covered in wounds and Mago was busy trying to hold on. At least Chrisley was properly dealing with the shadow-stained Gigantes.

If there was one more shadow controlled creature...the situation was likely to reverse.


It was running out but I couldn't finish this as fast as I wanted.

There was another problem. The demons in Okullos' faction were fast approaching. If they joined then my odds would become close to zero.

'It can't be helped.'


I sighed and took a deep breath.

I didn't want to use it but it seemed like I had no choice. It was the skill I obtained when three of the Seven Sins set was gathered.

It had absorbed the other skills but I didn't know how to take advantage of it. The description was short and also had a 'warning' attached.

But this was the only way.

I opened my mouth.