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Chapter 126: Shadow of Nothingness, Contegonom (1)

Chapter 126: Shadow of Nothingness, Contegonom (1)

After going through Peru, we safely made it to the dungeon in Brazil. It was just as horrible as Peru.

"Dungeon Master. I, Krasla have come to greet you."

Krasla and several dark elves approached. They had covered themselves in dirt and straw to monitor Okullos' dungeon.

"Are there any noticeable movements?"

Krasla briefly hesitated at the question before replying.

" was only for a fraction of a second, but there was a huge surge of magic power inside the dungeon. It disappeared instantly so I thought I was mistaken. At the same time, the movements of the creatures reduced."

It clearly had a negative impact on the creatures in the dungeon.

My eyebrows rose.

'The summoning was successful.'

I had no clue at all about what was summoned. And without any hints, I was bound to feel some fear. Despite the information from my previous life, I was now moving in complete ignorance.

"Good job."

However, I didn't hold back on my praise. Krasla and the dark elves had suffered without sleeping for the last fortnight.

"Thank you!"

I ignored their bows and took out Wrath and the Emperor's Sword.

The dungeon was close enough for them to notice me. If Okullos felt danger then it was highly likely that the creatures and demons would start moving.

I was already committed to destroying the enemy. I had a clear goal and objectives. There was nothing else to say.

Chrisley, Krasla and Tashmal...all the preparations were finished.

Yes, words weren't necessary. The only thing left was speed!

"Let's go."

I ran towards the dungeon.

Giant ants emerged from the ground. They were the lowest grade 'war ants.' They weren't anything to worry about on their own, but hundreds of thousands gathered together were a lot stronger.

It was normal to be careful, even if they were lower grade creatures. But I needed to act quickly. Someone might have ordered them to buy some time. Rushing so was different from the creatures' normal behaviour.



Despite suffering a serious injury against Infinite Flesh, the griffin had completely recovered. Dust shot up as Fire and Lightning (Epic) hit the ground.

Kwa ru ru rung!

It was utterly amazing. A whole bunch of war ants immediately melted.

Despite their numbers, they were only lowest grade creatures. They were no match for the griffin.

The ants were destroyed without even a trace left behind. The Kur clan hunted the few remaining war ants.

The time that it took? Less than five minutes. They completely finished it. The enemy was wiped out and we moved on straight away.

Krasla had figured out the path in advance so it was easy to move up. But I didn't see any more war ants until the 5th floor.

'Ant cave.'

Okullos' dungeon was an ant cave.

All his creatures were ants.

The 6th floor.

It was the first time there was a change.

A storage for eggs. There were tens of thousands of ant eggs. Guardian ants were beside the entrance. Low grade 3Lv creatures. They were larger than normal war ants and had much sharper mandibles. Their speed and power couldn't be ignored.

"Burn it."

The guardian ants were low grade creatures.

Destroying the eggs storage wasn't a problem.

The dungeon was wider than it seemed, so even using the griffin's Fire and Lightning skill would take a long time.

However, I also had three fire golems. In this situation, there was no need to keep them back from burning the eggs storage.

The fire golems ignored the guardian ants, despite the assault from the sharp mandibles. It reached the climax.

Kung! Kuuong!

After receiving my command, the fire golems only moved for the goal. The ground shook every time their heavy bodies moved.


Flames shot out from the fire golems' hands. The eggs storage couldn't survive the firepower. The guardian ants rushed at the fire golems but were just melted down. It was impossible for them to attack.

It was easy. There was nothing hidden. At this rate, it wouldn't be too difficult to reach the top floor.

I was slowly climbing up the dungeon.

'Isn't it time that he noticed?'

More than 5,000 creatures entered. There was plenty of time for the owner of the dungeon to notice. But there were no movements.

Was he encouraging me to come? Or he was confident that I wouldn't be able to rise.

Whatever the reason...I couldn't relax.

I couldn't know the truth about Okullos, but that wasn't necessarily bad for me.

The 11th floor.

Intermediate level creatures emerged.

The gigantic ants were intermediate 3Lv creatures. Their whole body was covered with specific, hard materials that looked like armour, making the ants quite tricky. Furthermore, they spat out chemical ingredients from their mouth like human machine guns.

Kwang! Kwang!

There was a loud sound. Over 100 gigantic ants were heading towards the entrance. The advanced golems' forward movement was stopped.

The chemicals emitted by the gigantic ants were damaging to them. There would be an explosion from the chemicals and it would penetrate towards the nervous system.

The 'flame resistant' griffin also moved forward. Its skill was used efficiently. The only problem was that the griffin couldn't discharge it that often.

"Naga queen."


With the tail of a snake and the upper body of a beautiful woman, she was a strong powerhouse among the advanced 5Lv creatures. The naga queen moved along the walls and floors quickly. Her sharp teeth and potent poison melted away the armour of the gigantic ants.


The naga queen breathed out purple smoke towards the gigantic ants in front of her.

The fog spread out. It was the skill 'Poison Spray (Ex U).'

The purple fog touched the gigantic ants and melted them down. Their solid armour and powerful weapons were useless in front of the naga queen.

This battle also reached its climax.

'Now I just need to hunt the queen.'

I had encountered war ants, guardian ants and gigantic ants. Their presence meant there would be a queen ant.

As I approached the end of the ant cave...Okullos' preparations were like what I expected.

Ant queen! An ant the size of a golem screamed.


The strident sound echoed.

The queen ant was in a miserable state. All her legs were mutilated and her body was covered with mysterious wounds.


White roared from his position on top of the queen ant's torso. It was a roar of victory.

The end of combat was announced by White biting the neck of the ant queen. Despite the dozens of saber tigers that died, this was a great success.

'The queen ant can be left to die. My points will be wasted if I don't move.'

There were no traces of Okullos' movements. I couldn't tell that a magic circle had been carved. Immediately after the magic circle was activated, there was a surge of magic power intense enough for ordinary humans to feel it. There were no signs that anything like that had happened.

Even if Okullos wasn't here, the fairy should have come out to reject me. It was like he just placed a number of creatures to resist.

'The damage is small. At most, there were 200 hundred intermediate creatures. The real bonus will be cutting that guy's head off.'

I turned and looked at Chrisley.

"Have you received contact from the other dark elves?"

"No, My Dungeon Master."

"That means the other demons aren't moving."

I wasn't only watching Okullos. Dark elves were sent to the dungeons of other demons in his faction. I gave them crystal balls so they could report back.

There was no contact, so that meant the demons weren't moving.

Therefore, I only needed to pay attention to Okullos.


Movement. There was movement while I was speaking.


A rough wind blew.


The dying queen ant made frantic sounds. Then the body of the queen ant disappeared in the blink of an eye.

There were no signs of it. There was only the wind blowing.

"This power...!"

Tashmal's wings spread wide open and she activated the skill Barrage of Dark Spears (Epic). The spears rushed through the dungeon.

Kwang! Kwarurung! Kwakwang!

An explosion took place and I could finally see it.


A shadow. A very large shadow could be seen on the outer wall of the dungeon.

Tashmal shouted loudly in dismay.



I didn't know what it was but Tashmal seemed shocked. In addition, she was nervous about the shadow.

"Your presence shouldn't be here! Return! This isn't the place for you!"

-Return? I'm not much different from the original natives of this place.

It spoke in an annoyed, bass-like voice.

However, Tashmal had a tough attitude.

"Nothingness can't be called a native! You're not a god! You are just an ungrateful presence that tried to eat God!"

It was difficult to follow the story. In the first place, I had no idea what Nothingness was. This was the first time I had seen the overwhelming presence that was the shadow. It seemed to have existed for a long time.

It felt like the first time I had encountered a grand duke in the Demon World. The shadow wasn't an easy opponent. A powerhouse.

-I'm not a God? I've heard that for 10 million years. I am the truest God that exists. A fallen angel shouldn't speak on this topic.

"I still have all the memories from my past lives. You are a god? My god is real! I can't stand any corrupted existences impersonating God!"


The wind grew stronger.

Many dark spears floated around Tashmal. Contegonom! I am the true god! The other one is just a fake! You damn fallen angel!