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Chapter 125: Demon Predator (2)

Chapter 125: Demon Predator (2)

The preparations were over.

The only thing left was to move there.

"My Dungeon Master. Fairy-nim hasn't appeared yet."

"I know. But I can't delay it any longer."

I said to Chrisley before turning around.

All the creatures except those left behind to defend the dungeon were gathered behind me.

There were 4,000 intermediate and 100 advanced creatures. There were also three high class creatures. Tashmal was recovering her strength and easily reached the rank of a high class creature. If I included her then it would be four high class creatures.

It was at a scale that no demon could match. Sweeping away one dungeon would be a cinch. This was 80% of the power that I had gathered in three years.

In particular, I had considerable expectations for the Kur clan warriors. They were riding the infernos and carrying weapons created by the dwarf king. Plus, the clan warriors became stronger when they were together.

"War! The Kur Warriors also like war!"

Their voices rang in my ears...war. I would use the momentum of their shouts.

"The enemy is Grand Duke Okullos. If we delay any longer then it will become disadvantageous. Lightning fast. Exit quickly after hitting him in the neck. If we miss this opportunity then it will become more difficult. We have to kill Okullos at all cost. In addition, if he crosses another line...I need to pull out his roots before he becomes more annoying."

Krasla had sent me some amazing facts while he was scouting.

It was the reason why I was busy in many ways.

I wasn't the only target, and Okullos had attacked other dungeons simultaneously. Two demons from other factions had been dragged inside Okullos' dungeon.

Krasla placed himself at risk and entered the dungeon. And...he confirmed that Okullos was a demon 'predator.'

It was different from insanity. I was utterly disgusted by the actions described to me. A predator of his own kin...!

He broke another taboo.

Demon Predator. That was Okullos' new title.

'His soul seems to have gone out of balance because of the assimilation.'

The original Okullos maintained a moderate position. He didn't do anything extraordinary. Now he had transformed into a dramatic character thanks to the soul assimilation. It was impossible to assimilate other demons without the soul being harmed.

'It will be a hassle if he grows like me. And I don't know what he will become capable of over time.'

I could get extra stat points by controlling dungeons and hunting demons. However, Okullos was likely to gain something as well from eating other demons.

That was enough for me to move, but I also couldn't guess Okullos' behaviour. I needed to destroy him before he went beyond what I could face.

I organized my thoughts and took one step forward.

"Follow me. We will destroy the enemy."

A large group of creatures started to move from the dungeon in China.

Okullos' dungeon was located in Brazil, South America, so I needed to go by sea. The turtle islands I bought were ready to move. I had purchased an additional nine turtle islands. They were big enough to be called small islands and 10 of them could carry 5,000 creatures.

"Stop! Warning! Don't come any closer..."

The problem was that the humans had a reaction to the large number of creatures moving.

Several thousand humans with tanks blocked their path. There were also dozens of Awakened.

It had already been three years. It was impossible that the humans didn't know negotiating with creatures was impossible. It would have been better if they struck first instead of giving a warning. The creatures were only stimulated by the loud noise.

The faces of the humans were filled with tension. It seemed like they wouldn't get out of the way. It was apparent from their attitude and the fact that this place wasn't far from an city.

'Annoying military.'

I clicked my tongue.

Still, I needed to take care of them if I wanted to pass.

This was a Pandora's box that they shouldn't have opened.

I had brought thousands of creatures. Their fate was to be brutally trampled on. But if they were trying to buy time to evacuate the buildings...

I could waste some time here. I would use the Kur clan warriors to sweep them away.

"Master! We will show the strength of the Kur clan!"

"I'll leave it to you."

I coldly accepted.

If I used the griffin then I could quickly clean them up. However, it wasn't bad to look at the combat power of the Kur warriors.

With my permission, the Kur warriors were all riding infernos.


"Wipe them out!"

The 100 infernos that the Kur warriors were riding kicked off against the ground.

They were 3m tall. There was also the moderate size of the Kur warriors. An ordinary human would have to look up to barely see their heads.

Kung! Kwarung!

The tanks fired. The Kur clan had never encountered weapons like this before.

The Kur warriors were hit by them. One of the warriors was literally knocked to the ground. But he just got up from the dirt.

"That hurt me a little bit!'

The Kur warrior just laughed like it was a joke and got back on the inferno. Amazing actions followed.

The infernos swiftly moved among the humans. Their skins were tough and close to impervious, making the bullets unable to penetrate them. Even the flames emitted from an inferno were fatal for humans. The humans couldn't extinguish the hellfire.

"This weapon is very good!"

As expected from weapons made by the dwarf king. The weapons he made from the roots of the Tree of Origin had a unique rating and were extremely sharp. The Kur warriors could even slice through a tank.

The humans were wiped out in 20 minutes. It was a long time but that was due to the brutality of the Kur clan.

Despite the person being dead, they would keep slicing the body again and again.

"Master! Slaughter is fun!"

"Yes, I can see."

I nodded. The Kur clan received no damage. There were some minor injuries but their power was preserved.

'This isn't all. The true strength of the Kur clan will only appear when dealing with strong enemies.'

They were a species specialized in fighting together. This was the Kur clan.

There was also a skill associated with them. Rendezvous (U). A skill that raised strength and stamina when many Kur warriors faced an enemy.

"The Kur clan warriors are strong!"

The Kur clan cried out loudly as they held up their large swords. An attitude like they were showing off. Most of the creatures gathered here took it as a taunt.


Chrisley was tired of it but ignored them. On the other hand, Tashmal, who was wearing Firm Conviction, spat out harsh words.

"Hmm, I can't find any dignity."

Her tone was filled with thorns. She had been fidgety as soon as she left the dungeon because she was concerned about the baby angels.

Tashmal's three pairs of black wings spread out in an intimidating gesture. Her stats had recovered quite a bit and she could match high class creatures.

I was resting for a while and had a chance to check Tashmal's growth with Mind's Eye.

Name: Tashmal

Occupation Fallen Angel Title

* Angel of Light Steeped in Darkness (Epic, Intelligence and Magic Power +6)

* Firm Conviction (R, Stamina +3)


Strength 77 Intelligence 88 (+6)

Agility 83 Stamina 79 (+5)

Magic Power 86 (+8)

Potential: (413+19/471)

Uniqueness: An angel that spread light into the world has now become a fallen angel. The stats have been lowered in the aftermath of losing her wings, but they will quickly recover.

Skill: Propagation of Darkness (Epic), Barrage of Dark Spears (Epic), Dark Thunder (Epic)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 68 Intelligence 93 Agility 78 Stamina 69 Magic 90 Potential (386+12/471)

Strength 77 Intelligence 94 Agility 83 Stamina 84 Magic 94 Potential (413+19/471)

The Firm Conviction helmet. The helmet increased her stamina by five and her magic power by two. Her stats were more than 430 so she had already surpassed Gigantes and the griffin. This was almost as strong as a 2Lv high class creature.

I wondered what the result would be if she fought the Kur warriors, but now wasn't the time for that.

"There is no time to delay. Move to the right."

I walked out.

I needed to stab a dagger into Okullos before he noticed.

Moving with turtle island was simple.

It dived into the depths of the ocean with a shielding skill. Thanks to that, I was able to reach South America without any interference.

Of course, there was one more bridge to cross. I decided to go through Peru.

'Everything has been destroyed.'

It wasn't a country with strong military power so I thought I could easily pass through. But this was completely different from what I expected. There weren't even any ants or puppies, let alone a resistance.

All the cities were completely destroyed. The smell of burning flesh and rotting bodies permeated the air. Peru didn't have a dungeon so I could only guess that Okullos was behind it.

"My Dungeon Master. The smell is unbearable."

Chrisley pinched her nose. The burning and rotten stench was the worst. It was hard for her superior senses.

I opened my mouth and said.

"There are no humans visible.'

"Isn't it due to Okullos?"

"You think so as well?"

"The signs are all around us. Did he intend to gather some points?"

The tragedy had happened not long ago. At best, it was only one or two months. It was something he clearly did before entering the Demon World Auction.

However, was it really for points?

"No. It is not for the sake of points."

Chrisley was puzzled by my words.


"Look at the bodies."

The area was littered with corpses. They were eaten by insects, rotted or burnt, but were still obviously corpses.

"Ah...! None of them have heads."

It wasn't difficult to understand after that. She hadn't been aware because the smell was so bad she turned away.


Tashmal said with a serious expression.

I agreed with her.

"That's right, Tashmal. They are sacrifices to summon something."

I couldn't imagine how many sacrifices there were. It was at least hundreds of thousands.

Chrisley trembled as she was enlightened.

"Isn't he a grand duke? An existence like that, making all these sacrifices for a summoning..."

I couldn't act recklessly.

I forgot my pride and couldn't easily move.

A grand duke was strong. They had high standards in other areas, not just strength. Yet he was forced to offer many 'sacrifices.'

Especially since I didn't know who he was summoning. It wasn't possible for me to have an extensive knowledge of summoning.

"Right now, Okullos' mental state isn't normal. It isn't strange that he would do something like this."

"This is really...insane."

Chrisley concluded with disgust.

Soul assimilation.

Kin predator.

A summoning ritual.

Judging by the scale of the ritual...

'It won't be easy.'

But I also couldn't stay put.

A grand duke was a presence that I couldn't leave alone.

I didn't want to. I hoped to knock my opponent down from his position.

At the very least, Okullos was within a short reach.

A fight between a predator and a hunter.

I formed fists.

It would be hard but that didn't mean it was impossible.

Wide plains. Hundreds of thousands of human skulls were skewered.

A cumulation of cruelty. Okullos grinned as he looked over it.

Soon a magic circle was invoked on the whole plains, and a huge mountain-like shadow appeared.

"Who summoned 'Nothingness'?"

Nothingness. Something that no one knew or could explain.

A shadow of Nothingness was summoned.

"It is good to meet you. I am the one who summoned you."

Okullos said to the shadow.

Then he turned his attention to the Shadow of Nothingness.

"Are all those heads my food?"

"That's right. Feel free to eat!"

"I am not satisfied but...I won't refuse this big portion."


It wasn't a mere shadow. The shadow moved over the land. The shadow swallowed up the entire plains.

In the blink of an eye.

All the heads instantly disappeared.


Okullos' smile widened.

The ritual sacrifices had been completed.

The existence that no one knew about was now in his hands.

Okullos lost any fear.

Now victory was his.