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Chapter 124: Demon Predator (1)

Chapter 124: Demon Predator (1)

Haien Moon's Necklace.

The owner was a master swordsman and wearing the necklace taught a powerful sword technique. Ariel Diablo had obtained it in my previous life, using the advanced proficiency to conquer her enemies.

But now it was mine. I owned it, not anyone else.

I placed the moon shaped necklace around my neck.

At the same time.

-The Haien Moon's Necklace has been worn.

The secret sword technique 'Moonlight Falling (Epic, Passive') has been learnt.

A refreshing aura covered my body. The blue light around my body resembled that of the moon. Today was a full moon. This was the perfect day to experiment with the new sword technique.

'This is...Moonlight Falling.'

I accepted the energy. The information about the sword technique slowly entered my head. And I could see Haien Moon.

He had a beast-like body. His hair looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while and he had a beard. He wore worn clothes and walked forward with two swords in his hands.

The image of the sword technique demonstration was etched into my retinas. I admired the beautiful sword trajectory as it moved in the moonlight.


I had that thought while watching the swords move. It couldn't be compared to the dancers who moved holding swords. Every single movement was important. It was beautiful but the sword also pierced the heart and head of the enemy.

It was a new experience for me.

'Swordsmanship on an entirely different level.'


In my previous life, the Moonlight Falling that Ariel used was intense. However, it wasn't beautiful. She had probably reassembled Moonlight Falling according to her own colour.

She knew tens of thousands of sword techniques. She absorbed everything and turned it into 'Abyss Sword.' Haien Moon's sword technique was just one part of this.

'I will leave it as it is.'

My thoughts were different.

I didn't know any proper sword techniques. They were given to me during actual combat. A technique to split the flesh of the enemy. Simple ways to break the enemy's bones. That was it. I thought that was enough.

Swordsmanship? I hadn't felt the need for it.

This bias changed after seeing Haien Moon performing Moonlight Falling directly.

This...was complete by itself. There was no need to make any changes to it.

Of course, there would be differences based on the interpretation. I lagged behind significantly when it came to actually using Moonlight Falling. But if I kept learning Moonlight Falling, I was confident that I would break the 'wall' on my own.

In fact, my swordsmanship had been stagnant for more than 10 years. My abilities rose as I became stronger, but there was no change in the techniques themselves.

So I wanted to learn. I wanted to absorb it. Ariel reassembled it but I didn't want to destroy the 'purity' of the original owner, despite my lacking skills.

'Haien, I will carry your method forward.'

I stretched out my hand. Haien Moon's movements imprinted in my retinas were carried out through my hands. There was no notion of reality. My hands continued to draw Moonlight Falling. Moonlight fell on me from the full moon and it felt like a heavy weight was pressing down on me.

A prophet. A sword master.

He was strong and I respected his purity.

Haien Moon loved the moon. His emotions were contained in Falling Moonlight.

The desire to learn and grow from Haien Moon filled my head.

"I am fond of the full moon in the quiet sky."

I laughed.

I recalled the days spent on the battlefield.

A place of slaughter. A place where I couldn't even trust my allies.

Still, the moon was the only one on my side. It would never change or betray me. I understood a little bit of Haien Moon's heart.

I held Wrath in one hand and the Emperor's Sword in the other.

And I brandished them until dawn.

I couldn't move without a plan. I needed to draw up a plan, divide the troops and give them time to adjust to the items purchased from the Demon World Auction. Okullos was a grand duke so I needed to be well prepared before going against him.

"You absolutely can't get caught. It is important to monitor the dungeons of Okullos and important demons from an appropriate distance. Send me reports through the crystal ball once a day."

"I will follow your words, Dungeon Master."

Reconnaissance was a must before moving.

I used Krasla and a few dark elves for mobility.

Okullos knew my status window but he wasn't aware that I knew the exact location of his dungeon.

'Your damn arrogance. It will make sure that you aren't prepared.'

My purpose was to catch him off guard. It wouldn't be long. Meanwhile, I would use this time to gain a little bit of strength.

"Stein. How is the work of the dwarf king progressing?"

"He is so amazing! Seven unique level weapons have already been completed. At this rate, the basic preparations will be ready in a fortnight. Once the huge weapon for Gigantes is finished, his power will instantly double."

Stein said in a proud tone. Indeed, good blacksmith skills and superior materials meant that decent weapons were created. Thanks to that, the dwarves were growing every day.

A fortnight. I couldn't waste that valuable time.

After completing some urgent tasks and learning Moonlight Falling, I pulled out the rest of the items.

Millennium Stigma, Lightning Orb and Haien Moon's Necklace were all items for my growth. To be precise, they worked to increase the impact of Lightning God.

'Lightning Orb helps lightning related skills recover.'

I used Mind's Eye once again to confirm it.

-Name - Lightning Orb (Ex U)

Description: An orb held in the mouth of a lightning dragon for 100 years.

* Strengthens the electrical properties of unique skills. The user's electrical magic power can be restored once a day.

** Can grant electrical properties to spirits.

Lightning God had a higher rank so the strengthening effect would have no effect. I was aiming for the 'recovery' and 'integration' options.

'Lightning God. Move.'

Lightning God started moving out towards the Lightning Orb.

It wasn't a simple movement. Lightning God felt resistant, but it couldn't go against my orders.

After a while, Lightning God finally reached the Lightning Orb. At that moment, a strong sense of effort could be felt, but I ignored it. This was work that required intense concentration.

-'Lightning Elemental (Epic)' has entered the 'Lightning Orb (Ex U).'

The spirit rating is very high. The effect will be enhanced.

The name will be changed to Lightning Orb (Lightning God).

The efficiency of 'Lightning Elemental (Epic)' has increased. The consumption of materials for its use has been reduced by half.

Then I pulled out the Millennium Stigma. This was an item that formed a type of 'contract.' After connecting Lightning Orb and Lightning God, the duration that I could use it for had increased.

'Do humans call something like this a trick?'

My eyebrows furrowed.

Some people might call it a trick.

'No, it isn't.'

It was finding a method and taking advantage of it.

I grabbed onto the chance.

Once I confirmed that Lightning God had completed the change, I placed the seal around my heart.

-Millennium Stigma has been activated. Lightning Orb (Lightning God) and the 'Heart of the Hell Monarch' have been linked.

'Lightning God' will always manifest in the future. When the skill is not in use, it is possible to use one tenth of the spirit's power.

Millennium Stigma has been destroyed after being used.

The stigma was a one-time item.

However, the effect was enough.

After a while, a small fist-sized dragon made of lightning appeared out of the Lightning Orb.

Lightning God. It was surprised by the sudden situation and quickly looked around.

'The strength is reduced to one tenth, but it is active 24 hours a day. I can also recover the strength when the skill is used.'

Lightning God would automatically keep protecting me. Originally, Lightning God couldn't voluntarily exit my body. But thanks to Lightning Orb and Millennium Stigma, it could now manifest for 24 hours a day.

The small Lightning God moved around my head. It was in a good mood after gaining its freedom.

It couldn't be underestimated just because it was the size of a fist. It only had one tenth of the power, but an advanced creature would still be in danger from one hit.

"I look forward to it."

Lightning God flew faster.

'Now it is time for the box.'

It was the last item left from those he purchased at the Demon World Auction.

The Unknown Box was waiting for its turn.

The box was shaped like a coffin.

Chrisley stood in front of it and asked.

"My Dungeon Master. You want me to open this box?"

"That's right. The item that comes out will belong to you."

"...I will open it. Please step aside."

Chrisley was worried since she didn't know what would come out. However, I shook my head.

"It is okay. I will be safe here."

"I understand. Then..."

Chrisley took a deep breath and moved. She carefully lifted the lid of the box.


A loud sound. It was like someone was roaring.

At the same time, a violet light poured from the box.

"My Dungeon Master. This..."

Chrisley said with perplexed eyes.

"Indeed. It turned out like this."

I slightly nodded as I checked the result.