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Chapter 123: Yihi’s Bizarre Adventure (2)

 Chapter 123: Yihi's Bizarre Adventure (2)

Yihi held the Fairy Knight's Sword and looked around.

A pink world.

A sunny valley flowing with sweet honey and all types of cookies. A huge rainbow was floating in the sky while the sun looked like a giant cookie. It was weird to see sunlight coming from a cookie.

A pink unicorn was playing in a unique field of pink mushrooms and pink sunflowers. There were pink dogs, pink cats and even all the cookies were pink.

This was...a pink garden.

A place she had never heard of. Even Yihi was forced to panic.

"Eobobo. W-where is this place?"

She swallowed her saliva. Her sword-holding hands trembled.

She remembered a door forming and then she was dragged to this ridiculous place. How could she not be surprised?

"Master? Where are you? Are you messing with Yihi...?"

She hid behind a pink bush and saw the dead body of a rat. Rather than Master, the only existences around her were the pink unicorn and other pink creatures.


The unicorn poked out its tongue and its ears were pricked up. The sight of it turning upside down to chew the grass was enough to make anyone think it was crazy.

"Yihi won't be safe if I'm caught by that crazy unicorn. I-I will hide here and watch the situation. Master said to me. Er...enter a cave to avoid getting eaten by tigers? Ah, no. That wasn't it. What was it?"

She fell into a state of panic. Several thoughts passed through her head as she tried to ignore the reality. But time passed and the pink unicorn was still there.

Even the sun was still cookie shaped.

"I will count to one million. The unicorn will surely be tired and go to a different place by then. One, two, three...five hundred and ninety, two, three..."

Once she repeated from one to ninety nine hundreds of times, the unicorn finally started to move.


It was peeing. It furiously urinated all over the place. The urine spread out from the unicorn's body like a fountain.

"That unicorn really is crazy. By the way, Master is bigger. Master has two big weapons. Now it has increased to three. Overall, it is Master's victory. Yihihi."

Yihi clapped as she compared the protruding parts. Yihi showed strong interest in anything related to Master.

However, that fun only lasted a short time.

Yihi was in an unknown place with a scary unicorn so she quickly became exhausted.

She slowly closed her eyes from the fatigue.

"Hiing. Master, I want to see you. Yihi will work hard in the future. Don't throw Yihi away...yawn."

Yihi scratched her belly and drooled.

In her dreams, she was running through the flower garden while holding hands with Master.

Between the 'hahahas' and 'hohohos', both of them looked happy.

"Master. I am Yihi. In fact. I like Master!"

She made a small, pretty bouquet and handed it to Master. Master smiled as he received the bouquet and patted Yihi on the head.

"Me too. Yihi, I felt feelings of love from the moment I first saw you."

"Ah...! Master, Yihi has been yours since the beginning!"

"Even the gods can't tear our love apart. I will become the devil and Yihi will sit next to me. You will be by my side forever. I will always be happy if my hands can pat your head and touch Yihi's beautiful hair."

"Yihi. Master stroking my head is the thing I love best in this world. Yihihi. In the future, don't scold Yihi!"

"Yes. Of course. I will expand your garden. You can annoy the bees to your heart's content."


"This as well? I will praise you every day."


"I will stroke your head at least a hundred times."


She was happy. She wished this time would go on forever.

However, there was one thing.

"By the way, Master. Why are you licking Yihi's cheeks with your tongue?"


"Master? W-why is your face suddenly pink...?"


Yihi's eyes widened as she woke up and shot upwards.

There was no lush flower garden or Master whispering words of love.

"Pant pant, a dream. It is lucky. Master's face didn't turn pink."

She was so surprised that sweat was flowing down her face.

She wiped off the sweat with the back of her hand.

"What? Why is it so sticky?"

However, the liquid she wiped away wasn't sweat.

She frowned as she thought about it.


In the next moment, she felt something breathing next to her.

At the same time, something licked Yihi's cheek.


Yihi turned to take a look and froze.


The pink unicorn had poked out its tongue and was wildly waving its head.



Head bang!

The unicorn's head moved from side to side, up and down without stopping.

It was disgusting. There was a runny nose and tears.



Were her wings wet with saliva?

They couldn't be unfolded. She couldn't fly.

Yihi started to quickly run on her two little feet. And the pink unicorn calmly followed after her.

"Don't follow me! Yihi isn't tasty!"

Yihi was desperate. She recklessly ran through the pink forest. After tens of minutes. Yihi's expression became increasingly more exhausted.

"This can't continue. That perverted unicorn will eat me."

The good news was that the unicorn wasn't in sight. It would catch up soon but she still had a chance.

Yihi quickly looked around the area.

"I will hide over there."

At the bottom of a hill, there was a small cave in a blind spot. At first glance, it seemed like an appropriate place to hide her body.

Yihi quickly ran into the cave.

"Huiyu~. That was hard. Yihi doesn't have the strength to walk anymore."

She leaned back against the cave wall and massaged her feet. She couldn't remember the last time she had run somewhere. No, this was actually the first time. She was always obstinate about flying.

After a short break, Yihi started to examine the cave.

"A strange looking cave. There are a lot of huge mushrooms."

Of course, the mushrooms were pink. Still, all of them looked different and it stimulated Yihi's curiosity.

"I need to go further inside. Yihi needs to find a safe place for Yihi to defend herself."


Yihi slowly and painfully got to her feet.

As she went deeper inside, the mushrooms seemed to grow even larger.

After walking for approximately 30 minutes, a huge vacant lot appeared. In the heart of the vacant lot was a huge mushroom surrounded by various other mushrooms.

"Wah~. Unbelievably large. Great mushroom, yihihi."

She approached it and tapped the bottom.

Bouncy bouncy.

The texture was soft. Yihi thought it was fun and constantly poked the mushroom with her finger.


Soon, the cave began to shake.

The giant mushroom started to move.


Yihi quickly moved back at the angry roar.

She was at a loss as she saw eyes and a mouth on the giant mushroom.

"How dare a stupid fairy invade the Mushroom Kingdom? I, the Mushroom King named Mushroom will not forgive you!"


"Intruder. Mushroom."

"Kill. Mushroom."

The mushrooms in the surrounding areas also rose.

Yihi, who was suddenly trapped, trembled.

"W-what did Yihi do?"

The Mushroom King said.

"Hmph, an intruder shouldn't talk! Die!"


"Kill. Mushroom."

Small mushrooms surrounded her.

Yihi earnestly implored with her hands.

"S-spare me."


She would get eaten.


Yihi closed her eyes.

It wasn't necessary to stroll through the flower garden, but she at least wanted to see Master's face.

It was at that moment.


A prince charming on a white horse. No, just a horse.

The unicorn!

It slaughtered the mushrooms with its horns and quickly stood in front of Yihi.

Nothing happened so Yihi opened her eyes to find the unicorn.

"The perverted unicorn?"


"Don't tell me you came here to rescue Yihi?"



Yihi was impressed.

The unicorn she called crazy and perverted had come to the cave to save her.

"Yihi was mistaken. Aren't you a really good unicorn?"


"Then will you take Yihi out of this cave?"


"You won't? You want Yihi to defeat these mushrooms?"


"Yihi is weak..."


"It is possible if it is Yihi? U-understood. I'll try it."

She raised the Fairy Knight's Sword.

After a deep breath, Yihi recalled Master's movements. He had a beautiful appearance as he used the sword to slaughter the enemy. She was ecstatic just thinking of the movements!


Yihi gave a large cry as she waved the sword.

"I'm sorry."

The mushrooms were weak.

Only the Mushroom King had a large size. Once a few mushrooms were pierced with the sword, he groaned with pain and apologized.

"You are the fairy of the legends. The one holding the Fairy Knight's Sword..."

"The fairy of the legends? What is that?"

Yihi was confused. Then Mushroom said.

"Yes. A legend has been passed down in the Mushroom Kingdom and Cookie Kingdom. A fairy holding the Fairy Knight's Sword will appear to save the world from the Pink Queen."

"Save the world from the Pink Queen? Yihi can't do such a huge task."

"D-don't say that. Fairy-nim is our only hope! Just thinking of what happened when the Pink Queen caught ordinary mushrooms and cookies really brings me to tears."

"But...I can't do it. Instead, why don't you send Yihi back to her original world? I will talk to Master and he will solve your problem."

Mushroom blinked.

"Your original world? Ah, the legendary fairy must come from another world. The Pink Queen will know the answer to your problem."

Yihi touched her jaw. She picked up this habit from Master. However, she wasn't able to find a solution like Master. She just had to try it.

"It is really possible for Yihi?"

"It is hard for now. But if you wear the legendary treasures from the Mushroom Kingdom and Cookie Kingdom, you will have a chance. Plus, you have the legendary unicorn! Victory is certain."


The unicorn was still moving its head. Honestly, it was scary. It also splashed saliva everywhere. The fact that it had a good nature was a separate fact. Yihi didn't have any confidence as she looked at it.

Yihi ignored the unicorn and asked another question.

"Then what is the Cookie Kingdom?"

Mushroom sighed.

"Right now it is different, but we were brethren in the past. After the Pink Queen turned the Cookie King into the sun, they gave up on all attempts at diplomacy. Now they just stare up at the sun every day while working. Please, please save both of us."


"Please! Mushroom!"

Thousands of mushrooms said it all at once. They looked pathetic even to Yihi.

The Cookie King had become the sun. The cookies had to stare at him all day long.

Yihi felt like it was her story. It was similar to the way Yihi wanted to look at Master every day.

She also had a lot of confidence after using the sword against the mushrooms.

The word 'legend' gave her some momentum.

"I can return to my world after slaying the Pink Queen? Understood. Leave this to Yihi!"

Yihi hit her chest and said confidently.