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Chapter 122: Yihi’s Bizarre Adventure (1)

 Chapter 122: Yihi's Bizarre Adventure (1)

I was born on the battlefield. I spent decades on the battlefield.

The survival rate on the battlefield was less than 1%. Even when all the people I could consider as allies died, I managed to survive.

Therefore...I was familiar with torture.


Azumun was in such a crushed state that it was difficult for him to speak. He had been stripped and his guts were hanging out. His ears and nose had been cut off. Both eyes? They had completely disappeared. The feet were tortured and Lightning God constantly burned the flesh.

There was a simple reason why he hadn't died yet. The high class potion made by grinding the leaves of the Tree of Origin. There was no way I would let him die so easily.

"Azumun. Your god has no power now."


It had already been 10 hours of torture. I had done everything I could do, and Azumun's mind had collapsed. Okullos' power would also be reduced.

'This is enough.'

The pain I could inflict had reached its limit.


I swung Wrath towards his head.

Instant death. Azumun's body twitched once as he died. However, I had no intention of letting Azumun go comfortably.

I turned my head and spoke to the lich that followed me.

"Lich. Take the head filled with magic power. This will give you a good source of magic power."

"Un-derstood." (The lich has a habit of pausing when talking)

In other words, Azumun would be used to make a staff. His body would receive eternal suffering. I was curious about what Okullos' expression would be if I showed it to him.


At that moment, a crack began to open. The items purchased from the auction started showing up one by one.

'I guess it comes to the dungeon that I am near.'

Originally I received everything in the South Korean dungeon. But right now, I was in the dungeon in China. The dungeon that the goods were transferred to seemed to depend on my location.

"We are the Kur warrior clan. Where is our master?"

A loud voice rang out in the dungeon.

A bipedal species with the legs of a horse, torso of a bull and head of a human, the Kur warriors were the first ones to show up.

The leader saw me standing before Azumun's body and laughed.

"Torture! The Kur warriors are also very fond of torture!"


My spirit was still a little sharp from the torture. The Kur leader frowned slightly before bowing his head.

"Master, I'm sorry! This is the normal voice for the Kur clan!"

I didn't know because they had been quiet at the auction. They were compliant when purchased, so quite a few could have defects.

The Kur warrior clan consisted of 100 people. Each one was equivalent to an intermediate 5Lv creature. There were some advanced level warriors mixed in so I didn't hesitate to purchase them.

'Well, it is okay as long as they enjoy fighting.'

I would pay attention to them. As long as they followed commands well, I would let something small like this go.


My attention turned away from the Kur clan.

100 infernos had shown up through the crack.

The fire horse inferno. They weren't herbivores. They ate monsters like goblins, orcs and even trolls. There were 100 of them. However, I didn't purchase them simply to increase my numbers.

"I heard that the Kur warriors can ride horses, so your combat capabilities should greatly rise."

"That's right! We can hunt twin head ogres when riding an inferno!"

I nodded. I heard that the Kur clan lived in remote areas. Everyone said about them, 'a species that becomes much stronger when riding a good horse.' There was a legend that a Kur warrior riding a pegasus managed to hunt a hydra alone. In other words, the Kur clan were a horseback riding species.


There was no doubt that they would play a large role when hitting Okullos' dungeon.

The next item to appear through the crack was the lich Gaparam.

"Uhh, I can feel a strong aura of death. It doesn't feel very pleasant. Is this a dungeon?"

"As a lich, shouldn't you be familiar with the aura of death?"

Gaparam gave a small smile and shook his head.

"Don't compare me with other shallow lich. I became a lich for my research, but my foundation is as an alchemist. My work deals with life, not death."

"S-hallow, lich?"

Unfortunately, there was another lich close by who heard it. The lich couldn't accept such derogatory words.

Gaparam just continued.

"Ah, I take back the word shallow. I meant to say a rotten lich."

"Do, you, want to die?"

"Fighting is for savages."

"M-aster. Give me permission."

The lich looked at me. He didn't want to fight in my presence so he asked for my permission first.

"I don't allow it."

The lich gave a low bow.

I said to Gaparam.

"Gaparam. Don't cause problems in my dungeons. Do you understand?"

"I know. I will put up with it for the research."

It was a vague tone of voice that felt slightly disrespectful.

But I wasn't bothered by the tone.

"I am greatly looking forward to the results of your research."

"...Thank you. To be honest, paying 500,000 points for me shows that you recognize the worth of my research. I have become more motivated. You won't regret this, I assure you. I will create the strongest homunculus and help Master become the devil."

"That is reassuring."

"So I wanted to say this. As I said at the auction, I need a workshop..."

Gaparam trailed off. Did he need two million points? That number wasn't a burden for me.

"I will give you a place soon."

"As expected, Master recognizes my value!"

Gaparam whistled happily. At first glance, he didn't look like a lich. Leather and internal organs were attached to create a human face. It showed a great and versatile talent.

The crack opened once again.

The naga queen, dwarf king and five krakens subsequently emerged through the crack.

Swik - swik.

The naga queen's tail made a sound as she twisted around my body. It might seem like rude behaviour, but I knew she was trying to learn my body odour so I left her alone. The naga queen moved for approximately 20 seconds. Next, her tail and body lowered to the ground. A submissive posture.

The dwarf king bowed with a dour expression. He could be distinguished from the other dwarves by his blue beard. Apart from that, there wasn't much difference.

The five krakens didn't show any movements. Maybe it was because there was no water. But that alone was enough.

My first thought when seeing the krakens was 'big.' The smallest kraken I had seen was at least 60m large. I now had five of them. The top floor of the dungeon was high and wide but it seemed full.

'They are invincible in the sea.'

There were very few existences that could win against the kraken in the sea. Even a dragon wouldn't easily touch a kraken in the sea.

I could rest assured about the defense if I placed them in a sea terrain.


The crack fluctuated even further.


The last one.

My lips curled up at the thought.


A high level creature greater than the griffin and Gigantes.

Mago's eyes watched me.

All the auction items were moved to the dungeon in China, so I would use it as a base to advance. All my preparations to attack Okullos was finished.

Chrisley had brought all the major creatures over. I was prepared to move straight away after receiving the auction items.

"M-Master. Yihi really doesn't deserve this. The Fairy Knight's Sword. Yihi is still not qualified for it."

Yihi was here as well. Yihi didn't like Sik Sik but I needed to give her the Fairy Knight's Sword.

"In your case, it is sufficient."

Yihi had been upgraded to an Origin Fairy. She was qualified for it.

"But...the Fairy King only grants this sword to one fairy. The last time the Fairy King gave it to someone was more than 20,000 years ago. Yihihi, but I am glad to see it."


"Yes Master."

"Take it."


Yihi hesitated before grasping the Fairy Knight's Sword with closed eyes. It was 30cm in length so it was more like a skewer than a sword. However, it was quite long when considering a fairy's size.

The moment that Yihi firmly grasped the Fairy Knight's Sword.

"Eh eh?"

Light poured out from the sword and formed a small door.

The door then sucked Yihi in.

-The 'Fairy Knight's Sword' will test the fairy 'Yihi.'

The fairy 'Yihi' will be moved to the examination room.

'I never expected this.'

A forced move took place.

There seemed to be a separate place for the examination. I tried to use the fairy's blessing to talk to Yihi, but there was only deafening silence.

"M-my Dungeon Master. Fairy-nim has disappeared."

Chrisley said with wide eyes.

"...It isn't a big deal."

She had disappeared and the connection had gone dead for some reason.

There was nothing I could do. I just had to hope that she would return unharmed. It might be cruel, but there was a chance she could take a long time and I still had many things to do.

'I can't waste even a moment.'

I didn't know Okullos' true intentions. Okullos had sent a raid group but there was no telling what he was doing during this time.

Besides, Okullos had seen my status window. He would have surely spotted the title of Dungeon Hunter. He might have sensed that residual points could be obtained from dungeons.

In order to alleviate my anxiety, I needed to move quickly against Okullos.

"Krasla. Take it."

"Thank you."

Intense curiosity was in Krasla's eyes as I passed him the Dragon Armour.

Tashmal was given Firm Conviction and Chrisley the Twin's Mental Rapport. The Twin's Mental Rapport would be used with the dark elves Roy and Rose.

'Yihi. This is an opportunity to show your abilities.'

A creativity that no one could imagine!

If Yihi possessed the strength then she would pass the test.

Although I was still nervous...there was nothing I could do now.