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Chapter 121: Flesh and Bones (2)

Chapter 121: Flesh and Bones (2)


A giant worm stretched out. A huge hole appeared in front of the dungeon where thousands of creatures were pouring out of it.

"For the sake of our God."

There was an existence leading the monsters.

A demon in Okullos' faction, Azumun!

His soul had been assimilated with 12 demons. He viewed almost all the other demons as equals. Okullos was their 'God' and as a tribute to him, Azumun painted his face gold.

Not one bit of Azumun's soul would eventually remain. Over time, his mind would be crushed into dust. But right now, he still had some individual thoughts.

Gruk! Gruruk!

A large number of orcs were at the entrance to the dungeon. Sik Sik moved the creatures outside. However, this couldn't stop the aggression of the orcs.

"Blame your master."

Azumun pulled out a green bow. A strong wind pressure rose as the bowstring was pulled back. But there wasn't the sound of an explosion as the bowstring was released.


Instead, air bubbles formed on the shoulders of the orcs. Although they tried to hurriedly remove them with their hands, the air bubbles didn't disappear. The air bubbles just got bigger...


They burst with a large sound. However, it didn't end with just popping.

Monsters made of green vines emerged from the bodies of the orcs, tearing them apart.

"Our God wants to rule this dungeon. Accept it quietly."


The green monsters bit at random.

Soon thousands of creatures rushed inside.

The full scale invasion began.

The top floor of China's dungeon.

Sik Sik's face was red and she was fidgeting restlessly.

"Sik Sik! These bad people! It is foul to have so many invading!"

Azumun and his creatures were coming up towards the top floor.

There were many of them and their quality was also good.

China's dungeon was barely ready, but this treatment was too harsh. If they were only lower grade creatures like orcs or gargoyles then she would be able to stop them.

"That wicked girl Yihi. I asked her for help so why isn't there any reaction? Sik Sik! That bad girl!"

Sik Sik was afraid. She had completed a dual contract. If the Dungeon Core was broken then she would 'vanish.' She would disappear without leaving even a piece of her soul behind.

Therefore she had to give up her pride to ask for help, but Yihi didn't answer her.

The enemy was advancing too fast. Despite the defense, at this rate the creatures would reach the top floor in less than an hour.

"Sik Sik...sniffle!"

Tears and a runny nose occurred thanks to her fear. In fact, Sik Sik was very timid. There was a ranking among the fairies. Sik Sik used anger as a way to hide her fear.

"Sniffle! Sniffle! I don't want to disappear! No!"

Sik Sik wiped away the leaking tears with the back of her hand.

A fairy couldn't die. Even if they received a severe blow, a fairy would just return to nature. The fairy would spend billions of years trying to restore themselves. There was no guarantee that their original ego would recover, but they wouldn't die.

However, extinction was different. They would be deprived of all opportunities. There was no way to recover...

An instinctive fear prevailed. Her eyes turned to the hologram floating above the Dungeon Core.

The red dots had reached the 28th floor. China's dungeon had 29 floors, so there was only one remaining.

"Yihi, that bad girl. I also hate Master!"



A voice was suddenly heard.

Sik Sik's eyes widened as she turned her head.

The magic circle to move between Dungeon Cores had been activated. Furthermore, Sik Sik saw a very welcome presence.

The person who ruled three dungeons. The Dungeon Master!

He showed up with strong creatures.

"The current status of the enemies?"

Sik Sik replied to the question.

"The 28th floor...they've reached it."

"I came just in time."

"M-Master. Are you going to stop them?"


The Dungeon Master just laughed.

"They set foot in here without permission. I will obliterate them."

I had thrown Okullos' arm in front of the China dungeon. Okullos had certainly found the specific location of the dungeon through the arm. Otherwise, there was no reason to hit this place first.

Anyway, he tried to destroy this place while the owner wasn't home, and that would cost him. Coming to China...he mistakenly thought it was my headquarters.

His strategy was planned around a mistake.

A demon and two thousand creatures. This was enough to take over an empty house.

"Azumun. No, should I call you Okullos?"

"He is my God. I am Azumun. A faithful follower."

I faced Azumun and his creatures near the entrance to the 29th floor. The numbers on Azumun's side were overwhelming. However, my side was superior in terms of quality.

'It seems like the assimilation hasn't been completed.'

There wasn't a lot known about assimilation. But there was no focus in Azumun's eyes. He gave off the feeling that he was looking elsewhere.

Okullos and the other demons. All of them were looking at the current situation as well.

Azumun clicked his tongue and said.

"This would have been the perfect raid. How did you notice?"

"Isn't it an obvious plan to attack the dungeon while I am busy at the Demon World Auction?"

"If you knew then you would have been more prepared. Your current seems like you were in a hurry. Then victory lies with me."

"You will know soon enough."

I started laughing.

Those who were weak commonly exaggerated in front of their enemies. For those with true power, having fewer numbers wouldn't be a problem.

More than anything, trying to catch me by surprise wasn't a success.

"Randalph Brigsiel. You can't join the ranks of evolution. Our God does not want you."

"All of you can enjoy evolution on your own. It won't change the fact that I am a hunter!"

I pulled out Wrath.


At the same time, Lightning God let out a howl as it emerged.

Azumun's arms intersected with the bow. His Quick Fire skill aimed towards me.

'Is it because of assimilation? He seems a little bit stronger.'

The skill itself wasn't a big threat to me. Intelligence was related to anti-magic power and I had 93 points. I was immune to quite a few skills. But the speed was unusual. Due to the soul assimilation, his power seemed to be enhanced. If this also happened with Okullos then it would be very troublesome.

"You have crossed the line. However, there is a limit when you are alone!"

"Based on the tone, I guess those are Okullos' words. Is your identity becoming a little hazy?"

"Shut up!"


A magic arrow passed right next to me. It only scratched my cheek a little bit but air bubbles formed. I frowned as I touched an air bubble. It felt like something inside the air bubble was trying to take root. It wasn't big but it didn't seem wise to let it continue.

It would have been easier if I had the Wrath or Sloth skills but...they disappeared after receiving the third set item. I still didn't know what Corruption did. However, Azumun wasn't someone that I needed to use such a skill on.

'The defense on the right is lax.'

He was moving his right arm like it was unfamiliar. The right arm I cut off of Okullos was clearly having an effect. It was a weak point. I should take advantage of it in order to win faster.

"Dark Sword."

The sword was locked in darkness. Everything cut by the skill couldn't be healed.


It cut the flying magic arrows. I circled Azumun and persistently aimed for his right side.

"This guy...!"

Azumun obviously knew what I was doing. But it was impossible to stop even if he knew. Plus, I wasn't the only one aiming for Azumun.


An attack that I prepared beforehand struck while Azumun was nervously concentrating on me.

Lightning God made contact with Azumun's left ankle.


He tried to avoid it but the ankle immediately disappeared.

Azumun's body twisted and he collapsed.

I approached and looked down on him.

"Azumun, Okullos. You are my prey. Prey will never win over the hunter."

"It doesn't matter how strong you are. This is just the beginning!"

"We have the same idea. just the beginning."


Even the right ankle was cut off.


"Now it is more balanced."

Once I completely blocked him from escaping, I looked around.

Indeed. The overwhelming difference in numbers was being overcome. The creatures couldn't pierce through and were coming to a standstill.

Of course, they could become dangerous if left alone.

I had to alter the mood before that happened. Demonstrating an existence with absolute power.

It was more than I imagined. I started to play with the two thousand creatures.

Azumun was collapsed and couldn't help. The creatures fought with determination but they very rarely fought desperately.

Kueong! Kueong!

The frightened ogres quickly left the battlefield. Hundreds of creatures followed them.

I had instantly taken away their power. The only ones left were the rabble.

"This is a waste of time. Go and clean them up."

"Please leave it to me, Dungeon Master. I will clean them up within 10 minutes."

Krasla brandished his red spear.

"I'll do it! Clean up!"

The energetic Gigantes wielded an enormous club to devastate the enemy. A wave of magic power swept over the creatures every time he moved his club.

The golems hadn't participated in this fight since their goal was to stop anyone from interfering. Thanks to that, I managed to handle Azumun quickly.

It took less than 10 minutes to clean up the remaining creatures.

Once the throat of the last troll was pierced, Krasla returned and went down on one knee. Blood covered his body but his attitude showed that he didn't care.

"All of the enemies have been wiped out."

"Lead the remaining troops and take care of the fleeing creatures. There are too many of them for Chrisley to handle alone."

Chrisley was leading all the saber tigers. It was a slightly hard task so the group also consisted of White and Black.

"We will move immediately."

Krasla, Gigantes, the lich, the golems and the remaining creatures headed downstairs.

Soon there was only corpses around me.

'There is one living.'

I made a correction. It wasn't only corpses.

Azumun who had his ankles cut off was still knocked out on the ground. He was severely bleeding. He had been left bleeding for 10 minutes.

I approached Azumun carefully and grabbed his head.


I strongly slapped his cheeks. After repeating that action multiple times, Azumun's eyelids slowly opened.


"Wake up, Azumun."


He struggled to squeeze out a word. He thought he was dying, but unfortunately, I wasn't that generous.

I bent down to Azumun's ear and said.

"No, you're not dying. You won't die until you feel the pain of your soul being torn."

Wouldn't making Azumun tattered also deal a blow to Okullos?

I was very curious.

The souls might be assimilated but that didn't mean they were safe. I smiled as I imagined Okullos bending over from the pain of his bones being broken.

And...Azumun trembled as he saw my smile.