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Chapter 120: Flesh and Bones (1)

Chapter 120: Flesh and Bones (1)

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The rest of the auction continued similarly.

The result was that Upa monopolized the later items, Pandemonium wasn't greedy and bought minor items while Ariel had a strategy of only buying skills.

And I...

I purchased anything I wanted to buy. Without looking at the long or short term, I showed a buying power that surpassed the first and second years. I focused on things that would benefit me.

So once again, I was able to be the winner of this auction. Everybody else was in a similar position while I had the advantage with 'Mago.'

First of all, the list of creatures that I purchased was as followed.

Warriors from the Kur Clan, a naga queen, five krakens and 100 infernos. If I added Mago, the dwarf king and the lich I already bought, it was expected that my power would rise.

I also picked up a number of items.


I smiled as I recalled the details of the items I purchased.

-Name: Dragon Armour (Ex U)

Description - Full body armour filled with the energy of a dragon. If someone with the blood of a dragon wears this then their natural strength will greatly rise.

* Strength +3, there will be a 'fear' effect when someone with the blood of a dragon wears it.

** Dragon related skills will be enhanced.

-Name: Firm Conviction (Ex U)

Description - A primitive helmet used by the best female warrior 'Aldorin.' A warrior who hid her face all her life with this helmet, her strong conviction was enough to set an example for all.

* Stamina +2, Magic Power +2, can only be worn by a woman.

* A strong conviction will be given when worn.

** A binding title 'Firm Conviction' (R, Stamina +3) is attached.

-Name: Fairy Knight's Sword (Sealed)

Description - A sealed weapon. It can only be used by a fairy.

* The effects are unknown until the seal is released.

** When worn, the 'Fairy Blessing' will become more powerful.

-Name: Twin's Mental Rapport (Ex U)

Description - The diary of one twin. Since they were born, the twins were able to communicate with each other even when separated. They suffered mental problems as they communicated while growing up. They always learnt something twice as fast.

* A skill book that teaches the twins' communication. You can indirectly share each other's experiences.

** In an urgent situation, health can be shared.

These were assigned to separate owners.

But the Millennium Stigma and Lightning Orb were very helpful items for me.

Up to here, I used approximately 20 million points. Once I used exactly two million points, a message window appeared.

-Incredible achievement! You are the first to spend more than 20 million points in the Demon World Auction.

1,500,000pt will be paid.

1,000 achievement points will be added.

My two million reserve instantly increased to 3.5 million.

I had been a little bit worried.

This was the second half of the auction. Upa's monopoly was continuing.

There was no auction item that I immediately needed. would be good if I could block Upa's restoration of power.

His strength had been cut by three demons. The target moved to Okullos, but Upa was the next opponent. This was a chance to stop his recovery to a certain extent.

I continued spending points to hamper Upa. Duke Visach who was sitting next to him had the veins in his neck bulge with anger.

"Randalph Brigsiel! What type of tricks are you using?"

Tricks. It wasn't nice to hear that.

I lightly clicked my tongue and said.

"Didn't Okullos say it? I have crossed the line."

Yes, I crossed the line. Someone who hunted demons and penetrated the ranks of the humans. I was someone who held the title of a hunter.

I hated being treated like I was equal to Okullos, but that misconception would be lifted over time. The moment they realized the misunderstanding, it would be too late.

I smiled and folded my arms. I wouldn't give them any more answers.

None of them were completely satisfied but the auction couldn't be interrupted again.

The auction ended. However, there was still work to be done.

I met up with Dubolong in the back of the hall.

"What brings you here?"

"I wanted to ask about any sightings of the Seven Sins."

In the past two auctions, I had obtained some items from the Seven Sins set. I was convinced that Adonis had all of them but they didn't make an appearance this time.

Dubolong nodded lightly.

"The Seven Sins set is something that the Dark Spirit King highly values. He determined that giving you another one would be reckless."

"I don't think it is because of that. Is he suggesting a contract?"

The other day when I saw Adonis, he had asked for a contract. I refused, so this was clearly the result.

Dubolong's expression changed at my frank words.

"You are jumping ahead. If you wait a little bit longer then it would be slowly revealed."

"I have tasted the great power once so any patience has disappeared. It is my nature to want the things that belong to me."

"It can't be helped. Even if it is given in a 'separate trade' would cost at least 20 million for only one item."

Hah. I could see it now.

They were trying to tame me. Adonis would slowly give me a mild amount of food in order to turn me into a docile lamb. In the end, I would be bound by the contract.

In fact, I felt some anxiety at the Seven Sins being held hostage. I had become ecstatic after tasting the strength of the Seven Sins. That strength was like a drug and couldn't be easily cut off.

"20 million points. It is unfortunate but I don't have that."

"Anything less will be difficult."

"Then what about this? I have something that can raise the limit of the potential. Do you know what that means?"

But I wasn't without my own weapons.

The Essence of Origin! It was an item that increased the potential threshold by one.

This was a temptation that Adonis wouldn't be able to refuse. Even surpassing the threshold by one would allow him to become stronger. The method to do this was through items, a title or a skill. It was why he inevitably needed points.

An item that surpassed the limits by one couldn't be ignored. Breaking the limits was very important to Adonis. Therefore, he had no choice but to try and increase the limit by at least one.

As expected, Dubolong's expression changed.

He bowed his head like he was thinking about it. In reality, he bowed because it felt like he had been punched in the abdomen.

"Are you making fun of me? Using the points or..."

"The essence can raise the potential threshold by one. Maybe Adonis will know the name. The Essence of Origin."


His eyes flashed. The clown makeup turned colourless.

I leisurely smirked and said.

"Based on those signs, you have heard of it."

"I-isn't that an essence of the gods that isn't easily found? No, I know of only one Tree of Origin and that exists in heaven...!"

"As you know, the angels attacked us. I accidentally obtained one at that time."

I couldn't tell him that I had a Tree of Origin in my dungeon. I had to hide my secrets as much as possible.

Dubolong tried to suppress his excitement as he spoke.

"...What do you want? As a reminder, we don't have all of the Seven Sins set. In addition, we can't hand over all of it for just one essence."

They couldn't hand over the whole set?

I was a little bit disappointed. I wanted the complete set of items.

However, I wasn't in a significant rush. I had managed to replace one of the Seven Sins set with the Infinity Armour.

"I think in exchange for the Essence of Origin..."

The moment that I was trying to speak.

-Master! There is big trouble. Sik Sik has sent Yihi an urgent request for help! Creatures are attacking. It is hard to block them!

"What are you thinking?"

Dubolong couldn't endure it and asked.

I frowned and shook my head.

"We will have to delay this. Have any demons left the Demon World Auction yet?"

"Ah, Grand Duke Okullos and his faction are the only ones who have left. What is the problem?"

The demons stopped all activities on the day of the Demon World Auction. Of course, their creatures couldn't move without their orders. They could give commands ahead of time but it was unlikely they would entrust attacking a dungeon to someone else. Especially if the number of creatures moving was hard to stop.

China's dungeon had grown greatly but the basic structure was still the same. In other words, someone was attempting a full-scale invasion.


It could only be Okullos.

He used the gap when I was still participating in the Demon World Auction. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been able to communicate with Yihi.

I also tried to solve this problem in my previous life and had installed a magic dimensional notification. The tacit non-aggression pact on the day of the Demon World Auction wouldn't always last. But this was only the third year so I hadn't installed it.

In this case...

'Did he prepare in advance to hit me?'


I gritted my teeth.

Somehow, his honest speech seemed to be sniping at me. He acknowledged my presence. It was a type of 'declaration of war.'

As expected, it was really Okullos. I couldn't understand that fellow.

"I will be going first."

"Then should I contact you separately?"

"Yes, that would be appreciated."

I turned and quickly moved.

The crack was opened.

Once I returned, Yihi greeted me with wide eyes.

"There is big trouble! Big trouble! Sik Sik's dungeon is in danger of being torn down!"

"Don't panic. Rather...what is the situation?"

"There are over 2,000 intermediate creatures and 50 advanced creatures. Yihi has been doing the calculations. Sik Sik alone won't be able to stop them. I almost prayed for her."

It wasn't all his strength. Still, it was clearly a significant amount.

Everything would be in vain if my Dungeon Core broke. I had to stop it before that happened.


"I called her earlier. Now she will arrive."

"Does she know the story?"

"To a certain extent. Yihi told her the main parts."

"Well done."

"Yihih...ah, this isn't the time to be laughing!"

Yihi tried to control her mouth as her eyes moved towards me.

Chrisley arrived with Krasla and several creatures. She understood the situation beforehand and came with the creatures with good mobility.

It would take time for the items purchased at the Demon World Auction to arrive. First I needed to stop the creatures with what I had now.

Krasla, Gigantes, White, Black and the saber tigers! The lich and advanced golems were also included.

"It is great to see Dungeon Master."

They kneeled in unison. However, there wasn't a lot of time.

"Rise. We will move immediately. Yihi! Open the space."

"Please wait a moment!"

Yihi closed her eyes. The Dungeon Core started to resonate.


The Dungeon Core began to shake. An intense resonance was produced.

But I didn't order them to move immediately.

"Chrisley. Lead the group of saber tigers separately. Do you know the location of the dungeon in China?"

"I know it."

"Block the rear. Don't let even one of them escape. Our goal is to annihilate all those bastards!"

"I will follow your command, My Dungeon Master."

I finished sorting the creatures and turned my head.

"The rest will come with me. From the moment we move there, soak your bodies in the blood of the enemies. Follow me!"

I formed a fist.


The enemy forced this confrontation.

However, I had no intention to obediently give in. If he wanted to end it now, then good.

I wouldn't avoid it.

If he wanted to take my flesh then I would give him my bones.