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Chapter 117: Demon World Auction (4)

Chapter 117: Demon World Auction (4)

"...Hum hum, then I will directly introduce the next auction item. Have you heard of the 'Valley of Souls?' There are legends about it. We decided to check it out just once. A 'Soul Butterfly' was found there."

The auction continued.

Valley of Souls.

It was one of several forbidden places in the Demon World. Many spirits didn't come back after entering it. Rather, spirit bodies received larger damage the closer they got to it. A huge sacrifice was made for the successful expedition.

A lot of effort had been poured into this auction.

'Adonis. He is in a hurry.'

The Dark Spirit King. His mind was clearly in a hurry after the other spirit kings sent spies. He wanted to 'grow' as much as possible. The Spirit World might seem calm, but he was thinking about how to achieve such things.

'Soul Butterfly.'

It wasn't a small change.

There was a black shape that looked like a butterfly flying. A butterfly that could move around the Valley of Souls without being affected.

"Do you see it? This beautiful shape! Soul Butterfly can detect and defend against external harmful magic power. So it can freely move in the Valley of Souls. Just giving it to someone is enough to change their magic power. If your intelligence is low then it is essential that you buy this."

It could be the difference between receiving uncontrollable damage in an abnormal state or not. It would be worth a lot of points if the defense was perfect. However, I could confirm the effects using Mind's Eye.

-Name - Soul Butterfly

Description: A rare butterfly found in the Valley of Souls. Born in the air.

* An abnormal state will be reduced by 10%.

*** Can be combined with a weapon.

The hidden option drew my eyes.

'It can show an effect when combined with something.'

It wasn't bad. It wasn't bad but it was a little bit shabby when compared to the claims.

Dubolong's smile widened.

"This is not the end. Do you know what was sleeping in the Valley of Souls that we obtained thanks to the butterfly? Surprisingly, a 30 year old death knight without an owner was discovered in the valley."

Advanced 3Lv creature. Just buying it in the store required 150,000 points!

The 30 year death knight soullessly walked in. Its magic power reached out around it. Due to the nature of the death knight, it became stronger as more days passed. The 30 year one was very different.

They could expect an immediate rise in power after purchasing it.

'It is vague.'

I touched my jaw.

The problem was the Soul Butterfly. The death knight had a definite price but I couldn't measure the Soul Butterfly. The death knight would be worth between 1~1.5 million points. However, the price was likely to rise due to the Soul Butterfly.

In other words, it would become more expensive.

"The auction will start at 500,000 points. Don't worry, the 30 year death knight is worth it. Perhaps some of the guests here have experience with death knights in the Demon World. How reassuring would it be? You will be able to make your enemies afraid!"


"A bid from Duke Visach. 500,000!"


"Duke Drikal-nim!"


"Oh, Grand Duke Upa-nim has entered the competition!"

The competition was heating up. A death knight was a symbol of resistance among the nobility. It would be foolish to drive such a powerful knight to an enemy demon.

There was no way. The destructive power of the death knight was sure to appeal to many.

I worried about it for a short moment.

'I want to purchase it for below 1.5 million.'

I would abandon it if it became more than that. It wasn't worth spending more points on the Soul Butterfly. I was likely to receive damages if I was too greedy. It was unlikely that things would be turned upside down.

Yet there were still many auction items remaining. And I didn't have an infinite number of points.

"One million."

"Oh my god, Randalph-nim! You are participating three times in a row. Dubolong is expecting a lot from you!"

The atmosphere became chilly once again. First year, second it was the third year. It was basically my solo show. At the same time, they realized that there was something 'strange' about me.

Pandemonium and Okullos knew to some extent but Ariel and Upa's factions had to guess.

"Is there anyone else? This product is too good to pass up."

The time they spent thinking about it increased. They also couldn't run wild.

They all saw it.

A high class creature, Mago. The death knight was incomparable to Mago. They didn't know when she was coming out so there needed to be points in reserve.

"1.1 million."

"Hyu ~ Grand Duke Okullos-nim! Nice to see you. I hope you become the owner of the mighty death knight."

Dubolong made somewhat exaggerated gestures as he sighed with relief.

I frowned as I heard Okullos' voice.

'Doesn't Okullos hate death knights?'

I was sure because I had never seen Okullos use a death knight. He was a nature demon so he tended to avoid death knights who carried death around with them.

'Is he trying to make up for the minions he lost against the Cruel Commander?'

I didn't think it was due to the Soul Butterfly. His skill 'Pending Question' wasn't higher than Mind's Eye.

I was curious. If he was only trying to fill the troops then he wouldn't bid too much.

"1.2 million."

" aren't finished yet!"

"1.3 million."


"1.4 million."

"It has gone back to Randalph-nim!"

"1.5 million."

"The boys and girls on the ceiling aren't laughing. This means that he holds that many points! As expected for a grand duke!"

I turned my gaze towards him.

Okullos was staring at me. He wasn't trying to fill up his troops. That look in his seemed like he was showing off.

'Showing off?'

1.5 million points already exceeded the average. He seemed to want to show off how many points he had!

His attitude seemed to be provoking me. I also felt a funny feeling like something was stabbing my chest.

I quickly opened Mind's Eye. I needed to suddenly check. I was going to find out if a change occurred in Okullos.

-'Mind's Eye (Ex U) has been read by 'Eyes of the World (Epic).' Defended against 20%!

-Intelligence calibration (93)! But the magic power of the opponent is too high. It is inadequate. Defended against 23%!

-The defense has failed.

Be careful! 'Eyes of the World (Epic) has reflected back 'Mind's Eye (Ex U). Randalph Brigsiel's details will be revealed to Okullos.

I felt dizzy. Countless numbers were rising in front of my eyes. Several numbers came out of my body.

The surrounding demons showed no reaction. The phenomenon seemed to be only visible to me.

But that didn't matter right now. I was deeply panicked.

...Was it revealed?

Okullos smiled, revealed his teeth. His expression seemed to say 'I know all about it.' At the same time, he made a 'hoh!' sound of admiration.

'He led me to this.'

This was the reason for the 1.5 million points.

He showed that attitude to me.It was so that I would use Mind's Eye on him.

I never imagined that this would happen. Many things had changed due to my actions, but this was entirely unexpected.

My eyes narrowed.

'Eyes of the World. It is probably an evolution of Pending Question. But...I didn't see that skill in my previous life. How did he manage to evolve it to epic grade in such a short time?'

I clenched my fists as sweat flowed. My saliva dried up.

Originally Okullos didn't have the skill Eyes of the World. It was the same in my previous life. This meant the big change was due to me.

But it was still unusual. Raising a skill from unique to epic in only a few months? That wasn't possible even for me.

My heart started running wild. He could see a lot if he saw my status window. He could also infer a lot more.

"The Soul Butterfly and Death Knight have been sold to Okullos! Congratulations! You won't regret it."

Dubolong's voice was heard.

I could only stare at Okullos.

'...It isn't over.'

Eyes of the World seem to read and reflect the opponent's skill. But the water had already been spilled. I had to admit it.

I couldn't stay quiet. I needed to deal with this.

My mind was complicated.