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Chapter 116: Demon World Auction (3)

Chapter 116: Demon World Auction (3)

"Nice to see you! The time has come once again for the Demon World Auction! I, Dubolong happily greet you."

The spacious hall.

The curtains opened and Dubolong appeared in clown makeup. Dubolong bowed his head as his expression seemed to give off 'innocence.'

"Alas, the numbers have reduced from last year. As a host, my heart is pained whenever a guest disappears. However, we can't stop the auction. Furthermore, this auction has goods that have never been seen before. It isn't an exaggeration to call them delicacies or treasures."

"Stop chatting."

"...I'm sorry, Grand Duke Upa-nim. Then shall I proceed straight away?"

Upa was in a hurry. Someone was clearly aiming for him. The gap in power with the other factions was already starting to show. He definitely had to restore the balance somehow.

He also wanted to see the progress of other demons through the auction. The quality of the goods in this year's auction was incomparable to last year's. He didn't have sufficient words to express how important it was. He needed to obtain the 'necessary' items.

"We've had a number of concerns due to your average points rising so rapidly. It couldn't be the same as last year. In particular, we took a lot of time preparing the first, I will introduce it! An epic grade item. Just wearing it will drastically increase your force! Haien Moon's Necklace!"

A dark spirit brought out a piece of jewellery as Dubolong proudly introduced it.

A necklace with a small miniature of the moon that gave off a fantasy-like atmosphere. Very pure magic power could be clearly felt from it.

'It came out.'

I nodded lightly.

I was familiar with this item. I definitely needed to buy the necklace.

It was originally worn by Ariel Diablo. But...would that happen again?

I opened Mind's Eye.

-Name - Haien Moon's Necklace (Epic)

Description: A necklace that belonged to the prophet and sword master Haien Moon. It is said that his magic power reflects the moon itself and that he also died under the moon.

* Magic power will increase by 3 when the moon is out. The secret swords techniques of the collection 'Moonlight Falling (Epic, Passive) can be used.

*** If magic power is more than 90, the speed of collecting moonlight will accelerate.

The Haien Moon's Necklace itself was very beneficial.

The option of having magic power grow by three under the moonlight wasn't difficult to find. It was possible in the unique grade of items. However, I needed to learn the secret sword technique 'Moonlight Falling.'

The 'secret technique' name attached to it meant that it could exert more power than its rating. Moonlight Falling could be used with dual swords. I obtained the Emperor's Sword so I desperately needed a dual swordsmanship skill.

Each demon observed the item with their own skills. Afterwards, they looked at the Haien Moon's Necklace with shiny eyes.

Dubolong gave a dark smile and opened his mouth.

"The auction will start million points."

One million! It was high from the very start. It was close to the average number of points.

However, the name Haien Moon made it worth it. Haien Moon was a sword master. There was almost no information remaining about him but it was known that he was unparalleled with the sword.

"One million."

"Ohh! I don't have to worry now. Ariel Diablo has called one million points."

Ariel Diablo's eyes shone. She knew how to handle all weapons. A weapons master. Naturally she had her eyes on items that could teach her swordsmanship.

She had a strong greed and obsession towards learning other techniques. All the demons were aware of it and the 'challenge' she threw out.

Challenge, yes a challenge. She had an easier time wielding weapons. But this was a unique sword technique. If a true weapons master obtained their hands on it then it would show great destructive power. That's why she tried to acquire numerous skills. It was self-explanatory that her skills would advance one step further if she obtained Haien Moon's Moonlight Falling. I was certain since I had seen it directly in my previous life.

Ariel was excited after learning the value of this item. She opened up her magic power and her goat horns grew longer.

"1.1 million."

I opened my mouth.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the venue became cold. Ariel sent me a frosty glare. However, I didn't care about her. The auction was a place where everyone could equally bid. Backing down from a challenge didn't suit me.

If I wanted to obtain the item then I would. My points last year and the year before couldn't compare to what I had now. I didn't know how many points Ariel Diablo had but...there was clearly a limit.

Dubolong gave a big nod and said.

"1.1 million points! Randalph Brigsiel-nim, you really are a strong man."

"1.2 million."

"Ah, Ariel-nim! As expected, there is a fierce competition."

Haien Moon's Necklace was quite valuable. I relaxed and looked around at the dynamics of the demons. The starting price of one million. It was still possible for the dukes to participate. They would have obtained a large number of points from the angel invasion.

Only Upa's faction was quiet. They needed immediate power. This meant a strong creature. A secret sword technique wasn't in their sights.

Upa and his faction seemed to be restraining themselves at the moment. Okullos and Pandemonium were seeking different things.

'I need a moderate push.'

A bid that Ariel couldn't touch.

It would also be impossible for the other demons.

Let's see.

"1.5 million."

"...Is the same thing as last year going to happen again? Randalph-nim has bid 1.5 million points!"

Last year, I had gobbled up most of the good auction items. And I intended to do that this year as well.

Ariel looked even more determined. It was inevitable. There was an average of 1.3 million points. I alone had raised it by 300,000. The real average was closer to 1 million. 1.5 million would be burdensome even to a grand duke.

"1.5 million. Is there really nobody else?"

Dubolong carefully searched the venue.


"Congratulations! Haien Moon's Necklace has been sold to Randalph-nim. You won't regret it. The winning item will be sent...don't you already know?"

Shortly after the auction ended, it would be sent to my dungeon through a crack.

Dubolong sent me a playful wink.

I folded my arms.

The following auction item was enough to grab my attention.

"Let me introduce you to an unusual lich. Usually a lich is reminiscent of 'death.' Oddly enough, this lich cares about 'life.' The lich 'Gaparam.'

There was no need for a cage. The lich wearing a white robe proudly walked in. Despite the freshly rotten skin, his actions weren't awkward at all.

But that wasn't the surprising part.

"I want a demon who will allow me to continue my research. The cost of my research is three million points a year. I inevitably went bankrupt and had to form a contract with the dark spirits. I am seeking the help of someone here to continue my research."

"...Do you have to speak?"

Dubolong shot back.

This was a little unusual. No, it surpassed unusual.

An auction item trying to appeal on his own?

'I've heard the name somewhere before.'

Actually, this had been a mystery since I received Dubolong's note. I had apparently heard the name somewhere but I couldn't remember it.

"Life research? That is vague. Tell me properly."

Upa said. Then Gaparam pulled out a vial that contained the form of a fetus.

"This is a directly manufactured homunculus. Although it was a failure, there was some degree of performance. My goal is to go beyond magic and biotechnology to create a homunculus more perfect than 'Dellaisis.'


A flawless life.

It was unknown if Dellaisis was a demon, human or fallen angel but it was still created. It took one month to become an adult. It took three months to learn everything around it. The problem was that it had an extremely short lifespan and died within three years.

A complete homunculus meant that the maximum lifespan would increase. However, no one had been able to solve that problem yet.


Grand Duke Pandemonium said.

He was one of the demons who had worked closely with this project. Therefore, he was skeptical about the completion of a perfect homunculus.

Gaparam frowned as he asked.

"Why do you think it is impractical? Magic has no bounds. There is no reason I can't step through the door to create a homunculus."

"How many years have you poured into this?"

Pandemonium asked Gaparam, who replied with a rotten smile.

"This will be my 360th year."

"740 years. More than double that number. That is the number of years I studied the homunculus."

That reminded me, Pandemonium was the oldest among the grand dukes. I had the impression that he existed since the time when there was no devil, so I couldn't easily predict his age.

"Are you saying that it is impossible for me? Don't make me laugh!"

"It is just impossible. Do you want me to explain it simply? One plus one equals two. Trying to make it equal three is out of the question. It is the same for this: nothing else will appear. Creating a homunculus isn't impossible. However, the life expectancy is extremely low."

Cynical and critical.

But I looked at Gaparam with a slightly different perspective.

'Homunculus...Gaparam. A special event.'

It would surface. I finally remembered the name Gaparam.

It was from my previous life. A special event that suddenly emerged before the last war. Gaparam had appeared accompanied by a finished homunculus and a chimera corpse. He smashed the dungeon of a duke.

The demons' power surpassed unimaginable levels as the last war approached, yet he managed to capture the dungeon of a duke. Gaparam died after being attacked by countless other demons in the faction. However, he just laughed and said 'the research was completed' before he died.

At the time, I confirmed the greatness of a homunculus. Due to the quick learning ability of a homunculus, they easily became stronger and faster. So there was no choice but to have a shorter lifespan. Gaparam had somehow managed to surpass those limits. A homunculus that rivaled a high class 4Lv creature!

'The research was completed.'

Gaparam's exhibition.

I stared at him. I was mindful of the demons around me and kept my reaction cold.

This was a product that didn't appear in the original Demon World Auction. It seemed to be due to the sharp increase in points.

"It will succeed. Everything has been set. As long as I can continue my research!"

He shouted but the atmosphere was cold.


"It is the height of inefficiency."

"I can't throw away three million points. There is no one who has that many points."

That's right. 'Three million points for one year of research' was unrealistic.

"That was only required in the early days. As long as I have a proper workshop, one million a year will be enough for me!"

Gaparam was desperate. His voice was trembling. But that was still too much. one million points. That was still a distant number. Many demons saved and could barely gather a million points in one year.

As the silent atmosphere continued, I spoke up.


"Yes, yes? Randalph-nim. What's wrong?"

"So, is it going to start?"

"Ah, it is starting at 0 points. His ability itself is like an ordinary lich...and nothing else is prepared."

"Damn demons! You don't know how great my research is! It is a crime! A sin!"

"...I guess it isn't popular."

Dubolong sighed.

Then he said.

"Shut up Gaparam. We will leave it up to fate. What they do with you will be purely up to the winning bidder."


Gaparam stamped his foot and cursed bitterly. Anyway, he signed a contract so there was nothing he could do. He could only hope that he was lucky enough to meet a demon who would allow his research.

"There was an uproar for a while. I'm sorry. Then let's proceed with the auction. The introduction is already over and like I said, it is starting at 0 points! No. Call out something that suits your taste."

It was only a lich. They could buy one for 28,000 points at the store.


"Then I will bid 5,000 points."


"100,000. There isn't anything special. Anyway, he may cause problems."

But the price soared to 100,000.

The Demon World Auction was an opportunity to get the good items for a cheap price. Anyone could buy one from the store, so this was an expensive price for a lich. It was due to the story of the homunculus. The demons couldn't afford such research but they could use the lich for other matters.

Gaparam's face gradually became more stiff. His body was shaking as he formed fists. He didn't want his research to be treated like this.

"100,000 points has come out. Is there any more?"

Dubolong had no expectations.

Gaparam gave one last outburst.

"My research will be finished! The perfect homunculus will be born! Why don't you do it?"

"He is mad. Dubolong. Is it possible to cancel a bid?"

"I'm sorry but that is impossible."

The mockery and contempt.

Gapraram's research didn't receive any recognition at all.

Dubolong frowned as he attempted to quickly conclude the auction.

"Then 100,000..."


"...Randalph-nim. Did I hear wrong?"

"500,000 points. Dubolong."

He blinked. But Dubolong soon regained his stability. From his position, the lich was being sold at an expensive price.

Dubolong looked at Gaparam and nodded. He was saying that I had the points to cover the research. Gaparam's expression loosened a little bit.

"It is clearly a loss."

"Two years ago and last is that bastard."

Of course, the demons had a totally different reaction.

"The lich 'Gaparam' has been sold for 500,000 points! Randalph-nim, congratulations."

Gaparam bowed deeply to me. After raising his head, he looked at the other demons and declared.

"You ignorant bastards! You will be sorry! My research will be completed! Then it will be too late for you!"

"Just go!"

Dubolong growled. Then the dark spirits dragged Gaparam out. Gaparam's expression wasn't bad.

A moment of silence.

He was a creature who made a large impact. However, it was in a bad way.