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Chapter 115: Demon World Auction (2)

Chapter 115: Demon World Auction (2)

This was the location where the auction items could be previewed.

There was only Ariel in the first year, then quite a few demons in the second year, but now all the demons were examining the goods inside.

There were some familiar faces.

Grand Duke Okullos and his demons. Grand Duke Upa...there were quite a few empty positions next to him.

There were exactly 68 demons if I counted. Including me, there were 69. The number of demons remained unchanged except for the ones I killed. There were no big surprises so far.

But they weren't interested in me. The sound of footsteps was heard but they didn't turn their heads once. The huge cage in the middle of the room was drawing all the attention of the demons.


"I think this creature was exterminated so I don't know where they found it."

"On the subject of this creature...something is strange."

I also felt a similar sentiment.

It was 'admiration.' I moved my gaze and looked at the creature inside the cage.

'She is from the Celestial Maiden clan. Or Mago.'

A species that mixed with the wind and manipulated storms. That was Mago. At first glance, she had the form of a woman, but wasn't as beautiful as they were known to be. She was 5m in height and had hair that was dozens of centimetres long. She only had one eye and her breasts were flabby. But her speed and power were enough to startle the heavens and earth.

And Mago had insightful eyes. In my previous life, Okullos has called her his gem of destruction. Their population was very low so it wasn't easy to obtain them. of them could leave senseless devastation and thousands of corpses in their wake.

'It is good to see her.'

It was sincerely great.

I smiled as I gazed into Mago's one eye. After a while, Mago suddenly started to rampage.


Kwang! Kwang!

A huge storm moved around Mago.

However, the cage was made of a special device and didn't move an inch.


"Great magic power!"


Mago screamed. Then she shed red tears and collapsed.

'This state shows that the contract isn't complete.'

This was only the third year.

The spirits weren't used to dealing with high class creatures.

It was inevitable. Mago was like a rat caught in a trap.

'You are mine.'

All the demons here were thinking that.

They swallowed their saliva as they imagined owning Mago. She was a high class 2Lv creature, so they would be able to gain an advantage over the other demons. The demons had been using the time to save their strength. They couldn't let humans disrupt the balance by killing some demons.

'Upa...he looks impatient.'

I turned to look at Grand Duke Upa.

The positions next to him that should have been full were quite empty. Pakan Griolli was banned but there should have been two more demons. However, they couldn't be seen. It was because I killed them.

He didn't know the facts. Thanks to that, Grand Duke Upa's expression could easily be read. An expression that showed he couldn't relax. He showed hostility as he observed the surroundings. There was intense greed in his eyes as he stared at Mago.

"Upa. Don't you look a little shabby?"

A person with giant goat horns. Perfection didn't exist in this world, but she was a demon with the blood of the devil!

Grand Duke Ariel openly laughed. The difference between her faction and Upa's was too large.

Upa's expression distorted even further.

"Shut up, Ariel. You should hide your indignities."

"Hide my indignities? Upa. I don't like people planning things in secret."

"Indeed? It is more classy than challenging a guy."

Ariel's expression changed.

"The challenge couldn't be avoided. So tell me that you want to fight. Although you are completely delusional and childish, isn't this the perfect moment to break our relationship?"

"Don't be complacent. Ariel Diablo..."

The two of them growled at each other, revealing their teeth. They had no confidence in fighting each other so it was just a back and forth.

However, what if one of them obtained Mago? It was evident that at least Ariel and Upa would try to obtain Mago.

Compared to them, Okullos and Pandemonium's desire was lacking. In particular, I couldn't understand what Okullos was thinking.


Okullos made eye contact with me and smiled. He seemed to be saying 'I know.'

Okullos was relaxed. He was like this despite tasting a little bit of my power...

'I need to prepare.'

At that time, he had said. He had obtained big information in exchange for his arm.

I would have to be prepared depending on the direction he went in.

"Okullos. Where did you sell one of your arms?"


Okullos' smile faded to an expressionless look as he turned around.

"Tsk tsk, you really lack any friendliness."

The grand dukes were badmouthing each other. He was Pandemonium. He was critical as he didn't receive an answer to his question.

However, Pandemonium didn't stop there.

"Don't you think so? Randalph Brigsiel?"

"I don't know."

I tried to suppress my heart from beating wildly. I had little contact with Pandemonium in my previous life. It was the first time he spoke to me, so it meant he 'accepted' me to a certain degree.

I had only heard stories about Pandemonium. The demons of the other factions called him very annoying and strange.

'He is someone who would stab a dagger quietly.'

I was impressed by Pandemonium and opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Pandemonium

Occupation Demon Grand Duke (Dungeon Master) Title

* Spell Breaker (Epic, Magic Power +10)

* Doomsday Prophet (Epic, Intelligence +10)

* Serpent's Tongue (Ex U, Magic Power +8)


Strength 80 Intelligence 82 (+10)

Agility 91 Stamina 78

Magic Power 85 (+18)

Potential: (416+28/500)

Uniqueness: A shaman who feeds on the dead. In the end, he developed an aura of death.

Skill: Order Destruction (Epic), Unique Ward (Epic), Power of Death (Epic), Amazing Observation (U)

[Relative Comparison]


Strength 80 Intelligence 92 Agility 91 Stamina 78 Magic 103 Potential (416+28/500)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 96 Intelligence 93 Agility 91 Stamina 85 Magic 98 Potential (412+51/500)

My total stats were still higher.

After gaining the Infinity Armour, my stats had slowly but steadily grown. Strength increased by one, agility by one, intelligence by two and magic power by two.

But...what was a grand duke? His pure abilities were very high.

At that time, Pandemonium narrowed his eyes.

"This wily bastard. You saw something."

I calmly replied.

"Are you deluded?"

"My eyes aren't wrong. It is because I am a person well-versed in spells."

"Then I suppose you saw correctly."

There was no need to quarrel.

Especially if the opponent was Pandemonium. I would just become more tired from a lengthy altercation. It didn't matter if he knew that much.

"A mysterious guy. Tell me honestly, are you the one who touched Upa's faction?"

It seemed he had wanted to ask me this.

At the same time, the magic power in the area changed. His Unique Ward (Epic) skill stretched out. It seemed to purposely block any part of this conversation from leaking.

'He doesn't want the other demons to hear.'

Information was power. Pandemonium was well aware of this. I didn't know the results, but it seemed like he had really incredible powers of observation.

However, I wasn't kind enough to give him the answer he was seeking.

"Pandemonium. I thought that was your work."

I wasn't being sincere. I wasn't sure that I should poke him. But Pandemonium replied firmly.

"Upa is lazy by nature, but now he will be working in earnest. Isn't it obvious that he is very annoyed?"


I was quite familiar with Upa. Upa was aware of the seriousness of three demons in his faction being killed. Apart from Pakan Griolli, the other demons were mediocre so there was no need to be concerned.

But now it was different. Pakan Griolli was a duke so it was natural for Upa to feel concerned. He wanted to ferret out the culprit.

I answered with a smile.

"Why is it important to you?"

"Huhu. Indeed, you are right. But that still doesn't answer my question. The other grand dukes might be ignoring you, but apart from Ariel, I think that you are the only one who would touch Upa."

"They will self-destruct by fighting each other so why should I move? What can I do alone?"

"The reason is not important. And...aren't you twisting this conversation little by little? I have examined your behaviour in the Demon World Auction over the last two years. Your aim to gain our attention was successful. Thanks...this has been fun, but I have to go now."

Unique Ward was removed.

Nobody seemed to pay any attention as Pandemonium moved away.

'Is he looking down on me?'

Pandemonium seemed inwardly convinced that I was the culprit.

Of course, he wouldn't pass that information onto Grand Duke Upa. It would be good news for him if Upa continued being damaged. So he seemed to be inciting me.

I made a mistake.

Perhaps I became too proud because of my memories of my previous life. I thought of them as moving puppets.

Out of nowhere, something like this had happened.

'It won't be easy.'

The Demon World Auction.

I was still confident that it would be the beginning of my rise.