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Chapter 114: Demon World Auction (1)

Chapter 114: Demon World Auction (1)

"Y-Yihihi. Why are you looking at me all of a sudden? Aw ~ I feel hot."

Yihi waved her hand and feigned ignorance. But her rigid facial expression was different from her gestures.

"Tell me calmly."

"That...Yihi...was wrong...hiing..."

Yihi flew and fell on both knees before me.

I would see through any excuses that she made.

Yihi, who was silent, finally spoke.

"That white guy. He brought the flesh. So wasn't Yihi in charge? But he suddenly made me furious. Yihi didn't mean to do it."

That white guy was White.

I heard the story in silence.

Yihi constantly moved her hand around as she explained. She had grabbed a piece of the Tree of Origin and stabbed it into the flesh. And Stein seemed to have picked the hardened flesh up afterwards. In other words, Stein accidentally picked up Infinite Flesh and turned him into the Infinity Armour.

"Yihi was really wrong. Yihi should have been careful until the end. Please forgive me Master...hiing."

She was much more sincere about apologizing than before.

I just continued looking at Yihi.

I often found it amazing how different her perspective was.

She had a careless nature. As well as being rough and playful, she was obsessive and faithful. So Yihi was very different from me. Creative. The power to produce something new.

I instinctively recognized her capabilities. No one else would have tried to stab the flesh with a branch of the Tree of Origin. Those who knew the true nature of the flesh would be afraid to even approach. Or maybe they would consider a normal procedure.

She also buried the angels near the Tree of Origin. I would have thrown the corpses away or fed them to the creatures. But thanks to Yihi burying them properly, a lot of Tashmal's wariness had faded away. In addition, there were a few trivial things in her head.

'She has been helpful without knowing it.'

It could be a coincidence. However, it happened too many times to be dismissed as a coincidence.

Obviously, Yihi had sinned, but I didn't know if scolding her was the right thing to do. If constraints were placed then her creative behaviour was likely to disappear.

Of course, Yihi wasn't worried about this.

"Tell me your sins yourself."

First I would give her an option.

Yihi thought for a while before saying.

"I didn't wait for Master."

"No. That isn't a sin, I gave you that type of permission."

"Yihi left the flesh alone!"

"It is a dangerous existence that can't be left alone. That is one sin but the greater sin still remains."

A great sin.

What was it?

Yihi's expression was busy thinking. Then Yihi seemed to realize something and said.

"Hiing...I contacted Master late."

I nodded.

"That's right. You should have contacted me as soon as it happened. It is dangerous when I am far away."

"Now I see. Yihi was really bad."

Yihi sullenly said with tears in her eyes.

"If this case, your error was not contacting me quickly enough. You failed to do that so I will punish you. However, you will set the level of punishment."

"Yihi will?"


Punishment and education at the same time. This was to find Yihi's creativity. She would also acknowledge the mistake and not do it again.

I waited as Yihi contemplated for a while.

After 10 minutes, Yihi finally came to a decision and opened her eyes.

"I will be a bee for a month. A daughter of honey. I will have fun with the bees. Yihi will now go to the bees."

...Was this a joke?

'No, it isn't.'

It wasn't a joke.

A red face. Trembling bodies. Her presence itself seemed to harass the bees.

I thought about handling her similar to the method with the dark elves in the past. Her idea was creative but it wasn't really what I was thinking.

"One month is too long. The dungeon can't be left alone during that time."

"Yihi's punishment can't be shorter."

"How about you spend the rest of the time helping Tashmal with the baby angels?"

The leaves of the Tree of Origin were a great help in growing the wings of the angels. I wondered what the effect would be if an Origin Fairy looked after the baby angels.

"I understand, Master. Leave it to Yihi."

"Then go imitate the bees."

"Ah, that's right. Yihi is now a bee. Wiiing ~"

Yihi flapped her wings very hard, trying her best to imitate the way a bee flew. She soon headed to the location of the bees.


I was at a loss for words.

I would check on her in a week.

* * *

There were too many things happening. Taking over the dungeon in China, the attack of the angels and the emergence of the Cruel Commander.

After three months, a note was sent through a dimensional crack.

The caller...was Dubolong.

'It is the list of items for the Demon World Auction.'

It had finally arrived.

I smiled as I read the list.

'This year will be the turning point.'

The contents of the note were great. I checked it a few times and knew what many of the items were.

The time would soon come to obtain the goods. I thought of the treasures that I would later obtain...

I would use this auction to get even further ahead, so it was turning point. Once left behind here, the other demons wouldn't be able to catch up for the next five years.

In contrast...I would gain a myriad of benefits in the next five years.

Dubolong gave me the list due to our alliance.


I laughed as I checked the number of points I had.

The Demon World Auction.

The points I had last year couldn't even compare. This was important. It was to the extent that I wouldn't run out of points no matter how many things I bought. The winner would be me.

At the same time, I would be painting a loser sign on the heads of the other demons. I couldn't stop laughing as I imagined the look on Upa's face.

Wouldn't it be an emergency situation for him?

'He won't be able to stop me.'

Anyway, it was a fact that I would be the winner. Even if he tried something...

'I will greet him with a smile.'

He would be used as a stimulus on the path ahead of me.

* * *

The crack was opened. The familiar gnome-shaped dark spirit welcomed me.

"It has been a while."

"Kihihi. How are you?"

"It has been a decent year. What about the Spirit World?"

"It has been very busy. We've been trying to filter out the spies..."

I knew about this problem. But I didn't know about what occurred afterwards. I didn't want people to know about my relationship with Dubolong, so I acted like I had just heard the story. I asked with mock curiosity.

"There are spies here?"

"Kihihi. It is ridiculous. The other elemental spirits disguised themselves as dark spirits to hassle us. Thanks to that, this auction will be very quiet. By the many points have you gathered?"

"Aren't you prohibited from directly asking?"

The dark spirit just laughed.

"Aigoo, I'm sorry. Please turn a deaf ear to it. It's just that the average number of points in the third year is very high...isn't Randalph-nim our best customer? You will be a great help in increasing the average..."

"How much?"

"Don't be alarmed. 1.3 million!"

1.3 million.

I nodded lightly.

The demons were catching up.

There were 69 demons for a total of 89.7 million points. And...I had a 22 million share of that total.

In other words, it meant that the actual average was 1 million. I alone had raised the average by 300,000.

In my previous life, that would be enough to buy two high class 2Lv creatures.

Of course, there would be a severe competition over the auction goods. In some cases, it would be used as the starting point for a war. So it was important to obtain high class creatures. High class creatures showed off the power of the dungeon.

They were hidden cards that could absolutely reverse the situation. The factions of the grand dukes were eager to buy top quality creatures. There would be creatures such as a hydra, dragon, etc.

'High class 2Lv creatures.'

And...there would be those at the same level or higher than the griffin and gigantes in this auction.

I had clearly seen it with my own eyes. It was like Dubolong said last time. High class 2Lv creatures were now being bought in the third year. It was enough to shake the balance.

'I must buy them.'

I needed to buy the treasures, no matter how many points I had to spend.

The dark spirit examined my expression and said.

"You don't seem greatly surprised."

"I am surprised."

"Kihi, your ability to manage your expression is very great."

"Don't talk nonsense. We should start moving."

"I will guide you. Follow me!"