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Chapter 113: Infinity Armour (2)

Chapter 113: Infinity Armour (2), 'Greed' was hungry. He was thirsty.

His greed had been awakened.

Absorbing that thing seemed to make his hunger decrease a little bit. Greed moved forward like a thirsty person seeking a well.

However, it wasn't that easy. There were too many blocking him.

"You! You can't pass!"

A large bird and a giant.

Greed didn't like them. He didn't understand why they were blocking him, but he had to get past them.

The battle with the giant was fierce. The big bird was tricky because it had a strong offense. The armour suffered many blows that broke it. However, it was able to quickly regain its original shape.

It was an infinite power. This was the true reality of Greed.

Gigantes was powerful, but that was all. Greed couldn't be beaten with simple power.


There was a violent collision. Gigantes was surprisingly pushed back.


Blood flowed from Gigantes' mouth. The eyes of everyone watching the battle were shocked.

The dark elves and dwarves gathered and were prepared to attack. They couldn't allow him to pierce through.

Chrisley, who was in the centre, raised her wand. There was the lich, spartoi and White, but they wouldn't be able to win against such a tireless existence.

They were filled with tension with every step Greed took. Soon Greed was only a short distance away.

"How funny. This is very interesting."

The true master of the dungeon revealed himself.

* * *

It had been alarming. Something unintended had occurred inside my dungeon. It was very unpleasant and I needed to resolve it promptly.

I moved to the 15th floor using the magic circle, and there were fallen creatures everywhere. It was like a typhoon had blown past. Someone had exerted an overwhelming force in the surrounding environment.

And...I curiously examined the griffin that was lying on the ground. Fortunately, it was still alive but I could determined the combat capabilities of the opponent through the injuries.

'It is good that the griffin has high health.'

It was a high class creature. It was shallow but the griffin was definitely still breathing.

I urgently poured a potion on the griffin's injuries. It should be able to hold on for half a day.

I needed to resolve this situation first.

'Infinite Flesh. Stein. What happened?'

Questions were still running through my head.

It was surprising that Infinite Flesh was still alive and was raising trouble while attached to Stein.

I didn't know the reason. The only way was to verify it directly.

Soon the dungeon started shaking! I heard a crashing sound at the same time. A battle was happening right in front of me.

I walked quickly and was able to witness the scene of Gigantes collapsing while vomiting blood.


Gigantes who was confident in a 1:1 fight was completely defeated!

I swallowed my saliva.

At that moment, the dwarf Stein walked forward wearing a black armour. The armour was very unusual. It was carved with the image of a snake with a wide open mouth like it was roaring. Dark magic power was emanating from it and completely eating Stein's mind.

I immediately knew the cause after using Mind's Eye.

-Name - Infinity Armour (Running Wild)

Description: An armour filled with endless greed. The source is a branch from the Tree of Origin, but the blacksmith was lacking skills and couldn't properly purify it. In order to prevent it from running wild, 'dismantling' is necessary.

* Shape recovery. Attacks can be absorbed and converted to magic power. The impact of certain blows are invalidated.

*** It is associated with the Seven Sins' 'Greed' and can replace it in the set.

I couldn't help smiling. I didn't know how it was made but the options were really great. It ignored some strikes and could absorb attacks to convert them into magic power. It meant that key skills could be used infinitely.

It would be one of the best items in a long war. Moreover, it could replace one of the Seven Sins. Infinity Armour combined with Wrath and Sloth would give him three pieces in the set.

"How funny. This is very interesting."

The human party couldn't even compare. This was something that truly amused me. The damage caused wasn't within my plans but it might be a big benefit. Only walking on a fixed path would cause a lack of stimulation. Things were likely to become stagnant or too easy. I didn't want that.

Stein turned around and looked at me. His eyes were stained red.

Chrisley and Yihi were nervously watching from the rear with the creatures.

My smile wasn't erased as I said.

"There seems to be a stir in my dungeon. The time has come for punishment."

"Don't...stop me!"


Stein pushed off against the ground in order to move faster. A movement that would never be seen from a dwarf. I didn't panic and just pulled out Wrath.


The opponent was using a thick sword to carry out random attacks. Finesse was missing, he just swung. But it was powerful. A wrong hit wouldn't be good for me.

Despite that, I was still smiling. The armour managed to pull such power out of Stein. I couldn't help getting excited. How could I not have fun?

'Let's see if it can recover the shape again after Dark Sword.'

Injuries made with Dark Sword couldn't be healed, so I was curious to see if the armour could repair itself. Wrath was surrounded by darkness.

Ttang! The armour was hard. My sword bounced off it. I laughed and took a step back while maintaining my stance. Stein entered the empty space in front of me.

He was just blindly attacking. It might have worked on Gigantes but that wasn't enough for me. I had sharpened my skills in the Demon World and my previous life.


Stein's left arm was cut. And black smoke wrapped around the wound in the armour. The left arm started to gradually heal. No, it wasn't. I quickly modified my thoughts.

"It isn't healing...haha! Creation!"

I realized it.

He wasn't recovering. The arm was being reconstructed. It wasn't healing, so the effect of Dark Sword wouldn't work.

I felt a lot of emotions.

Recovery and creation were completely different areas. Even if this was explained in the Achievements Store, I honestly wouldn't have believed it. The fact that the armour could recreate itself was a surprising blow.

'However, a huge amount of magic power will be needed for creation. I am curious about how long it can last.'

I had a curious nature. I wondered about what it could stop, how much it could absorb and the recovery...


-One of the five blessings of Paranormal, 'Magic Power +5 for 30 minutes' has been applied.

Perhaps it was my higher intelligence? Unlike before, I received good blessings more often.


-High magic power (101) has caused strength, agility and stamina to rise by 10.

Intelligence has fallen by 20 but your original pure intelligence is more than 76. Due to the unique characteristics caused by Astral Code, you won't be taken over by the 'Wrath' state.

My strength jumped over 100. 105 was a transcendent number. My intelligence reached 91 so it finally seemed possible to use Sloth. But there was no need to use it now. Wrath was enough.

I was trying to 'dismantle' the armour.

I smiled towards Stein's restored left arm and said.

"Do not disappoint me."

Kwang! Kwang! Kwarurung!

Wrath slashed the armour, cracks were caused in it with every hit. Stein's expression changed. His body was gradually moving away from me.

Greed started to feel fear and was trying to run away.

"You are an excellent blacksmith. I won't kill you. First..."

In fact, Stein was an influential person among the dwarves. It would be a shame to kill him. Hopefully he would be able to produce more things like Infinity Armour, without the problems.

First, I needed to remove the armour from him. Then I would fix his improper manners.

"Too slow."

Thanks to the Wrath skill, agility had also reached over 100. No matter how fast he was, Stein wouldn't be able to escape from me.


Stein eventually gave up on running and aimed his sword at me again. Once again, moves with no finesse wouldn't work against me.

I raised Wrath with a laugh. I gathered all my strength.

Would it be able to absorb this attack?

I hit the armour as hard as I could.


* * *

Stein collapsed.

The armour was partly destroyed. I forced the armour off.

'It will recover little by little.'

However, the running wild status had disappeared. I onced again checked the armour with Mind's Eye.

-Name - Infinity Armour (Growth)

Description: An armour filled with endless greed. The source is a branch from the Tree of Origin, but the blacksmith was lacking skills and couldn't properly purify it. It has been dismantled but the magic power of the user allows the Infinity Armour to 'grow.'

* Shape recovery. Attacks can be absorbed and converted to magic power. The impact of certain blows are invalidated.

* Special options will develop depending on the degree of growth.

*** It is associated with the Seven Sins' 'Greed' and can replace it in the set.


This was the first time I had seen that.

'It is due to Infinite Flesh's skills.'

I was convinced.

Infinity Armour had been made using the flesh. I had high expectations for the skills that would be revealed as it grew.

"Treat Stein and clean him up. In addition, tend to the griffin as soon as possible."

"I understand, My Dungeon Master."

Chrisley replied respectfully.

I held the armour and headed to the top floor.


The shape of the armor completely recovered in two days.

'A third set item.'

Collecting more set items would have better effects. Obtaining two set items didn't have much of an effect. But this was the third one.

I wore the Infinity Armour and a message window instantly popped up.

-'Wrath', 'Sloth' and 'Greed', three of the Seven Sins have been collected.

The relevant skills have disappeared and the new skill 'Corruption (Ex Epic)' has been created.


I repeated it a few times and looked closely at the message window.

An exceptional epic rated skill?

My heart jumped quickly. I swallowed my saliva and opened the status window.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)

* Origin Master (Epic, all stats + 3)


Strength 80 (+15) Intelligence 86 (+5)

Agility 75 (+15) Stamina 80 (+5)

Magic Power 85 (+11)

Potential: (406+51/500)

Remaining Stat Points: 7

Electric Power: 21GW

Uniqueness: Heart of the Hell Monarch has woken up.

Skill: Combine Everything (U), Mind's Eye (Ex U), Dark Sword (Ex U), Divine Sword Unity (Ex U, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Corruption (Ex Epic)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 91 Intelligence 76 Agility 86 Stamina 84 Magic 95 Potential (392+40/500)

Strength 95 Intelligence 91 Agility 90 Stamina 85 Magic 96 Potential (406+51/500)

The last time I checked my status window had been after the angel eggs. My stats had increased by a lot. Among them, intelligence rose significantly due to the Emperor's Sword and the Tree of Origin. However...

My eyes naturally went to the skills. 'Wrath' and 'Sloth' were gone and 'Corruption' took their place.

I gazed at the description of Corruption.

-Name - Corruption (Ex Epic)

Description: You don't know what true corruption is.

*** Be cautious.

A short explanation that wasn't satisfactory at all.

However, it gave off a striking feeling.

In the end, the best way to determine the effects of Corruption was to use the skill directly.

'...It isn't possible right now.'

When I was taken over by Wrath, I was caught in a completely destructive state.

This skill was half a grade higher so it was likely that I wouldn't have any self-control.

It was only half a step but it was like the difference between the sky and earth. It wasn't easy to use it when the effect was unknown.

Mind's Eye couldn't see the secret options. There was just a warning telling me to 'be careful.'

I liked adventures and challenges but there was a clear limit.

'I can't use it at the moment.'

I nodded.

I shifted my attention from the armour to Yihi.

Over the last two days, I had been too busy watching the Infinity Armour to question her.

Yihi trembled as my gaze fell on her.