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Chapter 107: Dungeon Destruction (2)

Chapter 107: Dungeon Destruction (2)

The message window came out of nowhere.

The Awakened who saw it were puzzled.

-The dungeon barrier located in Saudi Arabia has been broken.

The barrier will take 30 days to recover.

"What is this?"


"Isn't there a dungeon in Saudi Arabia?"

The Awakened were able to figure out the meaning of the message. There were all types of comments from the Awakened community, including some credible views.

-There is no need to enter the dungeon to take care of the creatures.

-Previously all physical attacks didn't work in the dungeon. That barrier blocking it is now gone?

The government dispatched troops to the dungeon in Saudi Arabia and received news that firepower worked.

-The dungeon is collapsing!

-No way! You mean it is true? It wasn't CG?

-Oh my god. The creatures have come pouring out! It is like they are terrified!

-Baby! Are we going to just watch? Now if the time for the Heroes to take action!

The Awakened felt hope as they saw the dungeon crumbling. All their suffering had finally paid off.

The crowd of Awakened started moving. Some were gunning for the benefits within the dungeon, but the emphasis was placed on 'destruction.'

* * *

I heard the news a little late.

24 hours a day was insufficient to manage the dungeon's internal affairs and work out the mess with the Tree of Origin.

Lee Sarang solved the issue, but there were still many things to worry about.

I only knew about the situation after Krasla went outside.

"The barrier is broken? It must be Paka Griolli's dungeon."

"That's right."

Krasla raised his chin and confirmed it.

'It can't be a coincidence. Did Infinite Flesh eat the barrier?'

I moved him outside. If not, the barrier in my dungeon probably would have been the one that was destroyed.

In the first place...wasn't it difficult for the angels to slash at the barrier? I hadn't expected that Infinite Flesh would destroy it so quickly.

"The South Korean guilds are also moving. In particular, the Devil Hunters raid group that had some success in the dungeon forays."

"The barrier is gone so the dungeon is vulnerable. is reckless."

The exterior of the dungeon and its contents were different, but they were linked to each other. The barrier had disappeared, so the dungeon floors would be compressed. For example, the original 30 floors would be reduced to three. This difference was really huge. In addition, there was a difference in the movements of the creatures.

After the barrier was restored, the dungeon would take three months to recover.

However, the level of each Awakened wasn't that high. It would be easy in 4~5 years, but right now, they would be exterminated.

Pakan Griolli. He was still a duke.

I thought of a number of variables before opening my mouth.

"I'm going to move. Be prepared."

"The people will follow Master."

Krasla hurriedly kneeled down.

* * *

Pakan Griolli.

One of the dukes belonging to Grand Duke Upa's faction.

His personality was aggressive and easily excited. After being deserted by Grand Duke Upa after the auction incident, he had been thinking of how stupid he was.

Of course, he could increase his investments in the dungeon due to being denied entry to the Demon World Auction. He got quite a few accomplishments due to that. The quality of his creatures wasn't bad. Rather, it seemed like he belonged to one of the leading groups.

There was just one problem.

Infinite Flesh.

He was simple and moved in slow patterns but had superior stamina. Pakan Griolli sacrificed thousands of creatures in order to get rid of it. It was reminiscent of a slime but the stamina and size couldn't be compared.

As a result, it took two months to kill him. 24 hours. He didn't rest for even one second. Pakan never imagined that it would be so hard to attack.

But the damage was too severe. In addition, he used all the points he collected. He even failed to keep the barrier.

Pakan Griolli felt like the situation was urgent. He wouldn't be able to stop other demons from invading. But this? The humans unexpectedly started attacking.

"These damn humans!"

Pakan Griolli ground his teeth together.

-The exterior wall of the dungeon has been destroyed!

The 37 floor dungeon has been reduced to four floors. 671 creatures have died from the overlapping spaces. The creatures are confused and have started to escape from the dungeon.

Kung! Kukukung!

The dungeon shook relentlessly.

Kiik! Kieeek!

Due to the barrier disappearing, the authority of the Dungeon Core had weakened. The creatures with low intelligence were forced out of the dungeon.

Pakan Griolli clenched his fists with rage.

"These mere humans...!"

The weak. They would already be gone if it wasn't for his mercy!

He used his creatures to completely destroy the powerful weapons that the humans used. He lost a lot of creatures but he was still a duke. The number of creatures was sufficient for ordinary human opponents.

But that wasn't the end.

He destroyed the firepower but a large number of Awakened started moving. They were constantly striking. The Awakened gathered from various parts of the world starting moving towards his dungeon.

It would be okay if it was just the Awakened. They were just ordinary humans carrying weapons. The soldiers from South Korea were different.

If the barrier was functioning normally then products of modern civilization would be useless in the dungeon...the barrier was now gone so the magic power wasn't working properly. The weak creatures died before the various weapons. The strong creatures were unable to cope with the vast majority of attacks.

Swept away!

The humans reached the 2nd floor in a few days. There was still the 3rd floor and he was waiting on the 4th floor.

"I will kill all of you!"

Pakan Griolli growled out fiercely.

* * *

"Slowly move forward. Protect the soldiers."

The Awakened from all over the world. Among them was Heaven's Will from South Korea. They wore magic jewellery to communicate with each other.

The United States and China followed behind them. There were some complaints but it was unavoidable since Devil Hunters was the most famous raid group.

This was a dungeon. They had to stick together. And a leader was needed. A tacit agreement occurred.

Of course, there were many Awakened who refused to obey commands from Heaven's Will. Now those Awakened were screaming from all over the place.

"The captain of Devil Hunters...I heard that he died? Now it is just a mere raid group. Shouldn't those from China be leading?"

"That's right. Only the semblance of the raid group is leading us? How funny!"

And there were people complaining who ignored the screams. In particular, the ones from China were really noisy. They wanted to use this opportunity to take down a dungeon. The black society didn't want to lose to South Korea.

The black society wanted to take the lead.

"What...? Only a semblance?"

Yoo Eun-hye couldn't tolerate it anymore and complained to the guild master of Heaven's Will, Kim Yong-woo.

"Quiet! It isn't good to argue inside a dungeon. We need to be united in this place. Please don't cause an argument."

The division continued. It was a long-awaited opportunity to surpass Heaven's Will.

Kim Yong-woo had a lot of worries after the death of the captain of Devil Hunters. He was able to maintain his presence as guild master due to that existence. But the people twisted around him like hyenas once the captain of Devil Hunters died. He had to run every day. There was also strong pressure from outside.

'I am lacking.'

He inwardly laughed bitterly.

Kim Yong-woo wasn't strong. There were stronger people overflowing in the guild. They were obviously greedy for the position of guild master.

In this society, preferences were given to the strong. The weak were left behind...Kim Yong-woo was barely hanging on.

'I have to use this opportunity to resurrect myself. I need to survive in Heaven's Will.'

He could redeem himself right now.

Destroying the dungeon! He needed to be the leader of this task. Then he would gain greater power for himself. He needed to control all movements.

Failure? He didn't want to imagine it. There were those trying to pull him down.

Devil Hunters discovering the dwarf village on the 7th floor was a great accomplishment, but he was likely to lose all that influence if this was a failure.

However, the black society was still noisy.

"Bah! The guild master is a scarecrow."

"...Be careful with your mouth. Now isn't the time to find faults with each other."

"What? Are you accusing me of something? If you're not scared then open your mouth!"


They were obviously full of derision. Kim Yong-woo felt desperate. He pushed down his anger. He couldn't dance to their tune.

"This isn't the place. Or have you gone crazy from losing so many lives? At any rate, these guys..."

But the other South Korean guilds didn't tolerate it. In particular, the Mithril Guild consisted of many young people without any patience.

Japan and the United States were quiet but secretly jumped on the bandwagon. They stared at the Chinese.

All members of the black society laughed.

"Watch your mouths. Do you want to fight?"

"Hey, you don't have anything to say so you want to settle it with violence?"

The guilds confronted each other.


Kim Yong-woo squeezed in between then while sighing inwardly.

They needed to help each other instead of fighting...the future was dark.

This was only the 2nd floor but more creatures would appear.


Kung! Kung!

And his prediction was correct.

Twin head ogres. Cerberus.

Dozens of ice trolls...and hundreds of other creatures.

"You dare invade my dungeon! Humans! Don't even think about leaving here alive!"

Pakan Griolli was in the centre.