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Chapter 106: Dungeon Destruction (1)

Chapter 106: Dungeon Destruction (1)

Everyone in the area held their breaths. It was the same for me as well. I silently but intensely stared at Lee Sarang and Yihi.

Lee Sarang was known as the Queen of Benevolence in my previous life.

Chrisley had brought her. I didn't expect much but she came up with a way to solve the problem with the Tree of Origin.

Destiny? A bond? I didn't believe in such abstract things.

Chrisley's contribution was large.

But if the problem wasn't resolved or even grew...Lee Sarang wouldn't be able to escape responsibility, even if she had 425 potential. I wouldn't kill her, but a lot of pain would follow. I would make her lose her mind and turn her into a doll.

However...she had to do it well.

"My Dungeon Master. This seems like it will take some time. You should relax while I protect this place." A day had passed. I shook my head at Chrisley's words.

"No. The process itself is very interesting. I can't miss this scene."

It was also important. I had great interest in this matter so I couldn't rest. A crisis might occur. For example, there might be a situation where the Dungeon Master's permission was required and I would need to handle it in real time.

I could use the remaining capacities of the Dungeon Core from here.

Two days passed. Then three days.

Lee Sarang's body started to sway. She was 10 years old at the most. She managed to hold out without eating and drinking for three days. She had autism but she was also the intermediary in the resonance between the Tree of Origin and Yihi.

I couldn't break her concentration by bringing her something to eat.

And after one more day.


The Tree of Origin trembled. The branches extended and embraced Yihi and Lee Sarang.

It was the first time there was movement in the last four days. Everyone was focused. All the dark elves were holding their breaths as they watched the situation. I was no different.

Soon the Tree of Origin completely embraced Lee Sarang and Yihi.

-The Tree of Origin has acknowledged the fairy of the Dungeon Core as 'Soul Companions.'

The Tree of Origin has become more complete.

The fairy of the Dungeon Core has been promoted to 'Origin Fairy!'

-A fairy has been successfully promoted for the first time.

The 'Origin Fairy' is present together with the Tree of Origin. The fairy will return to her original state if the Tree of Origin disappears.

-A decision. The compensation for the achievement is currently being calculated.

5,400,000pt will be paid.

5,000 achievement points will be added.


It was the first time I had seen such high compensation.

Yihi was also changing little by little. Her wings grew longer and her limbs became slightly more elongated. Her hair also grew. She was still chubby like a one year old but it seemed like she was feeling better.

Yihi slowly opened her eyes in the heart of the Tree of Origin.


She didn't seem to know how to express herself.

Her eyes were glazed as she looked around.

Then Yihi saw me and gave her silly smile.


* * *

The abnormal growth stopped. As expected, it was a side effect from the Tree of Origin going out of control.

Yihi was promoted and became more versatile. She could properly utilize the Tree of Origin to exert a strong physical force. For example, she could strengthen the roots or take advantage of it as materials for equipment.

"Ohh! Materials like this actually exist in the world!"

The dwarves were excited.

They could create things from mysterious materials. At the very least, the equipment would be rare grade. Some unique rated items might even emerge.

"A lot of the will be helpful in raising the angels."

And that wasn't all. The original Tree of Origin only had a small number of leaves. But the leaves doubled in an instant after communicating with Yihi. I gave them to Tashmal and they could also be used as potion ingredients.

The leaves from the tree had a strong healing effect. Taking them in the long term would also cause stats to rise. Thanks to repetitively taking them, I managed to increase intelligence by 2.

"Master! Yihi will give you a gift. Yihihi."

"It is a strange looking bead."

Yihi approached while I was checking the status of the dungeon. The bead was the size of a thumbnail but gave off an abnormal amount of magic power.

"It isn't strange. Yihi asked. This is the Essence of Origin. It can be created once every year. It is very good to eat."

There was something like this?

It was something that the Tree of Origin could only create once a year.

I opened Mind's Eye.

-Name - Essence of Origin

Description: An essence created by the Tree of Origin that is filled with one year's worth of magic power. It is almost impossible for the gods to obtain so even they consider it a special occasion.

* After taking it, the maximum potential limit will increase by 1.

'Break through the limit...!'

I looked at the essence closely.

I knew what it meant by increasing the maximum potential.

The potential threshold of a demon was 500. All stats could reach exactly 100 points. After reaching 100, a huge difference would be felt even if it only rose by one.

'In my previous life, the grand dukes broke through the limit. But I didn't know the method.'

Of course, they couldn't have made the breakthrough using the Essence of Origin. Other methods were used.

'The Essence of Origin is one of the solutions to breaking through the limit.'

I nodded.

This was important information. I didn't need this right now but...Adonis? He unfortunately reached his maximum potential and would find it hard to raise his stats even further. I could trade this with Adonis.

'It is an important key.'

The corners of my mouth rose.

"Good job."

"Yihihi. Then please stroke Yihi's head."

Yihi stuck out her head.

I hesitated for a moment before petting Yihi's head. Yihi was more pampered after she became the Origin Fairy. I wasn't as restrained anymore and stopped hiding my feelings.

"Yihihihi. I like this. Yihi will now go walk the bees."

Yihi laughed and flew off with red cheeks.

I looked down at my hand.


Origin Fairy.

Despite this status, Yihi was still Yihi.

* * *

The flesh was hungry. He occupied himself eating soil and grass. After passing through insects and mice, he realized they tasted better. Since then, he went to find living things.

Over time, he became bigger until he realized that 'humans' were the most delicious meal. He gobbled up a whole village of humans. He ate. Delicious.

Then all the humans around him were eaten. He returned to the original place. A big castle. It wasn't easy to enter the dungeon. Due to his size, the entrance was blocked.

It was necessary to increase the size of the entrance. He ate the walls. By the way, there was a hint of sweetness.

The dungeon barrier. It wrapped around the outside of the dungeon and was tasty. The flesh started absorbing the dungeon barrier.

"This damn flesh should get lost!"

Pakan Griolli stomped his feet.

A strange flesh was attached to the dungeon barrier and he received a warning message. The durability was going down by the minute.

But it was hard to launch attacks against the flesh. He just recovered and actually increased in size. This was due to his 130 points in stamina.

It would be nice if he could use a scroll to move the flesh to another location.

Pakan Griolli crossed his arms and frowned.

-Barrier Durability 410,233/1,000,000

"Dammit! Kill! Kill it!"

He mobilized all his creatures. But the flesh finally fell. The flesh couldn't absorb all the attacks from the creatures.

"Hahaha! This tenacious brat! He finally died!"

After days of struggling, Infinite Flesh was finally killed. Pakan Griolli laughed out loud.

The damage was considerable and the barrier eventually destroyed, but he thought killing the flesh was more important.

But Pakan Griolli had no idea of one thing.

When the barrier had shattered, a message window flashed in front of all Awakened!