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Chapter 105: Abnormal Proliferation (2)

Chapter 105: Abnormal Proliferation (2)

Despite releasing a number of creatures, I knew that it was only a temporary measure.

I could gain some room but it wouldn't lead to permanent peace. The same problem would continue unless I removed the root cause.

The propagation rate was steadily growing. The quality was never diminishing.

Time passed. My anxiety reached peak levels.

Yihi didn't wake up and the light from the Dungeon Core was waning every day.

'Tree of Origin.'

I knew the cause. I knew but was unable to move my hand.


I pulled out Wrath.

Then I headed towards the Tree of Origin on the 15th floor.

"Dungeon Master. Please calm yourself. There are other ways to solve it."

Julliom realized my intentions and knelt down before me. The tree was the representation of their desires.

But it was no use. My patience was already dried up.

"Julliom. I need to remove the cause of the side effects. This decision was long overdue. In fact, I should have moved quicker."



I brandished my sword. A corner of the Tree of Origin was cut down. Julliom's body trembled and he grabbed my pants.

"Ahh...! No! Please, please not the Tree of Origin!"

"If the dungeon collapses then there will be no tree. Don't block me. I will cut you both down if you continue acting like this."


It was right at that moment. The Tree of Origin made a sound like it was screaming. It tried to defend itself.

However, that was just wishful thinking.


Hundreds of branches were cut down. I was using the skill Dark Sword so the severed objects didn't grow back.


"Shut up. I've endured it for as long as possible. This wouldn't have been necessary if you hadn't disturbed me."

I had an indifferent expression.

As I used my sword, Julliom and the dark elves in the vicinity blocked their eyes and ears. They couldn't help shedding tears.

The Tree of Origin was the source of their dreams and hope. The only sanctuary in this dungeon. Now it was being cut down indiscriminately. They couldn't block it. A sense of helplessness filled their bodies.

I stopped to take a breath in the middle.

"...My Dungeon Master. I found something. A person who can communicate with nature."

Chrisley, who previously left the dungeon, had hastily returned.

There was a small human girl with her.

A human girl. She was approximately nine years old?

An existence that didn't fit in the dungeon. She didn't pay attention to any of the surrounding dark elves. The girl looked at the Tree of Origin and started weeping.


The girl sat down close to the Tree of Origin and started embracing it.

I realized straight away that the girl was an Awakened. Dull eyes. I also recognized that she wasn't normal.


"Yes. But she can communicate with nature."

Chrisley showed her resolve in addressing this problem by leaving the dungeon. That was two weeks ago. Then this was her answer.

I opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Lee Sarang

Occupation Hero (Nature Person) Title

* Comforted by Nature (Ex U, Magic Power +8)


Strength 21 Intelligence 3

Agility 15 Stamina 18

Magic Power 55 (+8)

Potential: (114+8/425)

Uniqueness: Intelligence is very low. Due to this, it is possible to communicate more closely with nature.

Skill: Comfort (Ex U), Natural Fairy Tale (R), Nature Communication (U

A familiar name. A familiar skill. Very high potential.

'Queen of Benevolence.'

Just like Yoo Eun-hye had the name 'Lightning Queen,' Lee Sarang was famous for her kindness.

In the second half of the war. As the earth was driven to destruction and food became very low, humans started eating humans. The Awakened couldn't easily believe in each other when Lee Sarang appeared.

She used the powerful Natural Fairy Tale skill and revived the land. Plants took root and started bearing fruit. As the food shortage was resolved, the Awakened could use their power properly to strike back at the demons.

That's why Lee Sarang was called 'Queen of Benevolence.' Without hesitation, she equally spread love among humans.

I knew she was a South Korean, but I didn't expect to encounter her in a place like this.

'Communicating with nature...'

Lee Sarang was definitely remarkable. She wasn't affected by the dungeon and only cared about the Tree of Origin. In addition, Lee Sarang had stopped the Tree of Origin from screaming.

"But won't it be difficult to converse if she has autism? It doesn't seem to solve our problem."

She could communicate with nature but there would be no way to tell me what it was saying.

Chrisley expressed her opposition.

"She is unmistakably the key to solving this. My Dungeon Master. If given a bit more time..."

"Ah! Ah!"

Chrisley's words were interrupted.

Lee Sarang had placed one hand on the tree while the other one slapped her chest. It was like something was weighing down on her.

"...I will give you a week. Analyze that child's behaviour and figure out how to stop the tree."

"Thank you, My Dungeon Master. You will not be disappointed."

Chrisley and Julliom next to her sighed with relief.


I put away my sword and headed back up to the top floor.

Exactly one week passed.

I stood in front of the Tree of Origin while holding Yihi in one hand.

Chrisley stood to my left and politely said to me.

"The Tree of Origin is a necessary existence. Right now it can't control itself."

"Then Yihi?"

"She is an origin spirit. Tashmal will testify."

Tashmal started speaking.

"That's right. I thought it was strange at first. The Tree of Origin and origin spirit should pair with each other. I believe it is because she is still too young."

I looked between Yihi and the Tree of Origin.

"Yihi is a fairy. Similar to a spirit but clearly different. Perhaps there can be a substitute system?"

Spirits were born in the Spirit World. By nature, a fairy took a long time to mature.

Chrisley answered the obvious question.

"My Dungeon Master. The fairy is very special. She is linked to the Dungeon Core. That leads to a massive amount of magic power. It should be enough power to control the Tree of Origin."

"Okay. The method?"

"The human girl's 'Fairy Tale' skill. If you make the girl an intermediary role..."

"Ah! Ah!"

Lee Sarang looked up at Yihi.

She stretched out her hand like she was asking something.

"Do it well if you want to get out of here alive."

I threatened while handing Yihi over.

Yihi might be young but she was still linked to the Dungeon Core. It was a privilege to be able to touch her spiritual body.

Lee Sarang took Yihi and ran up to the Tree of Origin.

She closed her eyes and instinctively used the 'Natural Fairy Tale' and 'Nature Communication skill.'


The Tree of Origin gave a small cry. The resonance had begun.