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Chapter 103: Dubolong’s Request (4)

 Chapter 103: Dubolong's Request (4)

Dubolong walked up to the entrance.

The door opened and a tall man wearing a black cloak was sitting in a chair. He wore rings on all 10 fingers, and accessories covered his body. There was something everywhere I looked. Splendorous was a description that matched him.

"It is nice to meet you."

I spoke first. The Dark Spirit King burst out laughing.

"Nice to meet me? Puah! Come in!"

From a distance, he looked like someone who would make a big fuss but this was only a facade. I sat down across from the Dark Spirit King. I immediately looked at him with Mind's Eye.

-'Mind's Eye (Ex U) has penetrated 'Shadow Eyes (Ex U)'. Attack rate 60%.

High magic power correction (96)!

But the opponent's intelligence is higher. The attack rate is 54%. Specific information about the opponent will be private.

Name: Adonis

Occupation Dark Spirit King Title * The Dark Spirit King (Epic, Strength and Magic Power +6)

* Ruler Who Causes Trembling (Epic, Magic Power +10)

* Behind Shadows (Ex U, Strength +8)

* Those Who Despise (Ex U, Stamina +8)


Strength 100 (+14) Intelligence 100

Agility 100 Stamina 100 (+8)

Magic Power 100 (+16)

Potential: (500+38/???)

Uniqueness: ???

Skill: Tremor (???), Shadow Eyes (Ex U), ???, ???

Adonis frowned.

"What are you looking at?"

"I like your accessories."

I crossed my legs. But inwardly I was completely different from my composed exterior.

'How great.'

A total of 538 stat points. He was already a transcendental person. Yet he still failed to break through his 'limits.' Maybe it was frozen at this point because he couldn't break through. He would become even stronger if he went over his limit. There were also question marks. His ability was on a similar level to the grand dukes in the Demon World, so I couldn't help feeling admiration.

"Hrmm. You really are an unknown person."

"I am anxious to hear why you called me here."

I had no intention of having comfortable small talk. Adonis cupped his chin.

"Before that, I would like to ask you something. What do you see yourself as?"


I wouldn't let anyone else become the devil. It was a resolution that I made every day.

Adonis was at a loss for a moment after my reply showed no hesitation.

"...A great aspiration. Randalph Brigsiel, you resemble me in that sense."

"Are you aiming to rule over all the spirits in the Spirit World?"

"That's right. Not just a Spirit King, I am determined to truly become a god. In order to do this, a lot of help is needed.

I knew the problem. It was like trying to walk among the stars. I just sat there as Adonis laughed.

"I wouldn't normally ask but I am very curious about you, Randalph Brigsiel. Your attitude didn't change, it's like you were aware of this from the beginning."

"Your curiosity shouldn't touch someone like me."

"A cool personality. Hrmm...good. I think we should start talking specifics. I feel more at ease after talking to you. So I ask you: Randalph Brigsiel, will you form a contract with me?"

A contract with a spirit.

That was the main point. The request that Dubolong told me not to reject.

It was taboo for the dark spirits to make contracts at the Demon World Auction organized by them. There could be issues of fairness the moment someone received favouritism. But the dark spirits had many tricks. This contract would be formed away from the eyes of the system.

The problem...this was the Dark Spirit King.

"Why? Do you really need to go to such lengths?"

"Things are changing very quickly. Randalph Brigsiel, you must feel it as well. There are many enemies, but our number is too small. However, it is a different story if we can help each other."

Accepting it would allow me to leap forward. It didn't seem unusual at first glance, but the agreement seemed to only be beneficial to me.

The Dark Spirit King wouldn't get a lot of benefits from helping me. Such a contract with the Dark Spirit King...he was aiming for something.

Adonis was a greedy bastard. That was the one thing I knew for certain.

'A contract with a spirit, sharing our capabilities with each other. Even if it is just helping me keep the demons in check. What does he have to gain from the contract?'

I thought for a moment.

Getting a contract from me. I wouldn't be bound by a contract unless I figured it out.

'I have to determine it. There needs to be some significant reason before I accept.'

If not, there was no need to form the contract. He didn't know about my overwhelming points, my growth rate or the situation in my would become harder if anyone figured out even one piece of that information.

Adonis would need to go beyond simply helping to direct intervention.

"I reject."

There was more harm than good. Adonis' expression changed at my reply.

"Why? This is a chance to preempt the goods from the Demon World Auction. I will also give you necessary information about some dungeons. And if you help me grow, we can both be the best in the future!"

Losing his temper.

But my position was the opposite. There was a need to immediately straighten it out.


I got up from my seat and slammed my hand against the desk.

"Ha! Do I look stupid? Or are you so overconfident that you think I would be reeled in with a good story?"

Adonis didn't want me.

In the last two years, I had a ridiculous number of points compared to the other demons. I was their best VIP customer. I couldn't be excluded from the Demon World Auction no matter what. Adonis was hoping to conquer the Spirit World. Gathering more points was essential to that. Conversely, I didn't really need the help of the Dark Spirit King.

Dubolong told me all about the brutal acts he used to gain the throne. Our positions were different.

Adonis' hard expression relaxed. He had finally realized the subtle difference.

'What is going to come out?'

I was quite curious.

There were different actions that he could take. Would Adonis apologize for his mistake? Or maybe he would let his anger spiral out of control. A little bit of time passed before Adonis opened his mouth.

"Hrmm, I apologize. I got ahead of myself."

Adonis regained his composure and took a comfortable position in his seat. His arrogant air was gone...amazing.

I had to admit it. Usually those in such high positions didn't like to admit their mistakes. At least, that was what I experienced.

The grand dukes. In particular, Upa had such tendencies.

And wasn't Adonis the Dark Spirit King? I felt sorry comparing him to Upa who wasn't on his level.

I sat down again. I wouldn't maintain my hard attitude in front of Adonis' apology.

"Spirit King. Even though you helped me, aren't we just meeting today? If the basic courtesies are lost then we are just like the other demons."

"...That's right. Courtesy might not seem like a big deal but it is very important. Randalph Brigsiel, you are unlike the other demons. That is why I singled you out."

Adonis glanced at me and nodded with satisfaction. He seemed to have realized that his attitude was wrong.

He subsequently said.

"Then let's go back to the name is Adonis. I am the Dark Spirit King who rules over the dark spirits."

I grabbed his outstretched hand and replied.

"Randalph Brigsiel. I am grateful for the Seed of the World Tree."

"I've lived for a long time and never imagined an exchange like this with a demon."

Adonis said with a large smile. I released my hand and also smiled.

"There is a saying that one good turn deserves another. Adonis, you did a favour for me so I won't be hostile towards you."

"That's right. Your words are correct. It seems like I fit very well with you. It was my mistake to immediately talk about the contract."

There was a warm atmosphere in the room. However, it could change if the incorrect button was pushed again.

Adonis' smile remained unchanged as he said.

"But Randalph Brigsiel, telling you about the contract also isn't a bad thing. The contract even exerts its power over the spirit kings. In addition, any resistance you face in the Spirit World will disappear. No one would dare oppose my authority as king."

"I'm not a person who leans on the authority of someone else."

"I see that. But the difference is huge. Is it really leaning on authority? The spirits have access to other worlds. It isn't impossible for the spirits to find and monopolize treasures from other worlds."

The access of the spirits to other worlds.

A clear variable.

If they didn't need to force open a crack then they could go back and forth from the Spirit World. Of course, the personality of a demon made it hard for them to form a contract with the spirits, but they had a 'road' that I could take.


"Do we really need to make a contract with each other? It would be favourable if we listen to each other."

"Randalph Brigsiel. I hope that your growth is like the sea. And entering a contractual relationship will allow us to become equal to each other. You will be the devil and I will be king of the Spirit World, an invincible combination. No one shall touch us!"

Adonis snorted roughly.

In the end, his intentions were exposed. He talked about a rosy future but I wasn't swayed.

I was aware of things he didn't say.

In addition, the contract didn't mean that both sides would be equal to each other. Either way, I would have no choice but to be pulled...that was more likely. I might move from the position of 'customer' to an 'equal', but Adonis would hold the advantage.

I would regret this the first time Adonis needed something.

His original jurisdiction was selling goods at the Demon World Auction. I was someone who bought the goods. There was no telling what could happen. He could pass over insignificant information or be condescending.

On the other hand, I was at an advantage because I was the 'customer' leading in points. If that advantageous position was to disappear due to the contract...

This would only be the semblance of equality.

He couldn't ignore the situation, but it wasn't possible to form a contract unless I was completely satisfied with it.

"It isn't easy to make a decision about this issue."

Luck. At this point, it was a big advantage but even bigger disadvantage. At the very least, the contract meant Adonis would get his hands on my points. I needed to have something over Adonis.

"Then I will hear your answer at the next Demon World Auction. How about it?"

Adonis said.

There were still six months remaining. I needed to make a decision within that time.


Six months wasn't enough.

"Adonis. What is making you so hasty?"

"I told you. The surroundings are changing too quickly. There is a need to prepare."

"Due to the movement of the other spirit kings?"

"Yes. And Heaven...the demons aren't safe. So before that, the both of us need to build a united force."

Adonis closed his mouth after saying that.

The movements of the other spirit kings.

Adonis was concerned and wanted to use 'illegal' methods to gain the position. It had only been three years so they was lacking preparation. It would be impossible for the spirit kings to catch Adonis if they had to keep fending off his attacks.

My mind understood why he wanted to secure his position.

He intended to use me to grow. Maybe he intended to use me as a shield.

My judgements might be too complex, but it was better to discover the variables. In particular, the latter would be the worst case situation.

When thinking about it, there weren't many subjects where I could be neutral.

"Adonis. That is why we need to be more cautious about each other. Frankly, dealing with the grand dukes alone is an arduous task. It would certainly be reassuring if I had your aid. But more time is needed for trust to build. If the day comes where we need to fight back to back...I hope you won't be someone who betrays me."

I stared into Adonis' eyes.

I wanted to become the devil, but common sense dictated it was impossible to deal with the grand dukes alone. He didn't know about the hidden cards I received from coming back.

Adonis. He would have to reach out to help me.

"Ha...Randalph Brigsiel. You truly don't think like a demon. I don't know where your confidence comes from. If you are going to stand at my back, I also want to be aware of your level."

"10 million."

"10 million?"

"That is the number of points I have right now"

"...It hasn't been that long since the last Demon World Auction finished. Is that really true?"

I had used millions of points in the second Demon World Auction.

Judging by Adonis' reaction, he hadn't fully identified my scope. A superficial knowledge. Yet he still coveted me. He would drool even more if I revealed more of myself.

I just laughed.

"If it is false then won't you find out at the next Demon World Auction? That would be foolish."

"Does that mean you will use more than 10 million points in the next Demon World Auction?"

"Of course, if you have some good things prepared."

Adonis frowned slightly.

There were signs of struggle on his face. But he soon made a decision.

"Okay. That kind of strength. I guess you don't need my help right away. We will establish a relationship over time and talk about the contract again later. At that time, we can meet face to face with each other."

Adonis retreated a step.

"Thank you for your patience."

"No. It was a reasonable opinion. Either way...this talk shouldn't end here. I want to show you the alcohol and beauty of this place."

"I am just accepting a friend's request."

"Friend! Puah! Yes, it is polite to accept a friend's request."


Adonis said that word for the first time. It showed he intended to make this favourable relationship last long.


Adonis knocked on the table and shouted loudly.

"Dubolong! Prepare alcohol and women!"

A small banquet was held. Alcohol, fruits and dozens of beauties were prepared.

"Take this. Rather than gold and silver, I will give you a box of this precious, rare alcohol!"

Adonis was a wreck. He became drunk and took off all his clothes while surrounded by women. But...his eyes never lost their sharp look.

He moved quickly after confirming my existence. The alcohol and women were to receive my admiration.

"A great drink."

"Puah! I told you! Today is a special occasion so let's drink to our glory!"

"I don't enjoy drinking alcohol but I can drink this one every day."

"Where else can you enjoy such alcohol? Why are you rejecting the lithe hands next to you? If you don't like them then I will bring out men!"

"It is more delicious to eat at the end."

I embraced one of the succubus near me. Alcohol and women. It wasn't very good but I didn't hate it. I would receive the present.

And it was necessary to give in a little bit here.

I tilted the glass and slowly poured the drink on her cleavage.

And the succubus slowly bit my ear.

* * *

The banquet ended and I exited after enjoying the succubus.

Dubolong was nearby waiting for me.

"Was the banquet fun?"

"There is no need to say anything."

"I'm glad. I hope there weren't any problems with the request."

"In the first place, our relationship was helping each other. I couldn't refuse."

I said in a moderately serious tone.

Dubolong smiled while guiding me.

We arrived at the location where I was first summoned. The crack was still there.

Dubolong bowed as I entered the crack and said.

"Then, Randalph Brigsiel-nim. I will see you at the next Demon World Auction."