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Chapter 102: Dubolong’s Request (3)

 Chapter 102: Dubolong's Request (3)


The dungeon's top floor.

A crack occurred near the core. It was unstable like it wouldn't last long.

But I had already made my decision. There was no hesitation. I stepped into the crack.

The only thing I could see was darkness. But there was a light. It was shining from far away and seemed to be the exit. I walked out of the light into a wide room.

I looked at the one standing in front of me.

"Welcome, Randalph Brigsiel-nim. I believed you would come."

Dubolong, who was still dressed as a clown, bowed respectfully.

Dubolong. Cool-headed and resourceful. A poisonous scammer. The best henchman for the Dark Spirit King. He was the spirit that greeted me directly, it was natural since he invited me in the first place.

I nodded.

"I am looking forward to meeting the Dark Spirit King."

"You won't regret it."

"But this isn't the castle I previously appeared in."

The room was similar to the previous times I had been summoned, but the magic power was subtly different. Dubolong laughed and said.

"You noticed. Yes. This isn't the castle."

"Is there a reason?"

I gave a slight frown and placed my hand on Wrath. I didn't like that he summoned me to another place without prior notice. If I wasn't convinced by his excuses then I would mercilessly use Wrath on Dubolong.

Dubolong started sweating as he spoke. A high class spirit wouldn't be easy to take down. I wouldn't kill him if I didn't have to.

"The spies of other spirit kings have broken into the castle. They forcefully opened a crack and attacked the Dark Spirit King. Please be understanding..."

The Dark Spirit King was ambitious. He ate up contracts and opened the Demon World Auction. He could do that by sacrificing numerous spirits. The other spirit kings had noticed.

But the timing was too fast; it took 10 years for this to occur in my previous life. The Dark Spirit King started a war shortly after gathering a large number of points.

'My movements are affecting the Spirit World.'

My movements were the only thing different from my previous life. I had exposed myself in the Demon World Auction. Perhaps the points I used influenced this event? It was like small wings causing a big typhoon that caused a seismic shift...

"Strange. Would it really be that easy to defeat the Dark Spirit King?"

Dubolong's forehead furrowed.

"Huu! Do you know the mythical creature from the Middle World called the Shadow Emperor?"

A familiar name. I nodded.

"I know."

"We could never touch the treasure trove he left behind, be honest, it was absolutely impossible, but recently there were signs of a dimensional move. The other spirits dispatched a military force and used it for navigation."

Ah, that was the cause. Now the fog had cleared. The spirits were interested in many things on the Middle World. Something happening in the Middle World would naturally catch their interest. I was directly related to the matter.

"It wasn't due to the Demon World Auction."

"That's right. The dark spirits are repelled by light spirits. The fire and wind spirits are also troublesome to deal with together. So it can't hurt to be careful."

"You also want to grasp my growth. Isn't that right?"

Reading such weak magic power would be a moderate estimate of my growth. They deliberately made the room like this. Their intentions were so obvious that I couldn't help laughing. It was annoying but the dark spirits were originally like this.

"Would I do that? I have a life-long relationship with Randalph-nim!"

Dubolong waved his hand. I released my hand from Wrath.

"There is no second chance."

"Haha, of course. I shouldn't be doing this now so let's move."

Dubolong shamelessly guided me.

* * *

The Wailing Forest. A haven for dark spirits.

There were moans and screams coming from everywhere. The magic power of the forest itself was to blame.

Dubolong said with a playful expression.

"Be careful. You might be invaded by spirits."

It wasn't a joke. I spoke to Dubolong as I looked around.

"This is certainly a place for the Dark Spirit King."

"...Please don't say that in front of the Dark Spirit King."

Dubolong's voice trembled slightly. He had really high loyalty to the Dark Spirit King. It was great that he didn't show his hostility.

"I won't."

Courtesy was necessary everywhere. Dubolong switched to another topic.

"Do you have a lot of points? I heard that there was a recent surge in the average points of demons."

"A moderate amount. By the way, how much is the average number of points?"

I didn't mention any direct numbers. My points being over 10 million was a hidden weapon. Even if I had a partnership with him, it was ideal to hide it.

Dubolong replied like it was inconsequential.

"At this time, roughly 850,000. Alas, we are indeed fortunate. The average points is close to one million so I wonder if I should bring out a high class creature."

The spirits were able to figure out the average points of the demons. And close to one million would allow them to bring out high class creatures.

Three years.

The emergence of high class creatures was really fast.

I asked a question after hearing those words.

"You don't already have one prepared?"

"It happened so suddenly. There are a few candidates. Recently an older titan was obtained. There was also a whale-shaped creature found in a cave. They are candidates but..."

Dubolong shook his head and said.

"My offer from the past is still valid. Would you like to make a deal if you have any high class creatures? We will pay for it."

"I will think about it."

We had a relationship so there was no need to outright reject him. It was important to properly look after the relationship. Of course, I had no intention of handing over the high class creatures I obtained from the gods.

"I hope it moves in a positive direction."

Dubolong shrugged.

Soon they arrived at a cleared area. There was a big thatched building in the centre of the cleared area.

"It is simple."

"The Dark Spirit King doesn't like luxury."

It was nonsense. There was no end in sight to the size of the Demon World Auction. I didn't know it personally but the nature of the Dark Spirit King didn't fit with those words.

At that moment, Dubolong turned towards me. He said with a stiff expression.

"...His request, please don't refuse it."