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Chapter 101: Dubolong’s Request (2)

 Chapter 101: Dubolong's Request (2)

TL Note: Hey guys, I'm so sorry. I meant to go back to fix a numbering problem in the last chapter but fell asleep and completely forgot about it when posting the chapter. There is a mistake with the army summoned and it is actually 100,000 instead of 100 million.

Okullos' arm.

I tossed it in front of my dungeon in China. Buds sprouted from the arm and unknown flowers were now blooming.

'Okullos, I don't know what he got from me but I won't be able to identify it now. On the other hand, I know him a little bit better.'

I noticed something when he used the Naturalization skill. Roots came out from Okullos' body. I looked at the arm in front of my dungeon.

This was China, at the dungeon that originally belonged to Saman. Unless information was exchanged among his faction, Upa wouldn't notice that this was my dungeon.

As long as Okullos didn't take dungeons from other demons, he wouldn't know that movement between dungeons was possible. I would be able to respond sufficiently if Okullos made any movements.

I moved to the top floor of the dungeon where Sik Sik was red-faced.

"Sik Sik! This bitch! How could you do that?"

"Bah! What did Yihi do? And why is Sik Sik calling me such a tasteless name?"

There was a familiar face.

Yihi was yelling at Sik Sik with crossed arms.

'I guess the fairies can also move between dungeons.'

Movement. I thought I could only move my body but it was possible for the fairies to move as well. Guyo didn't see the need but Yihi seemed to have past ties with Sik Sik.

"I worked so hard to find that flower. You just stepped on it."

"Omo, Yihi did that? Well, that can't be. There is no way Yihi would step on such a flower."

Sik Sik's shoulder was hit.

"But...Sik Sik said I was going to bring a flower to you..."

"That bothered Yihi too. I didn't want you to bring me anything! Yihi got goose bumps because of it!"

"Sik Sik. I can't forgive you. Just wait until I become the Fairy King!"

"Yihihi! That can't be. Master is crazy about Yihi. Third parties should stay out! Do you think that you can steal Yihi's place?"

"No, Master gave Sik Sik a chance!"

"No, Master is crazy about Yihi!"



I interrupted before the two started to fight each other.

"I will give fair chances."



Sik Sik cheered while Yihi pouted.

"The ties between both of you are deeper than I thought."

"It is a bad relationship."

"Yihi's stalker. Please scold her."

Yihi sat on my shoulder and rubbed her cheek against mine to show off her closeness. Sik Sik's face reddened.

"Did anything happen while I was away?"

"No, Master."

"Yihi has something. Master hasn't been back to the dungeon lately. So Yihi wanted to deliver this to you directly. Otherwise I wouldn't have come here to see this ugly kid."

Sik Sik immediately protested.



They were like cats and dogs.

Yihi ignored Sik Sik and held out a small piece of paper.

There were short sentences written...I didn't take my eyes off the paper.

[The Dark Spirit King wants to meet you. I assure you that it will be beneficial. How about I set up a time? Dubolong.]

There wasn't anything else stated on the paper, but the contents were unusual. Dark Spirit King. The director of the auction who was capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the grand dukes. Had I ever seen him in my previous life?

'An issue might have occurred.'

I spent a large amount of points and he handed over a Seed of the World Tree to me. The Dark Spirit King hoped to contain the grand dukes. Or he wanted me to grow to a similar level.

The meeting was to give me more assistance. Or something unexpected happened. There was no need to think for a long time.

But I didn't laugh, I couldn't relax and needed to be prepared. I wasn't naive about the Dark Spirit King. The Spirit World was full of ambitious schemers,great achievements were required to become the ruler of the Spirit World. He might plan to trick me somehow.

I needed to always calculate from a distance.

I turned the piece of paper and saw the time stated.

[10 days later. We will create a crack in space and time.]

In this regard, I was quite surprised.

An action like this was normal only when it came to the Demon World Auction.

Forcefully creating a crack to move just me to the Spirit World was a heavy burden. Originally it was impossible but the system seemed to allow it. Although a penalty would obviously be received:many spirits would be destroyed in the process.

'It seems urgent.'

My expression hardened.

He seemed to be in a hurry to meet me. It definitely wasn't ordinary.

I crumpled up the piece of paper.

10 days was enough time to do some clean-up.

I turned and gazed at the spirited Sik Sik.

"Sik Sik. Where is 'he' located?"

Sik Sik replied with a pout.

"On the floor directly below."

"I understand."

I moved to the floor below.

'He' was something I gained from the altar in China. There was a problem but...I was going to look at him once again.

The entrance to the floor was blocked by a huge pit. There was a brown, disgusting, strange creature emerging from it! He moved slowly like a snail and devoured everything around him.

"Master. Yihi thinks he is really ugly."

Yihi who was sitting on my shoulder frowned. Even Yihi who had a strange sense of aesthetics was reluctant to look at him. There was also a foul smell.


At that moment, small tentacles emerged and headed towards me. I cut off the tentacles with Wrath.

"He still doesn't recognize his master."

"How dare he attack Master! A very bad creature. Should Yihi kick his ass?"

I laughed as Yihi rolled up her sleeves.

"That's okay. I heard that creature can even eat spiritual beings."

"Hmph! Hum hum! Yihi will show mercy just this once."

Yihi stealthily withdrew.

'I don't know what to do with something like this.'

A creature from one of the gods. He didn't know why this uncontrollable, huge flesh that swallowed up everything was put on this earth. He even tried to eat me.

I opened Mind's Eye to confirm his status.

Name: Infinite Flesh


Strength 90 Intelligence 0

Agility 43 Stamina 130

Magic Power 35

Potential: (298/320)

Uniqueness: While delivering the dead, Anubis accidentally placed them in the 'River of Chaos.' A monster of chaos consisting of 20 million souls was born, and grows by consuming everything in its surroundings. He resembles 'Gluttony' of the seven sins.

Skill: Growth (Epic)

Stats that were extremely imbalanced. A creature that had transcendental stamina. But he was just a major headache. He couldn't even recognize his master and was too busy eating!

Anyway, it was obvious that he would cause problems in my dungeon.


I pressed a hand against my forehead. Then Yihi clapped her hands.

"Master, Master. Throw him away. Yihi has been thinking. He is just an ungrateful bastard eating the magic power in the dungeon. He might even eat up the altars or Dungeon Core! Yihi is horrified just imagining it."

"That's right. I should throw him away."

I inwardly sighed.

'Throw him away?'

After all, he didn't fit. It would have been okay if he had a little bit of intelligence. Keeping him in the dungeon would just cause a headache. It didn't matter that he was a gift from the gods.

"But how will you get rid of him?"

Yihi placed her hands on her hips and asked.

Infinite Flesh had a habit of eating anything in close reach.

I contemplated for a moment before saying.

"I have to use a scroll."

It was possible to move him using a scroll. It would waste some points but I needed to get rid of the creature before he caused problems.

"Yihihi! That is wise! But where will he go?"

Fairie were curious by nature. I thought of places where I could discard him.

'I will place him near a dungeon belonging to Grand Duke Upa's faction.'

Of course, there was no guarantee that Infinite Flesh would head to the dungeon. He was a senseless creature that wouldn't listen to anyone's commands but...I would also get points from any Awakened that tried to block him.

I decided to place him near Duke Pakan Griolli's dungeon. It would require hundreds of thousands of points to move Infinite Flesh to Saudi Arabia but it was worth it if I could deal a blow to a duke.

Anyway, I had over 10 million points so it was an initiative I could take.

After handling the troublesome one, I moved to my dungeon in South Korea.

The 25th floor. I felt odd as I stepped into a sacred area. This was the influence of holy power on demons. I walked forward and found Tashmal.

'All the eggs are hatched.'

In the heart of the sacred zone, countless black fur formed a nest and baby angels with small wings were crawling. Tashmal was busy taking care of the baby angels and didn't notice I had arrived.

"You seem busy."

"Ah...! Did you come? That's right. I am lacking hands."

In contrast to her words, her expression was quite soft. I had never seen such 'kindness' on her face.

I said with a smile.

"You seem to be doing well."

"I don't know whether I am doing well. The angels are always raised by archangels. I just hope that...ah, this child! Come down!"

A baby angel was flying with its small wings. Tashmal panicked and grabbed the baby angel.

"Do you require anything?"

"Huu! Can you bring me a few leaves from the Tree of Origin?"

Tashmal said while forcing the baby angel to come down.

"Why do you need the leaves?"

"The leaves from the Tree of Origin will make their wings grow significantly larger. I only tried it a few times but the effect was excellent."

Tashmal was a Dominions Angel and knew the important effect of the leaves. Certainly, there were a few leaves on the stem. I also had great interest in the growth of the angels.

"I will send it through Chrisley."

"Thank you."

I nodded.

Over time, I would start breaking down Tashmal's 'wall.' She accepted the reality of raising the angels, but her final mission was to kill all the demons. She wouldn't take action towards me until the end.

So it wasn't easy for her to say thank you to me.

"If you need anything then speak to Chrisley."

"Unders...ah! This troublemaker! You aren't ready to fly yet! Your wings are still weak and might break!"

Tashmal was busy.

I shrugged and turned away.

The angels had grown. Tashmal was a fallen angel so I was glad it didn't cause any problems.

Angels in a demon's dungeon...

I was looking forward to seeing the effects.

I also made sure to check the situation of the creatures in China's dungeon. There was only one thing remaining.

The Devil Hunters raid group?

They thought that I was dead. There was a possibility that the raid group itself would collapse.

I exited the dungeon. I easily bypassed the soldiers guarding the dungeon since there was no need to inform them of my survival.


I hesitated as I entered the city. There were banners saying 'Tribute to Randalph-nim' or 'We will not forget his devotion' hanging all over the place. My photos and personal information were handled as secretly as possible so there was only writing on the banners.

"The hero has already been dead for 100 days. As a result, how many people were saved? Let us remember. Think about it forever. His sacrifice. His glory!"

In particular, there was a long memorial procession in Gangnam.

There were familiar faces in the middle of the procession.

Yoo Eun-hye, Lee Ji-hye, Kim Yong-woo and Edward Windsor. Yoo Eun-hye in particular had tears streaming down her face and was dressed in the colour of deepest mourning. Her face was slender like she hadn't eaten.


It was bigger than I expected. This had escalated more than I liked. Intense feelings that I couldn't easily dismiss.

'I should think of some ideas in the Spirit World.'

I never thought my influence would be this great. Well, I was the strongest Awakened with a level that no one could ignore. I had forgotten that humans were sentimental towards the dead. It was a scene that I never saw in my previous life.

I should handle it carefully. I needed to think of some ways to address this problem.

I headed back to my dungeon. The promised date with Dubolong was approaching.