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Chapter 100: Dubolong’s Request (1)

 Chapter 100: Dubolong's Request (1)

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The skill effect of Wrath ended shortly afterwards.

It was fast. I judged the battle was over, so there was no need to hold onto the effects.

Additionally...the fight with Okullos ended smoothly but this wasn't over. We had already fought, so one of my weapons against Okullos had disappeared. I could also determine some things. I could make some preparations. I also confirmed that the grand dukes would never form an alliance with each other.

Okullos had no contact with them at all. Okullos seemed to occupy a halfway position like watered down alcohol. However, at the end he mentioned that he obtained some large information. It was possible this was a bluff, but he was an opponent whose actions couldn't be predicted.

'The heart needs to be awakened properly.'

I asked the Cruel Commander despite the risk. I could be stabbed in the neck if I wasn't prepared for the awakening.

Maxium was also nervous. He held out his sword in its scabbard.

"The Emperor gave me this sword."

I grasped the scabbard.

At the same time, I checked it with Mind's Eye.

-Name - The Emperor's Sword (Epic, Ego)

Description: A sword favoured by the Shadow Emperor. It was created with wrought iron, martanium and intense magic spells to form an ego.

* Unable to be destroyed. Dignity will rise significantly. It is possible to use 'Emperor's Army' once every 10 years.

*** The spirit of the sword is unavailable.

The description didn't say anything about awakening. The ego part of the sword stood out and I was curious about Emperor's Army, but that wasn't the priority right now.

"What is this sword?"

I asked with a frown and Maxium explained.

"The sword that has a spirit dwelling inside it. The sword can think for itself. It doesn't recognize my hands but might open for Your Majesty."

"The sword spirit..."

"The Emperor entrusted me with this sword before going to his eternal rest. He asked me to return it when he came back. The sword is incomplete so it might be able to complete you."

So there were some groundworks laid for the awakening.

I pulled out the sword instantly. A brilliantly shining gold sword was revealed.


The sword started vibrating. It tried to make me drop it as it rejected me.

But at that moment...

-Divine Sword Unity (Ex U, Passive) has been triggered. The ego dwelling inside 'The Emperor's Sword' has succumbed to the user.

The ego had become gentle due to Divine Sword Unity. The sword stopped vibrating and acted properly in my hand.

After the approval, it felt familiar, like I had used it before. But that was it. The ego didn't talk to me.

'Was it originally like this?'

Ego sword. The number present in the Demon World was very low; I had never touched one. And the ego in the sword didn't show any visible response. I tapped it with my fingers. There was no response.

"Ah, as expected...! You have received the recognition of the sword! I had faith!"

However, Maxium cried out with admiration next to me. He seemed impressed as he formed a tight fist. I scowled and asked.

"Now what?"

"I don't know the details. Just to return this sword...actually, I only received permission to touch it."

"That is no help."

"I-I'm really sorry."

Maxium bowed his head.

Tsk. I clicked my tongue.

It was a clue but I didn't know how to make it work. Anyway, I was satisfied that I obtained a sword with an epic rating. The problem was that there were many ambiguous points.

Anyway, the Shadow Emperor had left the sword behind so there was obviously something.

'Emperor's Army.'

I checked the skill of the sword. It could only be used once every 10 years so I read the detailed explanation.

-Name - The Emperor's Army (???)

Description: Over 100,000 'ghost cavalry' that exist in an underground warehouse can be summoned. The ghost calvary have no flesh and will wipe out the user's enemies. They will return to their original location after 90 days.

Not all the soldiers were summoned here with Maxium and the skeletons. I realized the quality of the Shadow Emperor's army and why he was so feared.

At that time, Maxium fell on both knees and begged.

"Your Majesty. It is time to build a new empire once you return to the continent. Maxium will help you regain your position."

"That isn't possible."

I had no way of getting to the Shadow Emperor's continent.

Then Maxium glanced towards me.

"How can I leave you behind? This is a world of thieves. It seems to be different but similar to the Demon World."

"I have something to achieve here. Until I achieve it, I have no intention of leaving."

"What is it? Can't I help you?"

"You can't stay here for a long time, right?"

"...That's right. The magic power is a little scattered. After some time, we will be returned to the warehouse."

Maxium showed signs of dissatisfaction as he spoke.

It was expected. The system didn't like me.

"But! I can still help Your Majesty even if it is only a short period. Maxium and the soldiers will be happy to help."

Maxium cried out.

There was still a bit of time left.

It was inevitable that the skeleton soldiers would be put to work. They showed a willingness to help without any complaints.

'Increasing my dungeons right now isn't very wise.'

Grand Duke Upa's faction had already lost a dungeon so he would notice if he lost two or three. The dungeons in China were probably prepared for an attack.

At the very least, I needed to take a look at the dungeons in China.

'But it is fine to cause some damage.'

I nodded lightly.

"I will designate you some dungeons. Causing them to lose some creatures will be of help to me."

I said flatly.

Anyway, the troops would go back eventually. It didn't matter how many skeleton soldiers died.

"We will follow your words."

Maxium replied without any doubts.

* * *

Maxium and his army appeared for exactly 90 days.

Maxium stopped hunting humans and focused on the dungeons I specified. Both dungeons belonged to Upa's faction. He was greatly passionate about helping the Emperor. Eventually, there weren't many soldiers remaining.

I earned a little more than 4 million points. The damage to the demons was at least 2 million points, I gained one dungeon and got my hands on an epic grade sword.

Furthermore, I got some confirmation about 'awakening.' My pure intelligence rose by 2. This had to mean something. I didn't know if it was awakening but the Emperor's Sword was clearly the right key. Just holding it in my hands stimulated the heart to increase my stats. They were connected to each other.

Anyway, time passed quickly and the day finally arrived.

Maxium and the few thousand soldiers left after hitting the dungeons belonging to Upa's faction in China looked upset.

"Your Majesty..."

"Good work."

"Can't we go together?"

"I have already said it. I have things to accomplish here."

Maxium regarded me as his Emperor. He treated me as sacred. I was considered to be the sun and moon, so Maxium worried endlessly about me. And he ultimately believed in me. Plus, he wanted to please me.

Maxium's expression turned sad. His appearance didn't fit the title of Cruel Commander at all. He fell to his knees.

"Maxium will look forward to the day Your Majesty returns."

The bodies of the remaining soldiers and Maxium blurred. Their magic power was scattered and transferred through the dimensional gate.

After a while, they completely disappeared.


The spacious wilderness.

I remained there alone.