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Chapter 94-97- Cruel Commander’s Corps

 Chapter 94-97- Cruel Commander's Corps

[TL Note: I've made a change to the last chapter. Cruel Corps Commander = Cruel Commander's Corps. Another change is that 'Item names marked with a + are the only ones available for purchase' has been changed to 'Item names marked with a + can only be purchased once'

An expensive creature that could only be bought once with 6,000 achievement points. He heard the name on the day he got the Heart of the Hell Monarch.


Great Orc Ram. The Jin Vampire Subira was also different from a 'corps.' There was a numerical difference. But he didn't know what it meant by 'Cruel Commander.'

Even so, I was interested because it was a corps. In the Store of All Things, there were no cases where a large number of creatures were sold at once. There also weren't any corps sold at the Demon World Auction.

I had quite a few creatures but it wasn't to the extent that it could be called a corps. Of course, the lowest class creatures might be if they combined but there wasn't anyone that could efficiently lead them. They wouldn't show the appearance of an army.

'If I have a strong corps with multiple creatures than my situation will become better.'

To be honest...there weren't many people who could properly command the number of creatures now. It was the same for me as well. So far, I had pushed for quantity over quality.

But Chrisley had bloomed thanks to this 'event.' Over time, she would become the best as she gained experience.

But in this situation, I was in need of a skilled commander. I wasn't the only one aiming for Earl Saman's dungeon. There were 12 other demons who saw the scene. By now, the news would have been transmitted to Upa's faction.

The confused demons were waiting in front of my dungeon so I needed to hit first.

'The Dungeon Master is gone so the fairy will be anxious.'

The Dungeon Master and Dungeon Core were closely linked to the fairy. Guyo formed a new contract shortly after I killed Adol but a fairy waiting a long time would feel extreme anxiety. In my previous life, the fairies would feel confusion and move the creatures outside. Usually they prevented anyone from entering was hard to predict their move.

"I will buy it."

I said heavily. 6,000 achievement points. I used all sorts of methods and 6 million points to save this amount. I had collected it recklessly. I could still gain more points from my dungeons.

Soon a large number of message windows appeared in the air.

-You have bought the 'Cruel Commander's Corps.6,000 achievement points will be deducted.

During the Mado Era, the Shadow Emperor was a very greedy person. He buried all the treasures of the world in a deep place and chose a Cruel Commander and his corps to protect it. It was impossible to take out any of the treasures. The flesh decayed and bones became rotten but they still only had one loyalty. Despite their dead bodies, the souls will continue obeying the commands of the Shadow Emperor.

-The 'Cruel Commander's Corps' is made up of a massive army of 50,000 troops.

The creatures are powerful enough to tear down a thick tree with their hands.

-The 'Cruel Commander's Corps' is moving through the dimensional gate.

Generating a random area has been completed.

-An event message is sent to all demons and Awakened.

-Be careful.

The Cruel Commander considers all living creatures as 'thieves.' Even the buyer is no different.They will kill all thieves for 90 days before returning to their original place.

Points obtained from killing humans, creatures or demons will be transferred to the buyer. 'Destruction' contribution will also rise.


I frowned.


This was unexpected.

* * *

At that moment.

All Awakened and demons on earth received a message.

-The 'Cruel Commander's Corps' has arrived in a random place.

They will devour everything around them.

Stop them!

Just three lines.

The Awakened were confused by the message window that suddenly emerged.

"Cruel Commander's Corps?"

"What is that?"

They should be. Right now the world was in a state of extreme confusion due to the angels and creatures. The angels had almost all been exterminated. The emergence of another event wasn't welcomed at all.

There were two problems. The Cruel Commander's Corps didn't make sense at all.

But this worry was solved surprisingly quickly.

-This is the central district in the northeast Jilin Province of China. Right now tens of thousands of skeleton soldiers are marching here. Quickly crossing to the south...d-damage! Ack!


The brief news only lasted 10 seconds. There were subtitles but the viewers were more focused on the video.

A huge fireball had hit the helicopter.

The scene that transitioned to an announcer.

-The video above was sent from China. China has taken some measures and their military will be taking action in the next two days. But the reactions of the neighbouring countries are skeptical. The situation between the angels and creatures couldn't even be resolved properly.

The announcer then said with a determined expression.

-The situation is no different from Korea. There are still a large number of creatures hanging near the dungeon. The damage was lessened due to the swift response from guilds such as Heaven's Will and Mithril but citizens are still cautioned to be careful. In particular, all citizens around Seoul should evacuate to the designated shelter. Then...God bless all the people of South Korea.

* * *

"For the Emperor!"

The Cruel Commander.

A tall man wearing a faded golden helmet and armour was shouting while riding a skeletal horse. He arrogantly lifted a high hand towards the skeleton soldiers.

Kung! Kung! Kung!

They beat the shields held at their chests. The sound was repeated in accordance with a certain rhythm and caused a strong pressure. Tens of thousands of creatures repeating the sound was sure to cause fear.

But that wasn't all. A wave that naturally spread death!

They caused devastation everywhere they walked. Grass and flowers died as the land became barren. They were as good as unbeatable as everything on the ground died.

Those looking at the Cruel Commander's Corps were tense and nervous. There were a number of soldiers and Awakened near them. But the numbers were small. In addition, all of them were frightened.


Hundreds of 'skeletons holding sticks' wielded a large barrier that covered the place. The barrier was to prevent people from escaping the death zone as well as block powerful attacks from the outside.

However, it had no effect on the attacks of the corps. The 'skeleton archers' could fire arrows at the humans outside the barrier. It was covered with intense magic power and could pierce through special alloys.

The humans inside the barrier were like cornered rats. The expressions of the humans were all the same. Tension. Fear...their hearts were jumping like crazy.

The 'living' Cruel Commander raised a sword ornamented with gold.

"For the Emperor!"


The commander ventured forward on horseback. Tens of thousands of skeletons could a thunderous sound as they followed.

* * *

My brows furrowed.

'I didn't think it would appear this way.'

Unexpected. I had no choice. I didn't know it would be revealed in an event format after purchasing it from the store. A friendly system would have given a brief explanation before purchase.

Of course, I got some information. But it was a strange contract as there was a limit of 90 days where they were sweep the earth.

I wondered if it would be the same I summoned the orc or Aojin. I didn't know if it was good or bad news but the list had changed after purchasing the 'Cruel Commander's Corps.'

[+ Predatory Hamad's Corps - 8,500]

One more had appeared. Maybe another corps would appear on the list if I hired the Predatory Hamad' Corps.

The reason behind the corps. It was simple. For the invasion of the earth. A means of rapidly destroying the earth for other demons. If I knew then I would have bought it more carefully...

'It is lucky that they appeared in China.'

The Cruel Commander's Corps were summoned to China. The stir in China would cause the demons to let down their guard. They wouldn't carelessly mess with the troops. That alone would be a great help when occupying Earl Saman's dungeon.

So far, the demons and creatures in front of my dungeon had yet to withdraw. The problem was...

-Your contribution to the destruction of the earth has risen steeply.

The battle has ended. 2, 831 pt has been acquired.

-The battle has ended. 981 pt has been acquired.

-The battle has ended. 4,376 pt has been acquired.

The constantly rising notifications. It was cleared from my sight but I couldn't help focusing on one phrase.

'Contributing to the destruction of the earth.'

There were riots as soon as the Cruel Commander appeared. Everything around him perished. Including humans and Awakened. From his perspective, everyone was a 'thief.'

But at the same time, my contribution soared. I didn't care how many humans died. I also didn't care about the Awakened in foreign countries. I also killed numerous humans. But I wanted to avoid the 'destruction of the earth.'

This was what the gods wanted in exchange for sending me back in time. They wouldn't block my road as long as humanity wasn't destroyed. So that I wouldn't ignore that promise...they left behind some gifts.

I would get a high class creature with every dungeon I obtained. It was a big power. But they were essentially on the side of the gods. There were other creatures as well. I already obtain the griffin and Gigantes so I didn't dare disobey my promise with the gods.

'I can't throw away my chances at a high class creature.

In retrospect, this gift was a type of bribe.

Avoid the destruction of the earth. It would be meaningless if my contribution to the destruction soared. There was no reason for a bribe if the person didn't comply. I had certain constraints around me.

'Right now I need to worry about Saman's dungeon. And how to take advantage of the corps.'

I had a headache at the thought of the coming days.

I pulled out the crystal ball that had a connection with Krasla.

I had to hurry.

* * *

The Cruel Commander's body was decorated in gold.

His eyes were hollow. Unlike other skeleton soldiers, he had a muscular body but the blue colour was reminiscent of the dead.

He suddenly came into this world but his task was clear.

Destroy all thieves!

To the Cruel Commander, this place was a den of thieves. He believed people brought him here to rob the treasure. So he needed to chop them up and return quickly.

Already dozens of times. He killed the thieves. Directly cutting their necks.

Things like iron carriages and flying through the sky...he just saw them as magic items. There were many treasures in the world so there must be thieves. The items were stolen from somewhere.

The skeletons unfolded their barrier while the corps cleaved into the enemies. The thieves were scattered all over but he determined the method to quickly take care of them. The soldiers were split and performed their task of handling the thieves.

This organization didn't take a long time.

"H-help me...!"


The sword went through the head of a living person. They also chased the fleeing remnants. At some point, the eyes of the Cruel Commander looked at the horizon.


A huge and sinister structure. A dungeon that reached up into the sky!

The Cruel Commander was looking at a certain spot.

Soon he was able to realize the identity.

'A dark seed.'

This sinister magic power. His army had the attribute of darkness but their loyalty was towards the Emperor. They didn't care about the seed of darkness. He heard they tried to encroach on the territory of the Emperor. He also heard they had a powerful force.


The eyes of the Cruel Commander flashed.

* * *

Marquis Anastasia.

A member of Grand Duke Pandemonium's faction that was still hanging around Korea's dungeon. There were a number of creatures remaining as this was a chance to figure out the Dungeon Master.

"This dungeon has to be ruled by at least a duke or grand duke. I needed to figure out the owner of this dungeon for Pandemonium-nim."

Knowing the location of a Dungeon Master gave considerable power. They could put pressure on using this event and it could also be used strategically. It would be a useful key. And other demons had a similar idea to Anastasia. But Anastasia had a thought while monitoring the dungeon.

'Huhu, is it possible the Dungeon Master can't come out?'

A number of intermediate golems. A number of spartoi. Lich and other intermediate creatures...a remarkable power. Who could it be? The person who gathered such creatures.

There was a personal curiosity. Earning points from hunting Awakened was limited. Breeding species and increasing the number of advanced creatures. The number of advanced creatures that could be bought with points was too low for breeding.

In the beginning, she moved without any worries but now she knew how important it was to control the balance between the two.

The problem was still the points. These creatures were worth a considerable amount of points. Let alone the golems and lich. She estimated that close to 3 million points were consumed and if the intermediate creatures were added, that would require 6 million.

Collecting those types of points in a little over 2 years? There was only one person. That guy.

'Randalph Brigsiel.'

The one who brought a high class creature to the auction and freely spent his points. She didn't know what magic he used but he used millions of points. He didn't hesitate despite having no faction. Whether he was fearless or something else...

The grand dukes were interested in him. To be honest, all 4 of them were different. They had different interests. But that guy was the exception.

'Using those type of points, there is no way he can build up the creatures at his dungeon.'

It would be a scam if he could gather creatures. They thought it was an impossible task. He was just lucky to gain some achievements that gave him millions of points but there was a limit. So perhaps this was a different demon. At the very least, it wasn't a demon that belonged to her faction. So she was interested.

"Anastasia-nim. What time should we move?"

An advanced 4Lv creature with the head and tongue of a snake and the lower body of a human. The medusa said.

"Are there any signs of those guys?"

The demons were frustrated with this event and began to attack Korea's dungeon. But she already lost a lot of creatures and didn't move.

She laughed. They were stupid.

Heroes. And humans. The technology they used was quite remarkable. She would sit back and let the advanced creatures 'slaughter' the humans. She lost some advanced creatures to the dungeon so she couldn't afford more damage.

Thus she thought of this game. Humans had their own strength.

'But, that has been limited to the last two years.'

The demons would gradually recover their power from the Demon World. Right now it was hard for them to achieve mass destruction. But at the moment, she was convinced that the humans wouldn't dare resist. She gave them a grace recovery period first. The demons from the other factions wouldn't move easily.

The destruction of humanity was coming closer.

Although it wasn't now. Most demons didn't know it. They had a contempt for humans and moved carelessly. Their taunts!

"No. Marquis Dellat and his creatures haven't been visible since yesterday."

The medusa shook her head.

Anastasia frowned at this.

Come to think of it...Dellat had been quiet since yesterday.

"Where to?"

"Perhaps he returned to his dungeon? The other demons with him aren't visible at all."

"Running away?"

She couldn't help smiling at the thought.

Dellat belonged to Grand Duke Okullos' faction and lost quite a lot of creatures in the struggle. In addition, she confirmed that Korea's dungeon didn't belong to Okullos' faction. That's why they were here watching.

But...leaving. It had to mean something.

'Did something urgent happen? Enough to make them leave?'

The series of events that happened recently meant her nerves...

-The Cruel Commander's Corps has begun to attack your dungeon.

The creatures in your dungeon will be rapidly swept away.

Be careful. If the Cruel Commander and his men compromises the Dungeon Core then the dungeon will lose its functionality. In addition, the authority of the Dungeon Master will disappear.


That's right. This was it. An unexpected quest. There was no compensation and she only received a prompt saying someone was invading her dungeon.

'Dellat ran off because his dungeon was hit!'

Then her mind was in a rush.

There wasn't many troops remaining at the dungeon. She couldn't lose the dungeon. It was something that couldn't be moved.

Anastasia hastily turned her body.

"Go back to the dungeon! As quickly as possible!"

* * *

I confirmed that most of the demons in front of my dungeon had disappeared.

'They have been stirred.'

90 days.

The contracted mercenaries didn't follow my orders but they still did the basic things.

Sweeping up the humans and dungeons.

The demons noticed it as well and quickly returned to their dungeon.

But I wasn't glad to see it.

Now it had been 10 days. My contribution to the destruction already reached 0.01%. This meant that hundreds of thousands of humans had been killed. I couldn't let it rise by another 0.1%.

'I'd rather they sweep up the dungeons than the humans.'

Weakening the demons instead of humans would have more benefits for me. But I couldn't direct the Cruel Commander's movements.

It was a major headache. Anyway, catching all the demons would be helpful to my goal.

The optimal situation would be if the demons died fighting.

"My Dungeon Master. I've been contacted by the reconnaissance team."

Chrisley walked forward and said.

I had purchased 200 shades to look for Saman's dungeon. And now they had got in contact.

"The creatures in the dungeon are moving?"

"Yes. They found a number of creatures moving around the dungeon. They were blocking anyone from entering the dungeon. And the majority of the creatures were in an extremely agitated state."

I nodded.

The fairy was anxious about losing the Dungeon Master and unleashed the creatures. It was to stop any invaders from the outside.

"This place?"

"Please wait a moment."

Chrisley cautiously took out a crystal ball.

"This is the place."

The appearance of a dungeon appeared inside the crystal ball.

Orcs could be seen around the dungeon.


I reviewed the creatures that I could see. There was a very high probability that it was Saman's dungeon.

I turned and headed to the 1st floor.

"Prepare the creatures with quick mobility. We will go immediately."

* * *

200 saber tigers.

Spartoi and lich.

And the griffin!

The preparations were complete. It was sufficient to take over a dungeon. Especially if I joined forces with the others.

In addition, I needed to occupy the dungeon the Cruel Commander was facing.

'I have to try it.'

Tsk tsk. I clicked my tongue after solidifying my impression of him.

The Cruel Commander. I bought it for 6,000 achievement points but my expectations were betrayed. It had been a long time since I felt like this. I wouldn't be able to get all those points back. Twiddling my thumbs wasn't in my nature.

I needed to calculate a way to use that guy. I didn't know if there was any way to control their migration but I needed to try.

'Before that...'

I needed to take care of Saman's dungeon first.

The quick-witted demons nearby would try to occupy it. However, there would be a period of confusion where they wouldn't move. I needed to take advantage of this period. There was a need to clearly obtain that spot.


I shook my head and moved to Japan's dungeon. Afterwards, I used Turtle Island to head to China.

Nanjin, Jiangsu Province, China.

The place where Earl Saman's dungeon was located. It was closer than I thought and all the lamps were dark. It was in a remote location that could be reached by train.

"It is great to see Master."

Krasla descended on the griffin and went down on one knee. There were hundreds of shades around him. Their bodies were dusty like they hadn't washed. The griffin occasionally hit the ground. Kung! The ground would shake. All of them had moved for a long time. It was enough for praise.

"You did well."

"I'm sorry that I didn't find it faster."


I looked over the dungeon.

I was approximately 500m away but could clearly see the dungeon. There were skeletons and zombies walking around. There were also occasion orcs and slime.

'An inferior quality.'

The fairy of the dungeon could only move the creatures outside. But the level of the creatures was very low. The highest among them were still low grade...there were a few expensive creatures but the overall level was low.

The problem was choice and quantity so it made sense he had belonged to Upa's faction. He was already dead but I wanted to praise his ignorance.

"Is that all?"

I asked just in case. Krasla briefly thought for a moment before saying.

"The entrance is completely blocked so it is impossible to scout."

"The shades as well?"

The shades had a half spiritual body. They could avoid the low quality creatures and enter the dungeon. Their speed was also quite fast.

Krasla shook his head.

"The shadow sinners are located at the entrance to the dungeon. I didn't want to carelessly cause a war so I decided to wait for Master."

Shadow advanced 3Lv evolved form of the shades. The shadow sinners made it impossible for the shades to pierce through.

"Well done."

I gave a small nod. There was no telling what the fairy would do. I needed to sweep them all at once.

Krasla tensed up and said.

"If you give the order then I will thoroughly cleanse the dungeon."

"No. I will take on this task."

"Will it be okay? Dungeon Master is too high ranking to do something like this."

It sounded like flattery but he meant it.

I wasn't required to deal with low grade creatures. But in this case, I needed to stand at the forefront.

'I must clearly show that I am occupying the dungeon.'

It was because the dungeon's fairy was watching. The anxious fairy had blocked the entrance after the death of the demon. It would observe anyone that tried to come in. It would watch closely the moment the offensive started and I would show my overwhelming power.

Then things would become simpler.

I wore the red cloth 'Sloth' and held 'Wrath.' I even triggered a secondary item. It was to show a more authentic appearance.


-One of the five blessings of Paranormal, 'Strong Attraction' has been applied.

Those who come near. Or see your laugh. From then on, they will be your slave. But, I'm sorry. The immutable laws can't be helped. Smiling at orcs or elves? The perfection of the 'face.' It would still be more significant than the default setting.

I started frowning.

'The odds are really strange.'

Increasing all stats by 2 for an hour or increasing magic power by 5 for 30 minutes, I had never seen those two blessings.

Quite strange. I got 'unlimited energy' two times. It was like this when I needed to go into a fight.

'In the future, I should only use it when absolutely necessary.'

I couldn't show such a clumsy appearance in a fight for my life. It wasn't very good news.

I clicked my tongue.

Krasla, the griffin, the lich, the spartoi and the 200 saber tigers were behind me.


I raised Wrath high into the sky. And the sword stretched forward.

"Follow me. Annihilate the enemy."

In fact, I was sorry for the enemy.

Right now, even the saber tigers could handle the orcs. They had hunted orcs many times so they were straightforward opponents. The spartoi were made from the bones of a dragon and their whole bodies were excellent weapons. Not to mention the lich, griffin and Krasla.

But...I was the one leading them. I breached through thousands of low grade creatures until I reached the entrance of the dungeon.

It was where I found the shadow sinners. They were creatures that I fought in the United Kingdom. My abilities now couldn't be compared to then.


The chains attached to their feet. The connected iron sphere quickly moved through the air.


However, I didn't avoid it. I reached out and caught the flying iron sphere.

The effect of 95 strength! Strength had almost transcended that wall so the iron spheres thrown by the shadow sinners were like child's play.

"Get out of the way. I am going to see your master."

Advanced creatures had high intelligence. They could understand my words. There was also the fairy watching. Even so, there were no signs so it meant negotiations didn't succeed.

'It is still lacking.'

Iron spheres.

'Dark Sword.'


A dark aura surrounded Wrath.

Unlike Wrath or Sloth, Dark Sword was a skill applied directly to the item. I could use it to separate the air.

The shadow sinners watched Dark Sword with confusion. They took one step back and were extremely vigilant.

'The basic darkness?'

Darkness could recognize darkness. The shadow sinners were born from fear and could understand Dark Sword.

However...they realized too late.

I hated saying something twice so I didn't repeat my previous words. I kicked off the ground. And the startled shadow sinners threw their iron spheres at me.


The iron spheres stretched across the area. At the same time, the shadow sinners twisted the chains.


The chains brushed past me. The ground was deep and they were trying to pressure me to stop moving around so freely.

I just snapped the chains with my sword. I also cut the shadow sinner that I appeared in front of. But, it didn't restore itself.


The shadow sinners were very confused. They didn't use their chains and retreated even further.


I gave a pleased smile.

Wounds caused by Dark Sword couldn't be healed. It wasn't just confined to biological wounds. Substances made of magic power were also valid. It was a lot more useful than I thought.

Achievements Store. I had been hit in the back of the head by the Cruel Commander's Corps but Dark Sword was a proper skill.


I only admired it for a moment.

I turned and sliced off the head of the shadow sinner.

The griffin dealt with a number of slimes using the Fire and Lightning skill.

The lich played with the zombies. The zombies were dead so they couldn't avoid the lich's 'Corpse Explosion' skill. Those with high intelligence wouldn't suffer from it but the low grade creatures didn't have those type of defenses.

'Everything is almost cleaned up.'

They had handled thousands of creatures in only 20 minutes. The difference in quality with the creatures I brought was too great. And I was the director of the damage!

"I will give support."

Krasla approached me with his red spear.

I said quietly.

"Come along. Increase the speed."

The result of the fight was determined.

There was no need to waste time.

I reached the top floor in a flash and looked at the Dungeon Core.

There was little change in the configuration of the creatures behind me. Only five saber tigers had died.

"Will you smash Sik Sik's core?"

"Sik Sik? That is your name?"

Above the Dungeon Core, there was a fairy with both hands on her waist.

"Yes, that's right. My name is Sik Sik. And smash me. Sik Sik will go back to nature. Sik Sik doesn't know who you are but Sik Sik won't join another master after Saman!"

The nature of the fairy. Sik Sik would say 'Sik Sik' when she was upset. In any case...demons were all the same when it came to abusing the fairies. Saman was like that with Sik Sik. So her reaction was like that.

I said lightly.

"Join me."

"Aren't those words like tea and honey?"

"Tea and honey?"

"Those two have the worst chemistry. It is bad to eat together."

It was a clear answer.

"Sik Sik. I do not persecute fairies. You will notice that I have the blessing of a fairy."

"You have the blessing of the fairy? Where..."

Kung kung!

Sik Sik's eyes flashed as she sniffed like a dog.

"This smells like Yihi?"

"You know Yihi?"

"I know. A wicked bitch. She acts like she is better than other fairies and then pouts when she needs to play alone! She even stepped on a gift of flowers that Sik Sik gave her!"

Sik Sik took a deep breath after her yell.

I never thought there would be such a relationship between the two. I could feel a headache coming on.

"That is regrettable."

"The light from the very rare flower faded! Sik Sik struggled for years because of it."

"...You can tell her yourself if you join."

If I didn't speak then it might not ever end.

"You will really become the devil?"

"I won't allow any other person to sit on that seat."

"But I don't want the Fairy King to be Yihi."

"I will give an equal chance to all fairies. And the Fairy King will be decided by the performance of the fairies. Wouldn't you like to have a chance to become the Fairy King someday?"

"That's right."

Sik Sik was deep in thoughts.

She sneaked a peek at me and then the creatures behind me.

Overwhelming actions. Advanced creatures. She started to compare it to Earl Saman.

Abandon the existing contract and sign a new one. Then she could avoid the penalty of 'destruction.' Of course she would have some concerns.

Approximately 10 minutes passed before Sik Sik opened her mouth.

"Okay. I won't return to nature. Saman didn't have any chance to make Sik Sik the king. But isn't it different now? Then I will call you Dungeon Master!"

Finally I achieved it.

I put Wrath away and said.

"Don't worry."

* * *

-You have taken over the dungeon.

1 extra stat point has been obtained.

1,000 achievement points will be added.

The message window came up now that the contract was complete.

At the same time, an intense light emerged from Japan's dungeon. The magic circle for movement between the three dungeons in South Korea, Japan and China was completed.

'Now I will go see him.'

My eyes narrowed.

The Cruel Commander!

I obtained Saman's dungeon so now it was time to punish the wayward mutt.

I wanted to look for the creature at the altar but it would take time to do that. The Cruel Commander was busy running around. He caused blood to flow wherever his feet touched. If they wiped out the humans then it would contribute to the destruction.


I could only think of those words.

Thanks to that...not only in China but demons in other areas noticed the abnormalities.


It had been some time since the angels attacked.

The power of a duke or grand duke was enough to be threatening. I didn't know the limits of the Cruel Commander and his troops.

In order to prepare the Cruel Commander, I needed to inject some awareness into him. I would also try to balance their slaughter of humans with those of demons.

Anyway, they were mercenaries that would disappear after 90 days. It would be a benefit if any demons died. Even if it was a bit discouraging, the 6,000 achievement points was worth it if other demons were killed. Of course, this also included Saman's dungeon. I was able to occupy it quickly due to the Cruel Commander.

I looked down at the ground from aboard the griffin. Hundreds of humans were holding weapons and trying to block me. It was a situation where they were trying to confront me.

"Griffin. Sweep them all up!"


'Mere Lightning' emerged from the griffin's mouth. The griffin's unique skill that swept everything up.

Kwa ru ru rung!

Fire and lightning hit the ground and melted everything. The humans were only armed with crude weapons and received serious injuries.

The handful of surviving humans ran away terrified.

The destruction contribution would slowly climb by killing thousands of humans. I didn't pay attention to hundreds. Instead, the best way to not raise contribution anymore was to stop the Cruel Commander.

The saber tigers snatched the fleeing humans. Finally, I turned my head to the structure that I could see.

* * *

"For the Emperor!"

Just like his name, the Cruel Commander had no mercy. His 50,000 troops had already slaughtered thousands of humans but his thirst for blood didn't stop. The 50,000 troops got rid of all living things.

The golden sword gleamed with every thrust. He was busy commanding the main army to hit the demon's dungeon. He had already gone through thousands of low grade creatures up to the 20th floor.

For now, it was going smoothly.

His corps were all experienced warriors. His army would only start dying in front of stronger creatures.

'The yin magic power is climbing up!'

The Cruel Commander clenched his teeth. He couldn't forgive the demons for trying to rob the treasure. They invaded the Middle World and threatened the Emperor. The Emperor would have united the whole continent if it wasn't for those guys.

'Due to God's curse, it is His Majesty's fate to stop the demons.'

And he hated the one called 'God' more than the demons. A transcendent person too strong for the Emperor's army. The God cursed the Emperor in order to restore the balance. Stop the demons invading the Middle World...the fate of a guardian.

The Emperor gambled his life in order to throw off the confines of fate. He firmly walked down a path of stigma. This was the reason why the Cruel Commander and his army guarded the warehouses so desperately.

If the Emperor died, he just laughed and continued to kill.

The fate of the guardians and what that meant!

"These damn scum! How dare you make me use my points? Don't even think about leaving alive!"

At that moment, there was a large number of creatures. The quality of the creatures was completely different from before. And there was a demon in the centre.

'It won't be easy.'

The Cruel Commander thought.

The army had split into 10 groups so he had come here with 5,000 troops. It was reduced to 4,000 while attacking the dungeon.

The demon didn't look very good. The awful appearance was because he had used too many 'points.' The Cruel Commander didn't know what it meant so he just pulled out a giant axe.

"I will take on the Cruel Commander! I will beat you to a pulp..."

"Fall back!"

No matter how cruel, he was still a commander.

There was no need to fight in the middle of enemy territory.

"What? Fall back? These fools! I will let you know that!"

The demon led the creatures and started the chase.

It was a tense chase.

But the experienced Cruel Commander gave excellent commands so the skeletons didn't receive any damage while moving.

And just like he knew the situation, the powerful 'skeleton knights' were placed at the entrance.

The Cruel Commander quickly joined the soldiers outside the dungeon.

The demon and creatures followed. The soldiers not attacking other dungeons joined and increased the numbers to 13,000.

But he didn't show the number to the demon. He sent them to different places and ordered them to wait. And then they revealed themselves when the demon and creatures entered the narrow terrain.

"For the Emperor!"

Kung! Kung!

An orderly manner. The loud sound of the simultaneous footsteps were enough to give an intimidating presence.

"This...! These undead bastards! Don't be so cocky!"

Marquis Dellat. He had returned straight to his dungeon after receiving the siege message.

He sent the news to Grand Duke Okullos at the same time but the Cruel Commander and his corps were surprisingly powerful. He already lost a significant number of creatures while attacking the angels.

He had to use his points with trembling hands. He had wanted to save it for the Demon World Auction so it was natural to feel furious.

However...the resistance decreased as he fell into a trap.


There was no escape anywhere. It was well-planned out. They slowly but surely tightened around the creatures.


Dellat cried out with anger.

The fight was heating up. Dellat wasn't someone to be trifled with. He used almost all the 1.5 million points gained from the angel hunt. It made sense that such power could match the skeleton soldiers.

'Drag out the time.'

However, Dellat started to feel the threat to his life. The number of creatures were gradually reducing. If it stayed this way then he would die.

But he had a chance of winning if he bought more time.

Grand Duke Okullos wouldn't stay still if a demon in his faction was at a risk of dying. He had requested assistance from Okullos who was moving here. The undead would find it impossible to deal with him.

He immediately changed from offense to defense. It was to buy some time.



A huge green stem shot out from the ground.

The circumference was 5 metres but it gave off a formidable presence that could easily reach tens of metres.

Kwang! Kwang!

The stem towered over the skeleton soldiers.

A familiar skill.

Dellat smiled.

"My Master, Okullos-nim!"

Okullos and 3 dukes.

The situation was reversed again.

* * *

When I arrived in the footsteps of the Cruel Commander, corpses were strewn all over.

It seemed like the battle wasn't over. The Cruel Commander was leading his army against tens of thousands of creatures.

'Was I one step too late?'

I frowned.

Five demons caught my eye.

The Cruel Commander gave an order to push them but they were enduring. The Cruel Commander and his troops were facing a small number of demons.

'Okullos. And the dukes.'

This was an impediment. A rather large one. The final boss had appeared at the dungeon.

'They were drawn out.'

Right now, I wanted to focus on Grand Duke Upa. Okullos being here wasn't a good thing.

Okullos was famous but I never knew what he was thinking.

Ariel, Upa and Pandemonium had characteristics that I could use to make plans. However, Okullos was different.

In my previous life, he didn't seem to be greedy for the position of devil despite having many advantages. In addition, he had many eccentricities that I couldn't understand. But he wasn't stupid. He gained advantages faster than anyone else. Okullos had a number of achievements and benefits from special events.

Someone who wasn't easily measurable. The most difficult opponent among the grand dukes.

In addition, he brought a small number of creatures. The Cruel Commander was there but I made a wise decision not to face him directly. They were in the middle of a fight so I wouldn't be noticed. Now was the perfect time to remove myself.

At that moment, one of the creatures fell.


The Cruel Commander's eyes turned towards me. He was quite a distance away but looked exactly at me.


A short silence. It seemed like he couldn't believe what he was seeing as his sword dropped.

"This magic power! This overwhelming presence!"

And his body trembled.

"Your Majesty!"

He directed his horse and starting moving towards me.

I panicked for a moment.

"Your Majesty?"

What did that mean?

Numerous soldiers were coming along with the Cruel Commander.

It was chaos. The orderly appearance they had shown so far couldn't be seen. They paid no attention to the creatures around them.

Falling, throwing shields...pandemonium. Even the bodies of allies were stepped on.

Okullos' expression was asking 'what are they doing?'

The Cruel Commander ran. Soldiers? He showed no signs of caring about them. Thanks to that, he was the first to reach me.


He dismounted from the horse and took off his helmet. And knelt down.

"I seek an audience with the New Emperor."


A scar covered face. It gave a manly appearance but that made no difference to me.

Something like this wasn't expected. Coming up to me and kneeling out of nowhere.

The Cruel Commander had a tearful expression. Tears couldn't come out because of his dead body but he would be shedding tears right now.

"'ve finally taken off your constraints. Huhaha! Now you can preside over the continent and mock God. Huhahaha!"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Ahh! You still don't remember completely? Certainly, it seems like not all the magic power in the heart is opened. Don't worry. I know that you will wake up. We will help Your Majesty defeat God!"

The soldiers lined up behind him. There were only bones remaining so their bodies clattered.

Excitement, growing excitement...


I clearly heard the word 'heart.'

'Heart of the Hell Monarch.'

The Heart of the Hell Monarch I accidentally obtained from the Easter Egg.

It was associated with the Cruel Commander?