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Chapter 90-93: Achievements Store

Chapter 90-93: Achievements Store

Hashmal was worried. She was in the midst of confusion, anguish and speculation so her decision was postponed. A strange demon told her to destroy the other demons with him. All the demons, including the Grand Dukes had travelled here from the Demon World.

She thought it was a lie. She was a Dominions Angel. Any information about the Demon World would be quickly obtained by her. She needed to do her best to wipe out the Grand Dukes. But despite not understanding the details, she needed to figure out why the dungeons appeared.

'First...I need to figure out this place. These dungeons are in a different dimension. I need to learn as much relevant information as possible.'

Hashmal was aware of the seriousness of the situation. If the strange demon's words were true then this wasn't a simple task. It was unpleasant to be captured by an demon but she wasn't treated like a hostage.

A strange demon. He was called Randalph Brigsiel. He gave her freedom. At the very least, she could roam freely inside the dungeon. She didn't know if he was stupid, arrogant or had other intentions.

Hashmal actively explored inside the dungeon.

'The dungeon looks like it has an ecosystem.'

She worked up from the bottom of the dungeon.

The low grade ecosystem was created for them. It was amazing.

The creatures with a predator relationship was figured out. The numbers were maintained at a constant level and the life cycle was very fast. There were even creatures that formed villages. She found a settlement near a lake where orcs could be seen moving back and forth.

The orc shamans served their gods and knew how to use advanced tools. Due to the nature of the dungeon, the various species knew how to use objects. They gathered things on their own to make improvements. Adults hunted while children learned their skills. The mothers remaining in the village to take care of their offspring while the priests made important decisions.

It wasn't just the orcs. Even the mindless species showed differences in their actions.

'An amazing scene. But this is a dungeon. The centre of darkness.'

Of course, seeing civilization being created in a place like this was remarkable.

The dungeon was still a place filled with the powerful forces of darkness. The creatures were brought here by various black magic and would be lost to instinct. It is impossible to think of something constructive. But this dungeon was different.

There was a similar unpleasant magic power but it didn't have a significant impact on the creatures. Rather, it seemed to be having a good impact on the development of the creatures.

Appropriate environment, rich food, balanced food chain between the creatures...a harmony was established.

She wondered if this could really be defined as a dungeon. It was more like an ecosystem.

Hashmal was confused.

'A community of dwarves. Fierce creatures guarding intermediate areas. Even if what I'm seeing is a lie, they will become stronger over time.'

This was the first time she had seen such an active dungeon. Usually many dungeons were lacking. They didn't consider the conditions for making life in the first place. The beasts would fight hard to maintain their lives.

That wasn't the case here. A driving force existed behind their growth. This would pile up over time into a power that couldn't be ignored.

'The demon Randalph really formed an ecosystem like this? A decent effort is required for is hard for an existence like a demon.'

It was strange no matter how she thought about it. She didn't know if it was designed this way from the beginning but it hasn't be a long time since the dungeon was formed. There were signs of a steady management.

Tremendous interest. It took all types of effort.

However, the demons weren't a species famous for being attentive. Just like his words, he truly wasn't a normal demon.

'A strong aura can be felt as I near the top. One if the Dungeon Core and one...'

Hashmal moved. She didn't miss anything around her as she climbed up the dungeon. Finally, she reached the 15th floor and witnessed an amazing sight.

"Tree of Origin...!"

She was astonished.

There was a Tree of Origin in heaven. It was called the 'First and Last Tree' and no one could manage it except for the Heavenly King. This one was smaller and weaker but the energy made it apparent that this was the Tree of Origin.

A grave was in the vicinity of the tree. There was the appearance of dug up soil and a wooden signpost saying 'Angel-nim.'

Someone suddenly blocked her path.

"Stop. My Dungeon Master has given my jurisdiction over the Tree of Origin. I will not allow access to the Tree of Origin."

A female dark elf, Chrisley.

Hashmal asked with trembling hands.

"Who...who buried the angel over there?"

"The fairy of the Dungeon Core buried him."

"Ahh! Can I see the fairy?"

"Right now she isn't here. I will pass on a message."

Chrisley was puzzled. And Hashmal was strangely excited.

"All angels hope to be buried under the Tree of Origin. There might be a hostile relationship but...I would like to convey my gratitude."

It was like that?

Chrisley was convinced by her words. The grave would be a source of nutrients for the Tree of Origin. Chrisley had been worried about what to do with the bodies of the angels but Hashmal gave her the solution.

"I will tell her. And I will bury the rest of the angels here."

"I-Is it okay?"

"It isn't something difficult."

Chrisley's stiff expression loosened and she smiled. Chrisley knew what the Dungeon Master wanted from Hashmal. She could score some nutrients and points with Hashmal so it was killing two birds with one stone.

"Thank you."

Hashmal gave a large sigh of relief. Hashmal wasn't casual about all the angels under her being killed.

"That gratitude should be directed to My Dungeon Master."

"That...let me think about it."

Her perception about demons wasn't easily broken. But just saying she would think about it was coming a long way. She stared at the Tree of Origin for a long time.

'I don't see the spirit of the origin.'

Was it still not mature?

She only knew about the Tree of Origin from the Heavenly King. After snapping out of it, Hashmal explored the rest of the dungeon.

There were empty floors but she once again stared with surprise at the high class griffin and Gigantes. Unfortunately, she wasn't allowed near the Dungeon Core.

'This is not the only dungeon.'

Hashmal wished to leave the dungeon. She wanted to look at everything from a wider perspective. She didn't expect anything but the demon Randalph surprisingly allowed her out of the dungeon. Krasla was the catch but she didn't mind.

And...a week passed on earth. She rode the pyrocks and was covered by a stealth item so their speed was quite fast. Rather, it was a lot of time.

She recklessly entered the other dungeons. She might have lost her holy power but the other dungeons were in a terrible state. None of them had a proper ecosystem like Randalph's dungeon. The demons didn't care about the species and it was impossible for breeding to work properly in the poor environment. Only the deformed and strong creatures survived. She was also able to witness demons and creatures attacking humans. A very strong presence. It was estimated that she discovered one of the Grand Dukes.

'This planet will be destroyed.'

Her mouth was dry. Randalph's words weren't false. This was indeed an arena for a competition. The will to destroy could be felt.

'I am alone. I lost my wings. Without being taken care of in heaven, my holy power won't be restored.'

Her fists squeezed together. Did she just have to wait and watch the destruction?

She couldn't communicate with heaven and there was no telling when the dimensional gate would open again. Perhaps...there was a possibility that the dimensional gate would never appear again. Someone had intervened and changed the code of the dimensional gate.

-Never be corrupted by darkness. Your role is to cleanse the darkness and conceive the light.

Hashmal recalled the words she heard when she broke out of her egg. Heavenly King. She could never forget that warm voice and the information.

'Please forgive my sins.'

But her mission was to purify the darkness and bring 'light' to this dimension. The only way to regain strength was to contaminate the 'outside.' If she could delay the destruction of the world until support from heaven arrived then it would be a success.

'I am walking alone. A hunter that will catch all the demons...'

Hashmal made a decision after one week.

She would use him.

* * *

Corrupting an angel was simple.

The angels had to deny themselves and immerse themselves in the darkness. For example, breaking certain angel rules.

'It is as I thought.'

I looked firmly as Hashmal in front of me. Hashmal was slowly moving in front of me.

I seriously considered what was happening in front of me. She recognized I was 'different' from other demons. It was obvious she planned to keep the demons in check.

"In the future, my name will be Tashmal."

"You will discard the name you were given as an angel?"

"That's right."

Hashmal had already made up her mind. She was changing so her attitude needed to be different or else she would suffer.

Anyway, one problem was solved. An angel that denied themselves would become lethargic.

'Discipline is the easiest way to break this situation. And the strongest sin.'

Mixing with demons. They would experience heavy punishment.

Personally, I had a lot of hope. Soon Hashmal would entirely 'belong' to me. Under the dungeon system, she would be ruled by me. Hashmal didn't know it but she wouldn't be able to harm me. She would be forced to follow any orders I gave.

'Hashmal. You have picked the best and worst hand.'

I said with a thin smile.

"Take it off."

* * *

-Impossible achievement!

The first angel has been corrupted.

2,500,000pt will be paid.

-Impossible achievement!

The Dominions Angel 'Hashmal' will come under the jurisdiction of the demon 'Randalph Brigsiel.'

3,000,000pt will be paid.

-Your achievement score has surpassed 10,000 points.

2nd grade Easter Egg has opened!

The 'Achievements Store' has opened. From now on, you can buy all types of precious things not available in the Store of All Things with achievement points. In addition, accomplishing certain achievements will add related species or goods to the store.

Message windows continuously rose.

My eyes rested on, Tashmal.

Tashmal was collapsed on a bed. Sweat was flowing down her white skin. She was covered with marks from our joining but my attention was grabbed by the black wings on her back. Tashmal had fainted from the process. It was the first time she felt such an intense shock. But the black wings were gradually increasing in size even when she was asleep. Instead of holy power, it was filled with yin magic power.

It was the first time I had seen a fallen angel being created. No one had ever seen it. There were some questions.

I quietly opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Tashmal

Occupation Fallen Angel Title * Angel of Light Steeped in Darkness (Epic, Intelligence and Magic Power +6)


Strength 68 Intelligence 87 (+6)

Agility 78 Stamina 69

Magic Power 84 (+6)

Potential: (386+12/471)

Uniqueness: An angel that spread light into the world has now become a fallen angel. The stats have been lowered in the aftermath of losing her wings but they will quickly recover.

Skill: Propagation of Darkness (Epic), Barrage of Dark Spears (Epic), Dark Thunder (Epic)

Indeed...the title and skill names had changed. I was glad the ratings were intact. The stats seemed somewhat low but it wasn't a big problem.

Right now she was comparable to the griffin and Gigantes. She still had three epic grade skills that could be utilized. In the past, she was at a higher level but that would quickly recover. I was reassured after seeing the specifications.


I nodded.

5.5 million points and even a fallen angel. That alone would be called a sufficient gain. Combined with the points earned from hunting angels, I had gained more than 6 million points from this event.

Thanks to that, my points already went over 10 million. Considering that it hadn't even been half a year...I had high expectations for the next Demon World Auction.

'But...Achievements Store?'

After checking Hashmal's status, I turned my eyes back to the message windows in the air.

Class 2 Easter Egg. My eyes stared at the words Achievements Store.

'It relies on achievement points.'

Something that I obtained every time I got an achievement. It could also be used in this way. In order to do so, I needed to know if 10,000 was high or low. I never experienced this in my previous life.

Just after I returned back in time, I obtained the Class 3 Easter Egg, 'Heart of the Hell Monarch.' This time it was a Class 2 egg. I naturally smiled imagining it. There was a list of things that could be purchased from the Store of All Things. All types of precious things could be noted.

The Store of All Things sold many items but the efficiency wasn't very good. For example, there were low grade creatures or skill books with bad options. A unique class skill book would require more than 1 million points so many couldn't afford to purchase it. They would rather save the points for the Demon World Auction.

Now there was the Achievements Store. If the efficiency wasn't good then I would be disappointed. I wouldn't purchase any items that were only useful for mopping up the floor.

'It will take her some time to wake up.'

I glanced at Tashmal collapsed on the bed. There were no signs that she would move soon. I grabbed my clothes strewn on the ground and headed for the top floor of the dungeon.

Yihi was next to the Dungeon Core. She was sighing.

"Ahyu! The angel was no help. All he did was make Yihi bury him."

An angel appeared so she thought her wish had been granted. Instead, he only muttered strange words and died. Her heart ached.

"Ohh...I am having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing my bees. Yihi's delight is gone. I will fall ill from these withdrawal symptoms."

Yihi leaned back and rubbed her cheeks against the Dungeon Core. In fact, Yihi thought of the bees as a favourite toy. She always took great care of them. Yihi's limit was revealed. It had been 10 days and her hands were shaking like an addict.

"Yihihi...I yearn for the bees. Yihi will draw them..."

Yihi jumped up from her position. Her usual jewel like eyes had been replaced with those like a murderer's. Yihi lowered her body and started to draw bees on the ground.

"Now the honey. Yihihi..."

But the picture. It wasn't drawn very well! They didn't move.

"Why aren't you moving? Listen to Yihi's words! I drew you so why aren't you moving, why...yihing..."

"Stop playing around."


Yihi quickly deleted the picture of the bees and laughed awkwardly.

"You came, Master?"

She transformed into a poised state.

I cleared up my expression and said.

"That was quite funny. Any more?"

"Ah, it's nothing. Master. Yihi is faithfully obeying Master's punishment. Yihi doesn't know anything about bees. What is that?"

Yihi shook her head like a dog. She sucked her fingers innocently.

"I heard you made a grave near the Tree of Origin."

"That's... Yihi thought the Tree of Origin-nim sent me the angel in response to my wish. But then he was defective so Yihi buried him."

Wish? Sent her? I was puzzled by her words but accepted them. I had experience with trying to understand Yihi's words. I decided to compromise since it would benefit both of us.

"Very good."


"I solved something easily thanks to that."

The angel buried at the Tree of Origin. Hashmal's heart was swayed due to that. She even said 'thank you.' angel's body was also beneficial to the Tree of Origin. Yihi didn't know about the angels and buried one near the Tree of Origin. Help from a completely unexpected place. She had been deprived of rights and exiled but...she deserved some compensation for her 'contribution.'

"Yihihi. If Master is good then Yihi is good."

Yihi didn't know what she was saying and laughed. Her wings restlessly flapped and rubbed her cheeks with both hands.

I looked at her and spoke.

"Your permissions are restored. I will also turn a blind eye to your garden."

Yihi instantly stopped all her actions.

"Yihi's ears must have gone bad."

"No, you heard it properly."

Yihi's eyes widened to a frightening extent after she heard my words.

"T-then Master. Now Yihi can annoy the bees?"

"You can freely act as you like."

"I can even walk with the king bees?"

"As long as it doesn't affect the ecosystem."

"Can Yihi design buildings?"

"That's not possible."


Yihi lay on the floor and stretched out her hands and feet. She slapped her cheeks until they were red.

'That is enough.'

Indifference. I had deprived her of all rights and even refused her hobby. That was like rat poison to a fairy. In particular, Yihi's nature meant she wouldn't hold out much longer.

But I hoped she realized something. If the same mistakes were repeated over and over again then Yihi would have no choice but to rule harshly. Rather than Yihi, I would drop a stronger punishment on the bees. The worker bees would be heavily punished.

I decided to wait for the excited Yihi to calm down.

...I didn't expect she would be rolling around for 3 hours.

3 hours later.

I ignored Yihi behind me and used the Dungeon Core to open the Achievements Store.

-Welcome to the Achievements Store.

Current achievement points - 11,451

Achievement points can be used to purchase goods from the store.

Item names marked with a + can only be purchased once.

The window that popped up didn't differ significantly from the Store of All Things. Only the names had changed. But the content was completely different.

My eyes moved down the lists.

[Equipment list]

Wild Bow (U) - 1,000.

Shadow Award (U) - 1,000.

Quick Shoes (Ex U) - 2,000

+ Death Robe (Ex U, Set) - 2,000

Prominent Armour (Ex U) - 2,000

+ Atasha's Sword (Epic) - 3,000

+ Contegonom's Helmet (Epic, Set) - 3,000


[Creatures List]

Pyrock - 300

Superior Goblin - 1,000

Pure Blood Naga - 2,000

Homunculus - 4,500

+ Cruel Commander and Corps- 6,000

+ Great Orc 'Ram' - 10,000

+ Vampire from the Jin Clan 'Subira' - 15,000

+ Lich King 'Gospel' - 20,000

+ True Demonic Dragon 'Aojin' - 50,000


[Skills List]

+ Earthquake (U) - 1,500

+ Sacred Dust (U) - 2,000

+ Divine Sword Unity (Ex U, Passive) - 2,000

+ Dark Sword (Ex U) - 2,500

+ Forest shield (Ex U) - 3,000

+ Dark Meteor (Epic) - 10,000

+ Thousand Territory (Epic) - 15,000


[Additional Achievement Related Items]

Angel Egg - 500

I could judge the list with one glance. It wasn't a list of general items. The items that came up was enough to scare me.

The first equipment list. The default was unique items and it went up the way up to epic.

Besides, the 'Death Robe' was a set item with the 'Death Wand' that Chrisley had. Contegonom was King of the Yetis. Even his helmet was legendary. Atasha's Sword was something I saw when the Class 3 Easter Egg had appeared again on this list.


But the thing that really surprised me was the creatures list.

Creatures that couldn't be bought in the Store of All Things. The pyrocks were very difficult to grow. There were also several things that could never be seen at the Demon World Auction. But I focused on the bottom where the creatures had 'names.'

Great Orc Ram. Vampire from the Jin Clan Subira. Lich King Gospel...True Demonic Dragon Aojin.

'Legendary, mythical creatures.'

Names renowned a long time ago. No one could oppose them in those times. They had already died but they were included in the list.

This had to mean something.

'It is really ridiculous.'

That's right.

Bringing back the dead. If some part of their bodies were salvaged then they could be revived.

The Mado Era.

A time when the dragon species was in full bloom. In that time, the demons couldn't carelessly enter the Middle World. Many things happened and there were numerous geniuses killed in this time. Their records were left behind in the Demon World.

Great Orc Ram. A golden orc who managed to conquer half of the continent. His reigning period was short but he faced thousands of knights alone. A strong creature that would enter the top ranks of the high class creatures.

Subira from the Jin Vampire Clan...a creature active in the Middle World that created a kingdom of infected people. It required the Golden Knights who were guardians of the Virgin to stop him. There was a great battle in the Demon World that everyone knew about. The Demon World didn't care about the presence of the Middle World.

'I only heard the stories.'

I didn't fight all day long on the battlefield. Whenever there was a lull, I would linger near demons telling stories. Most of them spoke about fanciful things but they frequently mentioned Subira.

'Lich King Gospel and True Demonic Dragon Aojin were also active in the Demon World.'

Both were treated as existences equal to the devil.

Among them, Aojin was regarded as an 'insurmountable wall.' A dragon was a high class 4Lv creature, a balrog a high class 5Lv creature and a true demonic dragon was the only 6Lv high class creature.

There was no stopping Aojin if he appeared on earth. The Grand Dukes who hadn't recovered their power yet would have no chance. My victory would be confirmed but I needed 50,000 achievement points. That required quite a lot of achievements. I had dozens more achievements than I did in my previous life. Yet I only gathered a little over 10,000 points. 50,000 still far away.

'I need to collect more achievement points.'

But, I didn't think it was impossible.

Now it was the 3rd year. 3 years had passed. I had already gathered 10,000. It was likely I would find many more achievements. One day, I might be able to collect more than 50,000 achievement points. Right now it was just like a pie in the sky.

Next, I looked at the skills list.

'There are a few here.'

Just like the equipment, the minimum rating was unique. Furthermore, there were epic rated skills that the Store of All Things didn't sell. Dark Meteor, Thousand Territory etc., were all names I had heard of before.

But Dark Sword and Forest Shield were new.

'Grand Duke Ariel used Abyss Sword. Is this an earlier skill compatible with it?'

I carefully read the description of the skill.

-Name - Dark Sword (Ex U)

Description: A technology that can be used to seen into the depths of the real abyss. The sword will use the 'abyss' to cause a cut in space. In addition, Dark Sword will absorb all light.

* Wounds caused by Dark Sword are impossible to heal. There will be a strong backlash if it faces holy power.

I nodded.

Ariel's Abyss Sword was a skill that caused 'chaos.' The information was also similar. Dark Sword had an Ex U rating so I wondered about the rating of Abyss Sword.

'Lightning God alone is insufficient.'

I touched my jaw.

Dark Sword might be one step lower than Abyss Sword but it was more appropriate for me to use. I only had Lightning God...and 'Wrath' wasn't a skill that I could one hundred percent take advantage of. It would be enormous if I could use the synergy between Dark Sword and Wrath.

'Divine Sword Unity.'

My eyes turned to that skill.

I slowly read the description.

-Name - Divine Sword Unity (Ex U, Passive)

Description: The sword and body will breathe and act together. It is possible to master all things involving the sword, including the killing sword or the living sword.

* Strength and agility will rise by 3 when using the sword.

** You can surrender to a sword with a strong ego.

I had a thought after reading the description.


I wanted Dark Sword and Divine Sword Unity. The remaining skills were too expensive or didn't fit my taste.

Next I saw the [Additional Achievement Related Items] list.

'Angel egg...!'

I had gained some impossible angel related achievements as well as an angel after corrupting an angel. The item was probably due to this. However, the name wasn't unusual.

Angels were born from eggs. After laying the eggs, they were covered with angel wings for a certain period of time before the eggs break. The problem was that there were no angels to do that.

'I don't know if the wings of a fallen angel will be effective.'

I needed to speak with Tashmal. It was unknown if normal angels could be born after being covered by a fallen angel's wings. Instead of holy power, Tashmal's wings were filled with yin magic power...there was the possibility of premature births of the fetus dying.

'I have to try an experiment.'

However, expectations were overflowing from my eyes.

I was satisfied with Tashmal but it was a completely different story if I could train a large number of angels. A demon with angels in my dungeon. Plus, the Tree of Origin could use the corpses of angels as nutrients. There was probably a connection between the two. I also might be able to achieve multiple achievements if I trained the angels. I was filled with anticipation.

Perhaps achievement points were even more urgently needed than general points.

'I need to put off the purchase.'

I had 11,451 achievement points. I had to use it as carefully as possible.

I bought one egg and waited for Tashmal.

Tashmal slept for half a day before waking up. She changed into a white dress that contrasted with the black wings.

The wings were the mark of a fallen angel and was already fully grown. Plus, the number of wings were identical to what she originally had. Six. That number represented a Dominions Angel but now it just showed the dignity of a fallen angel.

"This egg...!"

She immediately noticed the angel egg.

"Can you bear it?"

"Where the hell did you get this? It is forbidden to bring an angel's egg out of heaven. Only advanced rank angels are given permission to enter..."

Her voice trembled. She was very upset. She didn't know how I had obtained an angel egg but she had failed to properly understand the dungeon system.

"Some angels give birth to eggs. After they are born, the emotions of the child will be evaluated to determine the hierarchy...but, a fallen angel is not allowed to exist in heaven. Where did you take this from?"

A little animosity. But it didn't lead to anything more than that.

I gazed at her and said.

"Don't worry, I didn't steal it. And I really hate to say something twice. Tashmal, can you bear it?"

"I-I can't bear it. A fallen angel can't give birth to a divine one."

I clicked my tongue.

"It is unfortunate. Dying before even being born."

"Without being born...?"

"There is no choice. If you neglect it then it won't get any power. There is no choice but for it to die."

The angel egg required warmth. Without it, there would be no fetal movement. Neglecting the egg a few days would cause it to die. There would be a difference between an angel or creature taking care of it.

Tashmal's expression became subtly determined.

I gave a small laugh.

"Don't worry. It isn't your fault that you fell. It is just bad luck. Hmm, let's give it a try. If you are lucky then a child might be born."

"I won't allow a holy angel egg be carried by a creature!"

Tashmal exclaimed and took the angel egg from my hand.

"I will bear it. I'll take over for this child."

"Is it okay?"

"Even if I was corrupted...I was once an angel of light. It is okay if I try."

"This is a full time work."

I shrugged.

"Maybe I will add a few more angel eggs. Then please do so."

"You! Don't tell me you have angels locked up..."

"Then Tashmal, can I really entrust the eggs to you?"

Eggs wouldn't be born even if angels were forced to copulate together. I heard that some were forced to do such things. Many demons tried to do that with the angels they caught. Tashmal's worries were groundless.

I quietly opened my magic power and offered advice.

"Tashmal. You are no longer an angel. Keep this in mind."


A complex expression formed on Tashmal's face before she closed her mouth.

The dungeon's nature had a profound impact on the growth of the creatures. I got it in an already overgrown state but the angel egg hatched exactly one week after I gave it to Tashmal. To my surprise...the angel was born safely. Two adorable wings made its appearance into the world.

At the same time, an expected achievement emerged.

-A remarkable achievement!

The first angel egg to be hatched in a dungeon.

500,000pt will be given.

1,000 achievement points will be added.

Now it seemed like the achievement points will come up with the general points.

Anyway, it was an ordinary angel but very compliant. The potential could be compared to an intermediate 5Lv creature.

I increased the number once I was sure they could hatched properly. I bought an additional 10 angel eggs. Once they grew, it would be possible to breed them together and multiple the numbers for another achievement.

I used the rest of the points on Dark Sword and Divine Sword Unity. The remaining achievement points was 2,451.

I confirmed my status window after learning the skills.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* Origin Master (Epic, All stats +3)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)


Strength 80 (+15) Intelligence 72 (+5)

Agility 75 (+15) Stamina 80 (+5)

Magic Power 85 (+11)

Potential: (392+51/500)

Remaining Stat Points: 4

Electric Power: 21GW

Uniqueness: Heart of the Hell Monarch has woken up.

Skill: Combine Everything (U), Mind's Eye (Ex U), Dark Sword (Ex U), Divine Sword Unity(Ex U, Passive), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Wrath (Epic), Sloth (Epic)

I had an extra stat point from hunting Saman. Combined with the +3 strength and agility from Divine Sword Unity...and there was also the electric power from the nuclear power plant. There were only a few changes but I was pleased with the status window.

'Death Robe isn't bad.'

I was pursuing the Seven Sins but they weren't on the list. It wasn't bad to buy 'Death Robe' for a set effect with 'Death Wand' since it would strengthen Chrisley's power.

'Death Want has the Undead Manufacturing skill. The set would help with creating things like the spartoi.'

My achievement points were almost empty after purchasing the Death Robe.


I used my achievement points but I still had many general points left. A huge 12 million points!

There was still a lot of time until the next Demon World Auction. It would be foolish to leave it unused.

'I should accomplish all the expected achievements.'

I nodded.


Krasla was riding on the griffin in the sky with multiple shades.

'Master gave me a command. I must follow through.'

Krasla originally grew up as Chrisley's guardian. He received a thorough training to help Chrisley. He acted as an older brother but she was more important than his own life. But Chrisley got a disease. She weakened every day and all types of precious medicine couldn't save her. They decided to devote their souls if it would cure Chrisley and then the dark spirits came.

There was the slightest hope that an elixir could be obtained. They were sent to the auction...then purchased by an unusual demon called Randalph Brigsiel.

'Master is different from ordinary demons.'

Krasla was nervous at first. Demons were a selfish and exclusive species. It was unlikely they would offer an elixir. In particular, he was convinced it was the end once Chrisley's identity was discovered. After Chrisley's identity was discovered, he hoped to show off his skills and get an elixir as a reward.

Incredibly, the demon examined them just once and figured it out. The fact that they were hiding something. He felt despair when he failed and the punishment was supposed to be death. But his estimate was off the mark. The dark elves were made to act like dogs...there was no reason for it. He was skeptical but the demon had promised to heal Chrisley. But at that moment, Krasla just thought it was a relief that he was alive.

Yet the demon really fulfilled his promise to give an elixir. He also participated in a ceremony with Chrisley. A ceremony between a dark elf and demon. It was such an unprecedented situation that even Elder Julliom was dumbfounded.

Of course, there was a chance Chrisley would reject. However, she wisely accepted the ceremony. Thanks to that, Chrisley's illness was healed and she took the spot of highest ranking dark elf. Confidence in the Dungeon Master grew and the dwarves also weren't mistreated.

Furthermore, the Dungeon Master didn't hesitate to give rewards for contribution. There were a few guaranteed basic freedoms. The names 'Roy' and 'Rose' were even given to newly born twins, showing off an intimacy. They weren't seen as 'slaves' and Krasla inwardly swore to follow the Dungeon Master for the rest of his there was also the Tree of Origin.

'Although our species are different, he is someone that I, Krasla can believe in.'

By default, Krasla had a knight's temperament. He had defended Chrisley and ensured her safety. He also instinctively knew that he needed to protect the dungeon. If other demons invaded, he would die first before allowing the other dark elves to be touched.

"Everyone scatter. Saman's dungeon is definitely somewhere in China. Find it as quickly as possible!"

Krasla stretched out his hand while riding the griffin and the shades spread out.

* * *

'It looks good.'

I thought while busy with changing the terrain of the dungeon in Domestic Mode.

Krasla, the griffin and a number of shades were scouting China. They were looking for the location of Saman's dungeon.

'Somewhere in China...'

I knew where the Dukes and Grand Dukes were located. However, the earls such as Saman hadn't interested me. I just knew he was somewhere in China. When looking at the memories of my previous life, Saman had always appeared from the direction of China. Once the event triggered, Saman arrived quickly and I could infer that he came from a place close by.

Krasla needed to find Saman's dungeon before the other demons learned of his death.

'Terrain changes. The 26th floor should be a combined zone.'

The 20th floor a sea terrain, 21st zone a thunder zone, 22nd floor a hurricane zone, 23rd floor a blizzard zone, 24th floor a death zone and the 25th floor was a sacred zone. Finally, the 26th floor combined thunder, hurricanes and blizzards, causing a message window to pop up.

-Huge accomplishment!

The terrain of more than 10 floors in a dungeon has been changed for the first time.

800,000pt will be given.

1,545 achievement points will be given.

I had spent approximately 2 million points doing this.

'I was able to specify a separate death zone and sacred zone.'

Quite a lot of terrain had been changed. It was unexpected that I could add zones where undead and holy angels could grow normally. It wasn't just the terrain but the magic power itself that changed.

In addition, the 'holy power' didn't displace the magic power. A small amount of it was applied on the 25th floor. No, maybe magic power and holy power gained their energy from the same source. It was likely why 4 altars could be created.

Either way...the angels could use the holy power to grow bigger.

'1,545 points.'

It wasn't a bad result.

Originally achievements were important. It was the only way to obtain a large amount of points or a title. But now the Achievements Store highlights its importance even more.

'I need to add a few breeding species to the terrain.'

It would be a waste to only change the terrain. Filling it with species affected by the terrain would give a lot of benefits. Increasing the reproductive rate of the creatures at an early stage would give an advantage. It was better to do it when I had so much points.

'I don't know when the invasion from heaven will resume...'

It was impossible to tell when the dimensional gate would open. If I lacked creatures then I could lose my dungeon this time as well. They would be the key at critical moments.

'The 20th floor has a sea terrain so there should be sirens. I'd love to add the krakens but too many point would be poured into multiplying their numbers.

Sirens were intermediate 3Lv creatures. One cost 5,800pt so buying 30 for breeding purposes was possible. On the other hand, the kraken was an advanced 4Lv creature that cost 400,000pt. At least 12 million points would be required if I wanted a properly breeding cycle.

'Thunder bats on the 21st floor.'

Thunders bats were an intermediate 4Lv creature and one step higher than the sirens. An unusual bat that ate lightning and could use the powerful 'Lightning Breath.'

22nd floor's wind zone. Wind riders would be enough. A small, intermediate 4Lv creature. Only the skulls were the size of adults. But they were close to invincible in storms.

The 23rd floor. It was a blizzard zone so this was a place for the yetis. Their speed was comparable to a saber tiger in the snow.

And the 24th floor...the 'death mother' was added to the death zone. 2 metres in size with a plump build. A strong poison was emitted from the body. In addition, death mother was an ant queen. She constantly generated virulent larvae over 50cm.

There was no need to add anything to the 25th floor. This place was for Tashmal and the angels.

The combined 26th floor was left alone. I couldn't think of an appropriate creature just yet.

After adding creatures to the floor below, an achievement window popped up.

-Incredible achievement!

'10 appropriate breeding species' have been added to 'transformed zones' for the first time.

1,000,000pt will be paid.

1,833 achievements will be given.

Thanks to the achievements from the additional terrain and species, I actually ended up using slightly over 2 million points.

There still remained 10 million points.

'This is just South Korea's dungeon.'

My gaze turned.

It was time to go to Japan's dungeon.

* * *

-Significant achievement!

100 unique goblins have emerged for the first time.

200,000pt will be paid.

400 achievement points will be given.

I received an achievement as soon as I visited Japan's dungeon.

'I need to personally visit the other dungeons to receive the achievements.'

I nodded.

That's why I had no news about what was happening in Japan's dungeon. The waiting message windows finally appeared after I moved there.

There was a significantly high frequency of unique goblins appearing. So I only received a small amount of points. It was still better than nothing...

"I'm glad to see Master!"

Guyo flapped his wings and welcomed me.

"The progress has been good?"

I handed over permissions for Guyo to directly use the points. However, the points were hardly reduced.

Guyo's expression darkened.

"There is too much to do and I couldn't choose.

"What about making most of the floors into a maze?"

"It is okay but the costs in points is very expensive."

Guyo had created the maze on the 1st floor himself. It was easier to hide treasures and traps.

It was okay to push the maze concept. The Awakened in Japan would be able to feel excitement from such things. Recently the points from Japan had increased so it wouldn't be bad to expand the maze.

'There is no additional maze terrain. I will create my own. It isn't even related to achievements.'

These calculations were also included.

"Don't mind it. How many floors have been pierced through?"

"3rd floor."

"That is fairly low.

Just like in Korea, each floor was significantly different. It was circumstantial evidence that South Korea had the fastest growing Awakened.

"Create a maze up to the 5th floor. I will leave it to you."

"Guyo can act freely?"



A round of applause. Unlike Yihi's hobby with bees, Guyo seemed to like being productive. I was just glad he didn't give me honey water.

'A number of different terrains and creatures should be added as well.'

The development of the dungeon for achievements had started.

* * *

-Welcome to the Achievements Store.

Current achievement points - 6,440

Achievement points can be used to purchase goods from the store.

Item names marked with a + can only be purchased once.

The result meant points had poured in like crazy. I collected 6,000 achievement points in two weeks.

I didn't mind that my points were halved.

'The rich get richer. That really fits.'

I realized that it was easy to use points to gain achievement points. In particular, achievements were applied separately for Japan's dungeon. Achievements without the title of 'first' gave less points but this was great information.

This meant I could gain more achievement points if I had more dungeons. Although there was still a long way to go, 50,000 achievement points really wasn't a dream.

But for now, I had no thoughts of saving the achievement points. I looked through the list and selected an item.

At the same time, a message window rose.

-Are you sure you want to buy the 'Cruel Commander and Corps?