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Chapter 84-86: Scene of Carnage

Chapter 84-86: Scene of Carnage

Transparent insect. An intermediate 1Lv creature that automatically turned transparent when it received the sunlight. It was the size of a child and wasn't very strong, but it was a different story if there were thousands of them. Vibrating its wings would confuse the enemy. And they pounced like a group of piranhas...the vibrations caused by thousands of wings was enough to cause a brain concussion and pain.

Now over one thousand insects were approaching the Awakened.



Yoo Eun-hye took a stance like she was firing a gun and electricity shot out. She was showing a rare grade lightning skill. Many of the approaching transparent insects were swept away by the shock. Despite the fact that the insects were transparent, they couldn't fool the keen senses of the Awakened.

"Water Barrier!"

Lee Ji-hye erected a barrier that was 5m in width and 2m in height. It was a new skill she learnt after the humiliation with the king bee. It acted to block the vibrations emanating from the wings of the transparent insects.

All of the Awakened gathered here were at a decent level. The transparent insects were the weakest among intermediate creatures so the Awakened could deal with them.

"Captain-nim. Do we have to stay in this spot?"

Yoo Eun-hye wiped the sweat from her forehead after dealing with the nearby transparent insects. Edward was nearby smiling.


I nodded as I watched them.

The combination of Yoo Eun-hye and Edward was good. The two of them had already handled 10 transparent insects alone. They would become some of the strongest Heroes in the future. It was quite interesting watching their growth.


Yoo Eun-hye blinked.

I replied with a flippant attitude.

"This fight is likely to be a long battle. We have to do it little by little."

"Hu! To be honest, I'll just be glad if I don't die. By the way, the six winged angel is really terrific. It is the first time I'm seeing creatures look so pitiful."

The demons and angels fighting.

It was an overwhelming sight. Hashmal was particularly overwhelming. She killed hundreds of creatures and was like an elephant stepping on ants.

The demons initially tried to handle Hashmal but changed routes and aimed at the large group of angels. Even with recovery, severing the limbs or completely destroying the heart and brains would make recovery impossible. Hashmal couldn't take care of all the angels.

And...I used Lightning God on the demons. In fact, Lightning God devoured the random creatures that it encountered.

If this situation continued, the angels would be defeated. But I didn't want such an obvious situation.

My plan. I sincerely wished for them to destroy each other.

The demons were perplexed as Lightning God appeared out of nowhere. They soon realized that Lightning God was a skill but couldn't find the demon or angel using it. The Awakened didn't even cross their minds. It was unthinkable that humans would be able to use such skills. Of course, I wasn't a human.

'Come back, Lightning God.'

This much was enough. Lightning God had only been active for 5 minutes but it gave a crack for the angels to counterattack. There was only a small amount of electric power so I would only take out Lightning God when needed. Lightning God that was in the shape of a huge dragon disappeared like it was a lie. And it curled up in my body waiting for the next occurrence.

'M1, M2. Start.'

At that moment.


Red lights turned on in the eyes of the auto-golems M1 and M2 who were waiting.

M1 and M2's role was simple. I ordered them to automatically repel any attack on the dungeon barrier.

The two silver golems roamed the sky and showed considerable destructive power. The physical abilities alone were comparable to a high class creature. They couldn't handle Hashmal but the two golems could easily deal with normal angels.


The angels were persistent. They systematically attacked M1 and M2. There were heavy winds every time an angel pulled their bow. The wings of the angels contained holy power and were very threatening to the golems.

But it was no use. The golems had a simple way of fighting. They would approach and grab the angel's wings with their hands. And then they would carefully rip the wings off.


An angel's wings was a collection of holy power. It would take a very long time to recover. Hashmal's recovery also wasn't effective on it. The angels who lost their wings would fall to the ground and become the prey of creatures.


Hashmal drew a cross with one hand and a circle with the other. Then the angels attacking the outer wall stopped. They rushed away from M1 and M2.

A calm and excellent judgment. She correctly saw how M1 and M2 moved while dealing with multiple enemies. She had amazing concentration.

M1 and M2 performed exactly like the command they received. They paused after the barrier stopped being attacked.

Hashmal made a move at M1 and M2 after they stopped.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Soon the Thunder of Light was everywhere.

"Stupid fool. You should look at the demons first to be your opponents."

Saman laughed.

Earl Saman. One of Grand Duke Upa's faction who was participating in the angel hunt.

"Demons attacking when the sun is up won't get any benefits...tsk tsk tsk."

The sun raised the capabilities of the angels. This was common sense for demons. Nevertheless, this was an event and they were confident. The demons felt a lot of pressure to take action.

But Saman wasn't in a hurry. He was looking at the movements of the sun.

He turned his head and looked at his creatures. Unlike the other demons, Saman wasn't accompanied by a lot of demons.

Bugbear, vampire, werewolf king! Only three. But they were more reassuring than the thousands of intermediate creatures. They were creatures that exerted a stronger force in the moonlight and were the angels' natural enemies.

"Now it is evening. You have come to my world. Huhuhu!"

Saman scanned Hashmal.

The sun sank.

The world was locked in darkness. No, the whole of South Korea was dark. It became a deep night in minutes.

The glorious wings of the angels illuminated the surroundings. But their numbers were too small. Except for the 200 inside there dungeon, there were approximately 130 remaining.

It was the opposite of the creatures. There were still many around. Seven thousand. Three thousand had disappeared in half a day but the momentum was with them.

Hashmal had a slightly weary countenance. There was no change in expression but she didn't randomly make spears of light anymore like she did when the sun was up. It was a natural result after eliminating thousands of creatures alone.

Earl Saman and his three creatures started moving.

The bugbear was a type of black chimera. It was an accidentally born from a synthesis of an insect and dark bear. It was famous for being very brutal under the moonlight.

Vampire, werewolf words were needed. Both were advanced 4Lv creatures. They were especially stronger at night. They were capable of causing devastation among general angels.

"Kuahaha! Stop the angels!"

Saman cracked the whip. He smiled as they rushed towards the angels.

The vampire changed into a bat and bit one of the angels. Blood flowed from the angel's neck. The angel that lost its blood trembled. The vampire's curse was the opposite of holy power. One bite meant the holy power's recovery wasn't effective.

Werewolf King.

He was a creature with the name of king and the fighting style was also exciting. He quickly jumped at the angels. The wings were ripped off and the angels could no longer live.


Hashmal gazed at them and made hundreds of light spears. The hundreds of light spears headed to the vampire and werewolf king. However, the sun was gone and stamina depleted so it didn't have the same majesty as before. The speed and accuracy had fallen badly.

Many intermediate creatures died but the vampire and werewolf king weren't touched at all.

"You are just like a whore! My creatures will never die from attacks like that!"

Saman gave a huge laugh.

Hashmal just produced hundreds of light spears again. But this time they didn't move. Instead, the spears joined together.

Hashmal finished a 3m long trident. It was the first time she used a weapon in this fight. This meant the situation wasn't going well.

The eyes of the demons shone.

"Break Hashmal's neck."

"This is our chance."

The demons released their advanced creatures. It was expected that the intermediate grade ones wouldn't be able to do anything.

Saman frowned.

"These fools! But your creatures are no match!"

Saman wielded his whip and the bugbear moved more enthusiastically. He added a few more advanced creatures like the vampires and werewolf king. They particularly had a 'natural enemy' relationship with the angels.

The demons started a full scale offensive against Hashmal and the last Virtues Angel.

Hashmal frowned.


She took care of dozens of wyverns but there was no end to the number of advanced creatures coming. Hashmal was gradually being pushed to the edge of a cliff. She was even vulnerable to the werewolf king.

"Kuahaha! I got it...!"

Hashmal was within easy reach of Saman.


Lightning God suddenly bit Saman. Saman and the bugbear disappeared in an instant.

I gave a small smile.

'This is worth entering.'

I was standing with the Awakened in the middle of the battlefield.

Hashmal was approaching the limit but there were still hundreds of casualties, making it easy to catch a demon off-guard.

Thanks to Saman, Lightning God was able to eat.

-The demon hunt was successful. The effect of the title 'Dungeon Hunter' has created 1 residual stat point.

500,000pt will be given.

A reward for killing an earl. I was satisfied with getting an extra stat point.

There were other demons who were good targets but Lightning God ended up eating Saman.

At that time, Hashmal's gaze moved towards me. She stared at me.

'She noticed.'

The owner of Lightning God was noticed. The question was whether the demons had noticed. I was helping Hashmal and the angels so it would be annoying for the future if the demons noticed.

I suppressed my maximum magic power but there was no way of knowing. I stared straight into Hashmal's eyes.

After a few seconds, Hashmal turned her head away again.

'Go on?'

I didn't know the reason. But her eyes weren't hostile.

"Captain-nim. We should step back. It will be dangerous if we stay any later!"

Lee Ji-hye cried out from nearby.

The strong creatures were rushing towards Hashmal. But there were many creatures remaining. The intermediate creatures were tough opponents for the Awakened.

The bodies of the Awakened were exhausted. They were drinking potions to sustain themselves. The trolls and banshees were flooding the area. It was a situation where a single crack would mean losing their lives to a monster!

But...I shook my head.


"We might die. Captain-nim, this absolutely isn't a good plan. Once the angels are pushed back, the humans will be their next target!"

Lee Ji-hye stated. Hashmal and the angels were being pushed back little by little. They were clearly struggling in power.

But my answer didn't change.


"This...! Do you want them to self-destruct?"


Lee Ji-hye wielded her staff with tight lips as she heard it.

I expressed my intention to participate.

I looked at the entrance of the dungeon.

And Lee Ji-hye, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward stayed behind me while I waited for the 'moment.'

* * *

Chrisley clutched the Death Wand and said.

"We have to stop them. Our opponents are the angels and we will beat them with the power given to us."

1,500 creatures were assembled on the 1st floor. Among them were a large number of advanced creatures.

And even if they were lacking power, they needed to desperately defend the dungeon. This was their last home. They pledged their lives to defend the Tree of Origin. Chrisley and all the dark elves were prepared.

However, Julliom was an exception. He opened his mouth with a very worried expression.

"Queen-nim. Please step back. The angels aren't easy existences."

After going through the treatment with the Dungeon Master, Chrisley had been appointed as 'Queen' of the dark elves. Julliom and even Krasla would listen to her. But Chrisley just laughed awkwardly.

"Elder-nim. What do I have to fear when the lich and seven spartoi in the vicinity?" (Spartoi= grown from the body parts of a dragon)

"Queen-nim doesn't know. How brutal and scary the angels are...!"

Julliom trembled.

Demon World. Julliom spent a long time there and had seen angels step out of dimensional gates a few times. They were existences that tried to destroy all life in the Demon World. Julliom had to make an appeal for his life every time.

Of course, the invasion from the heavens wasn't frequent. It occurred once every several decades. But the Demon World received a huge blow every time.

In a nutshell, the weak people would only die. Julliom wanted to live near the world tree for this reason. He didn't want to always live with the fear of dying.

On the other hand, Chrisley was young. She never felt fear towards the angels. So Julliom wanted to maintain that.

"Don't worry. This degree isn't enough to make my body cold."

Chrisley tried to dispel his worries and laughed brightly. She had become increasingly more beautiful and now there were no dark elves who could match her beauty. Julliom's spirit briefly recovered.

Julliom who recovered his mental state said.

"...This old man will die to protect your life."

"Huhu. That is reassuring."



At that moment.

The dungeon shook. The angels had launched their attacks. Soon a large number of them would be coming through the entrance.

Chrisley gripped the Death Wand tightly.

"Get ready. The enemy is coming."

Two hundred angels.

Four Principalities Angels.

One Powers Angel...

That was the number of angels entering the dungeon. The angels didn't seem affected by the darkness and marched into the dungeon without any hesitation. They were faced with the saber tigers.


There were dozens of saber tigers in the vicinity of the angels. The angels held weapons made of light and moved to the saber tigers that hastily retreated. They seemed encourage and followed.

But it wasn't easy. The angels kept their ranks. The angels were simple but not ignorant. They realized this was a trap.

Chrisley immediately introduced the lizardmen. The lizardmen were intermediate 2Lv creatures A frontal confrontation with the lizards.

Surup! Sururup!

Round wooden shields and scimitars. The angels wearing armour crashed into 50 lizardmen. It was very provocative behaviour.

It wasn't expected that the lizardmen could win compared to the two hundred angels. It was for the commander to investigate the enemy's firepower.

The 50 lizardmen took 8 minutes to die. The lizardmen were handled by two angels! The efficiency was enough that the Principalities Angels and Powers Angel didn't have to come out. It seemed to be an objective indicator.

"It is more than I expected. The angels..."

The dungeon's crystal ball. Chrisley could see the circumstances in the dungeon thanks to that item. The force of the angels witnessed through the crystal ball was intense.

"But it is fortunate. There doesn't seem to be many high ranking angels."

Julliom sighed with relief.

Chrisley asked with confusion.

"I heard that the hierarchy of the angels is diverse and complex. Is the difference that big?"

"Yes. The archangels have a special existence but otherwise there is a strict hierarchy. The Powers Angels are intermediate ranked like the dark elves. Virtues Angels and Dominions Angels can confront high class creatures alone. Climbing up the hierarchy...I have never seen the Thrones, Cherubs and Seraphims so I'm not sure how strong they are."

"Then there must be a Heavenly King."

"That's right. The Heavenly King is the master of heaven. Just like the Devil is the master of the Demon World. And it is possible for us to match the power of the Principalities and Powers Angels here."

Tension was finally released from Julliom.

Chrisley continued looking through the crystal ball before saying.

"I will throw more food at them. It is the turn of the werewolves. All...prepare the ceremony."

The lizardmen, werewolves and nagas greeted the angels and died. A complete extermination. Their blood was scattered all over the place and on the angels' bodies.

The sun in the sky would naturally remove the blood from them. But the dungeon was dark so they didn't have that luxury. In the end, the angels could only move while covered in blood. They were facing the dark bears and trolls when the 'ceremony' began.

The ceremonies of the dark elves were unique. At first, it was just words and actions. But after a while, it started to exert a real strength. The ceremonies were different for each tribe. A skill that was difficult to describe. It was close to a transcendent will.

And Julliom knew a ceremony to 'curse' the opponents. It was ancient magic that used blood to weaken the opponents. The angels were already covered by the blood of the creatures so they couldn't avoid it.

The dark elves gathered the resentment inside the corpses of the creatures. The dark elves' bodies trembled from this sentiment.

A moment later, a saber tiger appeared with a dead angel in its mouth.

"Stick to the wings. The souls of the dead creatures will curse the angels."

Julliom passed over a dagger. However, the dagger was so old the colour was dull. Her hand didn't want to touch it but Chrisley received the cursed dagger. She took a deep breath and stabbed the wings of the angel on the floor.


A strange moaning sound. The sound was heard from the mouth of the dead angel.

A wave of intense magic power that contained a curse was generated and rushed madly towards the demons.

The angels felt it and looked confused. Julliom who was watching through the crystal ball nodded.

"A success. The curse of pain."

"...Then prepare to attack. We will drive out the enemies."

So far the angels had received minimal damage.

Once it was confirmed that they were affected by the curse, the chances of victory became convincing. There was only a small number inside. There were many more outside. As many creatures as possible needed to be preserved.

At that moment, Chrisley staggered. Her legs seemed to have become tangled up.

"The souls are clamouring. Lean on me."

This was the impact of the curse. More powerful opponents would cause a strong recoil. If Chrisley's intelligence wasn't over 100 then she would have fainted for a few days.

Julliom was startled and stretched out a hand.

"It is okay. There are those suffering outside this room...this is nothing."

Chrisley solidly placed both feet on the ground and started to move.

* * *


The evening passed. The moon gradually sunk and the reddish sunset appeared. Even so, Hashmal still hadn't fallen. The creatures relentlessly poured out attacks but her gestures and facial expression showed she wasn't disturbed.

' isn't an empty name.'

Awesome. Honest admiration. In fact, Hashmal was more suitable for secondary roles than combat. She was different from the angel in my previous life who gained tremendous achievements in 1 year and 6 months.

So I tended to slightly ignore her. I thought she would reach the edge of the cliff and reveal her limits.

But now the situation was enough to make me praise her. Other than Hashmal, there were still 80 angels left. In the end, it wasn't much different from Hashmal facing the demons alone.

Current Carrier of Light. She could use that light.

If I was in that spot. I imagined what would happen if that was me.

'Half a day. At most a day.'

I knew myself well. I would need to show reckless bravery. In addition, I was weak in confrontations with many opponents. Given that limitation, it was an objective judgement.

But Hashmal's momentum still wasn't killed. The sun rose and her holy magic was being restored. It was like a sick person recovering.

Thanks to that, the situation transitioned to a lull phase.

The demons were gathering their advanced creatures for another offensive. It seemed like their stamina had also been depleted.

"This is hell right here."

Yoo Eun-hye angrily said as she came to my side. Her once clean face was covered in blood and dirt. Too many things were happening to even think of cleaning it up.

But the problem didn't end there.

Currently, the members of his raid group and the surviving Awakened were in the centre of the battlefield.

They were glad that the lull meant the frequency of attacks lowered. They were able to rest among the dead bodies of the creatures...

"Don't relax.'

"Hu! I'm not planning to relax. My head is still pounding from the transparent insects.

Yoo Eun-hye rubbed her forehead.

I turned away and scanned the remaining Awakened.

From my point of view, the Awakened were no different from newborn children. They were still learning about the battlefield. But they would certainly 'grow' the longer they were on the battlefield.

Initially they were scared by all the blood running but now they were numb to it. They were sad about their colleagues dying but didn't linger over it. It made them realize their survival instinct.

A moment to rest. The faces of the Awakened were all exhausted. Even so, their eyes were alive. They were still wary of their surroundings.

Of course, some wanted to flee. There were already 40 people who deserted. But most of them had crossed the river of no return. As soon as they broke away from the ranks, more than half of them was slain.

But this was a blessing. Seeing the situation of those who fled would inspire them more. There was no way to get away from here except for victory.

"Captain-nim. Do you hear that sound?"

Yoo Eun-hye who was applying a potion to her injuries suddenly heard a strange sound.

The sound was coming from the direction of the dungeon.

"There are more angels? But why are they coming out from the dungeon? No, rather...why are they in that state?"

Yoo Eun-hye discovered the source of the sound.

Dozens of angels were coming out from the dungeon entrance.

All the Awakened, angels and even the demons had wide eyes.

They were the angels who attacked the inside of the dungeon. But they were in a bad state. Some had their wings ripped to shreds and couldn't fly while others had their organs showing.

'They are coming.'

The corners of my mouth went up slightly.

Their appearance made it obvious that Chrisley was successful. And following behind the angels were a number of creatures.



The first was an advanced golem. And there were the imposing figures of the lich and saber tigers.

The demons made an expression like they realized something. There hadn't been any news about the creatures and owner of this dungeon. If it was just the creatures then they could safely ignore it. However, the numbers were considerable. A single force with an absolutely outstanding level.

But the Dungeon Master didn't seem to be visible. A competitor, an enemy? The two had similar meaning but the situation might change depending on which word it was.

However, they hadn't showed themselves in the past day.

The lull was over as angels, demons and humans tensed up.

In particular, the Awakened had really tense shoulders. They cursed the fact that more creatures emerged from the dungeon.

Yoo Eun-hye had the courage to confess something after the atmosphere changed.

"Captain-nim. If I live through this then I will boldly kiss you."

"There is no need."

* * *

A shocking appearance.

A number of creatures was blocking the entrance to the dungeon.

All the demons and angels intently watched the dungeon. It was a silent battlefield as the attacks stopped. An extension of the war. There were all types of speculation running through their heads so there was silence.

In particular, the demons were really interested. The person who owned so many creatures of high quality. A Duke or Grand Duke? If might account for why they didn't move from the start.

However...the Dungeon Master's identity was shrouded in a veil. Only the creatures were revealed. The demons couldn't move easily without knowing what faction the Dungeon Master belonged to. If they made one wrong move then they could be involved in a hornet's nest.

There was a possibility this was the dungeon a high ranking demon. So they watched each other while asking 'you?' with their eyes.

Of course, they couldn't come to a conclusion. Everything was just a guess. They could guess the intentions if the creatures acted but...

For now, everything was just still.

The creatures stayed at the entrance of the dungeon and didn't move even one step. It was like they wouldn't move as long the dungeon wasn't touched.

In fact, the silver golems M1 and M2 only acted to repel the angels attacking the barrier. They stopped moving after the barrier wasn't attacked anymore.

What to do?

The demons had attacked Hashmal without hesitation. Their interests aligned with 'angel hunting' so they easily moved.

But...they couldn't read the intent of the Dungeon Master. Maybe they appeared at the last minute to watch the show. But then the daylight fully arrived. They had no time to waste.

They couldn't just stand there. In this situation, the demons had to come out. If they didn't move...Hashmal would recover her divine power. A long day of attacking the angels would repeat again. There was also a chance that the dungeon's creatures would move. It would be a problem if they decided the demons were competitors for hunting the angels.

The demons would have to watch their backs. Half a day ago, the demon 'Saman' had been fried by electricity.

"I don't know which faction you belong to but come out! If you don't come out then I will tear down your dungeon!"

Marquis Anastasia yelled. A demon who was supported by Pandemonium. A demon who was impossible to push back even if three demons joined their strengths. He would be the first one out to cut the enemy. She knew that Pandemonium wasn't the owner of this dungeon.

"Stop playing. Did you think you would get away with such an obvious move?"

Marquis Dellat said in a scathing tone.

The demons gathered here didn't trust each other. Especially between two factions...that's just the way it was.

"It isn't a trick! I will tear down the foundation."

"Really? Haha! Okay. Then try attacking the dungeon. I will believe the sincerity of your words then."

Taking responsibility for her words. But Anastasia had a red face. She said she would crush it but it was just a threat. It was to put pressure on the demon who was the owner of the dungeon.

Dellat raised his right hand with a smile.

"Waste your time. And continue to struggle. I will take Hashmal's head."

The hand was raised to order a march. The creatures ran towards Hashmal once again.

It was a wise choice. Dellat had calmly analyzed the battlefield. The demons had hesitated.

However, the numbers were small. Hashmal was strong and would pressure them. Her recovery needed to be thwarted. There was an important change in the demons' movements. They ignored the dungeon and started attacking.

On the other hand...there were those who still had doubts.


Orc shamans chanted spells at death knights. A knight on horseback attacked Dellat.


"What are you doing?"

Dellat scowled as he fended off the attacks. The owner of the death knight was Anastasia.

"...It is suspicious. This dungeon, does it belong to your faction? Are you trying to monopolize the points?"

"You bitch! You finally went crazy!"

Angry words popped out of Dellat's mouth.

It was strange that they were attacking each other. In this situation, they shouldn't be at each other's throats. The common enemy, 'Hashmal' and the angels were in front of them. It was natural for the demons to be angry. The situation had become more complicated......

Madness entered Dellat's eyes.

"I will kill you. I will tear this bitch apart!"

That was the starting point.

Small doubts had brought about a division. The main power against the angels was pulled out. Some demons were fighting among themselves. The creatures on the battlefield became deeply entwined.

At that moment.

"Help the angels!"

"Wipe out the creatures!"

Now the Awakened starting moving.

I smirked.

It was a plan I hastily thought of.

Taking advantage of the bad blood among the factions. They had barely united in the fact of the common enemy that was the angels. This superficial connection was easily broken with a little bit of confusion.

The main part of this plan was the number of creatures Chrisley had left. Fortunately, she had achieved a huge victory judging by the appearance of the angels. Many creatures. It was likely that they would lose some power in this event. An itch behind them. In other words, a needle.

It was natural that doubts would spring up among the demons.

Thirteen. No, there were only twelve demons left. Anastasia was a fish that had been caught.

Even the Awakened...this was a true scene of carnage.


I praised Chrisley who wasn't here. Frankly, even half being left would be a success. I never thought only one third would be lost. Chrisley's role was substantial. Confusion was created thanks to her.

Now there were only a few hundred Awakened so they wouldn't be a big help against the creatures. It was at least enough to give Hashmal and the angels time to recover.

"We have only one thing to do. Endure. There is no need for anything else!"

My cry entered the ears of the Awakened.

Fighting and enduring were completely different things. They were capable of doing it.

And Hashmal was looking down at me with strange eyes.

The sun was shining. My original group of 500 had decreased by more than half. Sink or swim. It felt like throwing eggs at a rock.

I was wearing a rare sword instead of Wrath. I raised my sword to the sky and shouted.

"We are the last hopes of our country. If the angels die then our hometowns, parents, relatives and friends will be trampled on! Defend it!"

It was funny that I was discussing South Korea's future. But it was necessary. Small flames were ignited in the Awakened.

The Awakened needed to hold on for as long as possible. In addition, it was risky for Lee Ji-hye, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward. I couldn't lose them in a place like this. My objective was to make them grow in this battle, not die.

Of course, I was there to ensure their safety. However, then it was highly likely that my identity would be discovered. That was the worst case scenario.

"Dammit. I'll do it. Even if I can't keep it!"


The Awakened were filled with energy at my words. Hope. It was indeed a good word.

The injured Awakened with legs barely attached due to potions or deep face wounds also moved. They dedicated themselves to fighting the wicked creatures.

Their spirits were already lost. Most of their fighting spirit was exhausted after a day and a half. They moved around the clock and had surpassed their limits. It was a situation where they could barely eat or drink. Just standing deserved praise.

On the surface, I also appeared like I was struggling.



A huge spear of holy power could be seen from the ground.

'That's great.'

I lightly nodded.

Hashmal. A cold light in those gold eyes that wanted to destroy the enemies.

She finally finished charging.

The second round had no earnestly started.

It was too late by the time the demons realized something was strange. There were less than five thousand creatures remaining and many were advanced grade.

The disputes between the twelve demons stopped.

Hashmal who finished charging was powerful. A much stronger feeling than when I first saw her. There was a tacit agreement among the demons for a truce.

But it was too late.

Until now, they just viewed it as a way to make points. Hunting angels was the best way to gain a large number.

If they were too weak? Crash.

The demons here already knew it to some extent. They panicked and trembled as the attack headed towards them.

Marquis Dellat and Anastasia were also aware of this. They both had a similar number of creatures and were cursing each other. They had been diverted from realizing that Hashmal was the most important thing.



The two were in a miserable condition as they cursed. Their entire bodies were covered with wounds. Cold, insane eyes. Loose hair that was reminiscent of a 'madman.'

Anyway, the division among them had stopped.

All the demons had one common thought.

"This won't drag out much longer."

"The game will end while the sun is still up."

A short term battle!

It wasn't good to drag time out longer.

A clash of power.

As the sun rose higher, the decisive time in the battle was approaching.