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Chapter 81-83: Angels

Chapter 81-83: Angels

After checking the Tree of Origin, I also made sure that the Japanese dungeon's internal affairs were continuing smoothly.

In particular, I recently imported treasure to Japan's dungeon so the points there had increased. The average of 40,000 a month had increased to 55,000 so the effects were already visible. There were many people getting rich in Japan.

Guyo the fairy in Japan's dungeon was alone so he worked hard. The points were used to make a 'maze.' The walls and multiple paths made it much simpler to hide the treasure. This was obviously different from Yihi.

'The goblins are still dominant.'

It was possible to identify the current state of the creatures in the dungeon with one glance. The number of goblins was in the six digits and there was a 0.03% possibility of a variant occurring. It meant only 3 variants had been born. Champion goblin, arc goblins etc...this statistic was quite useful.

Once the Tree of Origin started working properly, I was looking forward to seeing the 'uniqueness' work on the saber tigers.

'It is unfortunate that the saber tigers don't have the dominant position yet.'

Tsk! I clicked my tongue.

The number of goblins was significantly more than the saber tigers. It was because the costs and breeding rate itself was different. The lowest grade goblin could be purchased for 25pt white the saber tigers cost 5,200pt. The goblins could give birth to over ten at a time while the saber tigers were limited to half a dozen.

In many ways, it was forced to take more time.

"Invest 500,000 more points. I will give you permission to use it."

"Really? I'm glad!"

Guyo jumped with excitement. Guyo had been anxious after I transferred to the dungeon. But I ended up giving him permission to use half a million points so various thoughts of how to proceed passed through his head.

I said in passing.

"In the future, you will be granted further opportunities. Yihi, Guyo and any fairies I get in the future."

"I can do well."

Guyo quickly nodded.

I was slightly disappointed with Yihi so Guyo was more reliable right now. Of course, I would watch for a long time rather than make an instant judgement. Yihi and Guyo were so different from each other that there were advantages and disadvantages.

My eyes shone.

'I should further grow my power.'

I was stronger than one demon. However, I lacked power compared to a faction. The situation was like that now. I burst out in the lead and needed to build that as much as possible without losing power.

For now, it was going smoothly. But I wouldn't be able to completely disregard the factions in a few more years.

I needed my own army! Just imagining it made me invigorated.

There was a little bit on my mind.

The past 2 years. There was little to threaten me at the moment.

But my perception changed after 'they' came through a hole in the sky.

* * *

-A special event has been triggered.

Event, 'Angel Hunt' has begun.

Seven dimensional gates have been created to earth. Angels will appear through the gate and instinctively strike the dungeons. An angel's attack has the opposite property of a dungeon barrier and can neutralize the dungeon. If the barrier is broken then the existence of the dungeon itself will be at stake. So please be careful.

The event rewards are as followed:

1 Dominions Angel Hashmal - 5,000,000pt

3 Virtues Angels - 1,000,000pt

10 Powers Angels - 300,000pt

50 Principalities Angels - 100,000pt

1,850 Angels - 5,000pt

Hunt more angels. Protect the dungeon and Dungeon Core from the angels. If an angel reaches the Dungeon Core then they will declare it as a 'Holy Land.' Holy Land will reduce the strength of all demons while the capabilities of the angels will rise.

Then, I wish all players good luck.

A long message window emerged suddenly. At the same time, cracks started to form in the sky.

I was deeply flustered.


My expression wrinkled. My fists clenched tightly and my lips became dry.

The cracks were forming in the sky above Korea. It was one of the seven places on earth selected.

But, strange.

I was disconcerted that the angels would appear already. In addition, it didn't make sense that one of the gates would appear in Korea.

'It was supposed to start after 20 years......'

The angels had also appeared in my previous life. It happened when the war was in full swing. More than half of the earth was ravaged and there were approximately twenty demons remaining. The most powerful who had been filtered. They even had many creatures under them. Once the dimensional gate appeared, the angels were very easily defeated.

It was literally a 'bonus event.'

In the 30th year, the archangels and seraphims had destroyed two dukes but it took quite a while. Above all, the dimensional gate never opened in Korea.

'Things have changed.'

What was this? The future. Why?

'I...because of me?'

My stiff expression couldn't relax.

It had only been 2 years. Several small actions could have an impact on the future but I might have influenced it. There was no way to comprehend why the future had changed.

I climbed to the top of the dungeon and looked up at the sky. After a while, the gate ornamented with jewels to make it look like the 'Celestial Door' opened and angels came pouring out.

The Celestial Door opened and angels appeared. The number alone was enough to impact the spirit. The pure white wings and shining 'ring of light' above the head symbolized an angel's presence.

The angels in the sky looked around. They were a little confused and couldn't easily move. It seemed like they hadn't expected it as they carefully started searching all over the place. The Celestial Door behind the angels disappeared without a trace.



The people on their way to work or driving cars were all staring at the angels in the sky. They gave off intense light when appearing so it was natural for attention to be focused on them.

Some angels raised their hands. Their hands produced a silver light then formed giant parabolas.

It looked just like a radar. And it actually was a radar.

The angels seemed to detect something and moved en masse. The angels were facing Bukhan Mountain. The place where South Korea's 'dungeon' existed.

I started frowning.

'What to do?'

An intense holy power could be felt from the angels. Even if they fell to the streets, I would fail to capture all of them.

I stayed at the dungeon's outer walls and gazed in the direction of the incoming angels.

'Dominions Angel Hashmal.'

I remembered the phrase that floated in the message window.

Hashmal. An angel who spread God's wishes. An angel who couldn't be easily defeated. Numerous creatures and demons suffered with the arrival of Hashmal in my previous life. She emitted a light so dazzling that the eyes couldn't withstand it and flipped the battle around several times with her 'recovery.'

By the was obvious that the angel with huge holy power was the Dominions Angel Hashmal. She happened to fall through one of the seven gates into Korea.


I couldn't just watch as they attacked my dungeon. But 'how much I should show' was the problem.

It was obvious that the owners of the dungeon in neighbouring countries would detect the intense holy magic. It was truly a crisis.

The demons didn't know I was in South Korea. I couldn't let them know. Grand Duke Upa would lead his faction to come and pressure me. Nobody could know my location for my absolute safety.

It would be a large restriction on the time I needed to grow. The circumstances meant I might need to prepare for an all-out war.

At the very least, I wouldn't be able to use Gigantes. This was because I already revealed that power in the Demon World Auction. It wouldn't be safe for Krasla and Chrisley. The same was true for the griffin. If a high class creature emerged then they were likely to think of me first.


3 kilometres. The distance between the angels and the dungeon.

'No time.'

It was already happening. I couldn't avoid this and wait for other people to take care of it.

Anyway, I wasn't sure of the situation but it wasn't a small matter.

A reversal. I could ride this event to rise properly. Conversely, I could twist my ankle and drop all the way to hell.

So...I couldn't proceed alone.

I got up from my spot.

I took out two square, iron plates from my magic bag. They had a distinct silver colour. I bit my finger and dripped the blood onto the two plates.


At the same time, the silver plates absorbed the blood and started to shine.

-The auto-golems 'M1' and 'M2' have been activated.

'M1' and 'M2' were the strongest golems produced tens of thousands of years ago. Somehow the blood, heart and breath of the devil was 'stolen' and transplanted into it.

The iron plates soon started to take the shape of armour. Two knights in full silver armour soon appeared. The size was 1m 80cm and was similar to my strongest golems. It was common in appearance with the golems and faithfully followed its master's words.

It was one of the five items I bought in addition to Sloth, the Statue of Abundance, the Body of the Earth Dragon, Astral Code, Sage's Leap, Smile of the Sun and Tear of the Moon.

I opened Mind's Eye to confirm the detailed specifications.

Name: M1, M2


Strength 87 Intelligence 0

Agility 86 Stamina 84

Magic Power 57

Potential: (314/314)

Uniqueness: Completed from the beginning. There is no more need for growth and there is no sense of self since its intelligence is 0. But the golem gives its best performance under a powerful master.

Skill: Stampede (U)

A warrior specialized for fighting. The physical abilities were on par with a high class creature. The low magic power meant damage from skills would be great but there was no worries if it could avoid the skills. Stampede (U) was also a hidden card that could be used against enemies. Stampede would devastate the enemies the moment the golem activated it.

It didn't end here.

I pulled out one more vial from my bag. 'Wind Powder' was another one of the five items bought at auction. Depending on the amount given to the target, it could give a subject the 'Fly (R)' skill. Just like the name, it could the ability to fly.

I threw the Wind Power at the golems without any hesitation. M1 and M2 would use it according to my commands. It would be enough to allow them to face the angels.

-The angel attack has begun.

The dungeon barrier has received cumulative damage.The rare rating of the dungeon has increased the durability of the barrier. But it will eventually be destroyed if it receives attacks for too long.

-Barrier Durability 4,999,341/5,000,000

-Barrier Durability 4,998,871/5,000,000

-Barrier Durability 4,998,094/5,000,000

The messages continuously popped up. I placed my hand on the Dungeon Core and activated my magic power.

"Gather all the intermediate creatures on the 1st floor."

The words were used to move them. I conveyed my will. The dungeon rating added to my power.

'Hide my power. I don't know if the rest of my strength will suffice......'

It wouldn't be a problem if it was just the angels. The problem was the demons heading to South Korea. I wasn't ready yet. Time was needed. I couldn't use my main power.

-Barrier Durability 4,996,099/5,000,000

The durability of the barrier was reducing rapidly. It would last two days at the most. The barrier would be worn out in a couple of days.

'I'll give it a try.'

I clenched my fists and moved my feet.

The people were bewildered. A huge door appeared in the sky, angels poured out and began to immediately attack the dungeon. They weren't showing hostility towards humans so they must not be enemies.

Humans should help. Or leave it to the angels. Opinions were divided between these two options.

If it was really 'angels' then it was natural for them to strike the evil dungeon. But South Korea was already battered by the monster wave so they couldn't easily move. If there was an error in judgement once again then things would get out of control. An obviously bleak future would unfold. South Korea that was slowly becoming a stable society fell into the abyss of confusion again with the appearance of the angels.

"Let's help the angels. They are God's messengers."

"We shouldn't go against the Dungeon Master. What if they fail? Then it really is the end. Won't innocent bystanders be hurt?"

"If we help then they can win. It is better than being slaves!"

"No. How can we even help?"

It was tense.

The gap between the two was narrowing.

There were those who worshipped the noble Dungeon Master after the monster wave. The Dungeon Master was an existence that couldn't be touched. The pressure given off by the Dungeon Master was huge.

Then the angels mysteriously appeared and showed them tangible hope. However, they couldn't easily move. There were those who firmly believed the angels were God's messengers. But the things they could do were very limited. They could only cheer with words.

But then they heard the following news.

"China, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Indonesia...a large number of creatures are approaching from those directions. Citizens are asked to immediately evacuate to a safe place."


The air-raid warning sirens rang. All the TV channels organized to discuss the 'risk.' In particular, the emergence of the large number of creatures that were heading to South Korea. Using a satellite gave them an estimate of roughly tens of thousands of creatures heading to the country. The countries they moved through wouldn't be able to stop them.

In addition, it was determined that many of the creatures were really strong. It was concluded that they were all heading to South Korea.

"The is the end."

Congested roads. A man who heard the news from the car radio muttered. He jumped out of the car and looked up at the sky.

There were hundreds of wyverns flying in the sky.

* * *

Incense of Valour.

Water Droplets of Victory.

Beads of Passion.

The remaining three of five items purchased at the Demon World Auction. The items were purchased with a large scale attack in mind and the synergy of the three was good.

Incense of Valour increased the strength of his allies by 1 for one day. Droplets of Victory raised agility when diluted with water while Beads of Passion increased stamina so they were all buff-type items. Regardless of capabilities, they were general purpose items that were effective to use.

The incense and water droplets were consumable items and these items were more valuable in the second half. In a later time, I wouldn't be able to purchase it even if I had points. It seemed like I had to use these products immediately.

'I didn't expect to use it so quickly......'

Dungeon's 1st floor.

The intermediate ranked creatures were sorted by type. According to estimates, they roughly reached 1,500. This was a major power.

70 nagas.

83 werewolves.

92 lizardmen.

47 dark elves, minotaurs and mammoths and 40 dark bears.

563 saber tigers.

The rest were accounted for with the trolls, lich, pyrocks, 4 advanced golems, dwarves and a few variants.

Still, that power was only specific for the ground. The sky was an almost impossible situation. However, the angels weren't just hitting the outer walls. Soon angel troops would descend to the ground to enter the dungeon.

I was prepared for that. The intermediate creatures were no match for the angels. The 1,500 creatures gathered here were to block the angels and creatures.

'I also left Krasla, Gigantes and the griffin on the top floor. I unconditionally have to protect the Dungeon Core. There aren't just angels.'

Demons and their creatures were gathering from the neighbouring countries. They were also dangerous.

Their armies were coming so it was apparent that this was a big event.

'If it wasn't for Hashmal then I would take advantage of their empty dungeons......'

My forehead wrinkled.

It was certain that demons would appear with their main power. If only the dimensional gate and the Dominions Angel Hashmal hadn't appeared in South Korea then I could use the opportunity of the empty dungeons.

It really was tough.

I needed to think of all variables in order to cross the stone bridge. I couldn't just go on adventures. I needed to focus on keeping South Korea's dungeon no matter what. If I lost South Korea's dungeon then my dream of becoming the devil would end up very far away.

"Chrisley. This will be your heavy responsibility."

"My Dungeon Master, don't worry. I have made some creatures from what remains of the body of the earth dragon.

Chrisley knelt on one knee and told me.

Her Undead Manufacturing (Ex U) skill. It was applied to the body of the earth dragon. There were seven advanced 1Lv creatures behind her. They were strong and reassuring supporters in this situation.

"You have to command the creatures to repel the invaders. Keep this in mind."

"I will keep it in mind."

The demons weren't likely to become suspicious even if they saw Chrisley. Her appearance had vastly changed from the time she was trapped in the cage. Like a firefly under the full moon. Moreover, the quality of her magic power was much higher. It was impossible to think she was the same person.

"But...My Dungeon Master. How are you doing to prepare for the attacks on the outer walls?"

Chrisley glanced at me and asked.

I looked at the entrance of the dungeon and said.

"I will use everything available."

* * *



An explosion of light. The dungeon barrier was in danger. Light gathered in Hashmal's hands and struck down from the sky like lightning. The light coming from the thunder strike meant it was difficult to open my eyes properly.

Hashmal then stretched out her six wings.

The beautiful figure was enough to cause bliss. Hashmal's presence could be felt even from far away.

The holy power extended from the wings and wrapped around the angels. It was to increase the recovery of the angels.

Hashmal looked around and stopped the attacks.

There were the Virtues Angels and Powers Angels as well. The Principalities Angels were holding bows of light and there were more than 400 angels. An absurd amount of power to attack a dungeon.

But Hashmal seemed to be frowning at something. Hashmal made a beautiful and cold expression and raised her hand. Then 200 angels and 4 Principalities Angels descended to the entrance of the dungeon. Their aim was to hit the exterior and interior of the dungeon simultaneously.



Not long after entering the dungeon, the screams of the creatures could be heard. The angels were cruel. The light weapons brutally killed the creatures. The troops entering the interior seemed to be sufficient.

Hashmal waited a moment before resuming the attack on the outer walls.


A black needle entered Hashmal's body. A strong poison seemed to spread through the body but Hashmal purified the poison in an instant by spreading her wings. Once the needle was removed, she turned her head to look at who launched it.

"Damn demon! I told you to aim for the neck!"

There were several hundred wyverns. There were demons laughing among them.

Hashmal quietly muttered something. Then a bright light poured into the air and hundreds of spears were created. The intensity of each spear was enough to cause a critical hit!

The demons' expressions wrinkled like they were chewing poo.

"Damn. Spread out!"

The demons on the wyverns were leading thousands of creatures like transparent insects, dark warriors, banshees, death knights, etc. The number of demons reached thirteen.

Thirteen...a ludicrous number for South Korea's narrow land mass. The good news was that they were only aiming at Hashmal and the angels. But no one could know what would happen after Hashmal and the angels were hunted.

"Dellat! I never thought someone so attached to Okullos's hip would come here!"

"Shut up, Anastasia. I can still smell the awful scent of Pandemonium's sperm from you."

"What? You bastard!"

In addition, the demons gathered were from various factions. They wanted to show off their faction's power.

In the centre were Hashmal and the angels.

Chwang! Chwang!

Hashmal continued making spears of light. The demons were filled with admiration at the strong force.

"As expected from the Current Carrier of Light."

"I am wasting time arguing with you."

But greed flowed from their eyes.

There were only a small number of strong angels. This was a chance to get a large amount of points. They couldn't miss it.

The demons and their creatures started to attack. There were more than 100 attacks aimed at Hashmal but they barely did anything.

And the angels received strikes from the creatures. Their faces were smashed and limbs cut off but they quickly recovered thanks to Hashmal's power. It was like the angels were immortal so the demons were astounded.

Besides...demons were demons. They forgot about fighting with each other and focused on the main concern. They couldn't die half-heartedly after coming all this way.


"Observe the angels!"

"Help God's messengers!"

While they were diverted by the angels, the creatures suddenly received a shower of unexpected attacks. The demons turned their heads to confirm the opponent.

"The lowly humans have lost their fear."

Hundreds of Awakened wearing skull masks had appeared. The proof of Devil Hunters. The Awakened were all wearing different colours.

However, the demons just laughed.

Bugs. Nothing more and nothing less. It was an army of bugs that was showing resistance but that was all. The demons just needed to step on them. They wouldn't be able to resist until the end. Rather, this meeting just gave them more points.

Ridicule could be seen in the demons' eyes.

* * *

A few hours ago......

I realized that I was in deep trouble on the top floor of the dungeon.

-The functions of the Dungeon Core has been restricted thanks to the advent of the dimensional gate. The Store of All Things can't be opened.

This message window greeted me.

'An unfriendly system.'

Time was lost. The system would have been friendly if it notified me of the event some time before it occurred.

In my previous life, angels had appeared long after I lost my dungeon. Therefore I didn't know that the store couldn't be used.

It didn't matter how many points I had. I was convinced this was why so many demons suffered against the angels. They weren't prepared in advance. It made matters worse. But I couldn't panic.

After calling the creatures to gather, I quickly left the dungeon.

I made a short stop at Heaven's Will. It was my first appearance after a long time so I ignored the attention I received.

I opened the door to the Devil Hunters room on the 2nd floor. The scene that became visible...the team members were all watching the large TV in the centre.

"Eh? Captain-nim!"

Yoo Eun-hye was the first one to notice. Edward was right behind her. The other members quickly rose and bowed.

"Where did you, I won't wonder too much."

Lee Ji-hye sighed. She led the raid group whenever I wasn't present. The dark shadows under her eyes told of her suffering.

"How much stock of the masks do we have?"

"Skull masks? There are 500 piled up in a warehouse right now."

"Watch them. I'm sure the number of masks will be lacking later."

Yoo Eun-hye frowned.

There were 500. I shook my head and said.

"Take all the masks."

Lee Ji-hye thought it was strange.

"What do you want to do?"

"Help the angels. Attract all guild members under the name Devil Hunters. You may use my name. Those people coming to help will wear the mask."

"The Awakened who aren't in our guild might oppose."

The black skull mask was the symbol of Devil Hunters. It was uncertain if other guilds would wear it.

"Make a prior announcement. There is no time."

"The emergence of a large number of creatures...will it be okay?"

"If we aren't okay then no one else will be okay."

A short answer. But it was enough.

Devil Hunters was Korea's strongest raid group but they were also at a global level. The members were united by that pride. People knew it as a 1 person raid group but they shook off that stigma.

"I understand. I will move quickly to threaten the guild masters."

Lee Ji-hye nervously licked her lips.

She seemed to have made a decision as her expression became determined. It wasn't difficult to use the name of Devil Hunter's leader if she had Kim Yong-woo's help.

"I will come back in 3 hours."

I turned and walked away while Lee Ji-hye shouted urgently.

"Yes...? W-wait a minute! Captain-nim, you will really come back in 3 hours?"

* * *

Uljin, Gyeongsang Province.

It was the next place I headed to after leaving Gangnam.

I could fly there in just 30 minutes using the Wind Powder. It was thanks to my high magic power and agility.

'I've come to the right place.'

I slowly came down from the sky.

I was accompanied by the mist type creature 'shade.' It looked like rain clouds were covering my entire body. I absolutely couldn't let my appearance be recognized.

There were round shaped buildings scattered around. Humans called it a nuclear power plant. A collection of vast amounts of energy. A place that held enormous power. A human technology that I had to give recognition to.

I laid my hands on the thick cement walls and felt something boiling up. It was artificial but it felt quite good. It was a source of power that made my mouth water. Lightning God felt it and started to actively move.

'I planned to touch it after a few years but it can't be helped.'

South Korean leaned heavily on the nuclear power plants. If too many power plants died out then humans would disappear. Of course, I didn't care how many humans would die but it would slow down the growth of the Awakened.

I had planned to eat it in the future. Over the next three years, humans would create 'new energy' from the core of the creatures. They would use it as the driving force to live without nuclear power plants.

A valuable replacement energy. The cores obtained from creatures was due to the flow of magic power in the dungeon. If the creatures were killed outside the dungeon then cores would still drop. But the cores of such creatures were rubbish. The demons once spent a large amount of points to research it.

In any event...I had to move forward my original plan involving the nuclear power plants.

It was due to the event.

"Lightning God. Eat away."

Lightning God popped out as soon as I said this. Its body instantly flew inside the power plant. It was only interested in the 'source' of the power.

Lightning God opened its mouth widely and ate the source.

A message window flashed.

-'Lightning God' has consumed a tremendous amount of power.

'1GW' will be added.

I frowned slightly.

'The efficiency isn't good.'

1 gigawatts. It meant that Lightning God could only be active for 1 more minute. Maybe because it was externally assimilated but the efficiency was the worst. But it was better than nothing.

Besides, there were still a few nuclear power plants remaining. There were a few more nuclear power plants in the Gyeongsang Province where I could obtain energy.

I wanted that taste again and moved.

After going to seven power plants in 2 hours, I managed to raise my original '16GW' to '21GW.' The efficiency was lowered every time the energy was devoured but I still managed to raise it. And I received the following achievements after eating the last power plant.

-A tolerable achievement!

A number of the country's facilities have been destroyed. South Korea will now suffer from serious power shortages.

300,000pt will be given.

I nodded.

I had expected an achievement from the moment Lightning God started. It was nice to get points but they were useless right now...I needed power that would help me gain the lead in this crisis.

'21 minutes.'

That was how long I could use Lightning God.

I would only call it when necessary but the duration had still increased. It would be difficult to get a steep rise in power even if I went to more power plants.

At this point, I needed to return. The dungeon barrier's durability was steadily being carved away.

'It is a bit hard if I only use Lightning God.'

I was confident in fighting without Lightning God. I needed to make sure it wasn't detected the moment I used it. But I needed it.

This was the best I could do for now.

I murmured to myself and flew into the air again.

* * *

I looked up at Hashmal.

Pure white wings. Appearance full of majesty and outwardly beautiful and flawless sight. But she was a Dominions Angel and 'evangelist' who carried the light.

Hashmal was tricky in my previous life. An angel who tormented the demons for 1 year and 6 months. The most formidable thing was her stunning recovery. In the end, Grand Duke Ariel needed to use her patented skill 'Abyss Sword' in order to defeat her.

'I was laying low.'

At that time, I did not go into the battlefield. I just watched the demons fighting from a distance. I would use my own discretion about when to interfere...looking back, those were all excuses.

But at this moment, I was looking at Hashmal for a different reason.

Goose bumps. A holy power that made my skin crawl.

I immediately opened up Mind's Eye.

Name: Hashmal

Occupation Dominions Angel Title * Current Carrier of Light (Epic, Intelligence and Magic Power +6)


Strength 89 Intelligence 87 (+6)

Agility 87 Stamina 83

Magic Power 92 (+6)

Potential: (438+12/471)

Uniqueness: An angel that will spread light to the world.

Skill: Propagation of Light (Epic), Barrage of Light Spears (Epic), Thunder of Light (Epic)

[Relative Comparison]Hashmal

Strength 89 Intelligence 93 Agility 87 Stamina 83 Magic 98 Potential (438+12/471)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 93 Intelligence 77 Agility 88 Stamina 86 Magic 96 Potential (392+48/500)

Incense of Valour, Water Droplets of Victory and Beads of passion gave me +3 stats but I was still slightly behind Hashmal.

Total stats were 450. Even if there was a limit when alone, that existence that could collapse the balance. She even had three epic grade skills. It was something that required at least 5 million points.

'I won't be a pitiful demon again like the first time.'

The number of creatures gathered here was almost ten thousand. Hashmal could defeat most of them but would become exhausted. It still wouldn't be easy for the demons to win. There was a large number of angels assisting Hashmal.

I needed to make a decision that would do more damage. If Hashmal was weakened then she would be easier to handle.

"Observe the angels!"

"Help God's messengers!"

The 500 Awakened charged forward. Their capabilities weren't great was a situation where numbers could give empowerment. A trickster suddenly appeared on the tightrope between Hashmal and the demons.

"Captain-nim. It won't turn out well if we don't scatter soon!"

Yoo Eun-hye said.

The momentum of 500 masked people appearing was good but that wouldn't last long.

"Don't leave my side. Just handle the incoming creatures."

I had no thoughts of moving significantly.

I only had one intent.

My original purpose was to conceal myself among the Awakened. Abstain from using as much magic power as possible. No one should notice me. Seal everything else while using only one power.

"Turn them all to charcoal, Lightning God."


The emerged Lightning God asked.


I pointed my finger.


Lightning God cried out and started heading towards the demons and creatures.