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Chapter 72-76: World Tree

Chapter 72-76: World Tree

After the forced transfer back to my dungeon ended, I opened my eyes to see Yihi. Her wings were flapping as she flew round and round.

"You came back, Master!"

"Calm yourself."

Yihi flew down and lightly settled on top of the Dungeon Core. Yihi had a spirit body but could make contact with the Dungeon Core.

"Master, Master. Listen to Yihi's words. Isn't the scenery on the 15th floor pretty after I planted the Flower of Eternity?"

Yihi chattered without any concerns.

The Flower of Eternity was a gift I gave to Yihi after the 1st auction. A rare flower that bloomed forever. I replied lightly.


"The bees are also moving. Yihihi. Yihi is really looking forward to the delicious honey that will be created."


"But Master. Do you have a gift for Yihi this time?"

Yihi was anxious as she waited for the answer. It was the reason she suddenly brought up the Flower of Eternity out of nowhere.

The fairy of the Dungeon Core wanted something from the Dungeon Master. I inwardly shook my head when thinking of this behaviour.

"It will come soon."

He got something for Yihi from the outdoor market. Despite the irregularities created by the bees, she had excellent dungeon management skills.

Yihi's clear, jewel like eyes blinked. Her wings flapped like a motor was attached to it.

"Wah! Yihi isn't mistaken? Then I will guess what it is. Um, acacia flower! Night flower! Rapeseed flower! Yihihi. Master, honey harvested from these flowers will be sweet. Also..."

All types of flowers. It was evidence that she really loved flowers. Yihi gave a list that was tailored to her own tastes as she chattered.

A crack soon occurred in the surrounding space. I was receiving the items I had successfully bid for. They started to appear. There are a few usable goods purchased from the outdoor market as well.

Once everything purchased from the Demon World Auction appeared through the crack in space, Yihi's mouth opened with admiration. Her attention was focused in one place.


King Bee!

A large bee 1 metre in size.

It was a low grade creature. It wasn't sold in stores but I discovered it at the outdoor market. I remembered Yihi talking about the King Bee one time when she was harvesting honey.

Yihi instinctively recognized that it was a gift for her.

But its appearance was overwhelming.

Unlike ordinary bees, its antennae were sharp and pointed. It had a big mouth and wide eyes. If dozens of them were gathered then it would be a terrifying sight. It was sometimes referred to as the bee penalty.


However, this was like a feast for Yihi.

Yihi gave a big laugh and disappeared with the King Bee. I shrugged as she twisted her body around and waved her fingers. It was a gift that matched her heart. She had noisily called out 'Master, the best!'

After that, I looked through the items purchased at the auction and grasped the Astral Code.

'First I have to use this.'

I opened Mind's Eye to once again check Astral Code's options.

-Name- Astral Code (U)

Description: Add one option to an item.

* Stats +1~2 or a specific characteristic will be randomly selected to enhance the item.

** The failure probability will depend on the user's magic power.

In the end, it was a strengthening item. It increased a random stat by 1~2 and gave an unique attribute to the item selected.

What should I enhance?

I thought for a moment before pulling out Wrath. It was one of the best things I used. There was also Sloth but it was a cloak. It wasn't as important as the sword that was directly wielded.

'I will strengthen Wrath.'

The information about how to use the item was simple.

"Astral Code."

I called the name.

Soon the black object emitted a colourful light.

-Astral Code is working. Please select an item to strengthen.

Wrath (Epic) 2. Sloth (Epic) 3. Paranormal (U).

Those were my three current equipment.

I chose Wrath.

-Item 'Wrath' will be overwritten by Astral Code. Please wait for a moment.

The high magic power (93) has significantly increased the chance of success.

Progress 1%, 2%, 3%...100%.

-The enhanced attribute has been selected.

The requirements for the skill 'Wrath (Epic)' has become lower. If you have more than 76 intelligence then you won't be taken over by the abnormal state.

I gripped my fists tightly. My breath was a little rough.

Randomly increasing stats by 2 would be a big winner. But the enhanced attribute. It lowered the intelligence requirements for the 'Wrath' skill. Right now my intelligence was 74. This meant I was almost unaffected.

Previously, I wouldn't have dared use the skill unless I had over 80. Astral Code had fixed a persistent problem.

'It is a good start.'

It was just the beginning. I immediately looked at the Spirit King's Recipe.

'A recipe gives instructions on how to make something.'

Dark Spirit King. What was he intending when he handed me this bundle of paper as a gift?

It was in the form of a few expensive pieces of parchment paper tied up. I untied the paper and read the words written on it.

But the letters were blurry. It was impossible to confirm with the naked eye.

'Hidden options...'

A 'unique grade observation skill' was required to read the words. I immediately took a look at the letters with Mind's Eye.

-The 'Spirit King's Recipe' has been confirmed.

The rating of Mind's Eye is higher than the rating of the seal. No penalty will be given.

The message windows that subsequently rose up. I ignored it and read the words written on the recipe.

-A unique combination skill is required to make the items listed in the recipe.

Tear of the Moon + Smile of the Sun = Magic Crystal (Curse)

Magic Crystal (Curse) + Elixir + Unicorn Horn = Magic Crystal (Pure)

Magic Crystal (Pure) + Seed of the World Tree = Germinated World Tree Seed

Only three lines.

However, the three lines were very meaningful.

'Germinated World Tree Seed...this?'

I was at a loss for words after reading the recipe. World Tree. The best structure for extending a dungeon. A tree of life that was worth more than 10 million points alone.

In my previous life, no one could obtain it except for Okullos. But I could never figure out how Okullos obtained the world tree.

I took a moment to be impressed.

'I have to do a combination.'

It wasn't simple to make the Seed of the World Tree germinate. Combining things was a must to make it germinate. But no one would use combination on a Seed of the World Tree.

The seed itself was expensive and not easy to obtain. In my previous life, it had only shown itself a few times at the Demon World Auction. At most three, four times? There was a higher chance that a wrong mix of items would be combined. Then it would become a completely worthless item.

A gamble. However, it was a different story with the recipe. Of course, the Dark Spirit King gave it as a gift and it was unlikely he was deceiving me.

The Dark Spirit King was hoping that the balance would crumble. He selected me after the of the fastest way to expand a person's power was the 'World Tree.' The reproduction rate of the creatures would increase and earth spirits would automatically be generated. The roots could be used to create high grade items.

'The problem is Skill Combination.'

Skill Combination (R) wasn't able to combine any items. I contemplated for a moment as I looked at Sage's Leap that I purchased.

-Name: Sage's Leap

Description- Alchemy Can increase the rating of all skills Unique (U) and below. If used on a Unique (U) skill, it will increase half a step towards Exceptional Unique (Ex U). There will be no effect on higher ratings.

A rare skill rating would increase to unique. Unique was literally unique. Changing something from rare to unique would have a high value.

'Raising the rating of Skill Combination might lead to a skill related combination skill. Normally the behaviour would change but Sage's Leap is random.'

I worried over whether to use it or not.

But the store didn't sell any unique combination skills. No, Skill Combination (R) was the only choice.'

The only other ways to find it was through the Demon World Auction or rewards for special events. That was currently impossible.

'It can't be helped.'

The roads I could go on were very limited.

Waiting a year for the next Demon World Action would take too long. I also couldn't be certain it would have it. It was more likely all that time would be wasted.

I would have to pray that a skill that could combine items would emerge. Besides, the Dark Spirit King would have pre-calculated something like this. The Dark Spirit King knew all the items that weren't shown in the auction.

If he judged that I didn't have the appropriate combination skill then he would have offered it. It meant I could resolve it myself.

I held Sage's Leap to my tongue and drank it.

-The Sage's Leap has been consumed. Please select a skill to raise the rating.

Skill Combination (R).

He was only capable of raising one skill. The rest was epic skills so Sage's Leap would have no effect on them.

Anyway, it had already started. No regrets. The skill selected has raised its rating.

-Skill Combination (R) has been changed to Combine Everything (U).

An unfamiliar name. I never heard of it in my previous life. I carefully looked at the description of the skill floating in the air.

-Combine Everything (U) - Everything in the world can be combined. But there is a limit, unlike the tremendous name. It is possible for the user to combine the majority of things.

I nodded. Fortunately, this was a skill with a very wide versatility.


I smiled with satisfaction as the result was even better than expected.

Now I just had to follow the steps as it was written in the recipe.

Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun, Elixir, Unicorn Horn and...Seed of the World Tree.

I didn't think a world tree would appear in my dungeon already so my hands were sweating. Okullos had received a huge benefit from the world tree. He had good quality creatures that other demons didn't dare go against.

He still had a favourable position but I was the one who would obtain a world tree first.

South Korea's dungeon would be worth 5 different dungeons. Considering that it had only been 2 years, I had widened the distance.

Besides, I had one more Seed of the World Tree. If I found a way then I could have two world trees.

Unprecedented. A surprise that I didn't think would happen. So my excitement was visible.

I shifted my attention to the recipe again. And I opened the store to buy the remaining goods needed.

* * *

-Magic Crystal (Pure) and Seed of the World Tree has been successfully combined.

The result is a very successful combination. 'Germinated World Tree Seed' has been completed!

Elixir and Unicorn Horn. Fortunately both of them could be purchased from the store. Once all the materials were combined, the only thing left was a germinated seed.

It was only the size of a thumb but the potential was endless. If it was buried in sunny ground then it could grow hundreds of metres into a giant tree.

In my previous life, I had seen Okullos' world tree two times. A truly dignified form. A magic power that would make someone overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Creating an electrifying presence...

I could confidently say that it was one of the most beautiful things to exist in the world.

'This is why the elves will wage war over the world trees.'

Of course, the world tree itself brought great benefits. But the elves had a lot of ego and pride about the world trees. The giant tree was the root of the elves' vitality.

It was why only the strong elves could live near the world trees.

'There isn't much information written...but it is enough.'

The recipe was real.

I could know for certain that the Dark Spirit King was favourable to me.

Usually I would find receiving gifts a burden but this time I didn't care. I had used a colossal amount of points at the Demon World Auction and would continue to do so. It was a role designed for a lot of entertainment.

This was enough to deserve it.

There might be a problem but such things hadn't happened yet. Even if I refused their favour, there was no way for them to hurt me.

VIP. I used more points than the factions.

I would receive the greatest gains in the Demon World Auction and the Dark Spirit King wouldn't receive any damages. They might feel resentful but that was all.

I carefully held the seed and moved to the 15th floor.

Before long, I reached the vicinity of the dark elf's village and Julliom rushed forward.

"It is great to see Dungeon Master."

"Where is the place that the Seed of the World Tree is planted?"

I spoke bluntly.

The seed I obtained from Adol Luph's dungeon hadn't germinated.

It was buried in the place with the strongest soil.

Julliom blinked and asked.

"Not far from here. You came...if you don't mind, can I ask the reason?"

"I intend to plant the Seed of the World Tree."

"Haven't you already planted it?"

"It did not germinate. This is a Seed of the World Tree that has germinated. Look."

I spread out my right hand and showed the Germinated World Tree Seed.

The seed contained such a massive amount of magic power that even Julliom could recognize it. It looked exactly like the other Seed of the World Tree...but there was one thing. The germinated seed had one difference.


Julliom's breath stopped as he realized the difference. His body trembled badly as his eyes widened.

It was surprising enough that there were two Seeds of the World Tree but now one had germinated. Julliom realized my intention and hurriedly bowed.

"I-I will bring you there immediately."

Julliom swallowed his saliva and turned around.

In the middle of the 15th floor.

The Seed of the World Tree was buried.

Fertile ground. The status and strength of the soil was excellent. Anything planted there would grow rapidly.

Dozens of dark elves were gathered around singing. Chrisley's face had a blood red tattoo on it and she was sitting closest to the seed.

A powerful surge of magic power. Grass was noticeably growing. This was the hymn of life that all elves instinctively knew.

But it didn't seemed to be effective in germinating the seed. It seemed like the seed needed certain conditions to germinate so the usual way wouldn't work.

"Please focus here. Stop the ceremony!"

Julliom clapped his hands. The concentration on the ceremony scattered. The dark elves turned their attention this way with puzzled expressions.

Then they hurriedly got up and bowed to me.

"Dungeon Master has come."

"It is great to see Dungeon Master."

I continued looking at Chrisley in the centre. Her face was tired from the ceremony but it still had its usual charm. But I asked a question rather than dwell on her beauty.

"It has been a while. The progress?"


Chrisley replied weakly.

She already had the seed for a few months. It started confidently but soon came to a standstill.

"Tell me what you used."

"First the fertility of the soil. Bugs were used to stimulate growth and I asked the fairy to change the soil. There was also advice from the earth spirits but they seem unsure about the world tree. We also planted other trees but they just died. Finally, we've been performing the hymn of life for a month seems like there isn't much effect, My Dungeon Master."

Chrisley answered honestly without holding anything back. Every other method failed so the ceremony was their last resort.

'I am certain that nothing will work except combination.'

I expected it. There were no exceptions.

I passed the seed in my hand over to Chrisley.

Chrisley opened her mouth and spoke with confusion.

"This is?"

"A new Seed of the World Tree that will be planted."

Chrisley noticed quickly. She perceived that it was real. But there was still one questionable thing.

"My Dungeon Master. If I'm not mistaken, that is in an already germinated state."

I spoke like it wasn't a big deal.

"You saw it properly."


That one word was enough. It contained all of Chrisley's admiration. All the efforts of the dark elves were in vain but she felt great joy at the germinated seed.

"Are you thinking of planting it?"

"It is worrying. Do you know if two world trees have every appeared in one place?"

Chrisley struggled for a while before her shoulders slumped.

"I'm sorry. I've never heard anything about it."

"Any others?"

I asked the rest of the dark elves. However, none of them nodded.

I touched my chin while thinking. Julliom and Chrisley were familiar with the history of the Demon World. If they both didn't know then it was unlikely to have happened.

'I can plant it in Japan's dungeon or plant both.'

I worried about where to place the germinated seed. But it increasingly tilted in the direction of planting both together. This was because of an item purchased at the auction.

Statue of Abundance!

An epic grade item that increased the reproduction rate of all 'species' near it. The Seed of the World Tree went in this category as well. It also had an impact on growth. If I moved a seed to Japan's dungeon then it wouldn't receive the effect.

I made a decision and said.

"Plant both together."

"Will it be okay? We don't know a lot about the world trees. There is no knowing if the other one with grow properly even with the germinated seed."

"It does not matter."

Chrisley's face was full of worry. And she wasn't wrong. There were many unsure variables.

If one was planted in Japan's dungeon then the risk would reduce significantly. But there would be more results if both were planted together.

They would receive the blessing from the Statue of Abundance. Besides...what effect would the blessing have on the germinated seed? It might have a good effect on raising the world trees.

I selected the side that I wouldn't regret. Anyway, I was rarely 100% satisfied.

I didn't allow any further objections so she nodded. At the same time, conviction appeared in the eyes of the dark elves including Chrisley.

Two world trees.

They couldn't help feeling greedy. Chrisley was just thinking of me when she was worrying about the results.

If they succeeded...this was a tremendous blessing. No, they would be able to enjoy unprecedented benefits.

"This is definitely the place with the most fertile soil?"


Chrisley replied confidently.

I took out the Statue of Abundance from the magic bag. It was a 1.5 m stone statue of a plump woman smiling. The dark elves stared curiously but I didn't pay any attention and invoked the blessing.

"Statue of Abundance."

A window popped up in the air.

-Only one species can receive the 'Blessing of Abundance.

The range of the blessing is a 50 km radium around the status and the effect will disappear outside this range.

This is a list of the species that exist in the vicinity. Please select a species to give a blessing.

Dark Elf

Thousand Year Old Tree

King Bee


A list of species that existed in the vicinity came up. I found 'World Tree' at position number 12. The Germinated World Tree Seed seemed to fall under it.

After 'World Tree' was selected, a bright light poured from the Statue of Abundance. The light spread through the 15th floor of the dungeon and gathered at the Seeds of the World Tree.

-The Blessing of Abundance has been given to the world tree.

Its growth rate will increase significantly and it will grow up more healthy.

A blue light shone around Chrisley's hand and the seed. The blessing was given properly. I didn't know how much help it would give would have some effect.

"Plant it."


Chrisley replied with a tense expression.

She chose a place a little off from where the Seed of the World Tree was already planted. She moved her hand through the dirt and carefully buried the seed.

Then she covered it with dirt again.


The ground started vibrating. The fertile soil started being affected.

But that wasn't the end.

A small bud shot up from the dirt. The size was only a few centimetres but it gave off an intense vitality.


"World tree...!"

The dark elves were at a loss for words. They stared at the bud of the world tree with thrill. They were so ecstatic that tears started falling from their eyes. The dark elves sank to their knees and 'welcomed' the world tree.

They had never showed that reaction to me who was the Dungeon Master. Chrisley and Julliom were thrilled but they had self-control.

Soon a few messages appeared in the air.

-An incredible achievement! A 'World Tree' has successfully sprouted for the first time!

The world tree is the mother of the forest. Thanks to the special blessing, a large fortress can be constructed that will stop enemy attacks.

-The dungeon rating has gone up. You can verify this through Domestic Mode.

The title 'World Tree Master' has been given.

I frowned while looking over the windows.

'Dungeon rating?'

I had somewhat anticipated a title. A title had been given for growing a world tree. But I was ignorant about the dungeon rating.

'Was there a dungeon rating before?'

I couldn't know. I had neglected almost everything related to my dungeon in my previous life. My information related to dungeons was very limited.

I should verify it. But I checked my status window first.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title * Dungeon Hunter (Residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, All stats +2)

* World Tree Master (Ex U, All stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic Power +6)


Strength 80 (+11) Intelligence 72 (+4)

Agility 75 (+11) Stamina 80 (+4)

Magic Power 85 (+10)

Potential: (392+40/500)

Remaining Stat Points: 3

Electric Power: 16GW

Uniqueness: Heart of the Hell Monarch has woken up.

Skill: Combine Everything (U), Mind's Eye (Ex U), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Wrath (Epic), Sloth (Epic)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 89 Intelligence 74 Agility 77 Stamina 82 Magic 93 Potential (392+23/500)

Strength 91 Intelligence 76 Agility 86 Stamina 84 Magic 95 Potential (392+40/500)


I gave a smile. The +2 to all stats from the title meant strength went over 90. Agility rose significantly thanks to Sloth and my magic power was at 95. I have a total of 432 stats. I had gone way beyond my original capabilities in my previous life.

This was all thanks to the compensation stats.

The effects of the titles and items increased my stats by 40. This was a feat that most demons couldn't compete with. My pure stats had risen but it wasn't enough to cover everything.

I also had three skills with the epic rating. In the present time, only the Grand Dukes could barely match me.

I was looking forward to displaying Wrath that was strengthened by the Astral Code.

Either way...I was satisfied with the status window.

'Unfortunately, the other one didn't react.'

I was referring to the other Seed of the World Tree. The seed already buried in the ground didn't react as well.

It was still too early. I would be able to obtain accurate data over time. If there wasn't a reaction after a long then then I would find a different solution.

"Continue the ceremony."

The chanting of the hymn of life.

I would try anything that would help the growth of the world tree.

"As you command, My Dungeon Master."

Chrisley who was watching the bud of the world tree blankly hastily bowed her head. On the other hand, Julliom and the other dark elves were still affected.

They were close to the world tree that was their desire. Dream. Hope. Such a thing.

The dark elves lived in the Demon World where the strong ruled. They lived in remote areas and were strengthened every day. As a result, they were forced to make a deal with the dark spirits. Of course, their wish was to save Chrisley's life under the protection of the world tree, the dark elves could enjoy some prosperity.

'Today they don't have to worry.'

I wasn't an unreasonable boss. I smiled and turned away.

Domestic Mode.

One of the privileges of the Dungeon Master was to learn the details related to the dungeon.

I ran Domestic Mode next to the Dungeon Core.

After a moment, a holographic cross section of the dungeon emerged. The placement and situation of the creatures was confirmed but not much changed from before.

But there was one place. A change on the 15th floor.

There was a towering tree like figure with the description 'World Tree (Budding). It was the first time I had seen something added to the hologram.

Apart from that, I found new words on the bottom left.

'A rare rated dungeon.'

There were some yellow letters. I touched my hand to the words that stated it was a rare grade dungeon.

The holographic screen changed and a new window was shown.

-The dungeon rating can vary according to special structures.

A rare grade dungeon will have additional features compared to a general grade dungeon.

Do you want to verify the additional structures?

Of course I wanted to confirm it. This was the first time I realized a dungeon had ratings. I clicked on the button without hesitation and lengthy writing showed up.

Stronger control over the creatures. No matter how low the intelligence of the creatures, they will now listen to the Dungeon Master's commands.

It is possible for one of the creatures to be appointed to 'Master Guardian.' A Master Guardian will protect the Dungeon Core and is the Dungeon Master's ultimate sword. The Master Guardian will have all stats +5. They can perform a 'space jump' beyond the law of physics only once.

New sculptures are added.

-Artificial sun, clouds and moon.

The seasonal setting is enabled.

-Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Those were the 4 main points added. I looked at the list step by step.

Number 1. A leader was required for low intelligence creatures during monster waves but that wasn't necessary anymore.

Point 2 about the 'Master Guardian' was quite interesting. One creature could have all stats increased by 5. Space jump was a bit vague but that was inconsequential.

Points 3 and 4 were additional features that changed the terrain. Depending on how I used it, various effects could be obtained. It would be good for those creatures strengthened by the sun or the moon.

'It means there are even more ratings.'

If I had raised the dungeon rating to rare from general then I must be able to raise it even further to unique, epic and legend ratings.

These were the rare grade additional features so I couldn't imagine what else would be added.

It seemed like a good idea to make multiple investments in the dungeon. There would be a number of benefits if I focused on raising the rating. There were some disadvantages but it seemed like the benefits were greater.

'There wasn't any related achievements?'

I thought I would obtain a dungeon achievement for raising the rating. But that didn't seem to be the case. It seemed like the additional features were the reward.

I shook my head and looked at Sloth. I was wearing the red cloak. But I still hadn't experimented with the skill.

'I have to try out Sloth.'

Thanks to Astral Code, the intelligence restrictions of Wrath was lowered. However, Sloth was different. It was likely that I would once again be taken over by an unknown state.

But I couldn't just ignore it.

I needed to be aware of the skill and what situations I could use it in. However, I didn't use it randomly like before. Basic defenses were necessary.

I made some plans to experiment with Sloth.

3 days later.

I stepped foot on the 20th floor of the dungeon.

"Wait around here. If I act unusually violent then try to block me for as long as possible."

"I will keep that in mind."

"Block! I can do it!"


Krasla, Gigantes and the griffin answered.

I called these three here for a reason. In case something occurred while I experimented with Sloth.

Two high class creatures. Krasla who was a slight level below.

I judged that the three of them together could block me.

20th floor. There was nothing in this place for me to damage but...I couldn't be sure. I didn't know what this product did.

I made some preparations just in case.

Then Krasla asked.

"I've roughly heard the story. But what if Master doesn't return to normal?"

Before coming here, I had given a slight explanation that I was experimenting with a skill. Now that Krasla mentioned it, I realized that there was a blind spot.

I touched my chin and thought for a minute before replying.

"Then consult with Yihi and Chrisley. Those two should be able to identify my condition and prepare for it."

Yihi had a soul connection with me. She should be able to figure out my state. Chrisley had the ability to improvise. They should be able to handle the situation somehow.

"I understand."

Krasla seemed convinced and bowed his head.

I released my chin and said.

"However, there is no need to be too unreasonable. All you have to do is limit my movements. That will be enough."

Right now my total stats was 432. It was much higher than the figures of Gigantes and the griffin. I would be pushed if both of them were my opponents. Killing one or both of them in a confrontation. It was clear that the results wouldn't be very good. There was a chance they might die. So I didn't forget to warn them in advance.

"Now step aside."

Krasla took the lead as the three of them moved away.

They would be in the vicinity when I activated the skill. They would observe my state from a distance. It would be best if none of them were killed when I examined the skill.

'I should raise the remaining stats.'

Tsk. I clicked my tongue.

My intelligence was the issue. I only had 66 intelligence when I used Wrath. It had grown by 10 to reach 76 but that figure was still vague. It was high but also low. That's why a few safety measures were needed.

I had 3 residual stats that I could invest in intelligence. However, l would rather save the stats for when my life was at risk. One day I could also break through the limit because of the residual stats.

I stood still and looked around.

My hands couldn't touch anything on the 20th floor. The middle of nowhere. It is natural that there was nothing. I stood in the centre of a floor without anything else present.

I wore the cloak properly and took a deep breath.

Wrath caused a significant decline in intelligence but raised strength, agility and stamina. I had been taken over by an abnormal state and destroyed everything. Yihi the optimist had even trembled in fear because of me.

What about Sloth?

I prepared my mind and slowly opened my mouth.


-High magic power (95) has caused strength, stamina and intelligence to only fall by 6.

Agility has risen by 20.

Intelligence has blocked 49% of the abnormal state. The defense has failed. You have been taken over by the 'Sloth' state.

The moment the message surfaced.

My whole body felt drowsy. It was like my body was submerged in water.

I closed my eyes and sat down. Soon even breathing was an annoyance.

This was Sloth? Everything was slowing down. It wasn't as something as simple as deceleration. Agility had momentarily jumped over 100 to 106. It meant I jumped over the 'Transcendental Wall.'

The skill 'Sloth' was the ability to accelerate the world. The synergy effect of the superior quickness changed time and space. The scope was crazy. I could catch the slight movements of the grass outside the dungeon. That wasn't all. Water droplets forming and then falling could be seen.

I just needed to stand still and all the information would come to me. So there was no need to move. I could distinguish everything. This was true laziness.

Cognitive changes. The flow of time had changed.

1 second became very long. 1 minute was even longer. When an hour and then a day passed, it felt like I was trapped in a large prison of time.

Nevertheless, I was lazy. I didn't take any actions. I just stood still and went with the flow.

Then one moment.

My body began to be dismantled. I inwardly screamed. It felt like the walls of time was pushing against my body. My physical ability couldn't withstand the acceleration.

It was natural. Compared to the 106 agility, stamina and strength was too low. As Sloth continued, the result would cause an imbalance that would appear gradually. This caused my body to feel like it was being crushed.

'Will it be okay?'

I thought with distant pain.

I could no longer be lazy.

I took one step forward with annoyance.

'I'm back. Don't deny the flow. It is like someone is mocking me. I can't succumb to this state when using the skill.'

It was a little questionable.

Like a wave forming when a stone was thrown at a lake. The wavelength would become bigger due to the impact.

'Get up, Randalph Brigsiel. You can't let Sloth get to you.'

There was the notification window that 'Sloth' was over and I opened my eyes.


I released my blocked breath.

I immediately checked my body.

Fortunately, nothing was broken or injured. But I could see bruises all over like I had slowly been crushed by the walls of time.

'This is Sloth?'

Once again.

An intense state. It was like being a god. I could sense even the slight movements of the air.

Furthermore, the world became extremely slow. It was impossible to compare to a simple 'acceleration' skill. A common acceleration skill simply strengthened the body. It put a strain on the brain so it was a double edged sword for the user.

But Sloth involved time. It was in the realm of the senses. There was no need to strengthen physical force. If an accident happened then I could move. It was possible to feel and react to everything in advance.

Sloth was similar to an acceleration skill but it was more developed.

A type of side effect was that my motivation to move was completely gone. I needed to overcome that part.

"It isn't easy."

I laughed bitterly.

The problem was obvious.

It was activated but my body couldn't control it. My body was strengthened but it was also weakened. My 106 agility made my stamina and strength seem low.

How much intelligence...

'I can't use Wrath and Sloth at the same time.'

I thought about trying it once intelligence reached 90.

It was still too early to use them both simultaneously.

Wrath enhanced my overall physical abilities while Sloth activated my senses. I could use it flexibly depending on the situation.

And among the remaining 5 Seven Sins, there might be something to raise intelligence. I could expect something.

'I now know what type of skill Sloth is.'

The difference between knowing and not knowing was large.

My purpose was achieved. It was enough to know the limitations of Sloth.

I left this place.

* * *

3 days after my experiment with Sloth ended.

Chrisley who had been watching the growth of the world tree came to see me.

"This is rare."

These words came out naturally.

Chrisley rarely ever came to me first. I was away a lot of the time but she was also very busy. I ordered her to raise the skill proficiency and her body was exhausted from looking after the world tree.

"It is great to see Dungeon Master."

Chrisley kneeled down and spoke. I waved my hand and asked.

"Don't worry about the formal greeting. Tell me the reason you came."

Chrisley raised her head and said.

"I came because of the world tree."

"Tell me."

I gave Chrisley more freedom than others. She started talking without hesitation.

"When the bud of the world tree emerged, I could feel intense yin and yang magic power. This wasn't originally in the seed. Impurities. But refined into something the meantime, I organized my thoughts and wanted to ask Master about it."

I had no choice but to feel surprised.

"How do you know that?"

"Don't you know the type of magic power in my body?"

The true demonic dragon Aojin and the dark elf Shilla. The contrasting power mixed together inside Chrisley. It meant she was very sensitive in that direction.

But noticing impurities was a completely different area. Let alone knowing about refining magic power.

'This is the impact of 100 intelligence.'

That was just my guess.

I took a moment to admire it.

Information about the world tree. This information about the world tree couldn't leak out to the other demons.

But the other person was Chrisley.

A dark elf who became devoted to me through the ceremony and would never betray me. Furthermore, Chrisley was the owner of 100 intelligence. I didn't know the answer but there was no possibility of going back.

Since then, she had worked had.


I spoke after coming to that conclusion.

" it?"

Chrisley was confused by the ambiguous reply.

I took out the recipe from my magic bag and handed it to Chrisley.

"This is a combination that can germinate the Seed of the World Tree."

"Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun? This if the first time I've heard those names."

"You can read it?"

I was inwardly surprised. The Dark Spirit King had directly sealed the recipe. It couldn't be read without an observation skill. But Chrisley could read it.

This was the overall effects of high intelligence. I once again realized my intelligence was too low.

Chrisley watched my reaction and asked.

"Is it strange?"

"No. Anyway, it is written in the recipe."

"Crystallized magic power...I've heard of it. If pure magic power is gathered then sometimes a crystal will form."

Chrisley noticed the presence of Tear of the Moon and Smile of the Sun.

"For now, there is no way to obtain it."

So I could only look forward to the Statue of Abundance. I was hoping that the blessing would germinate the remaining seed. It had only happened a few days ago but there were still no signs.

Chrisley closed her eyes. She seemed to be thinking of something. Dozens of seconds passed. Then Chrisley opened her eyes again and a strange light flashed in it.

"Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun. Looking at the name, they probably consist of yin and yang magic power. If so...won't my 'blood' play a similar role? The magic power in my blood might be able to form a crystal."


I gazed at Chrisley with a bemused expression.

It felt like I had been struck. Why didn't I think of something so simple?

An unparalleled amount of magic power certainly flowed in her blood. The true demonic dragon Aojin had the nature of the sun while the dark elf queen Shilla was of the moon.

But getting such an effect would require removing a significant amount of blood.

"You could die."

"I'm not going to die."

A baseless confidence.

A laugh couldn't help escaping.

"The combination isn't meaningful. There is guarantee a magic crystal would be completed."

"Taking the first step is important. If it isn't even started then nothing can be achieved."

It was quite reasonable.

That was also my attitude after coming back to the past.

But there was still something that bothered me.

"Your blood is not enough."

"You will cover the rest of the magic power, My Dungeon Master. If you allow me to learn a skill related to extracting magic power. I can extract the magic power and combine it with my blood in order to form a crystal."

Extracted magic power couldn't unconditionally be combined. The ratio of magic power extracted needed to be established and purified. This was a highly complex task. But Chrisley could pull it off.

In addition, her motivation was great. Chrisley normally didn't strongly express her opinions. This was the first time she had an active attitude.

'In my previous life, I would have just rejected it.'

I would never hand out a skill power or be willing to bleed to extract magic power. But now I thought differently from my previous life.

Trusting a creature below wasn't a bad idea to give her a chance. It might be a failure but I couldn't just reject it.

The 2nd year. I was walking properly along my path. I could afford to do this. This was an opportunity that I could afford to give a few times.

"Okay. You can try it."

I nodded and said.

Extracting magic power was a rare grade skill. And an item with a high concentration of magic power. I could prepare both of them.

One of the items I bought at the Demon World Auction contained a high concentration of magic power.

The body of the earth dragon. The earth dragon was born after a forest lived for thousands of years so the accumulated amounts in its bones couldn't be ignored.

I originally planned to create an undead creature called 'bone dragon' from it but...plans were always changing.

I would gladly use the body of the dragon if it would give positive results. Of course, some practice was required before using the body of the earth dragon.

"Chrisley. I will appoint you as the Master Guardian."

Before handing over the skill and corpse of the earth dragon.

I spoke to Chrisley.

I chose to appoint Chrisley as my Master Guardian. She had very high loyalty to me and she had the brightest future. In addition, all stats would increase by 5 so she would become more resilient.

I had experienced the power of raising agility to 106. I couldn't imagine the effect that would appear if her intelligence reached 105.

More stamina would also be helpful. It was inevitable that Chrisley would be selected as the Master Guardian.

"I will follow you."

This was another good point about Chrisley. Unlike Julliom, she didn't bother asking me for a reason. She tried to understand it for herself. If she still didn't know then she wouldn't hesitate to ask.

I smiled and immediately went into Domestic Mode to make the appointment. And the rest of the procedure was done.

At the same time, a colourful light emerged from the Dungeon Core.

Light started to wrap around Chrisley like a cocoon.

A few message windows flashed in the air.

-'Chrisley' has been selected as the Master Guardian.

The Master Guardian is different from the other creatures. They are the last shield. Only one can exist and will defend everything.

'Chrisley' will have all stats increase by 5.


The true demonic dragon Aojin and dark elf Shilla's blood has started reacting. Chrisley's 'blood' has started awakening!

Blood was awakening?

Unfamiliar words.

It meant there was originally a 'reaction.'

Plus, the warning message meant there might be an issue.

There was no doubt it was a problem due to being selected as the Master Guardian.

I gazed at Chrisley.

The colourful light that wrapped around was repeatedly expanding and contracting. Certainly an unusual phenomenon.

I monitored the anomalies. It would be a headache if there was a problem. I stayed quiet and waited for the results.


A heavy wind blew. There seemed to be a three sided struggle inside the cocoon. There was no way of knowing the situation but I was certain that three powers in her blood were fighting.

After a long time, the magic power gradually settled. The brilliant light was absorbed by Chrisley's body.

-'Chrisley' has been completely changed to the Master Guardian.

-The blood awakening has created the skill 'Queen of the Sun and Moon.'


Chrisley collapsed.

The fierce fight had caused her stamina to drop.

I drew closer to Chrisley and used Mind's Eye.

Name: Chrisley

Occupation Master Guardian (All stats + 5) Title * Person with the Blood of a True Demonic Dragon (Epic, Intelligence +6, Magic +6)

* Blessed by the Moon (Ex U, Magic Power +8)


Strength 37 (+5) Intelligence 94 (+11)

Agility 41 (+5) Stamina 39 (+5)

Magic Power 66 (+23)

Potential: (277+49/484)

Uniqueness: A person with the true demonic dragon Aojin and the dark elf Shilla's blood, the end of her growth can't be seen.

Skill: Large Body Control (U), Undead Manufacturing (Ex U), Queen of the Sun and Moon (Epic)

Items Worn: Death Wand (Ex U, Set, Magic Power +4)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 26 Intelligence 100 Agility 28 Stamina 32 Magic 73 Potential (235+24/478)

Strength 42 Intelligence 105 Agility 46 Stamina 44 Magic 89 Potential (277+49/484)


A sound emerged.

It was natural. The effect of Master Guardian had overwhelmingly calibrated Chrisley's stats. 49. I smiled. Her growth rate meant she would catch up to Krasla sooner or later.

In addition, her potential threshold had increased. 478 to 484! A small but definite breakthrough. Until now, I had never heard of a creature breaking through the limit.

Body Control (R) had also climbed to a unique rated skill. It had upgraded to Large Body Control (U) and she could control a lot more corpses. Undead Manufacturing had increased a half step but the more amazing part was the newly created skill.

Epic grade skill.

A measure of a high class creature.

It wasn't a requirement but the best high class creatures had epic grade skills.

'The change in only one year is unbelievable.'

This wasn't the end. She had become stronger in a year. Among my creatures, Chrisley had the potential to be the best. It was impossible for humans to even be compared.

I was proud to have an excellent creature. But it forced me to think again.

'Even creating a skill...was I too impatient when selecting her as the Master Guardian?'

Chrisley had come to me through the Demon World Auction. There was no doubt about her loyalty after the ceremony. However...that was confined to the present. Chrisley had tremendous potential that could even surpass me.

It wasn't simply the potential shown in the status window. It was deeper, wider and more difficult to define.

Obtaining an epic grade skill was completely unexpected. Her growth was ridiculously fast. She was soaring through the sky.

But I couldn't help getting a strong feeling.

She was a strong variable.

Power could change everything. She was once weak so I was unsure of how she would react once she became more powerful.

The odds were high that her heart...I had seen such scenes in my previous life.

Usually creatures couldn't deny the Dungeon Master. But Chrisley had unprecedented intelligence. There wasn't much known about the intelligence stat. Maybe in the near future, I could break through the loophole in the system but that wasn't doable at the moment.

Single-minded? Humble service? It was certainly good words but I had doubts if she could keep following me. The use of such words were usually weak. There were those who became crazy and forgot the past after gaining strength.

This subjective judgement was based on experience but...I needed to consider if Chrisley would escape from this category.

Thoughts kept on springing up. They didn't settle.

Then after a moment.

I realized something.

'Was I scared?'

Ha! I lightly breathed out.

A variable had popped up. Was this why I felt so anxious?

Soon I found the answer.

'I don't know. Chrisley.'

It wasn't much different from the variable of the Demon World Auction list being changed. In my previous life, I had experience with the dark spirits. They only took action for a specific reason.

This fact wouldn't harm me so much.

But Chrisley wasn't present in my previous life.

This was why I couldn't define her.

I couldn't have any assurances.

Until now, I had thought of the creatures as being below me. She was special. And my hand would be moving her from above like a marionette. That's why I was surprised and angry by this variable.

I said to the unconscious Chrisley.

"I will"

The water had already been spilled

I could only walk down this road.

The experiences from my past life wasn't always the truth. There was a chance I might not suffer. I needed to take control of this variable.

'A strong variable. It is enough if I neutralize the strong presence.'

I nodded.

A simple and clear answer.

Chrisley had the potential to surpass me but I needed to be realistic. If I was alarmed every time I saw her then it might accelerate the possibilities of that happening.

'I have to break my prejudices.'

Everyone gained strength. They changed.

Chrisley? She had an irregular strength. Wouldn't she stay loyal if I remained stronger than her?

Duk. I tapped Chrisley on the cheek to wake her up and started to move.

'Queen of the Sun and Moon' was a dark, aggressive skill.

The power of the sun could shoot out beams over a distance while the moon could freeze the ground.

It was on par with the griffin's Fire and Lightning skill.

Shortly after the change, Chrisley learned to extract magic power. She reduced her sleeping time and threw herself into studying the skill. Her high intelligence meant she quickly learned the skill.

It didn't take long after handing her the body of the earth dragon.

Her blood was purified every day. And the pure magic power was extracted from the earth dragon. The two different magic powers were combined in a ratio to form a Magic Crystal.

The experiment lasted for a while. Chrisley tried several combinations and failed many times. If the ratio wasn't correct then the magic power would explode.

Even so, Chrisley was determined. The combination ratio improved every day. After the 37th challenge, a 'Magic Crystal of High Concentration' was formed.

"There is no curse."

I held the crystal that was the size of a thumbnail and studied it. The size and colour made it more beautiful than the previous combination. It didn't have a curse attached to it so I was satisfied with the result.

"...Was it combined correctly?"

Chrisley asked me with an anxious expression.

A pale complexion. It was due to a lot of blood being pulled from her skin.

The power from the earth dragon was also extracted but there was a lot extra. It was inevitable that Chrisley's condition would be like this.

"The combination itself is unquestionable. Now we just need to verify whether it will germinate the seed."

"I will bring the seed."

I shook my head.

"No. Let's go together."

I wanted to leave the seed where it would be affected by the Statue of Abundance's blessing. But the Magic Crystal was completed so I wanted to see the results as soon as possible.

I headed to the 15th floor with Chrisley. The forest terrain had changed as the bud from the world tree already grew as tall as an adult.

The dark elves were still around it doing the ceremony.

The ceremony was interrupted by my appearance and Chrisley carefully dug out the seed before handing it to me.

"...Here it is."

Concern was on Chrisley's face as she handed it over. She was tense now that it was actually happening.

I said with a smile.

"Don't worry. It isn't your fault even if it fails."


"I gave you the order. I also let you decide the combination for the crystal. If it goes wrong then it will be because of my mismanagement. Besides, it hasn't been confirmed to be a failure yet."

I spoke in a firm tone.

It was in order to convince Chrisley. I was still uneasy but I felt significantly better now. Her anxiety was due to her desire to please me.


There was no need to waste time.

I immediately triggered Combine Everything while holding the crystal and seed.

A message window flashed.

-Would you like to combine Magic Crystal of High Concentration to the Seed of the World Tree?

There was yes or no written underneath it.

Needless to say, I pressed the yes button.

And the two ingredients started to merge.

It was repeatedly disassembled and combined.

I had already seen this sight dozens of times.

But it was more tense this time. I only had one Seed of the World Tree. I didn't know when I could challenge it again.

Chrisley and the dark elves were tense as they watched the spectacle.

After dozens of seconds.

-The Magic Crystal of High Concentration and Seed of the World Tree has been combined.

The result is a very successful combination. 'Germinated World Tree Seed' has been completed!

Seed of the World Tree.

There was also the blessing on the surface...and a bud. It was filled with vitality. The bud quivered like it was alive and protesting.

I smirked.

"Look. My judgement wasn't wrong.

"Ahh. I truly believed, my Dungeon Master..."


Chrisley collapsed once again.

Her tension was released and the sleepless nights caught up with her tired body.

The sleep deprivation and extraction of blood made her unconscious.

Yet a small smile still remained on her weary face.