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Chapter 70-71: Creature Showdown

Chapter 70-71: Creature Showdown

The auction ended when my remaining points reached 2 million. I had close to 7 million points in reserve so I had used 5 million in this auction.

Thanks to that, I had shoveled up a substantial amount of goods.

Astral Code, Statue of Abundance, Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun, Sage's Leap, Earth Dragon's Body, Sloth and five other items.

The demons showed different responses after I successfully bid for 12 items. Shock. Intense curiosity. Hostility. Irritation. Of course, none of the demons felt good.

The auction was a competition. But they couldn't compete successfully due to my presence.

I appeared out of nowhere and caused havoc. I had an overwhelming number of points that no one could resist. Their hope to obtain a number of coveted items and creatures ended the moment I showed an intention to bid. It wasn't a situation where they could beat me in points.

Randalph Brigsiel became a prominent figure in their minds. The demons that missed out on the items felt resentment and cursed my name.

'Fortunately I gained a large amount of points.'

I smiled.

I couldn't be dismissed.

In reality, most of the demons would think like that.

I had a high class creature like Gigantes and provoked Ariel. I had successfully engraved my image, unlike the 1st year.

I showed my power and influence to the other demons in my 2nd year. In the 3rd year, 4th the auctions gradually progressed, my influence would spread.

The demons couldn't easily feel a sense of crisis and would wait to act.

But little by little, their mistakes would start to stack up. Things would go wrong. Mistakes would be made. Before long, the action that I started in the 1st auction would snowball out of control.

In short, I was at the point where the snowball had started rolling. It depended on how far my capabilities could grow. The difference between eating them all at once or spreading it out. So far I was quite successful.

Anyway...the auction featuring 100 different items was over.

But still, the Demon World Auction wasn't over.

There were many goods that didn't receive bids in the auction. There were also previous items insufficient for the auction.

Those things were gathered like rubbish at the market. The quantity amounted to hundreds of items.

The display on the outskirts of the castle caught the eyes of the demons. This was a public place where they could purchase 'free' things.

"Buinorong's Fork! A famous fork that was stabbed into a dragon's eye!"

"Selling a bouquet of Sellener flowers that emit a strong poison."

"Selling 50 orcs from the hard stone environment!"

The salespeople were obviously the dark spirits. But they weren't on the same level as Dubolong.

It was all workers gathered here.

It was unlikely that I would be able to find items that matched the auction. At best, they were the rare grade. There were also some very good intermediate creatures.

At first, the demons were interested but that waned. Unlike the auction hall, there were no checks to hold back the invisible tension between factions.

The rules prohibited direct battle.

So they had to rely on the creatures that accompanied them.

Except for some demons, most of the were accompanied by unusual advanced creatures.

Some were creatures that could be obtained in stores and were bred like Adol Luph while others were received as rewards for particular achievements.

They carefully selected the creatures in their dungeon. Therefore they had extreme confidence.

"Suguph. Why are you only accompanied by an ogre?"

But Upa was an exception.

Pakan Griolli couldn't participate in the auction and there were problems with some of Upa's participants.

Suguph Vahalla's expression changed at Upa's question.

He had used the shades and shadow sinners in the United Kingdom to try to gain points.

If it proceeded as he planned then he would have racked up a lot of points and impressed Upa.

But now a demon with the rank of duke was only followed by an ogre. It wasn't even a twin head ogre but a general one! There was such a gap between them that they couldn't be compared.

So Suguph felt it was really unfair.

"I'm really sorry."

Of course, he didn't express that unfairness.

How could he say that the human Awakened killed them?

They had thrown his calculations into confusion. Thanks to that, he wasted 500,000 points. It was the reason why he needed to take a passive attitude in the auction.

Was he too dismissive of the Awakened?

Just thinking about it made his head throb.

"There is no one decent."

Grand Duke Upa clicked his tongue.

Suguph and Groggy were in his faction but he didn't favour them.

He didn't know why but the quality of their creatures was poorer compared to the other factions. There was even someone stupid enough to bring an intermediate level creature. The 4 factions were making assessments to determine the weakest one.

The weak would die. Never show weakness. The nature of the demons was 'strength.' This could be judged through the creatures that accompanied them. But he was pushed from the start. It was inevitable that Grand Duke Upa's expression didn't look good.

The monster waves of the demons in Grand Duke Upa's faction failed but they didn't know that this was engineered by Randalph Brigsiel and the Devil Hunters. Even if Upa knew the situation, he wouldn't feel any sympathy towards the demons.

"Upa-nim. Don't worry. Aren't I here?"

A demon said confidently.

The worried look in Upa's eyes was dissolved.

"Visach. Yes, you are here."

Visach Mentam. Out of Grand Duke Upa's 3 dukes, he was the one with the fastest mental calculations. He was accompanied by the advanced 5Lv creature, the 'King Wyvern.'

A large creature 5 metres in size that covered the sky. A hidden card that would change the atmosphere. There were less than 5 demons that were accompanied by a King Wyvern.

"Those people who looked down on our faction, I, Visach Mentam, will directly execute them."

"I will believe in you."

Upa said with a determined expression.

At the same time, Visach glanced at the other demons in the faction.

He was elated about proving his authority. Out of the 3 dukes, he had succeeded in gaining Upa's trust. Of course, the face of Duke Suguph Valhalla looked like he were swallowing shit.

"Upa-nim. Are you really going to leave him alone?"

Groggy interrupted.

His face was still flushed from being fooled into buying Darhan's Sword and the cursed yeti. His body was shaking because he couldn't suppress his anger.

He didn't know what was causing this.

The one that Grand Duke Upa and the other demons were gazing at.

The only neutral demon. The name...Randalph Brigsiel? That guy was buying goods at the market. He really had a lot of points in reserve.

The vein in Groggy's neck throbbed.

"He is defying us. It is like a dog suddenly trying to climb up. Anyway, we will teach him not to look down on our faction."

Upa was also angry.

He had been pushed by that guy's overwhelming number of points. They had suffered losses.

The other factions could never know. The quick witted demons would notice that Upa's plan had failed.

Grand Duke Upa touched his chin.

"The Dark Spirit King couldn't be trifled with. He doesn't want demons fighting in this place so I will honour it to some extent."

The Dark Sprit King ruled the Spirit World. Just like the grand dukes in the Demon World.

They couldn't ignore the request of such a powerful existence.

Groggy shook his head.

"Do not worry. I clearly heard the dark spirit say it. Starting this year, they will allow a confrontation between creatures."

After that 'guy' was summoned to the Demon World Auction. The dark spirit guiding that 'guy' at the time clearly said that confrontation between creatures was allowed.

"So why wasn't there a notice?"

"They probably thought it wasn't necessary to cause trouble. The real trouble would happen once people are told."

Upa briefly worried about it.

But Upa knew the creature behind that guy.

"Groggy. You can't beat the Gigantes with the dark warrior. I am quite familiar with the Gigantes due to the past."

The gigantes was an endangered high class species. Not many demons knew about the gigantes. However, Upa had an encounter with a gigantes in the past.

They were completely different from the dark warriors.

Groggy's body trembled.


"I know what you are worried about. You deserve praise for giving me good information. And I can't just leave those guys alone."

Upa came to a conclusion.

"Visach. Gigantes is vulnerable to aerial attacks. The king wyvern should be able to win against it."

A high class creature definitely had a weakness. Victory was possible if they took advantage of that weakness.

Visach bowed deeply.

"Let's fix that dog's head."

* * *

Outdoor market.

I was busy trying to find anything good among the various bits and pieces.

I was originally planning to go home straight away but then Dubolong came to talk to me.

I recalled the conversation with Dubolong.

'Right now the market is open. Find a good place.'

'Is this also a test from the Dark Spirit King?'

'You noticed. However, this isn't a test. The spirits are pleased and have left you a gift there.'


'The spirits desire a good relationship with Randalph Brigsiel-nim. Randalph-nim is a unique balance destroyer. A test is necessary in order to determine if you are qualified. Please push away your anger.'

He admitted that the change in the list was a test. His words meant that I would be the balance destroyer between the 4 factions.

The Dark Spirit King seemed to want the balance between factions to be broken. If not, there was no need to use the words 'balance destroyer.'

That's why they wanted to pull me into their influence. There had to be a reason for why the Dark Spirit King was acting.

Furthermore, the Dark Spirit King didn't interfere with the 4 grand dukes. They already accomplished everything and didn't need the help of the Dark Spirit King. His help would be less effective.

But it seemed to be different when it came to me.

'Controlling me as food?'

Laughter emerged from my mouth.

Perhaps they really had such thoughts.

It was foolish not to be conscious of the demons.

Unlike the 4 factions, I was alone. Did the Dark Spirit King judge that I couldn't win without his help? Was he confident that I would crave his help?

How funny. I was comfortable with the help of the Dark Spirit King as long as it wasn't a big hindrance.

The Dark Spirit King was overlooking me.

'I don't need to accept it.'

I shrugged and focused on finding the 'gift.'

I would receive it. I just didn't know what it was.

Therefore I searched every inch of the market for Mind's Eye.

The items had low prices. If I saw something that looked moderately good then I didn't hesitate to buy it. Anyway, I still had a lot of points remaining. I had expected to spend more in the auction and could afford to buy some more things.

I had almost searched through the entire market when someone stood in front of me.

"Randalph Brigsiel. I want to apply for a duel."

Visach Mentam!

One of the dukes in Upa's faction was looking at me with an arrogant face while accompanied by a King Wyvern.


I wondered what this nonsense was about. It's not like I didn't know the dictionary meaning of a duel. In addition, I was familiar with the demon called Visach Mentam. A powerhouse with the rank of duke in Grand Duke Upa's faction. Selfish and opportunistic. A bat like fellow.

Pakan Griolli and Visach Mentam played an important role in Grand Duke Upa's fight against Ariel. They betrayed him and was the cause of Ariel slicing through Upa's neck.

After that, they were caught in Pandemonium's faction and suffered. Right now, he was an authoritative and smug demon...why was he challenging me to a duel? This was nonsense. The direction wasn't very good.

"A duel. Do you want to play?"

I gently mocked. In fact, a duel between demons was unbecoming.

"Your act of deception has already exceeded the limits. Obediently accept the duel. If you turn tail and run then I will say that you were scared!"

Visach Mentam deliberately raised his voice. Some demons turned their attention this way. I couldn't avoid their eyes. If I accepted the fight then I would definitely win. If I avoided it then the impression I left could fall apart.

The strong took it all while the weak were despised.

Such accidents occurred when demons were gathered.

'It is later than expected.'

Visach wouldn't have challenged me if he thought he would be defeated. He judged there would be some benefits...

But that wouldn't happen.

I had been waiting for this situation to come. Unlike last year, I had annoyed the demons. I once again scratched Grand Duke Upa's faction. It was something that couldn't be dismissed!

I leisurely opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Visach Mentam

Occupation Demon Duke (Dungeon Master) Title * Massacre Puncher (Ex U, Agility +7)


Strength 78 Intelligence 73

Agility 83 (+7) Stamina 76

Magic Power 66

Potential: (376+7/500)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Danger Detection (U), Strength of the Punch (U), Wyvern Pilot (Ex U)

[Relative Comparison]

Visach Mentam

Strength 78 Intelligence 73 Agility 90 Stamina 76 Magic 66 Potential (376+7/500)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 89 Intelligence 74 Agility 77 Stamina 82 Magic 93 Potential (392+23/500)

In my previous life, the duke had bought a skill in order to control a demonic dragon. Perhaps that changed to Wyvern Pilot. The only stat that was higher than mine was agility.

The stats were similar to that of the other dukes. An average of 383. I had a total of 415 so it wasn't much of a burden. The skills also weren't worth noting.

Right now, the word 'overpowering' popped into my mind.

There were no elements where I was lacking.

"I accept the duel."

I shrugged.

This was the Spirit World but I wasn't the one applying for a duel. Plus, the Dark Spirit King was intending something so I was likely to get away with the duel.

Visach laughed.

"You are misunderstanding something. I don't intend to fight with a dog. We will compete with our creatures, Randalph Brigsiel."

"I see."

I couldn't understand his positive attitude.

I would let him know who had the role of a dog one day.

I looked at the King Wyvern behind Visach.

A giant size of approximately 5 metres. An advanced 5Lv flying was advantageous against non-agile creatures like a gigantes.

But those predictions were confined to a general gigantes. My gigantes had belonged to a god. There was bound to be a difference. There was a slightly different configuration of the skills.

For example, a common gigantes had the skill Arms of the Earth (Ex U). This gave the gigantes a physical body beyond that of other high class creatures. But my gigantes had the epic skill Gigantic Slash.

It had the ability to destroy everything around it.

It could even threaten the King Wyvern flying in the sky.

'A typical gigantes wouldn't win against a King Wyvern but...'

Creatures with the name king or queen were generally a bit stronger. The King Wyvern was no different. It was a very good creature to take out a gigantes.

However, my Gigantes wasn't normal.

I said with a smile.

"Gigantes. Kill that bird."

"Grrr! Kill!"


Gigantes took a frenzied step forward. Gigantes liked fighting and that could be a weakness. He wouldn't feel good about not being able to take action against the King Wyvern.

The dark spirits selling items and demons in the area urgently evacuated. No one appeared to stop it so it was implied that a confrontation between creatures was allowed.

Soon only Gigantes, the King Wyvern, Visach and I remained in the area.

I was looked at the fight with folded arms.


The King Wyvern spread its huge wings and flew as Gigantes approached. It quickly flew out of range of the club. The giant had a heavy build.

But an even more surprising scene occurred afterwards.

It folded its wings and started to dive down. The movements weren't ordinary. It was obvious that Visach's Wyvern Pilot (Ex U) had a significant impact.

'Is he controlling it?'

It wasn't simply piloting. The skill meant he could move the wyvern's body like it was his own.

This wasn't a 1:1 fight but was 2:1. Gigantes had two opponents.

Puhung! Gigantes swung his club towards the king wyvern diving to the ground. The king wyvern momentarily spread its wings and slowed down. At the same time, its entire body turned silver like steel.

This was the King Wyvern's Iron Armour (Ex U) skill.


The King Wyvern literally flew into the ground. A giant hole was created in the ground. Gigantes narrowly avoided it but received some damage. The right shoulder joint was badly injured.

An unnatural air attack was hard to anticipate.

"Kill! Win!"

Gigantes' face was flushed.


He quickly activated Arms of the Earth. The surrounding land started to form a wall. The wall wouldn't let even a fly in.

But the King Wyvern was persistent. It flew into the sky just before Arms of the Earth was activated. Gigantes' gesture indicated that the skill was going to be used. Agility wasn't one of his characteristics.

Gigantes cancelled the skill and moved his feet. It had been one-sided so far, causing him to feel anger.

Then a sneaky look appeared on Visach's face who was controlling the King Wyvern.

"I will accept if you are willing to surrender. It would be a pity for a high class creature to die."

I didn't bother answering. One attack could turn the situation around. Gigantes still hadn't shown his competence. He had just panicked for a moment due to the irregular attacks.

"Kill! Win!"

Gigantes swung his club towards the sky. Anyone else watching the struggle would be laughing. However, I recognized that movement as Gigantic Slash.

An absolute destructive skill that destroyed everything in front of it.

Magic power solidified and pushed forward.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The momentum cut into the sky. The entire space started shaking. A formidable amount of magic power was condensed and struck the King Wyvern.

Fortunately for the King Wyvern, its heart was avoided but it was still damaged.

"What is that skill?"


The demons murmured as they saw Gigantic Slash split apart a huge cloud in the sky. They didn't recognize Gigantes' attack. In particular, Grand Duke Upa's expression hardened.

In the past, he had used his hunting skills against an adult gigantes. He confirmed that the gigantes species had the Arms of the Earth skill but didn't see an attack skill.

This was a big variable. If he knew the gigantes' skill then he could develop a victory strategy. A specific strategy could be developed. He wouldn't have been caught by a trap. Visach's Wyvern Pilot fully covered the gigantes.

But that attack skill meant it was possible to snipe from a distance. The advantage of the flying ability was severely diminished. Of course, this skill couldn't be used indefinitely. In the end, the strategy was 'avoidance' until the gigantes was caught.

However, Upa's expectations were significantly off the mark.

Gigantes never stopped shooting out the Gigantic Slash. The clouds floating in the sky had already been torn apart.

Was it an infinitely activated skill?

The king wyvern became increasingly more passive.

The demons in Upa's faction watching the two fight could only swallow their saliva. The fight where victory seemed obvious was flowing in a weird direction. Visach's actions caused a big sneer from the other 3 factions. Upa couldn't tolerate it.


But, it was impossible to avoid an unlimited skill. It wasn't a situation where the King Wyvern could avoid the attacks. The likelihood of winning decreased and finally Gigantic Slash hit its right wing.

The King Wyvern lost its balance in the air.

Gigantes didn't miss this chance.

He swung his club once again and...

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The King Wyvern was split in half.


The body of the King Wyvern fell to the ground. Blood was gushing out. The area was filled with silence.

Visach and Upa trembled with anger.

I casually said.

"You are the dog."

The role assignment ended.

In the end, I was the winner.

Upa's faction quickly left this place. The situation ended miserably and they ran away. I looked at their backs with scorn.

I won the fight they started. It was also in the middle of all the factions watching. I couldn't imagine how angry they were.

Anyway, Upa couldn't overcome the loss from last year and his image took a turn for the worse. Maybe some people didn't care about 'strength' but they were demons.

I once again started to look for the gift from the Dark Spirit King without paying attention to the demons. After 30 minutes of searching through all the items, I managed to find one result.

I confirmed the details of the item with Mind's Eye.

-Name- Spirit King's Recipe

Description: An paper written by the Spirit King.

++ A unique rated observation skill is required to read more.

'It must be this.'

There was only one item that mentioned the Spirit King.


This was the gift?

I dubiously looked at the paper.

It was at that moment.

-Incredible achievement!

You have passed the test of the Dark Spirit King. This achievement is part of the Dark Spirit King's 'set' and will add to the achievement score. If more of the Dark Spirit King's 'set' is obtained then further compensation will be received

1,000,000pt will be paid.

-'Seed of the World Tree' has been obtained.

-The Demon World Auction has ended.

Be prepared for the forced transfer. 30, 29, 28...