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Chapter 64-69: Demon World Auction

Chapter 64-69: Demon World Auction

The Demon World auction was an opportunity.

If someone had a discerning eye and luck then they could obtain something great for fewer points. It was possible to stay a step ahead of other demons. It would be an important key in winning the war later on.

And showing off.

The Spirit World prohibited fighting. But 'showing off' was possible. The creature that accompanied the demon was a measure of their power.

This was a measure that could never be ignored. The demons and their capabilities. These were important elements that would indirectly influence the demons. This could be used as a psychological warfare card against the opponent.

Fighting wasn't the only fierce battlefield.

I wanted to make the opponents move. To deceive them. If I had to use an analogy, it was like countries fighting over territory.

For me, I had two high class creatures.

The griffin and Gigantes!

I decided that Gigantes would accompany me. The griffin had already debuted in the world but Gigantes hadn't been released yet. Bringing Gigantes would be more intimidating than bringing the griffin. I could properly appeal to the demons.

'I select that guy.'

I could also hide it. But there was no point in hiding.

I owned approximately 7 million points. No one would have a larger amount of points. They would be used in the Demon World Auction.

Then wouldn't the demons wonder about why I brought a normal creature? The psychology of the demons was simple. The strong monopolized everything. The weak would be plundered.

Naturally they would think of me as prey. I was a neutral demon and only an earl. I needed to show off a great form after appearing. The Grand Dukes would work to try and find me.

So I was speaking to them by bringing Gigantes.

'Come at me? I'll easily take care of you.'

The idea of letting them find out!

In addition...the purpose was to stir the awareness of the demons.

A neutral demon who was a powerful sword.

If I had abundant wealth and a high class creature then the 4 factions would fall into chaos. I could heavily tilt the balance of the scales in my favour.

'It is in the mind.'

I shrugged.

Etc. I was laying the foundation of a complex, psychological warfare. I was feeling a little smug.

It wasn't shown properly in the 1st Demon World Auction. I couldn't drive the existence of 'Randalph Brigsiel' into the Grand Dukes.

But this year it would happen...

'A fun time.'

The room shook.

Soon I disappeared from the dungeon with Gigantes.

I opened my eyes.

A spacious room.

The dark spirit in the form of a gnome was standing in front of me.

"Kihihi! Randalph Brigsiel-nim. It has been a while."

"Nice to see you."

A reunion that happened after exactly 1 year.

The dark spirit turned its head and looked at the presence behind me.

"By the way...that creature behind you? I feel a great presence. Almost like an advanced or higher..."

There were many types of creatures. The dark spirits couldn't identify all of them.

A 4 metres tall giant wearing black armour. But his magic power was extraordinary for a simple giant.

I replied lightly.

"Your thoughts are correct."

The eyes of the dark spirit started to shine.

"H-high class creature! It is really amazing. Even if you are a Dungeon Master, we have been looking for high class creatures for 5 years but..."

I interrupted its words.

"Aren't there high class creatures in the auction?"

Dubolong passed me the list of auction items but there were creatures on there that I didn't know. I had some expectations of the dark spirits.

"A high class creature can easily be sold for the finest price. Obtaining it would require tremendous personal sacrifices...the amount of points the demons currently hold can't match up to those sacrifices. The average points require at least 100 demons to buy it."

It meant they had caught some but wouldn't sell them now.

It made a lot of sense. It had only been 2 years. A lot of the demons didn't have many points.

"What is the average points of the demons participating in the auction?"

The dark spirits could figure out the average amount of points that the demons had. They just didn't know the individual amount of points.

"440,000 points. Kihihi. It is better than last year."

I touched my jaw.


Less than expected.

The demons had raised the average by 100,000 from 350,000 points. It was more than last year but that was it. It felt short compared to my reserves.

'There are many uses for points. Observation skills take a significant amount of points to learn.'

I was at a level that they couldn't understand.

If I hadn't completed all the achievements then my points would be dramatically lower. It was 2~3 times more than last year's amount so it wasn't a significant difference. However, gaining the achievements caused my points to soar by 4.5 times.

"Randalph-nim. If you don't mind, how did you catch the high class creatures? Of course, we will pay an appropriate price. If you impart your knowledge then I can talk with the Dark Spirit King and arrange an appropriate deal."

The dark spirits told me anxiously.

They coveted the knowledge of how to catch high class creatures. But the method of obtaining the griffin and Gigantes was a secret.

They wouldn't believe my words even if I told them.

There was also a low chance of meeting the Dark Spirit King directly. I couldn't even say it to Yihi.

"Please excuse my bad manners."

"...Kihihi. I understand. Follow me. I will be happy to guide you."

It gave up quickly. It was somewhat disappointed but it was natural considering my relationship with the dark spirits. We needed to be nice to each other.

The dark spirits turned around and started to guide me.

Gigantes silently followed behind me.

The many dark spirits that I passed looked at Gigantes with surprise. The spirits were very sensitive to magic power and could sense something 'strong' from Gigantes' scent.

At the same time, the dark spirits confirmed the demon that was with the high class creature. They looked at me with admiration. The demon who used the most points in the 1st year. To the spirits, I was a 'big spender.'

"Kihihi. You are popular, Guest-nim."

"There are quite a lot of dark spirits."

"Last year was the first auction. They have become used to it so more of them are coming to visit. Kihihi, do you like the appearance of the spirits? The low grade ones are used as workers but those who are paid a small amount of points will bring you pleasure."

The dark spirits could change their appearance to any corrupted species. Therefore the spirits in the vicinity had a wide variety of face and body types.

And spirits weren't the only ones in the Spirit World. Fairies and other species. This place could bring someone to the peak of pleasure.

"There is no need."

But I had no time to waste on my libido.

While walking along a corridor of a castle, familiar voices could be heard.

"A dark spirit dares to imitate a succubus? How impudent. Aren't these breasts fake?"


I frowned.

Groggy's voice could be heard along with a woman's. He was a demon who filled his dungeon with succubi.

The dark spirit guiding me laughed slyly.

"Kihihi. You really don't need it? It only requires a small amount of points."

I ignored it and walked forward. Soon I discovered Groggy across the hall. Groggy was holding a dark spirit in the form of a succubus.

But that act didn't last long. Groggy realized there was someone behind him and turned around. Groggys's smile was erased in an instant as he saw me.

'Dark warrior.'

Standing next to Groggy was a dark warrior. Advanced 2Lv creature. They cost 110,000 pt to buy and were decent creatures.

But this was the Demon World Auction. Only one creature could accompany the demons. He wasn't worth worrying about if the dark warrior was the best thing he could bring.

'The fact that Groggy obtained a dark warrior is amazing in itself. There are rumours that he only filled his dungeon with succubi.'

I didn't have much interest in Groggy in my previous life. The only thing I remembered were rumours that he was crazy about succubi.

Groggy growled.

"Randalph Brigsiel..."

"Weren't the demons in Grand Duke Upa's faction banned from participating in the auction?"

I spoke like it wasn't a big deal.

"That is none of your fucking business."

"It seems like Pakan Griolli is missing."

Groggy's face became flushed.


My prediction seemed to be correct.

Grand Duke Upa. He was someone I couldn't lower my guard against. If necessary, he needed to be handled before the other Grand Dukes. He was the most annoying among the 4 Grand Dukes. This was the reason I wanted to handle him first.

"I will know if it is nonsense or not at the auction."

"You are the failure that doesn't have a faction."

Groggy was still resentful about last year.

It was understandable. The demon species didn't like being weak.

I smiled and asked the dark spirit.

"Do I have to listen calmly to his insults?"

"Kihihi. After last year, we have added some rules. Fighting between the creatures that accompany you is allowed...of course, both parties should agree to it."


This was the right rule when considering the characteristics of the demons.

Demons were aggressive and wouldn't just sit still.

However, they could tolerate it if it was a fight between creatures.

Establishing this rule was quite fast considering it was only the 2nd year.

"That's what he said."

I shrugged.

Then Groggy looked behind me to Gigantes.

"Grrr! Fight. Shall win!"

Gigantes was quite intimidating. He had a primitive look in his eyes that made Groggy appalled. Even I wasn't comfortable in a confrontation with Gigantes. Groggy definitely couldn't deal with him.

But I opened Mind's Eye to make an objective judgement.

Name: Groggy Inpir

Occupation Demon Marquis (Dungeon Master) Title * Succubus Stallion (Ex R, Magic Power +5)


Strength 64 Intelligence 64

Agility 67 Stamina 75

Magic Power 74 (+5)

Potential: (344+5/500)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Fire Shake (U), Enhanced Stamina (R), Observation (R)

[Relative Comparison]

Groggy Inpir

Strength 64 Intelligence 63 Agility 67 Stamina 75 Magic 79 Potential (344+5/500)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 89 Intelligence 74 Agility 77 Stamina 82 Magic 93 Potential (392+23/500)

I wandered around the world for 15 days and increased by strength and agility by 1.

Pure abilities ebbed and flowed. My stats steadily climbed.

This was in contrast to Groggy.

Frankly, the different between the two of them wasn't even worth mentioning.

Groggy was accompanied by a dark warrior. It wasn't at a level to face Gigantes.


"I can deal with you at any time..."

"I am willing to spill your blood on the ground at any time, Groggy."

I interrupted Groggy's words. I then walked up to him, leaving no room.

Groggy shivered with humiliation. But he didn't dare open his mouth. The result of the showdown between the two creatures was already determined from the start. The dark warrior was no match. It was better to make a decision calmly.

"Continue barking. Right now you are too weak."

What greater insult was there for a demon?

Groggy's trembling intensified.

I laughed and said.

"Let's get going."

"Kihihi. I will take care of it. Guest-nim."

* * *

The items could be previewed before the auction.

There was a counter.

And unlike the 1st year, numerous demons were gathered.

The reason was simple. Purchasing the goods required a strategy. Preparation on how to use the points to their maximum efficiency was required.

It was also a place to check the balance of the other factions.

So the large counter was very quiet. There was a lot of pressure. A heavy air that felt like it would explode the moment someone opened their mouth.

This was due to the capabilities of some of the opponents. Another part of the plan was figuring out what goods the opponent was seeking. Thus it was important for the demons to have 'decoys.'


Gigantes' heavy footsteps echoed in the space. The scent of a high class creature's magic power spread in an instant. The demons instinctively turned their eyes towards me.

'An enthusiastic welcome.'

I looked at the atmosphere of each faction.

Grand Duke Ariel and her faction weren't that hostile towards me. They were just interested?

In contrast, Grand Duke Upa was an enemy that couldn't live under the same sky as me. His eyes showed an enormous desire to kill me.

Grand Duke Okullos wasn't interested. The only demon with a world tree in my previous life. He had an unusual nature that wouldn't pay attention to anything unless it interested him.

Pandemonium...skeptical. In the first place, he had a pessimistic nature. It was a natural reaction. Other demons showed a similar attitude.

"Kihihi. I'll wait outside. I can't step into this."

The dark spirit retreated.

Spirits were sensitive to magic power. It was difficult to stabilize their minds in a silent battlefield like this.


I clicked my tongue after the dark spirit left.

Grand Duke Upa and his demons were at the counter.

After sacrificing Pakan Griolli, they received permission to enter the Demon World Auction again.

Really unfortunate.

Upa was also looking at me. The intense anger in his eyes...if this wasn't the Spirit World then it would be an unavoidable fight.

The question 'you?' could be seen in his glowing eyes.

I soon noticed something.

'Adol Luph is missing.'

I was the culprit behind it.

However, Upa only knew that one of his demons had died. With the exception of Duke Pakan, all of his faction should have been teleported. But there was no Adol Luph. This had only one meaning.

Adol Luph had died.

Someone attacked his faction...he could only think like that. Of course, he couldn't confirm the culprit. Upa was suspicious of all the demons gathered here. Perhaps all of the demons had received that question in his eyes.

I suppressed my laugh. Even the subtle movements of my muscles were restrained. It would be good if that suspicion lasted longer. The dissonance between the factions had begun and that would be a big advantage for me.

'Why shouldn't I benefit from something like this?'

Anyway, I should look at the status windows of the demons before checking the products. I immediately looked with Mind's Eye.

Name: Upa Bullenon

Occupation Demon Grand Duke (Dungeon Master) Title * Destroyer (Epic, Intelligence +4, Magic Power +7)

* Master of Gravity (Ex U, Magic Power +7)


Strength 82 Intelligence 79 (+4)

Agility 75 Stamina 74

Magic Power 81 (+14)

Potential: (391+18/500)

Uniqueness: One of the four Grand Dukes. Owner of the great castle Bullenon.

Skill: Black Hole (Epic), Gravity Field(Epic), Observation (R)

[Relative Comparison]

Upa Bullenon

Strength 82 Intelligence 83 Agility 75 Stamina 74 Magic 95 Potential (391+18/500)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 89 Intelligence 74 Agility 77 Stamina 82 Magic 93 Potential (392+23/500)

I squeezed my fist. The stats and skills were quite significant. Of course, I was still slightly ahead. A smile naturally formed and Upa frowned as he saw it.

'I didn't walk the wrong path.'

I examined the other Grand Dukes. Their status windows weren't much different from Upa. The stats converged between 400~415 and they had two epic grade skills.

If we ended up fighting. I might be marginally ahead. In addition, the Grand Dukes didn't have two high class creatures.

An electrifying thrill filled my body.

In overall terms, I was ahead of the Grand Dukes. And I would surely widen the gap in this Demon World Auction.

I headed to the counter and leisurely examined the goods.

* * *

The hall where the auction was being held had a traditional atmosphere.

It was a spacious hall with seating on 4 sides and on the ground floor. Like before, I was the only one who sat on the grandstand on the ground floor.

The other 4 factions climbed up to the side seating. There was no apparent conscious attitude towards me.

'They don't know my point reserves.'

Approximately 7 million. This was equal or higher than the total points of one faction. In other words, I alone was equal to a faction.

But the other demons and even the dark spirits didn't know how many points I have. If they knew this then their attitudes would be different.

There was no profit in me announcing it. Anyway, they would naturally find out as the auction proceeded.

Soon a man in clown makeup appeared from backstage.

"Thank you for waiting! Just like last year, I Dubolong will be responsible for the auction today. Please take a look."

Dubolong's face was different from last year. A high class spirit who secretly made a deal with me. He sent me the list and I could build a neat plan.

He scanned the auction hall and smiled.

"There are two empty seats. One of you was banned for 3 years for breaking the rules...and after sending the message a few times, the other one has crossed the river to never return. Our deepest sympathies."

It was said with a bit of mockery.

After a moment of silence, he raised his head and laughed brightly.

Upa was upset but the other Grand Dukes didn't mind.

Originally Upa's faction couldn't participate in the auction for 3 years. But he made some concessions and blamed it on Pakan Griolli. Thanks to that, Grand Duke Upa's opinion of the spirits wasn't very good.

"Now now! This year we have prepared more passionately than last year. The spirits went through a lot of effort during this year to develop a list that will cause the guests to cry. But that is a story that I can talk about for 24 hours. I don't want to pour cold water on this hot atmosphere."

Dubolong shrugged and continued.

"100 auction items. We have carefully selected the first item to be shown. Last year, it was Krasla who had the blood of the true demonic dragon Aojin. Ah, so I have to ask a question. Buyer Randalph Brigsiel-nim. Are you satisfied with your purchase of Krasla?"

Dubolong bowed towards me.

Chrisley was the real treasure but Krasla wasn't bad. He had the potential to move up the a high class rank.


It was impossible not to be satisfied.

Dubolong's smile widened.

"Thank you for the compliment. Randalph Brigsiel-nim seems to be accompanied by a high class creature that is even better than Krasla."

He looked at me slyly.

Diverting the attention towards me. Making sure to show 'positive' attention.

The demons flinched. They hadn't expected such a direct comparison.

The demons had questions. A number of them looked at me with concerns.

As expected of Dubolong. He had the temperament of a scammer. A superior trader wouldn't make their scamming nature obvious.

"Let's forget the long story. I will now introduce you to the first auction item. The spirits stumbled upon it in some ancient ruins...perhaps many of you might be unfamiliar with it. The Astral Code!"

Another spirit brought out a square, black box.

The long black box was filled with a black substance. Over 20 centimeters in length. It looked like an ordinary rod.

Many demons fixed their gaze to it.

Everyone seemed to have mastered the Observation (R) skill but Mind's Eye was better.

The Observation skill could figure out the name and key options of the item. It couldn't figure out the detailed description, hidden options or sealed options.

'Astral Code. A strengthening item?'

I had seen it a few times. I couldn't remember it well. I blamed it on never having experience purchasing it. I opened up Mind's Eye.

-Name- Astral Code (U)

Description: Add one option to an item.

* Stats +1~2 or a specific characteristic will be randomly selected to enhance the item.

** The failure probability will depend on the user's magic power.

Now I remembered the description.

But the ** part marked below was unfamiliar. An option only visible with Mind's Eye. A simple observation skill wouldn't show that part.

'I have to buy it.'

Dubolong sent me the list but I couldn't know the detailed options. I had to check the item directly before deciding to purchase it. It was a given that there would be some unexpected spending.

The 'strengthening unique characteristics' would be very useful. For example, it can make a sword sharper. It was random so there was some risk.

Still, the extra stats was enough to make it worth purchasing.

Dubolong exclaimed dramatically.

"The auction will start at 100,000 points! It can strengthen your weapon so I assure you that it is the best item that you won't regret! And please note that the boys and girls on the ceiling will weep and feel scorn if you don't spend more points than last year."

The rates had increased from last year.

But when compared to last year, the demons also had more points. It was a natural phenomenon.


"Ohu...Grand Duke Ariel-nim!" An excellent eye. You can see the value of this item. 100,000 points have come out!"


"Grand Duke Okullos-nim! I am thankful for your careful selection."


"Grand Duke Upa-nim! You have come out! The first auction only has Grand Dukes participating."


"Ahh, even Grand Duke Pandemonium-nim! Now all the Grand Dukes are involved."

An item that could strengthen another one was a great attraction. An epic grade armour getting another property would be worth a million points.

The other demons didn't even think of putting up their hands.



I spoke a single line.

I came forward.

Dubolong clapped exaggeratedly.

"Earl Randalph Brigsiel-nim! Amazing. He has raised it by 100,000 points to make it 300,000. Is there any more?"

The hot atmosphere seemed to have cold water poured on it. All the demons knew that I spent more points than anyone else at the 1st Demon World Auction.

But that was when they didn't know the existence of the Demon World Auction. So it was regarded as due to luck. Collecting from the beginning without spending any points.

The demons thought I would receive a lot of damage from the auction when it came to breeding species. Thus the demons laughed at me.

Yet I was showing the same behaviour even in the 2nd Demon World Auction?

They were definitely worried.

Of course, I may have just collected the points throughout the year. The problem was they didn't have an explanation for the high class creature.

Using 300,000 points at the start...

They hadn't thought I would come forward so generously. This was merely the first auction item.

The heads of the demons started to become busy.

And they all came to one conclusion.

'Showing off!'

Increasing the points by 100,000.

It was in order to make a rival consume 300,000 in the beginning. The Astral Code was great but it wasn't at a level where they would risk it.

"Congratulations! Astral Code has been sold to Randalph-nim. It will be sent to your dungeon shortly after the auction ends."

Dubolong ended it.

The spirits moved the box filled with the Astral Code.

I leisurely looked at the stage.

Dubolong laughed and introduced the following item.

"This is not the end. The second auction item will also catch the attention of the guests. Do you know of the 'Darhan Sword?' A sword dyed with the blood of a predator that terrified the Demon World years ago! A sword that eats blood. The spirits went through a lot of difficulty to obtain this sword."


It was at that moment.

A spacious hall. After a long moment, Dubolong slapped his thighs. It was once again an act in order to attract attention.

I casually folded my arms.

Soon the dark spirits brought out a huge sword that was a little over 2 metres long.

The sword emitted a red light. I remembered this item from the list. There might still be a hidden item so I opened Mind's Eye.

-Name - Darhan's Sword (U)

Description: A sword made of the blood of a darhan. The user will naturally crave blood.

*Depending on the amount of blood absorbed, strength will increase by 1~5.

**A user with low intelligence is likely to have their souls sucked into the sword.

I nodded at the hidden options in the contents.

In my previous life, the demon who bought the sword became a ghost. The user instinctively brandished it to exterminate all living things on the battlefield.

I didn't know it but that demon had one of the lowest intelligence among the demons. His intelligence and magic power was low so it was natural he would become a ghost.

Dubolong showed a triumphant attitude as he cried out.

"Starting at 150,000 points! You will be sorry if you miss this opportunity. Darhan's Sword is worth it."


I spoke first this time.

"Earl Randalph-nim! Randalph-nim has decided to participate after just obtaining an item!"


"Marquis Dellat-nim! 170,000 points have come out."


"Earl Randalph-nim!"


Marquis Groggy-nim! A great opener!"


"Ohh! Even more! Earl Randalph-nim has increased it to 250,000 points."

My legs trembled. It was a slight tremor but the other demons noticed it.


"Marquis Groggy-nim! How fierce. Dubolong wonders who the winner of this fight will be!"

I took a peek at Grand Duke Upa's camp and saw Groggy giving me a poisonous smile.

A provocative action. His face seemed to be asking if I had any more points.

He seemed to think that I wanted Darhan's Sword.

I had showed an impatient movement the moment the sword came out. So he didn't even think about it.

'Properly hooked.'

It was like I intended.

Unfortunately for him, I already had the epic set item 'Wrath.' There was no penalty for using it, the sword gave 7 strength and there was also a skill so it was a precious sword.

There was no reason for me to obtain another sword.

Groggy was hooked by my bait.

I stopped here.

A number of seconds passed before Dubolong shouted.

"Darhan's Sword has been sold to Marquis Groggy-nim for 270,000 points. Congratulations."

Groggy was elated. He thought he won and I barely managed to suppress a laugh from coming out.

Groggy didn't know about the hidden options and was likely to become a ghost after using the sword. Groggy had 64 intelligence. It was pretty low.

He just put himself on the path of self-destruction...!

He was completely fooled.

The other demons wouldn't have a large reserve of points. At best, they would consider the standard to be around 500,000. I had spent 300,000 points on the Astral Code so he was convinced I was bluffing.

"Introducing the third item. The spirits squeezed out our best efforts and managed to catch the previously extinct creature 'Cursed Yeti.' The cursed yeti are the descendants of the creature Conte who was once hailed as King of the Yeti. We are only showing a cub but it could grow into a high class creature."

After a while, the cursed yeti cub trapped behind bars was brought out.

It was only 1 metre or so. Similar to the form of an orangutan but with a little more muscle. Usually yeti had white fur but the cursed yeti was black.

A species that wouldn't be sold in the store.

An almost extinct species that couldn't be found in the Demon World.

I was curious and used Mind's Eye.

Name: Cursed Yeti


Strength 33 Intelligence 17

Agility 29 Stamina 41

Magic Power 26

Potential: (146/329)

Uniqueness: A cub of the cursed yeti.

Skill: None

Looking at the potential, an adult would match an advanced 2Lv creature. Dubolong was exaggerating when he said it would become a high class creature.

But the other demons didn't know this fact. The cursed yeti was almost extinct so the demons hadn't seen it for a long time.

However, not many demons would be overwhelmingly convinced. The demons didn't want to be ripped off. If they bid and it wasn't a high class creature...

I had expected it from the beginning.

"Starting at 200,000 points! Don't think that it is expensive. High class creatures would be sold for millions of points."

200,000 points!

A rip off.

Dubolong's tirade was beginning.

I waited for someone to raise their hand first.

The demon factions exchanged glances saying 'it isn't sure' and shook their heads. Mind's Eye could see the status windows and potential of my opponent. They couldn't be confident without learning more details about the situation.


At the moment, someone made a bid.

"Marquis Groggy-nim! A wise choice."


He had bought Darhan's Sword for 270,000 so it was surprising that he still had points left. Maybe he had spent the last year collecting points. The demons in Upa's faction...

Grand Duke Upa's faction seemed not to know about the cursed yeti.


"Earl Randalph-nim! You are feeling greedy despite already possessing a high class creature!"

It was inevitable that I would participate.

Groggy glared at me after Dubolong's words.


He couldn't stand being humiliated and raised the number.

I raised the white flag at this point.

"Marquis Groggy-nim! 220,000 points have come out! Any more? If no one bids then the cursed yeti will go to Marquis Groggy-nim!"

10 seconds passed.

No one else bid.

"The cursed yeti has been sold to Marquis Groggy-nim!"

Dubolong clapped loudly.

I was applauding inside my heart.

200,000 points with one sentence.

'A large amount of points is gone.'

Darhan's Sword and the cursed yeti. Both of them combined to more than 500,000 points. The demons had an average of 330,000~340,000 points so it was a significant figure.

One demon had spent 500,000 points. He was one of Grand Duke Upa's men so that simplified things even more.

After that, 7 more auction items passed quickly.

I didn't purchase any of the items. Only the Astral Code. There was no need to be greedy.

But I pretended to bid in order to steadily increase it.

Everyone gathered here were my enemies. I couldn't even easily believe Dubolong. Deceiving the enemy to make them waste resources was a basic strategy in war.

But at the same time, there was a strange feeling. Every time I made a move. Someone always bid higher on the items I raised my hand on. Grand Duke Upa and his demons.

'Coming at my throat.'

Revenge for last year? It wasn't a big move but I didn't feel great.

After all, the one who had a strategy would do well. So far, I had won. But I couldn't be too greedy. The future couldn't be guaranteed.

I thought back one year. At that time, I was in a very favourable position. But the demons also realized the existence of the Demon World Auction. I could see that from them all learning the Observation skill.

The difference between knowing and not knowing was large. There was no room for cockiness.

"I assure you that the 11th auction item will make all your eyes widen. One of the 'Five Statues' that you should know about. We found it very deep underground. One of the Five Statues, the Statue of Abundance!"

Statue of Abundance!

An item that was required for any dungeon. I had also been waiting for it.

I inwardly trembled as I used Mind's Eye.

-Name - Statue of Abundance (Epic)

Description: The maker is unknown. An unknown power dwells in one of the Five Statues. The Statue of Abundance can conceive many lives.

* The statue will give 'Blessing of the Goddess' to one species around it. The species that receives the blessing will have a significantly higher reproductive rate and increase the manifestation of unique body parts.

An item that was compatible with the world tree. The world tree's effectiveness on 'natural species' would be influenced by the Statue of Abundance.

It was an epic grade item and Mind's Eye unfortunately couldn't see any deeper hidden options.

I had the same level of knowledge about the Statue of Abundance as the other demons. But I had an overwhelming 6 million points.

In addition, it was a good opportunity to determine the points limitations of the other demons.

They could check the Statue of Abundance with the Observation skill.

Apart from the rating, the 'Blessing of the Goddess' would bring great benefits to the dungeon. Anyone would feel greedy over the item.

There was no need to think. Everyone would hold up their hand to bid.

'However, the winner will be me.'

I smiled.

It was the start of a full-fledged battle.

Dubolong's face was glowing with confidence. The Statue of Abundance was enough to surprise everyone. This was something to feel proud of as the auction progressed. There was no need to exaggerate with the Statue of Abundance.

There weren't any problems like 'limited to one species.' A blessing that could breed strong species so the expected value was beyond imagination.

The default base of the creatures...for example, let's assume that the 1Lv 'Ogre' was blessed.

The ogre cost 40,000 points and was an expensive species to breed. The ogres had an extremely short breeding season, breeding once a year and only produced one offspring at most.

In order to breed 30 ogres, a minimum of 1 million points was required.

But the blessing didn't just increase the reproduction rate.

It also promoted the breeding seasons. The extremely short breeding season didn't make it easy so solving this problem would be helpful.

A lucky mutation like a twin headed ogre or something similar might appear and that could save hundreds of thousands of points.

There was no demons that didn't know this fact.

The eyes of the demons burned as they looked at the Statue of Abundance.

This was the 2nd year.

If I could get my hands on it then it really would be a jackpot. I would take a few steps ahead of the other demons. A required item that I needed to defend.

The four factions. And one neutral.

The 70 demon were currently having a silent competition.

Dubolong spread his arms wide.

"I'm not going to speak any longer. We will start at 400,000 points. Please choose wisely."

The dark spirits said that the demons held an average of 440,000 points. Most demons would choose to participate.

However...the demons couldn't easily raise their hand.

There was no choice.

It was 100,000 points above the reserve.

They didn't want to spend their points on one item.

The 400,000 starting bid was higher than expected so the atmosphere became rigid.

Dubolong was also slightly confused.

'It is common sense that it is impossible to gather 7 million points in 2 years.'

I gained this due to my previous experience and the 'achievement quest.' As a result, I saw the benefit of millions of points. Dubolong, the Dark Spirit King and even the devil wouldn't have expected such a thing when designing this.

Who would break first?

I watched with interest.


"Grand Duke Ariel-nim!"

About 30 seconds of static. However, it felt like dozens of minutes had passed to Dubolong.

Dubolong relaxed now that someone had bid on it. Relief could be heard when he called out Ariel's name.


It was easy after the first bid.

"Grand Duke Okullos-nim! He increased the gap by 50,000."


"Marquis Anastasia-nim! A large amount of points had been kept hidden!"


"Duke Dipella-nim! 530,000 points have come out. It is coming quickly. But this is low compared to the value of the Goddess of Fertility!"

The rain came all at once.


In my previous life, Duke Dipella was the owner of 'Mind's Eye' and those words poured cold water on the atmosphere.

It was rare for a demon to have that many points. It could be called a trump card. An item like the Statue of Abundance really brought out the hidden cards of each faction.

And there was no guarantee they could obtain the Statue of Abundance. Only someone like me who had an overwhelming number of points didn't care...

"Is there any more? If there isn't then the Statue of Abundance will be sold to Duke Dipella-nim for 530,000 points!"

Dubolong said urgently.

An epic grade item. The efficiency was endless.

Dubolong's job was to raise it to the best price possible.

It couldn't stop at 530,000. The dark spirits had suffered obtaining the item.

The abyss was a place in the Demon World that was prohibited. Numerous dark spirits entered and were destroyed while obtaining the Statue of Abundance.

The spirits obtained the auction items through this manner. A place nobody could find. A place people couldn't enter. A place that shouldn't be entered...

They opened the doors to places sleeping for thousands or tens of thousands of years and brought out items. There were bound to be some sacrifices. A reasonable compensation should be given for the sacrifices.

"Statue of Abundance! An epic grade item that has infinite possibilities for your dungeon, especially with the blessing. 530,000 points. If there are no more bids in the next minute then it will be transferred to Duke Dipella-nim!"

He was in a rush.

Dubolong let out a barrage of words.


I finally came out.

The 1st barrier.

I had already purchased the Astral Code for 300,000 points so Dubolong and the other demons were surprised. The boy and girl statues on the ceiling didn't laugh after I bid 550,000 points.

The total spent was 850,000 points...that was already the highest reserves.

"Earl Randalph-nim! Earl Randalph-nim has made the top bid!"

Dubolong shouted breathlessly.

The battle had restarted.


"I am feeling breathless, Grand Duke Ariel-nim! She has joined in again!"

There were few goods that Grand Duke Ariel was obsessed with. It was rare for her to spend points unless it was a particularly good weapon.

Her greed would then break out.

The side hall where Grand Duke Ariel's faction was located where I didn't need to turn my head. Ariel was centrally located and staring at me.

She had tested me at the 1st Demon World Auction. And I had gained the advantage in that encounter.

Then what about now?

600,000 points. She must really want to buy the Statue of Abundance. So she was telling me to stop at this point.

Little by little, my existence was being embedded in her eyes.

Of course, I couldn't stop here.


Ariel Diablo.

She had two horns similar to a goat. The horns on the forehead that proved she was the descendant of a devil turned red.

"Earl Randalph-nim! He is like a sea. You can never tell where he ends!"


"Grand Duke Ariel-nim......!"


"Earl Randalph-nim! A close match!"


Ariel caused a crack in the hall.

She had an aggressive and straightforward personality. She wasn't greedy but she wanted to get her hands on everything she desired, like a child. She didn't use dirty methods like Upa but directly took action.

She seemed to really want the Statue of Abundance.

However, I had no intention of yielding.

Ariel Diablo moved her eyes towards her demons.

She wanted to check if there were any demons with more than 630,000 points. In other words, her limit was 620,000 points.

But the expressions of the demons under her wasn't good. Ariel glared at me before looking away. She turned her head.

"Is there any more? The bid isn't finalized yet!"

No more demons wanted to bid.

Dubolong seemed to sense this and sighed before clapping. The result was less than expected but I had successfully defended it.

"Congratulations! The winning bid for the Statue of Abundance is Earl Randalph-nim with 630,000 points!"

Astral Code and the Statue of Abundance.

So far I had bought those two things at the auction.

The other demons judged that I used all my points and would develop new strategies. They relaxed now that they didn't think I could dominate the auction items.

Thanks to the Statue of Abundance, they also found out that Grand Duke Ariel's faction had 620,000 points. Their minds were relieved.

But they didn't know. They couldn't know.

I still had close to 6 million points remaining!

I gave a small smile.

'Be careless. Forget about my existence. And be surprised.'

I would soon destroy their common sense. No, I was aiming for it. Wreak havoc and make them panic.

Soon they would be forced to wave a white flag.

This was just the beginning. Now I was starting for real.

With the next goods that showed up, I made bids of less than 200,000 points.

The demons paid no attention to me. They thought I was trying to obtain more items with the low amount of points I had left.

And the 15th item.

The Sage's Leap.

It raised a unique or lower grade skill up one rating. I had instantly bought it before last year's auction to upgrade Mind's Eye.

The price started at 150,000 and reached 300,000 in an instant.

Everyone was watching the top bid.


I finally opened up.

In the end, I successfully bought Sage's Leap for 320,000 and the demons scowled at me. Their eyes were asking if I had any more points. I had already used 1.25 million points and my attitude seemed to confirm that I was still holding points. But they were still acting in accordance with 'common sense.'

However, that common sense wouldn't last long.

"The 18th auction item...don't be surprised. The body of an earth dragon! The hard scales and bones of the earth dragon clearly doesn't have any damage and it looks like it can move at any moment!"

The auction proceeded quickly. It reached the 18th auction and the demons' ear pricked up at Dubolong's words.

Earth dragon!

The earth dragon was a creature that reached high class 4Lv. But they weren't easy to obtain. The earth dragon was born from a huge forest.

In special cases where very old forests met certain conditions, the forest would transform into an earth dragon. But aside from that, not much was known about the mysterious species.

The body of a earth dragon?

The demons who liked research would naturally feel greedy.

The body of an earth dragon was well worth it. A dwarf would be able to make many unique grade equipment with it. Materials that had many uses.

After a while, the dark spirits pulled out the giant body of an earth dragon.

A huge 20 metres in size.

The body was covered with glossy, green scales. There were two empty, hollow eyes. The unquestionable quality of the magic power in the bones could be felt. Densely concentrated magic power filled the bones of the earth dragon.

The condition was very good.

It seemed like the dragon would come back to life and roar at any moment.


I nodded my head.

Great material. An item I desired.

'It won't be bad with Undead Manufacturing.'

Chrisley would be able to grant new life to the body of the earth dragon. The skill level of Undead Manufacturing was still too low to use on such a great material but...I was willing to wait for that time. Magic would preserve the corpse until Chrisley's Undead Manufacturing skill reached the required level.

If I was lucky, a 2Lv high class 'Bone Dragon' that was the pinnacle of the undead could be produced. It was wishful thinking but not impossible. Furthermore, the state of the body was good so I had high expectations.

'The bodies of the creatures in Adol's dungeon are crushed so there is no possibility of selling them.'

They had been completely crushed by the golems. I felt regret after remembering it.

Anyway, I wasn't the only one thinking this.

There were quite a few demons who mastered undead related skills. Their eyes started to shine.

"Starting at 300,000! This is the body of an earth dragon. The benefits are endless. And this opportunity is likely to never come again!"

That's right.

It was extremely hard to save the body of an earth dragon.

Usually an earth dragon would turn back to a forest again when it died. A well preserved body of an earth dragon was really unique.


"Grand Duke Pandemonium-nim! You will never regret paying that price!"


"Ohh, Duke Dipella-nim!"


"You must get it. Marquis Anastasia-nim!"

It was a situation where the demons would use almost all their points. There was nothing to fear anymore. That's why it quickly rose by 50,000.

Every demon was an enemy.


"Duke Dipella-nim! Do you have a good use for the body? But it has only gone over 400,000. It is still only at 430,000!"


Marquis Anastasia clicked her tongue.

She couldn't bid any more.


"Grand Duke Upa-nim! You are participating after a long time. 450,000 points have come out. Is there any more?"

Except for the Astral Code, Upa hadn't made any more bids. He even sat still for the Statue of Abundance.

It meant Upa participated because the body of the earth dragon was important to him.


I crossed my legs.

I relaxed in my seat with folded arms and spoke in a calm voice.


Astral Code 300,000, Statue of Abundance 630,000, Sage's Leap 320,000...and now 500,000 for the earth dragon.

So far I called out a grand total of 1.75 million points.

Even Dubolong looked at me with shock. The demons had the same reaction as well.

A demon holding that many points after just 2 years!

Most of them hadn't even reached the limit of 1 million. In general, they got points from handling the Awakened that entered their dungeon. But having that many points through the dungeon was beyond imagination. It was impossible to gather 1 million with just that. Then 1.75 million?

"No way!"

A demon from Upa's faction shouted.


The expression of elation he had after winning Darhan's Sword was gone. Groggy's face contorted as he glared at me before moving his eyes to the ceiling.

He was certain that the boys and girls on the ceiling would be laughing with ridicule. But...Groggy's hope didn't last.

The statues hanging from the ceiling weren't laughing.

A moment passed and Groggy looked at me again.

Complex subtleties. But I could clearly see 'outrage' in his eyes.

He realized that he had been a fish caught on a hook. He finally noticed that Darhan's Sword was bait. I was the fisherman and Groggy was the fish. A fish stupid enough to be caught!


Groggy's body started shaking. The sound of grinding teeth could be heard.

The subsequent humiliation. But this was the Demon World Auction. His error might affect his faction. All Groggy could do was tremble.

"500,000! 500,000 points have come out. Earl Randalph-nim has made a bid!"

Dubolong cried out and broke the silence.

Dubolong had also been surprised. I had called out 500,000 with no hesitation so he had been at a loss. Spending 1.75 million. He closed his eyes and imagined that many points.

This was because Dubolong was a spirit. If he thought about it a little bit more then he could determine that I had more points.

On the other hand, the demons were different.

The demons only saw what they wanted to see. They had paranoid tendencies. Every time I called to raise the points, they would think 'that is the end.' They couldn't imagine that an enemy had so many points.

But I was slowly breaking their prejudices. I would personally show them that their thinking was shallow.

Dubolong clapped loudly.

"Amazing! The body of the earth dragon! This makes 4 items that have been sold to Earl Randalph-nim!"

30 seconds passed and no demons tried to make a higher bid.

It was natural. I took it for granted that I would win the points showdown. There was no way they could beat me.

Dubolong coughed and opened his mouth.

"Now, there are still many items remaining! The following item is..."

Dubolong's expression suddenly changed.

His playful expression had disappeared. It was an attitude that he had never shown in the auction.

It was like someone invisible was talking to him.

'I can feel the interference of magic power.'

I noticed that a third party magic power was interfering with Dubolong. Dubolong was communicating with someone similar to the manner I talked to Yihi.

But Dubolong was a high class spirit... He can easily deal with any mental attacks. Those that could connect to him were very limited. Especially since his expression looked like he was making a report.

'King of the Dark Spirits.'

Dark Spirit King.

Yes, it could only be the Dark Spirit King. Especially since Dubolong looked nervous.

Dozens of seconds passed before Dubolong spoke with a weak expression.

"I'm sorry. We will have a break for a while. If you need anything then speak to the workers nearby. We will give you the best treatment."

Dubolong bowed his head and disappeared behind the stage. Low grade dark spirits started walking in the vicinity of the demons.

'The call of the Dark Spirit King...'

A spirit approached me with a seductive smile and started kneading my shoulders, but my nerves were solely focused on Dubolong.

In the past, the Dark Spirit King had rarely interfered with the auction. He would only convey a story through Dubolong when there was a very serious matter.

What had happened?

I worried about it while waiting for Dubolong to appear again.

After 30 minutes, Dubolong climbed back on the stage.

He briefly bowed and then opened his mouth.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. The auction will proceed normally so there is no need to worry. And I would like to say congratulations once again to Earl Randalph-nim for winning the 18th auction item, the Earth Dragon's Body."

Dubolong looked at me with a strange smile.

I frowned as I saw it.

Why did he bother repeating the congratulations? Furthermore, that smile from Dubolong gave me a completely different feeling.

I couldn't think of the reason.


The action made him seem like he was going to act as a scammer. There were many questionable things about that smile.

"Now, this isn't the end. There are still many items that haven't been made public. The 19th item is now coming up on stage and I am sure you will be very satisfied. An item that will satisfy all my guests, Tear of the Moon!"

The spirit workers brought out a beautifully decorated box.

Dubolong opened the box that he was handed and a floating water droplet was revealed.

I saw it and inwardly panicked.


Dubolong had sent me the auction list in advance.

There was no 'Tear of the Moon' on it. I had memorized it several times.

There was nothing to suggest this item would come out.

My mind thought about it.

It was obvious that the list had been renewed after receiving the call of the Dark Spirit King.

Why? That was the first question that popped into my head.

There was no significant benefit to changing the goods.

After all, the demons had limited points. They would just be exhausting the items on the list.

Then I remembered Dubolong's strange smile.

' the Dark Spirit King sending a message to me?'

I could confirm it.

I needed to keep watch while the auction was in progress.

"The Tear of the Moon contains an intensive amount of magic power. The magic power has been refined for millions of years and can greatly increase your stats! Look at this glistening light. Isn't it wonderful?"

Dubolong was babbling on.

The water droplet that flashed in the light. It seemed like the light of the moon was gushing out of it.

I regained my composure and opened up Mind's Eye.

-Name - Tear of the Moon

Description: The magic of the moon is naturally refined to give intense magic power. If someone with less than 80 magic power consumes it then magic power will increase by 3. If the person has more than 85 magic power then it will increase by 2. If magic power is more than 90 then it will increase by 1.

** There is a very low probability of receiving the 'Curse of the Moon.'

There was a hidden option. But it was a very low probability so there was no need to greatly worry. The question was whether I should purchase the item.

Of course, the item depended on my stats. My pure magic power was 85. If I consumed it then I could raise magic power by 2.

It was an obvious thing to purchase but I needed to think of Dubolong and the Dark Spirit King's intentions.


I stared at Dubolong.

I didn't know what their intentions were but the Tear of the Moon was necessary for me. I simple couldn't resist it.

'I will play.'

So I would buy it. I would slowly figure out their intentions in the auction.

"We will start at 250,000 points. If any guests are low on magic power then hurry and buy it. Don't miss this opportunity!"


"...Earl Randalph-nim!"

The demons hesitated.

They gazed at me furtively.

However, I was still only looking at Dubolong.


"It's been a while. Marquis Dellat-nim! 270,000 points have come out. You will never regret this choice! Hurry and bid!"


"Well, nice to meet you. Duke Suguph!"


"A great strength. Earl Randalph-nim has bid 300,000 points."

The demons that wanted to bid hesitated.

The demons with more than 300,000 were the top ranked demons and had high stats to prove it.

Having magic power increase by 2 was tempting but there were many items yet to be announced. Something that exceeded the efficiency of 2 magic power might come out.

Even Darhan's Sword could increase strength by 5 depending on the amount of blood absorbed.

"Congratulations. The Tear of the Moon has been sold!"

300,000 points was an appropriate price.

My mind couldn't feel at ease after winning the Tear of the Moon. This wasn't the end. I was the only demon who knew that the list had changed. I could roughly guess what would happen with the next auction.

"Then I will introduce the 20th item straight away. A contrast with the previous item! 'Smile of the Sun!"


That wasn't on the list of items.

Tear of the Moon and Smile of the Sun.

Like a matching rhyme.

It felt like the two items were split apart.

I immediately used Mind's Eye.

-Name - Smile of the Sun

Description: The magic of the sun is naturally crystallized to give intense magic power. If someone with less than 80 intelligence consumes it then intelligence will increase by 3. If the person has more than 85 intelligence then it will increase by 2. If intelligence is more than 90 then it will increase by 1.

** There is a very low probability of receiving the 'Curse of the Sun.'

The moon and sun, these items increased magic power and intelligence.

Would there be any added options from consuming both at the same time?

Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun. Both had appeared in my previous life. And at that time, the different demons had bought and consumed it. I couldn't be sure what effect would appear.


I touched my jaw.

I knew for certain that the Dark Spirit King was sending a message to me.

Enemy or ally.

Gain or loss...

In this world, there were no eternal allies.

Despite having a secret agreement, this could be broken at any time. I needed to be more careful.

"This will start at 250,000 points! Unlike the Tear of the Moon, Smile of the Sun increases intelligence! Don't miss out on this opportunity."

After a moment, one person opened up.


"Marquis Anastasia-nim! 250,000 points have come out. Is there any more?"

Dubolong looked around.

However, intelligence was a somewhat neglected ability. Unlike other stats, it had a less direct effect that could be felt. No one put up a higher bid.

I was also troubled. But I should see it through to the end.

I came to that conclusion and opened my mouth.


This made it 2.31 million.

The total amount of points I used during the auction.

The boy and girl statues were still not laughing. It meant I had the required amount of points. At this point, the demons couldn't help being curious.

How the hell did I obtain so many points?

The trend of Awakened entering the dungeon was declining every day. The points revenue in the first year was better. However, I had even more points than the 1st year.

They wondered what my secret was.

Greed and interest flashed in the eyes of some demons.

Even Grand Duke Okullos who didn't have a lot of interest in anything was looking at me.

However...I couldn't afford to care about them.

"Smile of the Sun has been won for 260,000 points. Congratulations Earl Randalph-nim!"

Dubolong took a deep breath.

Then he went straight to the next item.

"The long-awaited 21st item. And you should remember the sealed items that appeared in the last auction. If you are lucky then you might even obtain an epic level item. It came again this year. A sealed cloak!"

The dark spirits emerged at Dubolong's words.

A dark crimson cloak. There was soot everywhere and it looked dilapidated.

This was the first time a sealed item appeared in this auction.

Anyway, I was different from the other demons and could see the options.

I opened Mind's Eye and a message window flashed in the air.

-Name - Sloth (Epic, Set Item)

Description: The last work made by the mythical blacksmith Oswen that even the gods opposed. Characterized by the 7 deadly sins, the evil contained in it was so powerful that Oswen reportedly went crazy.

"The only virtue of a king is sloth!"

* Agility +7, the Epic grade skill 'Sloth' can be used once every 7 days.

-A 'Seven Sins' set item has been found.

Collecting the same type of set items will increase the effect.

-A penalty will be given for the very high seal.

Strength -10 for 72 hours.

I stared into the air.

Last year, I had obtained a piece of the Seven Sins set and another one had surfaced this year.

But I couldn't just sit back and enjoy it.

Tear of the Moon and Smile of the Sun. Sloth had also come out.

This process wasn't normal.

'Testing me.'

I clicked my tongue.

I finally realized the Dark Spirit King's intentions.

Although it was sealed, the spirits were probably aware of Sloth's existence. They maybe realized that I also took Wrath.

'The owner of a high level observation skill to see through the seal. The holder of a vast amount of points...'

This was the test. I didn't know why but the Dark Spirit King was watching me. He was throwing good stuff to see if I had the power to 'purchase' it.

The ability to see the items and possessing an enormous amount of points.

And I did as he intended when I bought the Tear of the Moon and Smile of the Sun. They were good items because they increased intelligence and magic power.



Sloth was one of the Seven Sins.

It was a dilemma. A must-have item for me. I already had Wrath. If I got my hands on Sloth then my combat power would rise. But it was a problem if I confirmed the Dark Spirit King's thoughts the moment I bought it.

It would also be an obstacle if the spirits had the rest of the Seven Sins. Would I be able to get the remaining five items if I didn't move a little bit? I made some pragmatic calculations and leaned towards the side of 'buying.'

I knew myself well.

'It is inevitable that I will bite the bait.'

My forehead creased.

I was caught by the Dark Spirit King's plan the moment I used Mind's Eye on Sloth. Although I didn't mind revealing the vast amount of points I had...

Tsk. I clicked my tongue.

I realized that I was forced to buy Sloth.

"Look at this sealed cloak in detail. It isn't simply an old and torn cloak. Have you heard of 'Oswen?' A blacksmith of the Demon World. Even the gods couldn't help being amazed by his creations! This cloak was obtained by chance in the cave where he died. It certainly isn't an ordinary item."

Dubolong said.

Sealed equipment.

There was no way for the spirits to verify it.

However, they could make deductions according to the appearance and the place where they found the item.

At the same time, the demons started to stir.

The demons knew Oswen.

He left many rare equipment. They had the power to separate the ground and sky. Those who accidentally obtained Oswen's weapons would have their power incomparably changed.

There was an tremendous upheaval in the Demon World every time a weapon appeared. War would break out several times over it.

Grand Duke Ariel.

In particular, her eyes flashed.

When she was in the Demon World, her favourite weapon was made by Oswen. If Ariel's patent skill 'Abyss Sword' was used with Oswen's sword then it would turn many demons into powder.

But shortly after that, the 72 demons were forced to leave the Demon World to compete in this world. All weapons were taken away and as a weapons master, she felt greatly disappointed.

Although it would be worth it if she could buy the cloak.

Hearing the name Oswen was enough.

'She is aiming at it.'

I touched my wrinkled forehead. I wasn't informed about Sloth. But if I bought it then a conflict would break out. Maybe the Tear of the Moon and Smile of the Sun was to figure out if I had the power to purchase Sloth. It was so obvious that a laugh couldn't help coming out.

Dubolong gave a wily smile and opened his mouth.

"The starting points of a sealed item is exceptionally high. 300,000. 300,000 points!"


"Grand Duke Ariel-nim! This isn't necessarily a winning bid!"

The first one to move was Grand Duke Ariel.

She had a combative stance.

Ariel's purchase limit was 620,000 points. This limitation was revealed thanks to the Statue of Abundance.


"Duke Dipella-nim!"


"...! Grand Duke Ariel-nim! A troublesome contention! A move with the intention of winning!"

It became silent. This was the first time it had jumped 250,000 points. It meant she was greedy to get Sloth.

There was Oswen's name but Ariel also had a discerning eye. I discovered that when she tried to bid for Wrath last time.

Of course, none of the demons bid after that. From the beginning, not many demons had more than 600,000 points.


"No, Earl Randalph-nim! A great strength. And somehow it is a familiar figure."

Was it enough?

Dubolong shook his head. He already knew that Ariel's limit was 630,000 points.

In fact, it could be seen just from Ariel's expression.

Deeply furrowed eyebrows. Firmly closed mouth. An expression that made people feel discomfort.

But that wasn't the end.

The usually sharp two horns grew even further. Blood seemed to flow into her red eyes. She moved from her seat and stood in front of me.

I shrugged and remained sitting down. In an auction, the basic strategy was to determine the limits of the enemy and try to bid higher.

"Are you trying to push ahead without having enough points?"

"Rude bastard. Who do you think I am? I'm not someone you can face."

She was Grand Duke Ariel.

Despite her character, she had the nobility and elegance of a Grand Duke. I had to admit it. Upa was sneaky, Pandemonium liked criticizing and I never knew what Okullos was thinking.

It wasn't a normal personality. But I was immune to her anger.

"That...the auction is now in progress. Please refrain from any actions detrimental to the auction."

Dubolong who was watching said.

The Demon World Auction wasn't a place to make trouble. Demons competed with each other through points.

Of course, it was possible to restrict their entry if there was any confusion.

Ariel knew this. It had been 2 years. There would be numerous opportunities in the future. She wasn't stupid so she realized this.

"I admit that your ability is extraordinary."

I disregarded her angry expression and complimented her.

Ariel slowly said.

"So Randalph Brigsiel. Come to my faction."

A sudden suggestion. In front of all the demons watching.

I was at a loss for a moment due to her boldness.

After a few moments.

I shook my head.

I had already rejected her once. Of course, her proposal was following a test but I rejected her anyway. Even so, she once again made the same offer.

The location was also a problem. An auction was currently taking place. All the Grand Dukes and demons were watching us now.

I opened my eyes and gazed at Ariel.



Ariel was resourceful. A demon who thought first before acting. But she chose this timing to make the offer. If I nodded then she wouldn't receive any damages and if I refused, she would have some justifications.

Instinctive behaviour or a calculated ruse? Was she aiming for it or...

I just couldn't tell.

"I reject. My temperament isn't suited to being under someone else. Wouldn't I rather reign?"

Anyway, I still gave an answer. And I spoke my true purpose.

From the beginning, I was the enemy of all the demons gathered here. It was a subject that I didn't mind publicizing.

Grand Duke Ariel's expression changed.

"You reject me and even mentioned ruling...right in front of me, Ariel."

'Indeed, this rude guy,' she seemed to be saying as she stroked her smaller horn. Then her horns shortened to their original appearance.

"No one other than the Grand Dukes has ever reigned over the Demon World. I am also one of them. This hasn't changed for a very long time. Do you know what you are saying?"

"There is only one rule in the Demon World. The strong will eat the weak!"

I openly denied Ariel. I laughed.

This had nothing to do with rank.

The strong monopolized everything. The strongest would rule the Demon World. That was the absolute law.

When I was in the Demon World, I was an upstart who challenged the Grand Dukes. They treated me like a brat and laughed while beating me up. A guy they had erased from their memories.

But I was no longer a brat.

The guy who didn't know his limits had disappeared.

Now I was strong.

Ariel's face became intrigued.

At the same time, she shook her head.

"...Can you take responsibility for that?"

She was asking if I qualified for the most basic but absolute law.

I rose.

I was staring straight into Ariel's red eyes.

"I'm not the one who should be saying that. Ariel Diablo."

I wasn't weak. A confidence that I could eat all these demons alone!

Ariel could slightly glimpse this.

"This isn't an easy choice."

Ariel turned and looked at the other three sitting.

And she made a charged declaration.

"Listen! Randalph Brigsiel didn't accept my offer and I, Grand Duke Ariel will never allow him to take the throne. This is my declaration of war! I will break him with my full power!"

An official declaration. Ariel was literally acting against me.

She approached me with the intention of blocking me. Ariel's voice carried slight traces of her Power of Words skill. However, she should be concerned about what would happen if she couldn't fully block me.

I didn't bother adding my own remarks.

Ariel said some final words.

"I hope you meet a miserable death alone. Randalph Brigsiel."

She finished and walked towards the door without any hesitation.

Dubolong who was watching exclaimed.

"Ariel-nim! The auction hasn't ended yet!"

"My excitement was broken."


The massive doors closed.

Ariel left the auction hall.

But Ariel's expression was rotten as she left the auction hall. Her face was like a little child that didn't get her hands on a toy.

The auction continued.

They were at a loss after Grand Duke Ariel disappeared but soon the demons took part normally in the auction. In the end, Grand Duke Ariel was the only one who left the auction.

But as a result, the atmosphere changed.

First, the attitude of the demons towards me changed. Grand Duke Ariel's remarks made me emerge as a stronger presence.

It was still lacking was just a matter of time.

Powerful creatures, two dungeons and the humans slowly growing. The demons didn't know all my hidden cards. If I was given a little bit more time then I would show them the power of an individual with no faction.

Now I had to be satisfied with a little awareness.

However, I would soon by standing side by side with the Grand Dukes for the throne. Furthermore, my true purpose was a complete victory over my competition.

My goal was to make them fear me and become impatient.

I had come close to that goal in 2 years.

From that point of view, Ariel's behaviour was the bigger income.

Now that their gazes had started to set on me...

I had fully become the protagonist.

After gaining a few more items, I very satisfactorily finished the 2nd auction.