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Chapter 61-63: 15 Day War

Chapter 61-63: 15 Day War

Rock Creek Park, Washington, United States.

A large number of creatures poured from the entrance of the dungeon that covered 3.65 square kilometres.

Hundreds of intermediate 2Lv spider like creatures called arachne and the advanced 3Lv arachne queen that governed them.

Their size was different from general spiders. One of them was two metres while the arachne queen was more than double the size.

The arachne moved on their 8 legs and started to surround the soldiers.

South Korea had an unprecedented strong monster wave so the United States had committed a massive force to surround the dungeon.

In other words, they were well prepared.

"Start the attack!"

The soldiers simultaneously attacked the arachne. Thousands of bullets bounced off the outer shells of the arachne.

Although they had faced general lower grade creatures, the arachne were intermediate grade. The solid outer shell easily stopped the bullets.


The ground shook as a claymore mine buried in the ground burst.

But unlike the bullets, it was effective.


A surprise blast. A few of the arachne lost their legs and torso. This was followed by snipers firing at the eyes of the arachne. On top of that, there was an outpouring of attacks from the tanks.

It became a scene of carnage. It was expected since they had inferior strength to the creatures.

The queen moved through the battlefield and woke up all their senses.

The queen soon scattered an intangible, odorless hormone around her. The arachne responded to their queen through their sense organs and soon moved to specific positions.

This allowed the giant spiders to march while avoiding the mines. They were followed by a pile of light, silver coloured thread.


"F-flesh! My flesh!"

The threads melted down anything that it touched.

The strong acids of the spider webs melted the human bodies and even the armoured tanks.

The arachne moved rapidly at 80 km/hr and rapidly covered the humans. The strong jaws then bit off the heads or limbs of the humans.

The legs were also a formidable weapon. The soft bodies of the humans were slashed by legs that were as sharp as a knife.

"Fire support request, Alpha Charlie 221 Bravo Delta 445. We are engaged with at least 200 creatures. Requesting close air support."

Soon after the radio request, several hundred jet flights flew over.

The time it took the jet fighters to reach the dungeon was 3 minutes.

Tung! Tung! Dududududu!

The fighters flew low and commenced machine gun fire. The bullets that could even pierce the thickest iron alloy directly hit the arachne.

Dozens of arachne responded quickly by aiming their web but it didn't reach.

The queen with eight legs looked at the sky filled with jet fighters with her eight eyes.

Kiik! Kiiik. A command was released with her hormones and the arachne legs started looking like a spring.

Then they jumped up in the blink of an eye. A formidable jumping power that allowed them to reach 100 times their body length!


The arachne sat on top of the fighters and teased it with their sharp, front legs. The lives of the pilots were instantly claimed the moment the window was gone.

* * *

London, United Kingdom.

It was late evening and people were sleeping.

No one noticed when the monster wave began.

Rattle. Rattle.

The advanced 3Lv creatures called 'Shadow Sinners' moved with the chains on the leg sweeping the ground.


Hundreds of creatures were moving in the moonlight.

* * *

Bern, Switzerland.

Hundreds of beasts were gathered in the centre of the city.

Pant pant pant pant...

With a wolf's legs and the body of a lion, the intermediate 3Lv creature Chimera!

Over 300 chimeras were located in the burning city.

The chimeras seemed to be having dinner by eating the corpses.

* * *

Greece, Athens, Copenhagen, Denmark, Peru, Lima, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ankara...

Monster waves started all over the world and it was called a disaster.

The creatures brutally trampled on the humans and their dignity.

The strength and damage of the monster wave varied from country to country.

The powerful army and firepower were helpless but the Awakened were on the rise.

Facing this disaster, the people prayed for Heroes. The Awakened started to move in accordance with that hope.

* * *

The 2nd monster wave in South Korea had been evaluated as the most powerful.

As a result, people often brought up the name Devil Hunters. In particular, there was a lot of interest in the mysterious leader.

This story wasn't just confined to South Korea. All the world leaders were watching South Korea. The Dungeon Master's appearance and unprecedented events afterwards meant it made the history books.

After multiple monster waves broke out, their interest changed to desperation as they asked Devil Hunters for support.

No, to be exact they asked for help from the leader of Devil Hunters.

He took down an advanced golem almost by himself...the army couldn't take care of advanced creatures so it was natural to ask him to handle it.

In addition, the Awakened were sensitive about who was strong and they all said 'the leader of Devil Hunters is a powerhouse.'

But...the guild master Kim Yong-woo who received the requests for support was forced to worry.

They would pay for the support of Devil Hunters so that wasn't Kim Yong-woo's problem.

The problem was the main character.

'There is no time to delay. The pressure coming from the government isn't a joke.'

These days, Kim Yong-woo's phone was disconnected.

If he didn't then his phone would receive millions of calls! There was no way he could answer all the calls.

But Kim Yong-woo was under intense stress because he couldn't accept the proposal of the important figures. He already had a few premature grey hairs.

His lips were bloody and his nails were chewed down.

'This decision is too big to make alone. What do we do if there is a number of advanced creatures?'

The problem was the advanced creatures.

The army could only respond to general and intermediate creatures. Of course, it was difficult when there were a high number of them but the attacks of the advanced creatures were greater in quality.

They were impossible to fight against without nuclear weapons. However, many dungeons were in the country's capital so it was ridiculous to drop a nuclear weapon on it.

But the Awakened also weren't prepared. Especially if they needed to face 200 advanced creatures.

There was a limit to the power of Heaven's Will. There was only a 50% chance of winning.

Naturally Kim Yong-woo had a deeply furrowed forehead.

Just as he was about to get on his feet.

Snap! The door opened and his dream appeared.

Kim Yong-woo felt like passing out as he saw the face.

He hesitated before lifting both hands.


I raised an eyebrow at Kim Yong-woo's reaction.

It felt like bugs were crawling over my body.

"Tell me where the support requests are coming from."

Kim Yong-woo's eyes started shining at my words.

His mind was going back and forth but he quickly understood me.

Anyway, he had no complaints since he had past experience with me. I wasn't someone who would waste time on words.

Kim Yong-woo instantly stood up.

"Hmm hmm. The United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland, requests have just come from these three places."

"The United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland..."

"Accepting the United States' request will give us the most benefits."

"I shall choose."

My tone was firm.

Kim Yong-woo closed his mouth.

'All three places have dukes stationed there.'

The United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland were places that contained the dungeons of dukes. It meant they were determined to produce monster waves.

2 years was enough to gain information about the human's firepower and build up sufficient creatures to win.

'Now isn't a situation where I can comfortably beat Ariel.'

The Duke that created the monster wave in the United States followed Grand Duke Ariel.

In my previous life, Ariel had sticky ties with the other demons. In addition, the demons that followed Ariel were extremely tenacious.

If I touched that monster wave then they might search until they discovered my identity.

If the dukes noticed then Grand Duke Ariel would definitely know. I needed to act in restraint. If I didn't then the past might repeat.

It wouldn't be good.

I decided to leave Grand Duke Ariel and her associated demons alone.

'Duke Suguph is stationed in the United Kingdom. Duke Suguph. A demon belonging to Grand Duke Upa's faction.'

Grand Duke Upa.

In many ways, I had a twisted fate with that demon.

I was puzzled for a moment.

'Weren't Upa and his demons forbidden from attending the Demon World Auction? Then there is no need to cause a monster wave at this time.'

I worried about it for a moment before an answer popped up.

'He must have put everything on Pakan Griolli. Upa made a promise.'

I could understand the series of events after Pakan Griolli left the Demon World Auction. Duke Pakan wouldn't have confronted me of his own accord. Pakan Griolli blocked me according to a command.

But Upa didn't have any compassion for his followers.

I opened my mouth after clearing up my thoughts.

"Devil Hunters will go to the United Kingdom. So prepare it right now."

Grand Duke Upa and the followers in his faction like Pakan Griolli. I would tear out Upa's wings.

I would cut away his remaining wings.

If I made a mess of the flagship dungeons then it would take a considerable time for them to recover. And those with damage was bound to lag behind for a while.

At the same time, I was intensely curious.

Could Upa fly around with only one wing?

* * *

The Devil Hunters rode on a private plane.

After accepting the United Kingdom's request, a plane was immediately prepared for us.

It was urgent so they prepared the plane in advance despite not knowing if we would accept the request.

It took exactly 8 hours and 30 minutes to reach London's Heathrow Airport. We arrived 4 hours quicker than the usual flying time.

The dungeon was about 20 km away.

After arriving at Heathrow Airport, Devil Hunters emerged from the plane wearing black skull masks.

"Welcome. South Korea's Heroes."

The British ambassador greeted them after they left the plane.

I got to the point instead of shaking hands.

"Where are the creatures that we need to handle?"

* * *

The cries of pain and despair spread throughout the city.

People had gone insane from the shades and held knives, causing the terrible tragedy of them killing each other.


"Die! Drop dead!"

The adults and children were going crazy.

One child stabbed an old man in the leg while an adult male bashed a child's head in with a pipe. A woman was breaking a man's neck.

A massacre.

Was this hell?

The shades were parasitic shadow creatures that gnawed away at the human spirit. It was an intermediate creature and could be called the natural enemy of humans.

"W-why? Why is everybody suddenly acting like this?"

But not everyone was controlled by the shades. The Awakened with a strong mentality or a certain level of intelligence could oppose it.

Then the shadow sinners ventured out.

The sound of iron could be heard in the distance. The shadow sinners were evolved forms of the shades.

But the shadow sinners could deal a strong physical blow to the ones who shook off the mind control.

The iron sphere they swung would destroy everything they touched. A greatly confused man was looking around the streets.

The shadow sinners could aim accurately despite being hundreds of metres away.

The iron spheres connected to iron chains were thrown...and kung! The man was crushed into an unrecognizable shape.

Kwang! Kwa kwang!

This seemed to be the starting point as dozens of jet fighters appeared in the sky with missiles. However, the shadow sinners technically only had half a body. Attacks without magic power wouldn't work.


The shadow sinners had another big feature. They could see what would happen in the next 1 second with a very high probability.

They abused this move to swing their iron spheres at the jet fighters. The advanced shadow sinners weren't threatened at all by the fighter jets. Their perception was far from common.

"These monsters!"

It was the last flurry of the fighter pilots.

The fight looked violent at first glance.

The shadow sinners could see for 1 second with high probability but there was no guarantee the iron spheres would hit. And the distance of the iron chains was only 500 metres. The shadow sinners couldn't respond easily to attacks outside that range.

A few fighter pilots determined the distance. But it was difficult to escape outside the range.

The shadow sinners and shades were the best combination to deal with the firepower of humans.

The shades would affect the pilots trying to escape the range of the shadow sinners. After their madness mind control was used, the infected pilots started to attack their allies.

It quickly turned into an air battle.

The flow couldn't be reversed once it changed.

The chaotic pilots flying in the sky were smashed by the iron spheres.

Their numbers declined sharply over time. In the end, the fighter pilots just became food. The ground troops were committed but were caught by the shades.

"Ah...god willing!"

Those who had their spirit broken fell to their knees and prayed for God.

They closed their eyes and hoped it was a dream.

However, it didn't take them long to realize that the creatures were the reality. 'Intense pain' was used to bring the humans back to reality.

Everyone cried out as they were forced back to reality.

Then a group wearing black skull masks appeared.

A place blooming with madness, anger and despair.

I admired the sight.

Duke Suguph from Upa's faction knew the exact weaknesses of humans.

He had the idea to use the shades.

The shades were definitely efficient among normal humans. Intermediate creatures were expensive to breed but Suguph considered it a luxury purchase.

'Shadow sinners...'

The advanced creatures were even sent out to handle the Awakened.

Expensive advanced 3Lv creatures that cost 150,000 pt.

I could tell by this configuration that he used more than 500,000 points for the monster wave.

He purchased it while thinking of gaining points from the Awakened in the long term. This type of firepower against normal humans could also be a type of investment.

The shades and shadow sinners could be used to pull points from this place for a few more years.

But if Suguph's plan collapsed in the beginning then the damage would be enormous. In that sense, Suguph had no luck.

"The shades are parasitic shadows. They will cause confusion to people with less than 30 intelligence. People with less than that should maintain a distance."

"What about the ones throwing iron spheres?"

I shook my head.

"I will take care of them."

"Will you be okay?"

The two types of creatures seemed powerful.

The higher ranked creatures would be unpredictable.

"Shouldn't we trust in Captain-nim? Ahyu! This is why you are new hires."

Yoo Eun-hye clicked her tongue.

After the current flowing in her body disappeared, Yoo Eun-hye displayed a more straightforward personality.

I looked at the area that was like hell.

"Stop them before there is more damage. Get moving!"

* * *

The 10 year old Edward was lying underneath a pile of ruins.

His parents started showing delirium symptoms out of the blue. He had grabbed his newborn baby brother and locked them in a room when the building had collapsed.

The dust settled. But he woke up with intense pain.

"Rooney? Rooney, where are you?"

He called out for his brother Rooney but couldn't even hear a whine. Edward's lips were cracked as he tried to move his body.

However, he couldn't move. His legs. They didn't hurt. He was still terrified. A crushing fear. Edward moved his head and tried to find the whereabouts of his brother Rooney.

"Please. Rooney...are you hiding because you are afraid of mother and father? They are originally good people. It is just difficult because they have to work hard. So please..."

Edward had raised Rooney.

His parents were always busy so Edward gave him formula, changed the diapers and comforted him when he cried.

In addition, there were times when Edward stayed home alone with Rooney. Someone else might feel annoyed at taking care of a child but Edward didn't. Rooney felt like a reward.

Then he discovered small hands among a pile of shattered buildings.


But he couldn't move his body. Edward didn't lose hope and opened his mouth.

"Wait a bit. People will be coming to rescue us."

Edward hurriedly turned his head. He could see people fighting each other. Monsters wielding iron spheres. Buildings were crumbling and there were corpses everywhere.

Edward was young so he still didn't have a firm concept of death. He thought they were just ill and lying down.

'Everybody isn't sane.'

But he could tell that people were in an abnormal state.

A uniformed soldier entered the vicinity. Edward waved and started shouting.

"Hey! Help us!"

But the soldier's eyes were out of focus. He looked at Edward and aimed his gun.


"W-what are you doing? Help us. Please get Rooney first. Please. He is still young so he can't escape."

The soldier laughed and didn't remove his gun from Edward. But while he tried to pull the trigger.


Something flew towards the soldier's body from a distance. There was a tight compression and blood scattered everywhere.

Edward's eyes widened.

The monsters wielding iron spheres. A monster had come flying from the sky.

Just as the monster was trying to get up from the ground.

"Tough bastard."

A black skull masked man suddenly appeared like he had teleported. The man held a strange looking sword.


Then the monster and iron sphere split in half. The monster screamed loudly as it was split apart.

After 10 seconds, the monster disappeared without a trace.

Edward stared blankly at the scene before shouting.

"Ah! Ajusshi, please help me. No, please help my brother. His name is Rooney. He is young and can't escape."

The man stared at Edward and said.

"Don't you feel the pain?"

"Huh? Ahh. A doctor told me that I don't feel any pain. But that isn't important right now. My brother Rooney..."

"Your brother is dead."


Edward knew the meaning of the word death. However, he didn't have a distinct impression of death.

The man understood and brutally explained it to him.

"It means he won't be able to move. Forever."

I had handled 2 shadow sinners in approximately 30 minutes.

Of course, if I used my power then 10 minutes would be enough. My total stats added up to 410. The shadow sinners only had 340 stats and wouldn't even be able to catch my ankle. However, I was pretending to be an Awakened so there were some constraints.

I handled two shadow sinners and saw the young boy.

His lower half was completely crushed by the building. At first, I thought he was numb but the child's face showed no signs of pain. I was curious and opened Mind's Eye.

Name: Edward Windsor

Occupation Warrior (Hero) Title None


Strength 14 Intelligence 34

Agility 15 Stamina 17

Magic Power 32

Potential: (112/441)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: No Pain (Ex R)

Great potential.

It was about 20 points higher than Yoo Eun-hye and was one of the highest I had seen among the humans.

But I was more surprised by the child's name.

'Edward Windsor? One of the 10 Heroes, Edward Windsor?'

Edward Windsor. Duke Slayer!

He was the direct cause of brutally killing 10 of Grand Duke Pandemonium's dukes. Even though his raid groups were wiped out, he managed to survive and obtain 10 Dungeon Cores.

But I never heard that he was a paraplegic.

Maybe he overcame it with a skill...right now he still had the face of a naive boy.

Meeting in this way. Coincidence or destiny?

Edward asked me.

"S-such a thing? Rooney was just born..."

I was worried for a brief moment.

It looked like he prized his brother very much.

I could use Chrisley's undead resurrection and a doppelganger skill to deceive him. This would allow me to fully use one of the mighty 10 Heroes.

However, the aftermath would be terrible if he discovered the truth.

Edward Windsor. A talent that couldn't be missed.

I decided to tweak the direction a little bit.

"Death can come to anyone regardless of age. However, your brother is dead because of the creatures. Those guys making people go crazy are the ones who killed your brother."


Tears gathered in Edward's eyes.

"So now Rooney won't move?"





Edward screamed as tears fell down his cheeks.

Just then, rain fell from the sky like a fairy tale. The dark clouds seemed to represent Edward's feelings.

He was crying alone. And as Edward's cries died down, I opened my mouth.

"Do you want revenge? Fight against the monsters that killed your brother and parents. If so, nod your head. I will give you power."


"A power that can kill the monsters. Power for revenge! Do you want it?"

"M-monsters...I want to kill."

Edward nodded.

Then he slumped down. He was stunned.

I looked at him and laughed.

"Welcome to the Devil Hunters. Edward Windsor."

There really was a chain of fate.

Edward didn't know.

The monsters that killed his brother and family.

I stood in the midst of those monsters.

And I was the exceptional one!

* * *

Edward's lower half was completely crushed. It wasn't at a level that modern medicine could control. A common potion also wouldn't work.

My team was puzzled as I brought Edward.

"A new member."

I said curtly. They knew not to question me. I ignored them and brought Edward to the plane. The British ambassador expressed his thanks again but I ignored it.

In the end, we blocked the monster wave in the United Kingdom. Now was the next turn. My plan was to interfere with the demons getting points as much as possible.

Edward didn't wake up.

He was a young child suffering from a strong shock.

Thanks to his 34 intelligence, he was immune from the shade's mind control.

Yoo Eun-hye and Lee Ji-hye felt pity and started nursing Edward. They wiped his sweat when Edward was screaming from a nightmare and changed his underwear when he peed.

Edward was unconscious for 3 days before waking up.

"W-where? Where is my brother Rooney?"

Edward immediately asked for his brother after waking up.

The members were all wearing magic tools for translation. The items that emerged the most from the dungeon were those enchanted with translations.

Yoo Eun-hye could understand Edward's words through her left earring. Yoo Eun-hye's words were automatically translated as they reached Edward's ears.

"Hi, Edward? Your name is Edward right? Nice to meet you. I am Yoo Eun-hye."

"Where are my parents? Who are you...?"

Edward looked around.

It was an unfamiliar place. He also felt a bit dizzy.

Yoo Eun-hye and Edward weren't the only ones in this place. Other people he wasn't familiar with could be seen as he turned his head.

Yoo Eun-hye gave a benign smile.

"We are the Devil Hunters raid group. Our leader rescued you. Don't you remember?"

Edward trembled.

At the same time, he grabbed his head like he had a headache.

"Ah...! T-then it wasn't a dream?"

"Yes. I would also like to think it is a dream. You have gone through a lot. Still, it is over."

"I didn't think so. This is reality..."

Edward tried to turn his body.

But he made a puzzled expression as he realized his lower body wasn't moving.

"First, it is urgent to treat you with a potion. I wanted to send you to a big hospital with modern medicine but Captain-nim had the opposite opinion...ah, don't worry. Everything depends on the will of the individual. You can become better if you work for it! There will be a doctor with us and just tell me if there are any difficulties. Huu!"

Yoo Eun-hye sighed with pity.

She had gone through something similar so she could sympathize.

Edward woke up after 3 days and during that time, Devil Hunters had taken care of the monster wave in Sweden.

Necessary items and a personal physician were available for him. The doctor shook his head while watching Edward's state. There was a lack of facilities but he took care of anything urgent with the first aid kit.


The door opened and a new figure appeared.

Edward's eyes widened.

It was the man who grabbed his hand as Edward was falling down a cliff and asked 'do you want to live?' It was like the devil was offering him power.

Now it really couldn't be called a dream.

That man wouldn't be in Edward's dream.

This was reality. The ghastly reality!

Yoo Eun-hye got up.

"Captain-nim! Don't leave a patient on the plane. He is a 10 year old child. The urgent crisis was passed over with the potion but...Psychological help..."

"You woke up."

The man said.

Edward looked at the man.

An overwhelming presence. It was a first. A strangely unreal atmosphere was around the man. Questions about why he was here swirled in his head.

He inwardly panicked. No pain. Edward couldn't feel anything so his mind was in overdrive. Edward's instincts could determine what type of man this was.

But he never felt like this before.

The other day he was in a very confused state.

Edward's face spasmed as he tried to talk.

"Who is ajusshi?"

"The one who will give you strength."

The man said without hesitation. He spoke like it was the obvious truth.

Edward remembered that day.

"Monsters...the strength to kill them?"

"If you don't want it then tell me. Commit suicide right now."


Yoo Eun-hye was aghast.

Edward was baffled. He was 10 years old. But even peer pressure had a limit. It was too soon to work through everything.

And the man spoke like he didn't care.

"I'll show you. The power you can have."

* * *

Athens, Greece.

A dungeon ruled by an earl. The population was only 10 million but the earl belonged to a Grand Duke's faction.

I wanted to cut off Upa's hands and feet. I didn't care about the earl.

I moved without hesitation once the request from Greece was received.

In Athens, a monster wave consisting of gargoyles, harpies and sleep moths was in full swing.

Due to their limitations, Greece didn't have superior military power. There was a large number of lower creatures so the situation could be difficult to handle.

"Taking care of the gargoyles is simple. Cut their throats. They won't recover and will instantly turn to stone. The harpies have a weak point at the joints connecting their shoulders. Keep this in mind and it will be helpful while fighting. The sleep moths aren't aggressive and will hardly ever attack first."

There was a briefing during the flight. But I explained it once again.

Edward was watching me from a wheelchair. Lee Ji-hye pushed the wheelchair.

Yoo Eun-hye needed to raise her stats and gain some experience.

I looked at the faces of the team members and said.

"Sweep them all up."


The crew cried out simultaneously.

They started to move in predetermined teams of two.

I worked alone. Even if someone followed me, I still had the habit of working alone.

Rather, Krasla had such a role. Krasla was fulfilling that role for Yoo Eun-hye. Krasla could properly support Yoo Eun-hye while she was growing.

I took out Wrath.

Then I walked slowly towards the approaching creatures.

Edward was watching from behind with confusion.

The man's movements.

As the battle went on, the bodies of the creatures were scattered around him.

Sometimes a wonderful image could be seen.

The man swept up hundreds of creatures in 10 minutes.

Edward only stared at the man.

'Can I get that strength?'

Edward couldn't believe that a man could move like that. It was happening right in front of his eyes but he couldn't believe it.

The Awakened.

People who had recently emerged.

Their numbers grew steadily and news was always heard about them. Due to the influence of his parents, Edward used to watch the news every evening.

People gained power all of a sudden so wouldn't that cause plenty of violent crimes?

Dozens of actions against the police or robbing a the United States, there was the impression that the Awakened weren't helpful.

Plenty of Awakened were shot or arrested.

Humans were social animals and it was no different for the Awakened. Those with power were forced to live with ordinary humans so there were bound to be 'limitations.'

In fact, Edward had seen some Awakened. They were quite strong. Bending steel or running 100 metres in a few seconds.

But they were nothing in front of this man's overwhelming strength. He was unmatched among those gathered here. An existence that could stand alone. The man didn't seem to have any limitations.

'No. My legs are broken. I can't move like that.'

Edward felt his chest become tight. He was still unsure about the man's question.

Certainly, the man's movements were amazing. However, he was skeptical about whether he could obtain that power. Edward was surprisingly cool-headed in this regard.

This was reality. Edward had seen unrealistic elements like the creatures but he failed to realize he could break his limits.


The man silently headed to Edward.

Edward didn't say a word.

He headed to 5 more countries with Edward. He always watched that man fighting while in a wheelchair. It was like eyes were painted in the back of the head.

The enemies who killed his brother. The ones who caused the changes to his parents.

He had a fierce hatred for the creatures. He felt miserable as he could only watch.

The man didn't say anything to Edward.

He just demonstrated.

But Edward's walls were gradually collapsing.

The man was an immovable force. It might be unrealistic but it felt like he could make the impossible happen. He wanted to get power like that.

After Europe, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, Edward finally said.

"Captain-nim. Give me strength. The strength to defeat the monsters."

Rather than the man imposing his choice on him, Edward decided to move himself.

Finally, the walls had cracked.

The war stopped after 15 days,

* * *

The method to become stronger was simple.

They had to want to become stronger.

But this required a strong impetus.

The driving force behind Edward was anger. The problem was the courage to break the wall itself. He had to be willing to move his limits.

Now he had nodded his head. A good spirit filled with enthusiasm.

I left Edward. He craved strength and would work hard. Even if he was a child, Edward Windsor was still one of the future 10 Heroes. I was sure he wouldn't disappoint me.

Edward Windsor was longing for power.

At the same thing, I felt a strange feeling.

Unfortunately, Yoo Eun-hye wasn't one of the 10 Heroes. She had a similar strength but that was all. In contrast, Edward Windsor was a name that everyone acknowledged.

Such an Awakened had entered a demon's hands.

This feeling was close to bliss.

The feeling of getting my hand on an expensive toy. I would assemble the toy to fit my taste buds.

The legs wouldn't be a problem. An elixir was enough to fix it.

One of the 10 Heroes in the future...

Would he be finished under my hands?

I was really looking forward to it.

-After 30 minutes, you will be transferred to the Demon World Auction.

You can be accompanied by one creature.

And the Demon World Auction as well.

It was just like my expectations.

I smirked as I looked at the message floating in the air of the dungeon's top floor.