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Chapter 57-60: Breeding Species

Chapter 57-60: Breeding Species

South Korea, Japan and the world were surprised.

There was no precedent for creatures emerging from a dungeon only to move to another dungeon. The lich in the army of creatures was enough to cause astronomical damage.

In addition. Resistance was impossible.

The one who referred to themselves as a Dungeon Master was a beautiful woman with long ears! Her emergence was the most crucial thing.

The ones who dwelled on the top floor of the dungeon. A god, ruler of another world or even an alien. There was various types of theories.. If humans reached beyond their limit and arrived on the top floor then they could find the 'truth.'

But then something unpredictable happened.

Everyone was focused on the message left by the Dungeon Master.

'Climb up to the top floor. Then I will tell you the truth of the world.'

The world's scholars analyzed and studied the 'truth of the world' but it was ambiguous.

After two days, an amazing sight was seen between South Korea and Japan.

A surge of magic power. And a barrier of light.

In particular, South Korea and Japan were in an uproar.

"A sign that the world is ending."

"I will follow her!"

People predicted the end of the world.

Even ordinary people could feel the intense surge of magic power as their hearts beat wildly. The Awakened familiar with magic power couldn't sleep for three days and nights.

Everybody wondered what happened between the two dungeons but the truth wasn't revealed to humans.

And various groups started to worship the Dungeon Master as 'God.' People who felt fear instinctively started to follow the strongest.

Meanwhile, Japan asked South Korea to take responsibility.

It was a funny story but the creatures from South Korea travelled to Japan. They wanted South Korea to reimburse them for the astronomical damage but South Korea was still recovering.

In the end, Japan is anxious to turn public opinion and started to blame South Korea. This caused the relations between the two countries to worsen.

A few months passed but public opinion was still gloomy. Thousands of people crossed the river of no return overnight (suicide). The rate of domestic crime plummeted sharply.

Something was needed to break through the atmosphere. South Korea's leaders selected the Awakened.

* * *

"Orcs are swarming 150 metres to the left!"

"Guarders forward! Damage dealers circle closely while ranged users ready your skills!"

"Don't just believe in the healers! They have to prioritize their own safety! Don't let our ranks be disturbed!"

South Korea Dungeon's 4th floor.

The Awakened holding weapons were greeted by a swarm of orcs.

Originally capturing the 4th floor was a long time away but the country's mood meant the Awakened's rapid growth was inevitable.

The Awakened felt overwhelming fear at the army of creatures but something grew in their bodies at the same time.

The 'Heroes' were growing.

This was attributed to the hope that they would someday reach the Dungeon Master.

All 5 guilds organized a raid force. There were exactly 120 of them! Each guild sent 24 and they managed to reach the 4th floor. But in the process of reaching the 4th floor, 20 of them died.

However, the 4th floor had too many orcs. Orcs were the only things that could be seen.

In the meantime, the Awakened had grown and the elite members could take on the orcs 1:1.

100 elite Awakened had gathered here. A handful of orcs weren't a problem. As many as 20~100 orcs would appear. There was so many of them that is was frustrating.

"That is the way to the 5th floor! We just need to pass this crisis but then we will be stepping foot in the unknown!"


Their abilities rose against the orcs. This was much faster growth than the lower floors. The added ability and experienced meant they could grow rapidly on the 5th floor.


Roughly 80 orcs appeared. The Awakened were prepared.

* * *

"Unni. I don't have a good feeling."

"It is okay. Haven't we broken through up to here?"

"If only Captain-nim was here. Where on earth did he go?"

On the stairs to the 5th floor.

Yoo Eun-hye gently nodded at Lee Ji-hye's grumbling. The females of Devil Hunters were also included in this raid.

"Unni. Our Captain-nim. After the 2nd monster wave stopped...where did he go?"

The Dungeon Master admitted that their Captain was the 'strongest among the Awakened' on that day. He then disappeared like he evaporated. He hadn't been seen since the mess in South Korea.

Lee Ji-hye shrugged.

"Let's see? He is like Hong Gil-dong. He will suddenly show up one day."

"Even so, he abandons us until that time. I'm very upset."

Yoo Eun-hye and Lee Ji-hye weren't included in the monster wave attack. They were indignant but absolutely obeyed their captain.

"Are we still not enough?"

"Heheng! Weren't we specifically chosen by the guild?"

Yoo Eun-hye's growth was dazzling. She experienced a change in her skill and trained even harder.

"Yes. You are excellent."

Lee Ji-hye laughed.

The Awakened finally set foot on the 5th floor.

Yoo Eun-hye shook her head.

"There is something different here."

"Hasn't the dungeon changed? This is the form of a somber cave."

The captain of the Mithril Guild raised his hand.

"There is a lot of mud in front. Be careful when moving..."


It was at that moment.

The muddy area started to join together? The mud united into the form of a mud golem.

Those watching the scene were at a loss for words.



Other mud golems emerged.

The Awakened were urgent as they noticed the puppet dolls next to them.

"Prepare to fight! Keep your ranks!"

In the end, the 100 Awakened decided to retreat.

There wasn't that many of them but the orcs were no comparison. Of course, there was a chance they could break through the mud golems and puppet dolls. But then the harpies appeared in their air.

It was an irreversible situation so they made a judgement.

They decided to retreat.

Their numbers were reduced by half by the time they came out of the dungeon.

However, they obtained good quality magic items on the 3rd and 4th floor. The 5th floor was a 'place of frustration' but the embers of hope weren't extinguished.

If they knew a little bit more about the creatures on the 5th floor then they could come up with a strategy to penetrate through.

The eyes of the Awakened became more intense due to the death of their colleagues.

* * *

Sha- Sha-!

I grabbed the neck of the young creature.

With the lower half of a snake and the upper half similar to humans, this species was incredibly poisonous and dangerous to touch.

But that didn't apply to me.


The 3 month old young were playing around me. Those that were still young tried to attack me with their long tongues.

There were many young creatures that showed a similar rate of growth.

"Nothing strange has been seen yet."

I touched my jaw.

I wanted to find a decent breeding species for the South Korean dungeon. I used 7,500 points on the young creatures but none of them showed a noticeable growth.

A large majority of the pyrock larvae died before they became adults. And it was the same for the other young.

I had purchased 10 young creatures to figure out the effects of the wavelength of magic power. 20 adults were also purchased...but I couldn't help having high hopes for the newly born creatures.

I let go of the neck of the young creature and moved to the next floor.

I was currently on the 12th floor.

The 13th floor was selected to breed the werewolf species.

The giant wolves were 2 metres in size with purple fur.

They were capable of bipedal movement and had the mane of a lion. They were 3Lv intermediate like the dark elves but their aggressive tendencies made them very strong.


I scratched the ears of the werewolves. This was the first time I was visiting the nest of the young werewolves just born.

Werewolves were famous for their strong maternal love. But she just sat there and restlessly watched me.

"Well...I don't know yet."

There were three pups.

There didn't seem to be any mutations. Their growth rate was similar to that of a general werewolf. It wasn't at a level that would catch his eye.

I moved to the next place.

14th floor.

This floor was for the lizardmen and trolls. The two species had a bad relationship and tended to get into fights. I deliberately placed those two species on the same floor in the hope that a stronger species would be born due to the struggle.

Yet the reproduction rate of the two species were very small. I didn't have an infinite amount of points so I limited it to 30 of each species.

'The competition means that the breeding rate increased by 1.5 times. The problem is that many of them die.'

Unique bodies also couldn't be found.

Was it too short a time?

I checked on a daily basis but couldn't distinguish any differences that would be caused by the wavelength of the dungeon's magic power.

Maybe the werewolf, lizardmen, and trolls didn't match the magic power.

I moved to the 15th floor where the dark elves lived.

The Seed of the World Tree had been planted and a forest grew overnight.

I opened up a little bit of my magic power.

"It is great to see Dungeon Master!"

The chief of the dark elves, Julliom came to greet me. After that, some of the other dark elves came.

"Where are the rest?"

Their numbers seemed very low.

Julliom answered my question.

"They are moving timber to the 7th floor to be used for the houses of the dwarves. The rest are making sure the Seed of the World Tree sprouts properly."

"It won't be easy. It is the Seed of the World Tree but most of the world trees have died."

In my previous life, there was only one demon who succeeded in obtaining a world tree.

Grand Duke Okullos.

His dungeon was impregnable due to the world tree. The growth rate of the creatures rose and earth elementals were naturally produced. In addition, the leaves of the world tree increased the healing rate. The roots were excellent materials that could be used to make unique rated products.

In addition, the world tree led to a rise in mutations and allowed more unique creatures to form. It was a blessed fortress.

Anyway, Okullos managed to obtain the world tree. After that, he received many challenges but all of them failed.

I didn't know how he did it.

'My luck has to be good.'

Having great expectations would lead to disappointment.

I was interested in the world tree from the beginning.

"We will spare no effort to make the world tree bud."

Julliom spoke in a serious tone.

The dark elves were ultimately elves.

They would feel great pride if they managed to make the world tree grow.

Two world trees existed in the Demon World. Powerful dark elves were allowed to live there but they were denied permission to go near those places.

That's why Chrisley was so important to them.

Either way...they would receive direct benefits if there was a world tree on the 15th floor.

I could understand their desire. I didn't need to pour cold water on them. Striving so hard to chase something deserved praise. It meant they would be productive.

I scratched my chin and said.

"Do you have any news to convey to me?"


"I heard that two babies were born not long ago."

Two days ago, Chrisley had told me very excitedly that two children were born. I wondered if they might be affected by the wavelength of magic power. The dark elves couldn't avoid it.

Julliom clapped his hands.

"Ahh! You mean the twins. I was thinking about having Dungeon Master see them after the ceremony. You are just in time to see them."

The dark elves had a special ceremony for the naming.

Julliom had a very thrilled expression on his face.

He interpreted it as the Dungeon Master showing interest. I had no intention of releasing that misconception so I just nodded.

"I will see them."

"I will bring you to them.

Julliom talked to some dark elves near him. They couldn't ignore the procession of the Dungeon Master.

This was an unusual luxury so they didn't feel bad.

I moved slowly through the forest with Julliom.

'This forest was made with the Seed of the World Tree. There is definitely a concentration of magic power.'

It wasn't the magic power of the world tree but it was enough to help the dark elves. Maybe it would appear in the future. The dark elves weren't greedy and even the emergence of the timber satisfied them.

After 10 minutes, I walked to a small house made of woven vegetation. This was the newly created residence of the dark elves.

It was immediately built after I allowed them to tear down the shit shaped structure that Yihi made.

"This is the place. Dungeon Master."

In the middle of the settlement. Unlike the other residences, it was a huge house.

"This house is made with the best quality wood and a full weave. The dark elves will stay at home for 3 days after their children are born. They need to eat leaves and dew for the ritual blessing."

Julliom gave a separate explanation.

The house seemed to be a substitute for the World Tree. If they succeeding in germinating the seed then the ceremonies would take place under the World Tree.

"The house looks quite good."

"If Dungeon Master wants then I will build you a large house on the top floor."

"It is an interesting suggestion but Yihi won't stay quiet."

"...The fairy will definitely complain."

Yihi was the owner of a strange taste. She created structures with an incomprehensible design. If a conventional wooden house was raised on the top floor then only complaints would come from her mouth.

"Dungeon Master has come."

"Dungeon Master has come."

I passed a bunch of dark elves who respectfully bowed their heads.

I ignored them and entered the house where the ceremony was being held. It looked like a 2 storey building from the outside but it was just one floor with a high roof.

Two children were wrapped in large leaves.

"These are the twins who were just born. The one on the left is a girl while the other one is a boy."

There were adult dark elves in the house. Not just anyone could enter before the ceremony finished.

I came closer to the children.



There was no animosity from their magic power as the children looked at me.

I used Mind's Eye on the two children.

Name: None

Occupation None Title None


Strength 1 Intelligence 4

Agility 1 Stamina 2

Magic Power 13

Potential: (21/384)

Uniqueness: 51 hours has passed since being born.

Skill: None


I was surprised at the status window.

The children had identical status windows like a printed book. But I was surprised at their potential.

They were dark elves. It was low compared to Krasla and Chrisley but the quality was enough to give them the value of an advanced 5Lv creature.

Of course, this was just potential. Still, the important part was clear.

'South Korea's dungeon is appropriate for breeding dark elves?'

I couldn't confirm it yet. There were only two. A little more experimenting was required.

And maybe this was just a trait of this dark elf tribe. I couldn't rule out the possibility of the dark elves had slight traces of the true demonic dragon's blood in them. The result was an outstanding genius like Chrisley.

'It might just be because of good blood.'

Sometimes that could happen. The blood might decline but the genetic materials would still be passed down, sometimes surpassing the limits of the species.

I couldn't rule out the possibility that this was one such incident.

"That...Dungeon Master."

Julliom spoke carefully.

I turned and looked at Julliom.

"Go ahead."

"Would you give names to the children?"


I asked with wonder. It was the first time someone had asked me to name something.

Julliom replied seriously.

"That's correct. It would be a huge blessing if Dungeon Master names the two children."

"How blatant."

I started laughing.

Julliom's intentions were easy to read.

He wanted me to accept Chrisley more fully in my heart. Julliom's face was flushed and very easy to read.

I didn't not like this.

If Julliom didn't take advantage of an opportunity like this then I would consider him incompetent. I knew one or two ways to solve it.

This was still within my tolerance limit. And if there were results then I would give him a reward. There would be more guarantees at a later date.

Julliom sensed the subtle signs and urgently kneeled down with his forehead to the ground.

"D-don't misunderstand, Dungeon Master. The dark elves understand that we are your subjects. We are your faithful servants. Faithful slaves. This is just for the sake of Chrisley's peace and happiness. And since this is the first time children are born since we've been here, our tribe would be honoured if you name them. We don't expect more than that."

I thought that attitude was dramatic. It was like they had been waiting for a chance to receive names. It must be some sort of habit. It wasn't like I intended but...

I opened my mouth.



Julliom immediately got up.

I told him.

"The boy will be Roy. The girl Rose."

Julliom swallowed his saliva and asked.

"May I ask what that means?"

I was silent for a moment.

What was with this neurosis like reaction? Julliom's nervousness over the names was irritating. He seemed to think he would be punished like a dog again.

"Brave and good."

"Thank you. In the future, the children's name will be Roy and Rose."

The meaning of the names didn't matter.

I smiled while looking at the children. Due to nature of the dungeon, they would grow quickly and become full-fledged dark elves in a few years.

If their potential filled up then it was like getting hundreds of thousands of points for free. They would fight for me in the future. I touched the cheeks of the two children before turning away.

"Dungeon Master. There will be a celebration to commemorate today. It would be an honour if you participate."

"I'm busy."

Julliom thought it was regretful but didn't mention it again. He knew that I hated things being repeated.

'Now I should look at the dwarves.'

I left the house and headed to the 7th floor.

Unfortunately, there weren't that many dwarves. They were busy building houses for when the Awakened would visit in the future.

A workshop was also built. I could see separate building tools. They would be tricking the human Awakened so planning would make things much easier in the future.

'Creatures giving quests to human Awakened.'

Each Awakened could be given regular or randomly occurring quests that would give them skills, items, stats, etc.

They needed to pay attention to 'irregular' things. Arriving at a specific location or finding a specific animal.

I hoped that the Awakened would become curious about the quests. And if possible...I hoped to attract more Awakened to the dungeon at the same time.

The Awakened could receive the quests in a group. If they formally registered the quest then the rewards would be divided.

It was literally 'food' to move the Awakened.

It would be worth a try.

'The problem is still the breeding.'

Everything was going smoothly.

But there was one thing.

Breeding a species that matched the dungeon's magic power.

'Time is on my side.'

I couldn't be impatient. I could return at any time.

Right now, this was worrying me so I needed to see it through to the end.

I carefully started to search. I compared them to the creatures living in Japan's dungeon. It was a very time-consuming task but I put in effort and care.

I focused carefully.

And as a result, I managed to find one unique point in South Korea's dungeon.

'The creatures of the animal species are more active. The subtle potential is high. The speed of reproduction is also significant.'

In contrast to Japan's dungeon. I searched through hundreds of specimens.

'This explains the rampant meat bats on the 1st floor of the dungeon.'

I saw the abnormal proliferation of the meat bats and solved it with their enemy the ale snakes. But that reproduction speed alone didn't make it suited to the dungeon.

It was just one of many criteria. Now that I knew the wavelength fit animals, it was time to take the next step.

'Minotaur, mammoth, saber tiger, dark bear.'

I decided to add 4 different species to the dungeon for reproduction.

Each species had a distinct attribute.

The minotaur was an ox, the mammoth an elephant, saber tiger a tiger and dark bear a bear. And all of them were intermediate 3Lv creatures.

It was an enormous but necessary expenditure. Anyway, breeding the species would naturally reduce costs. This wasn't an investment loss.

The moment he added the four species to the dungeon.

-Great achievement!

15 species that can be 'properly reproduced with each other' have been released in the dungeon for the first time.

600,000pt will be paid.

'This achievement."

I looked at the floating message with curiosity.

A first achievement.

The reward was greater than those of typical achievements.

A huge 600,000 points. A significant portion of the points used to purchase the creatures was recovered.

'An accomplishment regarding the breeding species...'

I stroked my jaw.

This meant there were achievements related to breeding species.

Taking all the first achievements! I was hoping for that. If I found the right key then I could sweep all the achievements. I might be able to gain extra points as income.

'A challenge.'

Seeing something through to the end was my nature.

The same applied to this as well.

One side of my mouth raised as I started to worry about the achievements.

* * *

-A remarkable achievement!

The first 'hybrid' has been successfully created.

350,000pt will be paid.

The result was as expected.

Tak! I clapped.

I bred a werewolf and crazyhound and made a successful hybrid. This wasn't hard because they were both canines.

Of course, this was almost impossible without the absolute authority of the Dungeon Master. The werewolves were proud wolves. They would never consent to mating with the crazyhound that was on a lower level than them.

But if the mating succeeded then they would look after their offspring. I looked at the pup covered in blood.

It was literally a hybrid. The default name was 'little werewolf' and it looked like a werewolf but with shorter legs.

The potential was also lower.

But the important thing was the 'achievements.'

I gained significant revenue without spending a lot of points. In 2 months, I managed to collect 350,000 points.

Currently, I was earning 40,000 a month from the Japanese dungeon. The South Korean income of 110,000 was quite amazing.

'Gather it little by little while preparing for the Demon World Auction.'

It had been 9 months since the first Demon World Auction.

The Spirit World would have finished preparing the items for the next auction. It meant that Dubolong would soon be contacting me.

'And...there will be massive monster waves occurring worldwide before the Demon World Auction.'

It was the demons finishing their preparations.

They observed and learned that points was needed from the first auction. And the monster waves would be used to try and secure more points. The main purpose of the monster wave was to hunt the Awakened.

I also moved the creatures against the Awakened in South Korea and Japan and earned a great deal of points.

Close to 500,000 points...

Of those, I had 2.7 million points remaining. Originally I had 3.2 million but I used 300,000 on the dungeon in Japan and not long ago, I bought 40 dwarves for 200,000 points.

And even if I rested quietly for the next 3 months, I would still receive 450,000 points. If I gained a few more achievements then I could easily get 4 million points.

4 million points in 2 years! I could use those points to buy high class creatures.

My mouth twisted.

How much had the other demons collected?

'At best, it would be 800,000 points in 1 year.'

But not all the demons would have that many points. I could be sure of one thing.

There were many uses for points. Self-reinforcement, strengthening the dungeon, purchasing creatures and various experiments.

The demons wouldn't necessarily hand everything on the Demon World Auction. Especially since this was the 2nd year. But the basic preparation...4 million might be a little short.

Even if I caused a monster wave. I could incite and tear up hundreds of Awakened. I would gain approximately 150,000 points.

'Most of the achievements for the monster wave have been gobbled up.'

There were still more first achievements available when it came to breeding species.

It was obvious that there were more achievements.

I should have more than 4 million points by the time I travelled to the Demon World Auction.

* * *

After 1 more month, I was able to simultaneously gain two more achievements.

Multiple message windows appeared in the air.

-Incredible achievement!

The first one to succeed in raising 20 adult pyrocks. The probability of the pyrock larvae becoming adults has increased by 1%. They are creatures that can't be sold in stores because of their awful survival rate.

450,000pt will be paid.

-Great achievement!

The first achievement for releasing 5 'appropriate breeding species.'

300,000pt will be paid.

These achievements came from 20 pyrocks, fire slimes, lava spiders. fire lizards and lower creatures released in the lava zone.

This meant I reached 3.3 million points.

I was proceeding steadily.

The lava zone was a 'modified zone' but no more achievements appeared when I added several other species.

Either way, it was a very satisfying result. The moment that I was laughing with pleasure.

-Achievement Quest- Breeding Species

A quest available to a Dungeon Master who gained 1,000 related achievement points.

Find and breed creatures that match the wavelength of the dungeon's magic power.

The deadline is 45 days. The compensation will vary depending on the number of creatures and how well they match the wavelength of magic power.

My smile was erased in an instant.


'Achievement Quest?'

My head naturally tilted.

I had heard of 'Special Quests' but this was the first time I saw 'Achievement Quests.'

Special quests were quests that automatically renewed after a certain period of time. There were a wide range reserved for Awakened and demons or quests that were only for demons.

But I hadn't heard of the demons receiving other types of quests. No, I hadn't even thought about it.

'Is this related to accomplishing 4 breeding related achievements?'

It was definitely interesting. Besides, the quest content was related to the work I was going to do.

'Adol didn't receive this quest.'

The breeding species in Japan were the goblins.

But Adol never received the quest.

It meant the quest was impossible to get unless there were several achievements.

I could tell from the state of the dungeon.

I read the message floating in the air again before nodding.

'I should resolve this.'

Beast type creatures had been released in advance.

The three most active had expanded quickly.

The numbers varied but it was apparent there was a difference.

Those with a matching magic power wavelength didn't just breed quicker. Magic power was a source of power. If this source existed then something was bound to differ.

Originally animal type creatures didn't adapt easily. They would only adapt after some time. But a dungeon with matching magic power was like a comfortable home. They didn't need time to adapt.

There were three such species.

Minotaur, saber tiger and dark bear.

Unlike the other 3, the mammoth looked very uncomfortable. The expansion in the area was slightly unnatural. It was often restless.

I decided to save money on the mammoths. This was a conclusion I came to from close observation.

'The answer will emerge if I look at the bear cubs.'

And there were other variables.

First, I had to pick the species that would take priority.

Was the breeding rate okay? Was the potential higher on average compared to the same species?

The growth rate and presence of anything unique.


In order to find a more reliable result, I doubled the number of creatures. The purchased 'breeding species' were not included in the quest. But the deadline wasn't long. I need to draw a conclusion within 45 days.

The compensation absolutely had to be more than the 400,000 points that I used. No other demon would be crazy enough to spend points like this.

But I couldn't pave the way without an adventure.

This was the first Achievement Quest so it was well worth the investment.

'I need to increase the breeding rate.'

I acted in a more bold manner.

I decided to give them natural enemies.

Depending on the presence of predators, the breeding rate could increase by a maximum of two times. It didn't matter if the adults died since I needed their young.

I placed a large number of orcs without any concern.

The orcs were low grade creatures but there were a lot of them. All three species were intermediate 3Lv but that number was enough to be a threat.

In addition, I could get more information by observing their fights.

* * *



Dozens of orcs stuck together and snorted roughly. At first, there were hundreds but now only this small amount was left.

Dark shadows were lurking around.

They came like shadows so it wasn't easy for the orcs to prepare.

'Saber tiger! Chwiik."

One orc shouted.

This was the identity of the species threatening the orcs.

At first, they had succeed in hunting a few saber tigers. On that day, the orcs fed the orc hero who dealt the final blow.

But the next day, one or two orcs in the surroundings started to disappear. It was only after dozens of orcs disappeared that they realized the saber tigers were making a counterattack.

Since then, every day was a series of struggles.

But the orcs were a lower grade creature. The level they belonged to also wasn't high. They couldn't stop the saber tigers that worked covertly in the dark.

Of course, the saber tigers received some damage but the orcs were on the brink of being wiped out.



A clear advantage?

The saber tigers glided out of the darkness. Intense auras coming from every direction!

The orcs trembled weakly.

I observed through the crystal ball the actions of the minotaurs, saber tigers and dark bears against the orcs.

The saber tigers were the only ones that showed the most overwhelming strength.

The minotaurs and dark bears were shaken when the enemies emerged. There was a difference in the time they took to initiate a counterattack against the orcs.

Blitz tactics.

The saber tigers were the first ones to wipe out the orcs.

The mobility was better than expected and the saber tigers moved with confidence. They quickly identified the capabilities of the orcs.

'Unfortunately, no unique body was born but...there is a difference in potential.'

The minotaurs, saber tigers and dark bears were all intermediate 3Lv. They would have similar stats and potential.

However, the newly born saber tigers had on average a 10% higher potential.

At this point, I was certain of it to some degree.

'It is the saber tigers.'

I decided to breed the saber tigers in South Korea's dungeon.

Long, sharp fangs. Quick and knowing how to take advantage of the dark! They were a perfect fit for South Korea's mountainous terrain.

I immediately tried to change the terrain. If the environment was the same and the magic power wavelength matched then I had high expectations for the breeding.

"Yihi. How many points will it cost to set up the entire 18th floor?"

Yihi watched calmly from next to me.

"Do you want the number or height of the mountains to be different?"

"Is it possible to create a rolling mountain range?"

Wide mountain ranges.

This place would be optimized for the saber tigers.

Yihi stretched out her ten fingers and started to count.

"Master. I've been doing the calculations. It should be around 250,000 points."

"Set it up."

Well, it isn't that hard. But is it worth it? The number of saber tigers is too low right now."

"The numbers are increasing."

I purchased an additional 100 saber tigers from the store.

It was a bold decision.

The compensation for the achievement quest was unknown so pouring 500,000 points into it was foolish. Changing the terrain would increase the consumption to almost 800,000 points.

But that was for common demons. I had a lot more points than them. Other demons didn't have this level of wealth and I could consider it an 'investment.'

I didn't know when this opportunity would come again.

It was better to use the points for a chance to gain higher compensation. In addition, this was a quest...the first achievement from it would certainly follow.

'I don't think that any other demons have completed this achievement quest.'

I calculated that I wouldn't receive great damage.

Yihi's eyes popped out.

"M-Master! What are you doing? You will be in a bad mood and regret the points later. Yihi is sure of this. Master will regret it the next day like I did when I secretly made the forest terrain...hup!"

Yihi hurriedly blocked her mouth.

But I already knew what she meant to say. Yihi was the opposite of the other fairies that liked lying. She was very clumsy and hardly ever lied.

"Change the terrain."

"Ah, I see. Yihihi."

Yihi thought she was safe and laughed awkwardly.

"I will change the terrain and then Yihi will give you another honey tea."

Didn't she say she wouldn't give it to me anymore after I returned from the Japanese dungeon?

'She forgot.'

Fairies often forgot trivial things.

And in the first place, she was able to be a beekeeper because of the forest. Not long ago, Yihi changed the 15th floor into a forest terrain.

Well...I had checked the status through the crystal ball.

I had handed over the points to her so excessive consumption of points wasn't embezzlement. Delicious honey. Yihi had low standards when it came to this.

Yihi didn't know this and was just laughing 'yihihi' while changing the terrain.

Indeed, the terrain change caused the breeding rate to noticeably increase. This could be called a synergy effect with the creatures.

However, there wasn't much time.

There was 30 days left.

I needed to make as much offspring as possible.

I could open up the Dungeon Master's magic power but this would have side effects. The first was that the creature was more likely to die then be modified. In fact, this was confirmed through the werewolves.

For now, I just needed to induce breeding as naturally as possible.

I spent each day working on the dungeon's internal affairs.

Then the stone that Dubolong gave me started shining.

'He finally got in touch.'

I took out the stone. A little bit of magic power was injected and a voice came out.

-Randalph Brigsiel-nim. Do you remember me? Dubolong. I am in charge of the Demon World Auction.

I nodded my head.

"I remember."

-Ahu! I'm glad. I was worried that you wouldn't remember me! In fact, this is taboo in the Spirit World which is why I am only contacting you now. I know that Randalph-nim is our best auction client. Haha.

"Did you just contact me for a greeting? Then I am a little disappointed."

-No, are you joking? Do you think this is the gift? You shouldn't be upset about carrying this stone. I am planning to give Randalph-nim a real gift...perhaps, would you like to know the list of auction items in advance?

It was right to the point.

This was exactly what wanted.

"I have a little bit of interest."

-Haha! Then feel at ease. In fact, this is a gift but it is close to the auction. However, Randalph-nim doesn't need to worry about any damages.

"This will also benefit you."

-Indeed! Earl Randalph Brigsiel-nim! Your words are different from other demons. I will send you the list as soon as possible. It is hard to send a piece of paper while avoiding the radar system but Randalph-nim is one of our VIP clients.

He might be patronizing me but it was true.

In fact, access from the Spirit World to this world was virtually sealed off. Passing even one sheet of paper through was a gamble.

'But it is necessary.'

I was an existence that would become a thorn to the demons.

I would benefit them.

That alone made the dark spirits specifically cater to me. Points was essential for them to increase their 'status.'

If I used a few more points then I was sure that their attitude would change.

But this wasn't spoken. If they let me know the auction goods then I was more likely to purchase.

After a while, a piece of paper fell from the space next to the Dungeon Core. It was filled with the name of 100 different auction items.

"You sure are reliable."

-Thank you.

"I should be thanking you."

A perfect win-win situation!

A secret agreement was forged in a moment's notice.

I couldn't know the details from the list since it only had the name of the items. But I could figure out how to efficiently distribute my points.

'There are quite a few things to buy in this auction.'

I touched my chin while reading down the auction list.

Indeed, the 2nd year had better items than the 1st year.

But I couldn't see any high class creatures. It was understandable that the dark spirits would hold back those types of creatures.

Of course, I couldn't be sure. I didn't know the exact number of high class creatures that existed. Or something special like Krasla might appear in the auction.

Either way.

'The amount I can purchase depends on the reward of the achievement quest.'

I stared at the dungeon through the crystal ball.

Most of the female saber tigers had a bulging belly.

As of today, it was the 30th day of the quest. It was a situation where 4~5 saber tigers would be born at a time and I was expecting at least 100.

I waited for that time to come closer.

Soon, several message windows popped up in the air.

-Achievement Quest- Breeding Species has been completed.

The saber tiger matches the dungeon's magic power wavelength by '99%.'

A total of 166 has been successfully bred.

The compensation will be calculated based on the intermediate 3Lv creatures.

The basic compensation is 1,500,000pt and an additional 1,717,768pt has been paid.

The basic compensation was considerable. Especially when considering that I received 2 million points for being the first to kill a demon. Plus, there was the additional compensation as well.'3.2 million for one quest...'

I already got a lot of benefits from my investment.

My points had increased to 5.7 million. I had assumed that I would only reach 4 million.

But this wasn't the end.

-Incredible achievement!

The first 'Achievement Quest' has been completed!

The achievement quest has given the concept of a 'bonus' that will occur when the score is more than expected. Depending on the user's actions, it might be possible to acquire more compensation.

800,000pt will be paid.


6.5 million!

It was so outrageous that a laugh couldn't even emerge.

* * *

The remaining time until the Demon World Auction was 15 days.

Even that time wasn't wasted. I didn't play around.

I left the dungeon after a long time with Krasla and headed to Heaven's Will.

The raid group Devil Hunters was on the 2nd floor and staring breathlessly at the wall mounted TV.

"Oh my god. The real world is being ruined."

"30 monster waves taking place simultaneously in different places...heok!"

Yoo Eun-hye and Lee Ji-hye's eyes widened.

"Unni, are we going to move? We are flooded with requests for help. We can't just sit here sighing. I don't know what to do."

Lee Ji-hye shook her head.

"They are hoping for Captain-nim. What help will we be?"

"Still...the number of deceased has already passed over five digits."

"Have you forgotten almost dying when targeting the dungeon? Are you going to waste your life here?"

"Then we can only watch? Those who have strength should act."

The two women filled with concerns were having a heated discussion.


Krasla struck his spear on the ground. At the same time, their eyes shone as they saw me.


Their faces were filled with joy. This was my first appearance since the 2nd monster wave in South Korea.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Lee Ji-hye whined.

I ignore her and said.

"The Devil Hunters raid group will now focus on preventing the monster waves. We will start to move this evening."

"Ya, as expected of Captain-nim! This is why I like Captain-nim ~ "

Yoo Eun-hye laughed and winked at me.

She saw me as an apostle of justice. But that wasn't my real purpose.

'The purpose of the monster wave is to earn points. But I can't stand still.'

I needed to stop it as much as possible.

That was the primary plan.

And while moving, Devil Hunters could gain the spotlight.

It was funny that I was humanity's strongest hope against the demons.