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Chapter 55-56: Gigantes

Chapter 55-56: Gigantes

94 strength and 92 stamina. These two physical abilities were over 90.

I was well ahead in magic power.

'I need to raise my intelligence as soon as possible.'

It was disgraceful that I was lagging behind Gigantes in intelligence. However, I decided not to invest the remaining points in intelligence.

I took out Wrath.

"Chrisley. I am going."

Chrisley's eyes were very wide and she said in a worried tone.

"Will you be okay?"

"I won't fight a losing battle."

I wouldn't come out if I wasn't qualified.

Gigantes might have the advantage in physical ability but that was it. The total sum of my stats was similar to Gigantes. I would use my strong attack skills, techniques and judgement to win.

Chrisley glanced at Gigantes before bowing to me.

"Please be careful, my Dungeon Master:."

Soon Chrisley led the griffin and pyrocks away from the altar.

I also commanded the two fire golems guarding the altar to move out of here. The golems pushed through the thin walls until I was left alone with Gigantes.

"You have been waiting a long time."

"You, defeat me! Then, I will follow."

This place was prepared for me.

Gigantes had a short pronunciation.

I held Wrath and took an attack stance.

"I was going to do that from the beginning. Paranormal."

Paranormal was a unique grade ring. An item that would randomly trigger one of five blessings.

-Paranormal's blessing! A powerful attraction has been granted.

I clicked my tongue. I was given charm. It was actually the most useless blessing.


I strongly pushed off with my feet.


At the same time, an electric current spread through my body. I momentarily reached out for Lightning God.

I could confirm it through my inner eyes. I could take advantage of magic power. I preferred a fierce struggle involving sweat and blood but this would still work.

I took advantage of magic power when using skills.


Gigantes struck the ground with a large hexagonal shaped club. The dungeon started endlessly ringing.

94 strength. An incredible power that could push a mountain! I wouldn't survive if I was standing in front of it. My stamina was 82 so it was a little low to defend against Gigantes.


However, the large actions meant it was easy to avoid. Luckily Gigantes' agility wasn't high so I could read his movements.

I struck with Wrath the moment Gigantes' club hit the ground.


A strong current flowed from Wrath towards the ground. The current soon reached the club that Gigantes' hands were wrapped around.


There was a relationship between intelligence and magic power. And Gigantes didn't have high magic power. Lightning God Technique was able to deal a decisive blow thanks to that.

Gigantes' hands momentarily loosened from the club. I immediately removed Wrath from the ground and kicked off. I jumped high in the air and aimed Wrath at Gigantes. No matter how high the stamina, there was no creature that could survive losing its head or heart!

But my plan was doomed to fail in the execution stage.

Kurururung! The ground of the dungeon surged up to defend Gigantes' head. But I couldn't break it because it wasn't ordinary rock.


The problem was that it was strengthened by a skill.

Arms of the Earth (Ex U) skill. A specialized skill for defense.

Wrath couldn't pierce the wall and Gigantes strongly swung his club.


The club was being filled with a strong magic power.

Gigantes had two skills and the remaining Gigantic Slash (Epic) was used. Gigantic Slash wasn't a skill that I could counter.

I hastily retreated as Gigantes prepared the attack.

Gigantes wielded the club that had a significant amount of condensed magic power.


Intense vibrations. The surrounding pressure was sucked into the club. A 10 metres large crack was formed. It stretched out along the ground and walls.

I barely managed to avoid being hit by it.

Truly an epic level. It was comparable to the griffin's lightning. Rather, the attack power seemed slightly stronger. The griffin's lightning attack was a wide area attack while Gigantes' skill was more concentrated.

I frowned.

Once the skill ended, half of the altar had vanished without a trace.

'It isn't impossible to repair but......'

Literally a mess. I seemed to have chosen the wrong place. It was evident that the altar would require a considerable amount of time to fix.

Either way, I could be sure of one thing with this attack.

'Not that bad.'

I didn't have to use the Wrath skill.

I calmly looked at Gigantes.

Arms of the Earth gave him superior defense but Gigantes couldn't attack while it was active. It also took a little bit of time to trigger. And Gigantic Slash exerted absolute havoc but it was easily avoided.

I should target these two properties.

I determined my course of action and immediately jumped up again. Gigantes was also aware that I was floating in the air. He tried to swing his club at me as I struck his body with Wrath.

Chiik! Wrath scratched Gigantes. My physical ability was lower but I used 'technique' to my advantage.

I narrowed the distance to Gigantes' throat. If I was this close then Arms of the Earth wouldn't trigger.


I used all my power to pierce his neck but it couldn't go in deeply. I struggled to cut the skin. I wasn't embarrassed to stick my body close to Gigantes.

'My strength is low but that isn't the reason. It feels like I am hitting a wall. Does Arm of the Earth also enhance the physical abilities of the body?'

Dirt seemed to fall from the cut on his neck.


I didn't think there would be a second wall around the body.


But that didn't mean nothing happened. Gigantes had hard skin but I used magic power. The magic power that filled Wrath caused damage to the wound.

"Mischief, here, up!"

Gigantes was very angry. Smoke rose from his body as he started gathering power.

Gigantes was preparing Gigantic Slash.

I quickly switched from offense to defense and prepared for the shock. But...this Gigantic Slash had a subtly different feel to it.

'It will hit everywhere!'

I started frowning.

I deemed that it was impossible to avoid so I poured all my power into the Lightning God Technique. I would use it to offset the Gigantic Slash.

There were a difference in the skill rating but I had much higher magic power. I poured all my power into the skill.

But it didn't take me long to figure out that it was the wrong decision.


It seemed like a lightning storm was occurring. It was a disaster because the slash wasn't lacking magic power.

The vibration of this Gigantic Slash couldn't compare to the one before. The width was dozens of metres...I pulled up all my magic power with gritted teeth.

I overlapped the wavelength of magic power in order to increase the density. The layered electric shield stood before me to block the Gigantic Slash.

Jijijik! Jijijik!

I had created exactly 7 layers.

7 layers was the limit of the Lightning God Technique but it was instantly being peeled off by Gigantic Slash.

2nd layer, 4th layer, 6th layer. Finally the 7th layer of the shield broke.

The damage of Gigantic Slash had greatly decreased during this time but I was forced to face the rest with my body.


The slash hit my chest.

I was forced backwards and coughed up blood.

'It is unfortunate.'

I wiped off the blood at my lips while confirming the injury. There was a large wound from my shoulder to my bellybutton. It scratched the sleeping Lightning God at the same time. Blood relentlessly flowed.

If I dragged the time out then it would become more disadvantageous.

Should I use the Wrath skill?

Oddly enough, I had a strange confidence that I could win without using Wrath. I was experiencing the aftermath of the attack so I couldn't understand it.

"Cough!" that moment my body started feeling feverish. This feeling was similar to when I received the Heart of the Hell Monarch. Blood started moving around my entire body.

Magic power was flowing from my heart. The magic power flowing fiercely started eroding my entire body. My expression hardened.

'The flow of magic power is reversing!'

I gritted my teeth.

Magic power reversal. A phenomenon that could kill a demon!

I had already experienced something like this. I knew the feeling well. Definitely. The power from Gigantic Slash had flowed into my heart.

The magic power contained in the Heart of the Hell Monarch transcended imaginable levels. But if it awakened then it would increase my magic power and intelligence. Fighting Gigantes wouldn't be a problem.

I urgently focused mentally.

I corrected the flow of magic power. The maximum amount of magic power was given to the heart while the rest was focused on repairing the wounds.

Potions or elixirs wouldn't be helpful. Forcefully sealing the magic power might cause unknown side effects.

The only way was to restore the magic power reversal. But an unexpected thing happened once again.

I had been hit by Gigantic Slash between my heart and my bellybutton.

Lightning God sleeping underneath my bellybutton started waking up. Then it swallowed up handfuls of the magic power like it was hungry?

Lightning God was incapable of going near my heart. It acted like it was fleeing from a horrible existence. Now it wasn't acting like that. It was defiantly gobbling up the magic power.

I stopped putting boundaries on the magic power. So it started overflowing again. It would be beneficial if I could reduce my calculations there weren't any losses.

Thus Lightning God started devouring the magic power. At that time, all my focus was on Lightning God.

-Heart of the Hell Monarch has woken up.

-'Lightning God Technique (U)' has evolved to 'Lightning Elemental (Epic).'

'Lightning Elemental' is a common property of the spirits. It has been reborn as a special spirit after swallowing the magic power of a true demonic dragon, dark elf and Hell Monarch.

I opened my eyes.

The sight before me didn't look any different from before. But a very big change had happened inside me. I could be certain of one thing.

My spirit felt refreshed. My magic power was stable and it also healed my injuries. Lightning God was even more lively than before.

'Status window.'

I could easily see the changes this way.

The status window soon surfaced in front of me.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl(Dungeon Master) Title *Dungeon Hunter (residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, all stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic +6)


Strength 79 (+9) Intelligence 72 (+2)

Agility 74 (+2) Stamina 80 (+2)

Magic Power 85 (+8)

Potential: (390+23/500)

Remaining Stat Points: 3

Electric Power: 16GW

Uniqueness: Heart of the Hell Monarch has has woken up.

Skill: Skill Combination (R), Mind's Eye (Ex U), Lightning Elemental (Epic), Wrath (Epic)

-[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 88 Intelligence 66 Agility 76 Stamina 82 Magic 90 Potential (379+23/500)

Strength 88 Intelligence 74 Agility 76 Stamina 82 Magic 93 Potential (390+23/500)

Intelligence had greatly increased. It rose by 8. It was as sweet as discovering an oasis in the desert. My low intelligence was already holding me back.

And magic power by 3. It was remarkable considering that my magic power had already reached 90. original 4GW electric power had instantly transformed into 16GW. 1GW was 1,000 megawatts so it had grown by 250 times. Considering that original figures of the 12 star Lightning God Technique, it had increased by 4 times.

Finally, the skill had changed. The three question marks had disappeared and it changed into Lightning Elemental (Epic).

A epic grade spirit? Almost none of the common spirits reached beyond the rare rating. An epic rating was equivalent to a high class spirit.

I called Lightning God out of my body.

'Come out.'


The form of a snake made out of lightning emerged as I called. It was only the size of a skull but it gave off a strong presence.

This snake was Lightning God. The snake didn't look that different from the way I imagined it when it was wandering in my body. I nodded and turned my head.

"You have been waiting a long time."

"You, blocked it. Changed. I wait! You, knight!"

Gigantes looked at me with curiosity.

I just laughed.

I had blocked the maximum power Gigantic Slash. The status window said that Gigantes was a knight of a god.

He had high intelligence and respected the opponent.

That's why he didn't attack me.

'A gift is a gift.'

It was a welcome but unexpected gift.

This whole thing hadn't gone as I planned but surprises like these were the fun part of the 'Devil's Game.'

Even if I returned...thinking of all the elements waiting for me that I hadn't experienced in my previous life made me excited.

The path wasn't fixed. The path to the Devil's throne wouldn't be smooth. Reaching the peak of the Demon World was my goal. That was the only reason to get my hands on the name 'Devil.'

I was convinced from the time I first made that goal.

"Then the 2nd round will start."

It was the start of a full-fledged struggle.

Lightning God evolved into a lightning spirit!

At first I thought it was the size of a skull but it gradually became bigger during the battle. Soon the snake was large enough to be called a type of 'dragon.'

The epic grade skill used my high magic power to drill through Gigantic Slash.

'The electric power is rapidly reducing.'

I had a total of 16GW. 1GW was disappearing every minute. This meant Lightning God would work for 16 minutes tops.

'16 minutes is not enough.'

However, Lightning God definitely came in handy. It could neutralize Gigantic Slash and penetrate through Arm of the Earth.

Gigantes couldn't withstand the high magic power accumulated in each strike. He only endured due to his high magic power.


Gigantes couldn't think straight due to the attack on all sides from Lightning God. It was just a matter of time. Eventually Lightning God entered his body.

'It is certainly a great power.'

Gigantes looked a little tired.

Lightning God shut down the pure muscles. He had transcended the border of 90 stat points. But it was impossible for him to cut of the magic power.

Electric power reduced twice as fast. There was only a few minutes remaining at most. I needed to bring an end to this now.

"What, this! You, no. This can't be!"

Gigantes shouted like a beast.

I shrugged.

"I gained a new skill thanks to the time you gave me. Weren't you aware that I changed?"

Gigantes had noticed the changes inside my body. He waited until the change was completed. Therefore he didn't have the right to complain about the skill.

As expected, the furious Gigantes couldn't fight anymore.

"Grrr! Lost!"

"Did I pass the test?"

"Yes! You, I now follow."


I put away Wrath and Lightning God. Lightning God rapidly became smaller as it was sucked into my body.

'Two high class creatures.'

Griffin and Gigantes!

It was a ridiculous performance for less than 2 years.

High class creatures were very limited until the second half of the war. Only Dukes or above could handle a high class creature...I looked at Gigantes with pleasure.


Then the wounded Gigantes kneeled down.


I exited the altar with Gigantes.

Chrisley was waiting for me in front of the wall.

"You're safe."

"You must have been worried."

I spoke like it wasn't a big deal.

The magic power reversal was a bit dangerous but I still had the 'Wrath' skill remaining. But the result was like I expected.

"I am your faithful servant. I spend every day worrying about you."

"Tell me if there are any problems. I feel good today so I will listen."

I obtained a lot.

Having a high class creature with a certain degree of intelligence like Gigantes would solve some of my problems. It also felt good to have my skill rating increase.

Then Chrisley said with pink cheeks.

" Dungeon Master. Tonight..."

She didn't say anything else. But I could understand her meaning. There had been little contact with Chrisley since the ceremony.

And after going through several dangers? I also felt desire swell.

"There is no need to wait for night."

I roughly kissed Chrisley.

My consciousness was engrossed and I didn't come out until three days later.

* * *

The task of taking over the Japan dungeon.

I obtained a few items that originally belonged to Adol.

'Modified Dungeon Crystal Ball and Seed of the World Tree. This is good.'

The Dungeon Crystal Ball was an magic item that allowed me to see inside the dungeon. It required 100,000 points to purchase so I gratefully accepted it from Adol.

And the Seed of the World Tree. It was a useful item to change the terrain.

If I planted the Seed of the World Tree then a dense forest would grow overnight. A size that couldn't be compared to the small forest that Yihi made. It would be impossible to get through one layer of the forest.

'An item that wasn't mentioned in the shop......'

I remember it came out a few times in the Demon World Auction. But the Seed of the World Tree hadn't come out in the previous auction. This meant Adol gained it separately but I didn't know the source.

Anyway, it would be very effective when planting it in an area of dark elves.

Due to the nature of the elves, the forest would get more power. If I was lucky then a World Tree might emerge. There was only a small chance but a World Tree emerging would give many effects. Increasing the propagation rate or was an item I expected a lot from.

"The connection of the link?"

"Just a little bit more."

The fairy Guyo was busy concentrating at the Dungeon Core. It was to create a link between the South Korean and Japanese dungeons.

As the Dungeon Master of the South Korea dungeon, I could create a link with any dungeon identified as 'my dungeon.'

I didn't have to walk back to South Korea's dungeon. And it was like I expected.

"Ah! Master, the link is connected!"

The Dungeon Core started to resonate.


The barrier outside the dungeon was released for a while as a magic wavelength connected between the dungeons in South Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, all the creatures between the dungeon instinctively dropped from the intense magic power.

A red light stretched in a straight line from the Dungeon Core. A light of the same colour came from the South Korea dungeon and met in the middle of the Sea of Japan.

The lights tangled with each other. It furiously moved up and down before the 'Light Barrier' was completed between Japan and South Korea.

An overwhelming sight. Everyone was captivated looking at it.

This barrier disappeared after approximately 30 seconds.

'That's great.'

At that moment, a magic circle was engraved near the Dungeon Core.

* * *

I left Japan's dungeon with the creatures.

The dungeon in South Korea hadn't changed a lot.

Yihi flapped her wings crazily.

"Master. Who is Guyo? Huh? Who is that bum? I believed...Yihi is disappointed because I thought I was your only fairy."

"Is it because of the position of Fairy King? Don't worry. So far you have the upper hand."

The position of the Fairy King.

A competition between the fairies. The Fairy King didn't mean they became stronger but they could stand above other fairies. Therefore the strongest candidate would become the next Fairy King. The fairy had a spiritual body and a long life span.

"Hing. Yihi is still disappointed. Master made Yihi sad. Now I don't want to give you honey anymore."

"Little thing! Rude!"

"What are you?"

Yihi had never seen Gigantes before! She stared.

"Little thing! Master, rude!"

She came to the conclusion that Gigantes had a horribly scary face.

Yihi furtively glanced at Gigantes.

"Y-Yihi, this, do you think I am scared? Y-Yihi is the fairy of this Dungeon Core! I-if you are mean then Yihi will feed you to the bees. I won't forgive you."

Yihi placed both hands on her waist. However, she was still avoiding his gaze. Even the fairy of the Dungeon Core was afraid of Gigantes' face.

I shook my head and said.

"Yihi. Tell me the history of the creatures you purchased from the store."

I planned to breed a species that fit South Korea's dungeon.

Yihi pointed her finger.

"Y-you. Today you are lucky. Y-you should thank Master. Yihi was going to punish you. Today I am busy so I will skip it."

Yihi said this but her body was shaking.

Anyway, she was the subdued winner in the showdown with Gigantes.