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Chapter 48-54: Place of the Fallen Gods

Chapter 48-54: Place of the Fallen Gods

I looked at the lava fields on the 6th floor filled with satisfaction.

The adult pyrocks that the dwarves and dark elves raised were flying around on wings.

Except for the fact that their wings were similar in size and shape to a bat, they looked like miniature dragons.

4 pyrocks had finished growing to the 3rd stage. One adult would be useful so this harvest was larger than expected.

An adult pyrock was an intermediate 4Lv creature. It was one level lower than Inferno but boasted the efficiency of 20,000pt.

40 pyrock larvae cost 48,000pt while 4 adults would be 30,000 pt each.

"Good work."

I praised their performance.

Julliom and the dwarf chief Stein fell to their knees.

"It is natural. Dungeon Master!"

"What do you want? If it is appropriate then I will give it to you."

Julliom looked around nervously before saying.

"...Is Yihi here?"

"She went to gather honey."

"Then...can you change the garden?"

"The garden?"

Julliom cried out with a desperate expression.

"The large structure with the bizarre shape that is on our floor. The fairy told me it is a garden but as an elf, it is indescribable..."

Yihi professed to Julliom that she had made a great garden. She seemed to be talking about the shit-shaped structure. The dark elves' sense of aesthetic received a shock from the structure.

I lightly nodded.

"I'll allow it."

"Thank you!"

"What do the dwarves want?"

I looked in the direction of the dwarves.

The chief Stein's eyes lit up.

"Dungeon Master. I've found some unusual minerals all over the dungeon. Will you allow me to dig it up and refine it?"

"I will also allow this. However, half the things created will be sent to me."

"I'll remember that, Dungeon Master!"

The dwarves were a species obsessed with making things.

Unusual minerals were found in this dungeon. Half of them would be turned over to me.

'And I should give a separate floor for the dwarves.'

I looked at the excited faces of the dwarves. They had a lot of work to do so I should assign them a floor.

'Sooner or later, the Awakened will pass the 4th floor in order to reach the 5th floor. After that, they will taste the frustration of the lava filled 6th floor and their stamina will be consumed.'

I was locked in thought.

The 5th and 6th floors would trouble the Awakened. Then it was necessary to adjust the pace on the 7th floor.

'Repair their weapons and recover their stamina. A type of safe zone...'

Normal demons absolutely won't allow this. But I was walking on a totally different route.

To some extent, understanding humans was a favourite game in my previous life. Because of this, I know how to utilize their focus.

This flexibility only existed for me.

'Gaining information from the Awakened in exchange for them killing the creatures. It is very tedious to collect things one by one. Chrisley will also find making undead easier.'

Making undead could quickly increase the Undead Manufacturing skill.

Anyway, the magic power inside the creatures would just return to the dungeon or be eaten by other creatures. It would be very tedious. So it was a good idea to leave this with the human Awakened.

I spoke after organizing my thoughts.

"Listen dwarves."

The dwarves turned to look at him.

"We are listening."

"I will give you a place to stay on the 7th floor. But your role is to help the Awakened, not stop them."

The dwarf chief Stein said in a terrible tone.

"...We don't understand your words, Dungeon Master."

"The dwarves will live on the 7th floor for the convenience of the human Awakened. They will be tired and weary at first but after your welcome, they will soon ask for information. Tell them what you know. In addition, repair their equipment and obtain the dead bodies of the creatures. Those are the two tasks required of you."

I had to be careful with the information posted on the internet. I couldn't write down everything so the role of the dwarves was very important.

It wasn't enough to get their bodies. I was always seeking more efficiency.

"Bring the corpses obtained to Chrisley. However, report to Yihi the information that you shared with the Awakened. Aside from don't have to care about the Awakened."

"The humans are suspicious people. What if they attack first?"

"The current humans have very low levels. And their numbers will be reduced before reaching the 7th floor filled with dwarves. Their numbers won't be enough to threaten you."

"We will follow your words!"

Losing some dwarves wouldn't give me a lot of damage. One of them cost 5,500 points so there was no reason I couldn't increase their numbers by 100.

After the performance report, I looked at the 4 pyrocks again. They were floating on the lava while looking at me. Their instincts meant they naturally gravitated to the Dungeon Master.

But it was clear that someone had been gentle with them.

"Who has trained the pyrocks?"

Julliom replied.

"Chrisley, Dungeon Master."

I knew it.

I could guess who had a hand in raising the pyrocks. Ever since Chrisley underwent the ritual, she had never betrayed my expectations.

I nodded my head.

"Chrisley come forward."

Chrisley who was sitting in the middle of the dark elves came forward. Apart from Yihi, she was the only one allowed so close to me.

I was glad to see the adult pyrocks but Chrisley's overwhelming growth was more satisfying.

Especially after she turned a great number of humans into zombies. Thanks to that, it was possible to fill the vacant spots left by the monster wave.

In this current situation, Chrisley was the most useful one.

I studied her face and said.

"Chrisley. From now on, you will find special places in the dungeon with the pyrocks. Is it possible to navigate to places with strong magic power?"

"It is possible."

Chrisley answered confidently.

I nodded.

"Okay. Lead the pyrocks and look for a place with strong fire magic. Don't forget to report it to me first before entering."

"I will keep that in mind, my Dungeon Master."

3 days later.

Chrisley came looking for me.

"I found three places with powerful fire magic."

I was expecting it to take a week so I was surprised at the quick turnaround. No matter how quick the feet of the dark elves, 3 days was quite short for the pyrocks to search. They must have wandered the dungeon without sleeping.

I spoke with a satisfied smile.

"Let's go together. Guide me to the place with the most intense magic power."

Chrisley laughed, revealing a dimple.

"I will gladly do so. My Dungeon Master."

In the meantime, she had started adding 'my' to Dungeon Master.

Was it due to the ceremony? Somehow it felt like my ears were ringing.

* * *

The dungeon's 29th floor.

The pyrocks that had been acting like hyperactive dogs suddenly stopped in front of one wall.

'There's something there.'

I had 90 magic power. I was able to sense the wavelengths of magic power flowing around to a certain extent.

I placed my hand on the wall and noticed a portion that was thinner.

I gathered power in my hands and immediately struck it down.


My superior strength and the power of the Lightning God Technique meant the dungeon wall didn't stand a chance. I repeated the actions several times and soon the wall was completely demolished, revealing the other side.

It was at that moment.

-Great achievement! One of the four altars that exist in the dungeon, the Altar of Fire has been found.

Once the altar collapses, magic power will start circulating around the dungeon. In addition, the barrier outside the dungeon protecting it will evaporate.

-2 Fire Golems have been given as compensation.

Beyond the walls were two enormous fire golems protecting the altar.

'I've found it.'

Advanced 3Lv creatures. This was compensation and I was able to obtain two creatures that were worth 170,000 pt.

'I should look for the other altars later.'

Previously I quickly lost my dungeon. I didn't know where the altars were. A demon in my previous life only found it by chance.

"Fire golems..."

Chrisley muttered. The pyrocks following her shrunk back in fear. The other creatures were in an entirely different class.

"Don't be scared. The fire golems won't move without my instructions."

"I understand. By the way, what is this place?"

"The fire altar. It adjusts the flow of magic power through the dungeon."

Anyway, I was the one who could get the fire golems working.

I was about to leave when Chrisley opened her mouth.

"Letters are floating in the air. Do you see it?"


I looked around the altar and didn't see any letters. I never heard of such a thing but Chrisley wouldn't be lying.

"I think the information is related to the dungeon."

"Read it."

Chrisley carefully opened her mouth.

"This is the place of a fallen god. A place inside the dungeon. I am the God of Wisdom, Minerva. Thy will...thou who obtained my wisdom, I will give you one last gift."

My expression changed the moment I heard Chrisley's words.


It was the name of one of the gods who played a decisive role in my return. I had made a deal with them at the end in order to return.

So why was that name here?

In addition, I couldn't see the letters. The phrases were only visible to Chrisley.

'Maybe it is because Chrisley's intelligence reached 100.'

It was just a guess.

And at that moment, a crack appeared over the altar. The crack was infused with chaotic magic power and divine power.

A giant creature was revealed through the crack.


It had an eagle's head but the size was no comparison. A creature completely different from the fire golems.


Chrisley was shocked.

One of the finest lightning creatures, a griffin...!

It was a high class creature and the difference between medium and advanced creatures was like the difference between heaven and earth.


I looked at the griffin sitting on the floor. It had a noble presence that made even the fire golems look small.

I opened up Mind's Eye to check the status of the griffin.

Name: Griffin


Strength 88 Intelligence 77

Agility 69 Stamina 84

Magic Power 85

Potential: (403/405)

Uniqueness: A pet raised by the Goddess of Wisdom Minerva. But as a last favour after her death, it recognizes Randalph Brigsiel as its new owner.

Skill: Fire and Lightning (Epic)

A high class creature with stats beyond 400.

It was similar to my level when I had Wrath, my titles and all the special options. But unlike me, the griffin was optimized for attacks.

If a griffin appeared right now then it would be a disaster. Right now, there were no demons with high class creatures. High class creatures could only be obtained from the Demon World Auction or special events.

'Are there more in other dungeons?'

This was the last present from Minerva. Yet there were three more altars that might have something there.


What about the other dungeons?

The place of the fallen gods. I had an agreement with the fallen gods. If the other dungeons contained the places of fallen gods then there might be gifts left for me in those dungeons.

'I have to change my plans a little bit.'

I got an unexpected harvest.

The high class griffin meant it wasn't necessary to cause a monster wave. An overwhelming power that would dominate humans.

The purpose of the monster wave was to quickly increase the growth of the Awakened. They would grow and remain vigilant.

Now I could use the griffin and Chrisley. If I used them and the advanced fire golems to produce a monster wave...

'The gods. I will accept their gifts.'

I formed a strong fist.

Originally I planned to raise the Awakened and preserve the creatures in my dungeon before hitting the dungeons of other demons.

That idea was still unchanged.

But...there was a chance to obtain similar gifts from other demons so I should probably check the dungeons near me.

I started looking for the most vulnerable dungeons in the neighbouring countries.

Where were the nearest dungeons to Korea?

China and Japan. In particular, there were five dungeons in China. But China was huge so it wasn't particularly geographically close. I would rather cross the sea towards Japan.

'The dungeon in Japan is under the rule of Grand Duke Upa's faction. The name...Adol?'

I pondered over it.

I needed to choose the dungeon carefully.

I would be passing through an area under the supervision of Grand Duke Upa. He had one of the biggest forces but I didn't care for Upa. In the latter half of the war, demons started acting selfishly in order to get their hands on points and dungeons.

If a demon killed another one then they could take over the dungeon and absorb the remaining points. The intact points in the dungeon could be obtained as profit.

This information was only revealed after 5 years due to the brutality of Grand Dukes Upa and Ariel. Of course, it went without saying that the process involved a fierce struggle. The remaining two Grand Dukes, Pandemonium and Okullos embraced strategy over plain destruction.


The situation right now was the most important. It was highly likely that Earl Adol from Upa's faction was in Japan. Grand Duke Upa would give most of his attention to the dukes under his command.

'I have to kill Earl Adol.'

My goal was set.

'If I increase my dungeons then I can clear the Demon World Auction in a minimum of 2 years. That was my original schedule but it is okay.'

Obtaining advanced creatures from the altar would give me a definite advantage. The demons that didn't have the points to participate in the auction would strengthen their dungeons instead.

On the other hand, some might have delayed strengthening their dungeon to save points for the auction...

The damage caused by killing Adol would be tremendous.

Although I had advanced creatures, Krasla and Chrisley, the losses caused by taking over a new dungeon might take years to repair.

But it was a different story now that I had the high class griffin. The griffin was specialized in attack and Adol's dungeon would be powerless in front of it.

'The first dungeon that I explored in my previous life.'

The distance was close so after losing my dungeon, I headed to Japan first.

I quickly passed through the dungeon.

'Certainly...I remember he was a very disgusting bastard.'

Normal demons under Grand Duke Upa were rare. It was also true for Adol.

He had a hobby of playing with the orcs, kobolds and gnolls. It seemed to excite him to make the orcs wear sexy underwear. The creatures didn't understand and gave birth to mutated children. Their minds were twisted and they became filled with lust and envy.

I frowned as I recalled it.

A demon I didn't want to deal with. It was Earl Adol.

'His dungeon contains a lot of creatures, especially orcs. A griffin is their natural enemy.'

Memories of my previous life were evoked.

If I could obtain more advanced creatures from the dungeon then I could use them to push against Adol's dungeon.

Japan was a bit far across the sea but the idea remained inside my head.

'Anyway, that is for one day in the future.'

My plan had changed but my ultimate goal was still the same. I began to prepare to strike Adol's dungeon with excited eyes.

* * *

Fire, ice, earth and wind golems.

In a little more than 2 months, I was able to find two golems of every attribute.

In addition, I collected 250,000 more points during that time and had approximately 410,000 points. Therefore I bought the 2Lv advanced creature 'Turtle Island' without worrying.

It was smaller on the ground but would grow to the size of a small island once in the water. The size and defense made spending 110,000 worth it.

But I didn't just want to move the creatures. I decided to use the remaining 300,000 points on a lich. The lich was an advanced 4Lv creature so it would match well with the griffin.

'Lich...the skills it can use are quite unconventional.'

The lich's power increased with more corpses.

It could explode or move the dead bodies. In addition, many of the creatures had minor skills that were useful.

So I finished the configuration.

The list of creatures that would hit Adol's dungeon were as followed.

Krasla and Chrisley.

40 dark elves.

4 pyrocks.

2 advanced golems from the 4 attributes, for a total of 8.

1 lich.

1 griffin!

The dwarves were busy creating their village on the 7th floor. Turtle Island was purely a means of transportation. Anyway, they would be a great help when targeting the dungeon.

An elite and organized group would be striking the dungeon. The power was enough to destroy half of South Korea.

My expectations would be lower without the griffin but I nodded lightly at the configuration of the creatures.

* * *


First the 8 golems escaped from the dungeon. Huge figures over 10 metres.

The fire golem caused flames to roar while the ice golem froze the greenery. The earth golem gathered earth together to form special soil while wind blasted around the wind golem's body.

They were followed by 4 pyrocks who looked like miniature dragons with bat wings, 40 dark elves and Krasla who was riding Inferno.

Finally, the soldiers observed Chrisley riding on top of the enormous griffin.

This was a completely different scale from the crude 1st monster wave. Everyone's instincts clamoured not to get near.

"...Should we attack?"

The chain of command couldn't respond to the soldier's question.

What should they do?

Of course, if they fought then there would be a counterattack.

After the 1st monster wave, tight defenses were formed around the dungeon. They hadn't expected that the creatures to emerge would be beyond their imagination.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted.

"L-lich. I heard that a lich wiped out hundreds of thousands of soldiers and some Awakened in France! I saw a video of it."

"What? Lich?"

"Crazy...wasn't the monster wave in France called Nightmare Day?"

"I heard tactical nuclear strikes were required..."

The soldiers started buzzing. Everyone present was terrified at the existence of the lich.

The monster wave that took place in France. There was the appearance of a lich. In the case of France, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and Awakened died.

They were able to handle other creatures but the lich caused a huge headache. The lich's body was immune to any attack skills.

In the end, tactical nuclear strikes were used to deal with it.

"...Should we attack?"

"Wait. I'm still thinking!"

A decision couldn't be easily made. It was difficult to attack but they couldn't allow the creatures to enter the city. The damage would be incomparable to the 1st monster wave. It couldn't be allowed to happen.

There was no choice in the first place.

"Damn. Get ready!'


The tanks aimed at the creatures heading away from the dungeon.

"Send a request for support! We just need to buy some time!"

All eyes turned to the west.

The troops gathered here had stopped the 1st monster wave but they honestly admitted that they couldn't defeat the lich.

However, it was enough if they could buy some time.

This was an operation mobilized by the United States Forces Korea (USFK). They just needed to buy time for the support from the USFK.

Kwang! Kwa kwa kwang!

Soon all the firepower was concentrated on the creatures.

"Poor humans..."

But Chrisley who was playing the role of general didn't care. These crude attacks couldn't hurt the advanced creatures.

Chrisley lightly slapped the griffin. And the griffin turned its head! It sucked in everything around it as it took a deep breath.



The epic grade skill, Fire and Lightning! A wide area breath skill emerged from the mouth of the griffin.

At the same time, the fire and lightning evaporated everything it touched including the tanks. The sight after the skill ended was even more disturbing.

A decimated field!


The surviving soldiers flopped to the ground.

Their fellow soldiers had disappeared without a trace. The only thing left were some lower bodies on the was like a natural disaster.

This was the grandeur of the high class creature, the griffin.

One attack was enough to make them at a loss.

The government in Seoul declared an emergency.

The area was urgently evacuated as dozens of jet fights flew in the sky. Numerous tanks and armoured vehicles also moved in the region.

Some news helicopters risked their lives to broadcast the scene but eventually the words 'Doomsday' was caught in their mouths.

"The creatures are flocking. The brave soldiers of South Korea are fighting but...the creatures are too powerful."

"Is this the end of South Korea?"

"We don't know when the troops from the US will arrive to help. Please pray for the soldiers."

Every person stopped working and carefully watched the tv screen. They could only sit and pray.

The griffin's lightning skill that evaporated everything and the overwhelming strength of the golems. The dark elves' maneuverability and the pyrocks fought against the fighter jets.

The situation didn't look favourable at all.

It was decided that the soldiers couldn't stop the advance of the creatures.

"Ah! The Awakened! The Awakened has appeared!"

A reporter relaying live from the helicopter cried out.

The camera rolled quickly.

The lens showed a series of people running towards the Awakened.

They had finally come.

I smiled.

Hundreds of Awakened were around me.

* * *

The eyes of all humans were focused on South Korea.

There were magic items that could conceal the atrocities but I didn't want to use them.

A long-awaited S rank. I started to prepare as soon as I received it. All through false acting!

Despite the plan changing, the result still ended up with the awareness of the Awakened increasing. I recruited Awakened and sold the name of Devil Hunters. Among them, there were some with low and moderate potential.


Yes, food.

The initiation ceremony...a large amount of food gathered under the pretense of 'saving South Korea!' They didn't realize they were just feeding themselves to the tiger.

Humans acted as true 'heroes' but wasn't that just script that I wrote?

Of course, I didn't include Yoo Eun-hye and Lee Ji-hye in this.

I needed to fatten them up a little bit more before consuming them. In a word, rabble!

The Awakened gathered here were unlikely to reach the limits of their potential. They were just lumps of points.

At the same time, all the people seeing this were respecting them as 'true heroes.'

"Defend South Korea!"

"We are heroes! Heroes who don't fear death!"

The momentum of the Awakened were growing.

They could only watch during the 1st monster wave but now it was different. The strongest Awakened that would protect South Korea.

Furthermore, the word 'hero' existed in the status window.

It heightened the ridiculous atmosphere.

The battlefield was filled with the corpses of the soldiers but the Awakened had faced numerous deaths in the dungeon.


The lich used the skill 'Corpse Explosion.' Strong magic power washed over the corpses of the soldiers.

Hundreds of corpses became zombies. Their physical abilities had weakened a lot but the soldiers felt enormous pressure.

The intelligent Awakened went after the necks of the zombies. The guarders and magicians also poured out their skills.


The body of the earth golem shook!

The echo passed through the ground and caused an earthquake. Dozens died but it didn't stop the Awakened.


And finally, my turn came.

A group composed of 100 people followed me.

"Do you see it? The appearance of the struggling heroes!"

"There is still hope. The advance of the creatures has slowed."

All media outlets were broadcasting it.

The army stepped back while the Awakened went forward to block the monster wave.

The eyes of millions of people were fixed on them. The real time broadcast meant that people were cheering for the Awakened on the internet.

The housewives doing housework forgot about as they watched the screen, professionals at work looked at their phones while others drank in a bar and focused on the television.

"Ahh...! So terrible. The lich is a vicious creature."

"Awakened. No, Heroes! Have strength. Everyone is cheering for you."

The battle situation still wasn't good. But it felt like things were gradually tilting to the side of the Awakened. Such hope burned in everyone's chest.

"Look at this! Hundreds of heroes are marching towards the larger creatures!"

"The one leading them is the captain of the raid group Devil Hunters!"

Devil Hunters!

That name was engraved in everyone's ears at that moment.


After a fierce competition, the earth golem fell.


"A golem has collapsed!"

The dying Awakened were revived by the news. Already more than half of the Awakened had blood spilling on the ground!

Now one of the earth golems had fallen. At that moment, all the Awakened and people watching the scene screamed.

'If they knew the real truth.'

I smiled at such a reaction.

Naturally this was a screenplay that I wrote. The earth golem was lying on the floor but it hadn't really reached the end of its strength.

I was an absolute existence to the creatures in the dungeon.

After some moderate attacks, it fell according to my command. There was no need to speak. I just needed to open up my magic power in order to convey my meaning.

The earth golem succumbed to it so the attacks stopped.

The Awakened who were fighting briefly hesitated.

"Ehh, what's going on?"

"The griffin is coming down!"

The Awakened with observation skills discovered that griffin was the name of the creature.

And the creature that caused fear in the sky was descending. Half of the damage had occurred due to the griffin. The griffin was more terrifying than 8 golems. Such an existence descending to the ground caused goosebumps to form.

But the thing that caught their eyes was the person riding the griffin. A beautiful and dazzling sight. But somehow the woman gave off a cold impression!

It was Chrisley.

She landed in front of me and asked.

"Great skills. What is your name?"

It was unlike her usual tone.

She was placed in an awkward position but right now she was acting. Chrisley was performing my command with a cold expression.

She wore a half skull mask but this one covered the left side of her face.

There was a simple reason for this.

'I doubt the demons are watching but I should be careful.'

The demons weren't interested in human civilization. And the demons felt the need to destroy humans. Their pride was very strong so they isolated themselves. Something like human culture would never enter their eyes.

Even if it was broadcasted on television, the demons wouldn't be interested enough to give it a single glance.

My name might eventually leak to them but they wouldn't move until they were confident. No, would they even make a move?

It would undoubtedly take them a long time to confirm this. I was certain of this because I knew the nature of the demons. During that time, I had confidence that I could get ahead so that they wouldn't be able to touch me by the time they noticed.

I looked Chrisley in the eye.

"There is no need to know that."

"Huhu. You really have courage. But I don't love people like that. Humans like you are stupid for stepping into the dungeon owned by me. Someone like you is called an Awakened?"

The translation magic and voice amplification spell meant that Chrisley's words were clearly heard.

Everyone panicked at her remark.

Dungeon Master! 72 dungeons had simultaneously appeared in the world. Many investigations were being made but almost none of the mysteries had been revealed. This was the first time an owner had been revealed.

Chrisley turned her head.

"Listen humans."

She was calm and dignified.

Her intelligence was 100 and her magic power was also very high. A beauty and poise that couldn't be shaken by anyone.

"Not long ago, I became aware that humans had entered my dungeon. Those dirty feet dared enter my dungeon without permission so I gave them direct punishment."

Her tone and nature seemed to slightly mimic the Grand Duke Ariel. Grand Duke Ariel was a cold demon and this was quite effective on the humans.

The people who heard her words were resentful. If that was true then the 1st monster wave wouldn't have happened.

However, Chrisley just continued without caring.

"But that wasn't enough. You really don't know anything. It won't be difficult for me to get rid of this country. You saw that just now."

Her words had power. People had seen the overwhelming combat strength of the creatures. If she called out all her creatures...

Just imagining it was horrible.

"Humans. I am speaking to the Awakened. I am the king of the dungeon and your destiny is to kill me. Just like you killed the mighty earth golem in front of me!"

Chrisley's eyes became more intense.

"I am a Dungeon Master. I like a strong challenge. The ability for the heroes to grow is truly remarkable. Facing strong people gives me great happiness. Continue to grow stronger in the future...but I can't stand for weak and ordinary humans to step foot in my dungeon."

Kung! Kung!

Grrruk! Grrruk!

Her mood seemed to worsen.

The tense people around her clenched their fists as they waited.

After 30 seconds.

Chrisley slowly opened her mouth.

"I will only permit the heroes to enter my dungeon. I firmly believe that one day they can become strong enough to challenge me."

It was at that moment.

One of the silent Awakened suddenly shouted.

"Wait! Then what is the monster wave? If you were intending to remain quite then why the monster wave?"

Chrisley replied with a flippant attitude.

"I'm not the master of the creatures in my dungeon. Not all the creatures are under my control. So if you heroes want to keep this country, your family and your friends! Make further efforts to become stronger. The creatures beyond my control will gradually escape the dungeon."

Suitable bait.

The 7th floor dwarf village was accessible to humans and the Dungeon Master was notifying them that not all creatures were under her control.

Chrisley looked at me with curious eyes.

"Your eyes are filled with life. One hero, there are thousands of golems sleeping inside the dungeon that can level this country!"

This was a lie. Something to create fear in the hearts of humans.

There were only 8 advanced golems. If there were several thousand golems then they really could smash the earth.

Chrisley spoke with a lot of strength.

"Humans. Heroes! Reach me. On that day, I will tell the world the truth."

The speech ended and the creatures started moving. But they weren't moving back to the dungeon.

Chrisley gave off the impression 'Since I already came out I might as well visit other dungeons' as she refused to return. In addition, her overbearing presence said 'if someone makes the wrong move then I will release the creatures sleeping in the dungeon.'

Everyone could only watch quietly as the parade passed by.

Submission. It was a tacit declaration of defeat.

The dungeon was an unknown place. There were bizarre creatures they had never experienced before.

It might be able to resist other countries but it was impossible to prepare measures against the dungeon. It wasn't possible to destroy the dungeon itself. Every firearm that entered the dungeon was neutralized.

What should they do?

The 21st century. Various countries would go to war for their own interests. But it was impossible to understand the dungeons and creatures.

An overwhelming force that humans couldn't resist so it could be considered a natural disaster. Natural disasters would cause great damage but would pass one day.

But people didn't give up hope. Although the troops were defeated...

The Dungeon Master directly mentioned it.

The last card left for them was the heroes.

* * *

The body of Turtle Island in the sea started to rapidly swell.

It absorbed the water and quickly grew to the size of a small island.

Soon the creatures boarded it. And I was also among them.

We disappeared like smoke after reaching the east coast of South Korea.

Just like Chrisley, I was wearing a skull mask that covered the right half of my face. It seemed like one mask that had been split in half.

Dark black smoke rose around me like steam. This fog was caused by a creature called 'Shade' so that the humans wouldn't recognize me.

But combined with the skull mask, it created a strange fear.

"It went better than expected."

Chrisley who was next to me opened her mouth.

The scenario went better than she expected. Initially she was awkward but assimilated over time. No one doubted that she was the Dungeon Master.

Chrisley's cheeks turned red.

"It feels like putting on a costume."

"You should become familiar with it."

"I will remember that, my Dungeon Master."

She replied without even turning her head. I had carefully explained human science to her.

That's why Chrisley was comfortable. After my explanation, she eagerly used her brain. She was starting to take the initiative. From training the pyrocks to following the script, she showed complete obedience.


I said after all the creatures had boarded Turtle Island. Soon the holes on Turtle Island released intense, compressed air to create a powerful shield of air.

Turtle Island took advantage of this air shield for large scale transport. It also acted as a strong form of defense.

Turtle Island began to dive into the sea.

The dungeon wave that took place in South Korea was broadcasted live around the world. The world had no idea where the creatures went after leaving the dungeon.

The creatures were moving around so they couldn't relax.

Everybody was lost for words at a report that a giant turtle dived into the waters of the east coast. The creatures onboard the turtle disappeared in one move.

Destroyers and submarines urgently tried to search for them but it was too late.

And the giant turtle once again appeared at Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

It arrived at Sagami Bay in less than a day.

Kamakura had no large buildings and was filled with many small houses huddled together.

'We'll walk from here.'

I had intended to advance to Tokyo immediately but the water depth of Tokyo Bay was too low. I judged that it would be better to move slowly from here.

Turtle Island once again dived back into the sea once all the creatures were off. I opened up my magic power to become familiar with the surroundings.

Chrisley asked with confusion.

"Where is this place?"

"A country the humans called Japan."

"...This place is going to become filled with turmoil."

Chrisley laughed bittersweetly as she summarized the situation.

"C-creatures! Run!"

"Eh? Those are creatures? Are they shooting a movie here?"

The humans were greatly surprised and started fleeing. But there were many humans who didn't...

At any rate, it was only a matter of time until Japan's self defense forces arrived.

I smiled coldly.

"We can arrive in half a day. Nothing will stop us."

In fact, it wouldn't even take half a day. All the creatures could arrive in Tokyo in a few hours.

There was no reason to treat Japan differently from South Korea. This territory would be under my jurisdiction so I needed to show an exceptional performance.

"Trample on all of them."

At the same time, the 8 golems started moving heavily.

There was an event nearby and people started running away as soon as they realized the situation.

The golems were at least 8 metres high and they were taller than the surrounding buildings that were only 6 metres. They lightly smashed or stepped on the buildings.

Tatang! Tatang!

The police received a tip but they weren't very helpful. The crude pistols were only useful against creatures like the kobolds. The lowest level creatures were the vanguard but the guns just tickled the medium and advanced creatures.

It was impossible as the golems reached out and squeezed the police cars.

I followed behind the huge golems causing destruction. The dark elves and pyrocks used their mobility while corpses were turned into zombies and joined their ranks. There were already over 300 zombies.

'A high value.'

The expensive creatures were quite worthy. The 4Lv advanced lich cost 280,000 points but it was worth it.

The griffin caused overwhelming destruction but the lich stimulated the primordial fear of humans. Just that alone made it easy to work.

The griffin flew low above the ground and Chrisley told me.

"My Dungeon Master. The human soldiers aren't far away."

Fairly fast. It had only been 30 minutes since I left Sagami Bay. The difference with South Korea was huge so I admired their reaction speed.

"Prepare to meet them. The griffin will suffice."

"I will follow your command."

Chrisley bowed her head and lightly kicked the griffin. The griffin spread its wings and flew into the sky.

Soon the Fire and Lightning skill could be seen as it melted the Japanese self-defense forces.

Japan's dungeon was over a radius of 3 kilometres in Tokyo Park. The size of the dungeon was different from South Korea's dungeon but the composition was similar.

The size was always different from the outward appearance. This dungeon had 35 floors but I remember that the structure was complex.

'We've finally arrived.'

I clicked my tongue as I stood in front of the dungeon.

Handling all the obstacles would be time consuming.

South Korea was my headquarters and this was the enemy's territory. Crushing the dungeon of Adol who belonged to Grand Duke Upa's faction would be a declaration of war.

Of course, I wasn't really interested in Adol and Japan...It was just a formal work. Soon this area would be under my jurisdiction so I needed to let them know fear.

'Adol. I'm back.'

There were many differences between what I was seeing now and my previous life.

At that time, I was the underdog who lost my dungeon. I had come to Japan thinking to make this dungeon mine.

Of course, it was another loss. I had a severed arm and barely managed to run away. It required 8 potions to restored my severed arm.

Just thinking about the humiliation made my body tremble.

But...the dungeon looked very small to me now.

Could Adol stop the current me?

At that time, I was alone but now I had many powerful creatures around me.

Griffin, lich, dark elves and pyrocks!

I was much stronger than before.

'Please don't disappoint me.'

I slowly entered the dungeon.

Unlike my dungeon, Adol didn't gradually increase the level of his creatures. He had no interest in the ecology and randomly placed it.

The first thing I saw were the orc shamans. General Awakened wouldn't even think of entering the dungeon.

It was followed by gnoll champions and arc goblins.

Quite a number of them had been mutated. There were very few creatures naturally born with mutations in my dungeon.

My heart was a little envious when looking at them but only the strong would survive. The ecological balance would completely collapse. The foundation to raise the Awakened would also be lost.

A vicious cycle. This result was due to Adol's insensitivity.

'Similar to my previous life.'

A few floors were for breeding. But this type of configuration continued to be repeated. I was sure of it due to my experience.

"I will take the lead from here."

I knew the inner configuration of the dungeon. I led the creatures through the dungeon maze.

I mercilessly used Wrath as I quickly navigated the dungeon.

* * *

The dungeon's top floor.

The demon Adol was in the middle of having sex with an orc when the fairy of the Dungeon Core approached.

"Dungeon Master. Someone is trying to invade."

Adol's expression crumbled.

"This lowlife bastard! I told you not to tell me when the someone is acting!"

"I-I can feel some great magic power. There are 8 advanced golems and a griffin..."

"Crazy bastard! A griffin is a high class creature! There is no way to get one yet!"

It was dismissed as a ridiculous story.

The fairy of the Dungeon Core shed tears.

"Really...another demon is invading."

"Guyo! You damn young bastard. This isn't the first time you've said such things. A fairy is really mischievous and conniving."

The name of the fairy was Guyo. Just like many fairies, its playfulness made it cross a river of no return.

Adol's fairy was very mischievous and full of lies.

Even if the fairy had a spiritual body, Guyo didn't have a death wish.

Adol was a deviant demon that copulated with orcs. Guyo was regularly cursed at by Adol.

But now Guyo's expression was desperate.

This was the one time Guyo wasn't lying.

The high class griffin and advanced creatures were rapidly rising through the dungeon. From the beginning, they never seemed to get lost at all.

Right now Adol was just snorting incredulously.

It was upsetting that Guyo's words weren't believed.

"The real thing..."


Adol was immersed in his previous actions.

Guyo's desperate words were covered up.

* * *

"How poor."

I said reluctantly as I climbed the dungeon.

Was this originally such a lousy place?

In my previous life I had struggled in Adol's dungeon and now I was easily climbing it. The Dungeon Master was in charge of management and summoning the creatures.

The Dungeon Master should be commanding the creatures from the top floor but I couldn't sense his presence. It felt like they were just 'released' freely.

I lost one arm to something like this.

A dungeon at this level...

Bbuduk! I gritted my teeth.

Almost a year and a half ago. I used that time to actively rise. But judging by the state of the dungeon, this guy had no awareness.

'The other demons will start moving soon.'


This guy was so busy with sex that he forgot his duties to the dungeon.

It was shameful for a dungeon to be treated like this so luckily I was here to save it. Would it be able to stand for the next 10 years? In fact, Adol came to a bad end under the hands of the Awakened.

However, the growth of the Awakened in Japan was a lot slower. Adol failed to properly manage his dungeon and everything in Japan was slowed. won't happen now that I came here.

I would thoroughly change everything.

"My Dungeon Master. I have noticed many orc warriors."

The griffin flew low. Chrisley spoke from above.

'Did the strong creatures instinctively gather on the upper floors? The level has risen slightly.'

This would also happen if a Dungeon Master didn't manage this place.

They could freely leave this place.

The more powerful creatures wanted to occupy the upper floors. That's because it was more stable to be near the magic power emitted by the Dungeon Core . That's why stronger creatures were assigned to the higher floors.

I nodded and said.

"Wipe them out."

The 25th floor.

There was a great number of advanced orc lords. The orc shamans, orc warriors and arc goblins were the best among the intermediate class creatures.

On the other hand, I had nine advanced and high class creatures. A high class creature could easily take care of the intermediate ranked ones.

Quite a few ran away after detecting us. Those who stayed would have their blood spilled in vain.

The scene of a Dungeon Master's dominance. Even if they died, the role of a creature was to prevent any intruders.

'They won't leave here alive.'

It was easy to take care of them. I was disappointed and appalled at how weak the enemy dungeon was.

'There aren't much points but...'

The creatures in the dungeon gave me a very small amount of points.

At best, they were the standard of 20 minutes of work?

It was still better than nothing.



The orc warriors were rabble. There was no need to use the griffin. The dark elves were organized in a line while the creatures begged for their lives.

But I already gave orders for their slaughter. The dark elves didn't spare those begging for their lives.

I laughed quietly.

Adol's creatures were a disappointing sight as I swept through the dungeon.

'By the way.'

I was puzzled.

'Adol. Did he still not notice?'

Even if Adol hadn't noticed, the Dungeon Core fairy would have noticed it. There were no defenses so it seemed like he really didn't know.

'It has to be.'

Anyway, I had no choice but to feel like Adol was dull as I approached the Dungeon Core.

I had already come up a considerable way so I would notice if troops were gathered.


Chrisley who subduing the creatures responded. She immediately descended with the griffin.

"What happen, my Dungeon Master?"

"Hand me the voice amplification ring."

"Here it is, my Dungeon Master."

She pulled off the ring from her finger and handed it respectfully to me on bent knees.


I shook my head as I wore the ring. I didn't know why but hearing the words 'my Dungeon Master' made my body itchy.

"Cover your ears."

The cleanup had finished.

Soon the dark elves, Krasla, Chrisley, the pyrocks, the lich and the golems blocked their ears. I opened up my magic power in order to dominate the creatures. I cleared my throat.

And I shouted louder.



Due to opening up my 90 magic power, my voice rang through the dungeon like lightning.


The dungeon shook. Adol was forced to stop his activities with the orcs.

"What is this magic power?"

"T-the intruder..."

Guyo's body trembled with anxiety.

The intruders on the 25th floor were already approaching the 26th floor. There were only 10 floors left until the top floor. The intruders were coming without hesitation like they knew the way.

Judging by the speed, there was half a day remaining. It was quite late to prepare.

"My dungeon? Who?"

"A demon. Along with his creatures."

"So all that nonsense before was true?"

"That's right..."

Adol's expression became determined in an instant.

"This useless brat! Why are you only saying this now?"

"I-I tried to tell you..."

A baseless accusation. Guyo tried to say hundreds of times that the intruder was coming. Adol had just ignored Guyo and focused on sex.

Adol spoke with a frown.

"Look up the exact configuration of the creatures that are invading. No, don't. The crystal ball that shows the entire dungeon. Bring it."

The crystal ball was specially modified in order to view the whole situation inside the dungeon. Adol had spent 100,000 points on it but it was worth it.

A Dungeon Master couldn't know the details of those invading the dungeon without the crystal ball. Domestic Mode didn't show the people invading.

Otherwise he was forced to borrow the power of the fairy but Guyo kept lying to him. Therefore, Adol had to purchase the crystal ball and modified it.

Guyo whined while carrying a huge crystal ball.

Soon Adol confirmed the magic power by injecting magic power into it.

"...This guy?"

"Who is it?"

"Somehow he looks familiar."

I skull-masked man and woman. A dark elf in front wielding a red spear. Adol thought for a moment before clapping.

"Ah! That guy!"

Demon World Auction!

Krasla and Chrisley were sold there. And the one who bought those two...Randalph Brigsiel.

A demon that the faction of Grand Duke Upa hated.

He couldn't forget.

"It is too bad I don't have a means to contact Upa-nim."

Grand Duke Upa only gave that to the dukes that followed him. Of course he didn't know Earl Adol.

He also didn't have a way to link to other demons. In the end, he had to handle the intruders himself...

" that really the high class griffin? 8 advanced golems and a lich as well? Dragon cake was raked up over there. Great!"


But now wasn't the time for admiration.

The creatures were coming to the top floor where the Dungeon Core was.

Guyo was anxious but Adol just snorted.

"Bah. It doesn't matter if he has some advanced creatures. No matter how superior the high class creature, we have the numbers advantage. It is impossible for them to win."

High class creatures were extremely rare in the Demon World.

There was little chance to meet them but among the high class creatures, the griffin was on the low level. Adol believed that his higher number of advanced creatures could deal with it.

Adol stared at the crystal ball.

Randalph Brigsiel...

'Upa-nim will look at me differently if I catch him.'

Due to that guy, Grand Duke Upa had suffered ridicule from the other Grand Dukes. Upa wouldn't forget something like that. Adol's prestige would climb if he handed over Randalph Brigsiel's head.

"Guyo. Bring the advanced creature Ornish!"

"O-Ornish? Isn't it still unstable? It will be hard to control."

"I will direct it personally. As the Dungeon Master, it won't be able to resist my magic power."

Now Guyo was convinced.

The Dungeon Master's commands were absolute. He could control 'Ornish' directly.

Adol gave a strange laugh.

'There might be a high class creature but I have a hidden card. Randalph Brigsiel! I will make you regret coming to my dungeon.'

Unlike Randalph Brigsiel, he didn't use any points at the auction. He used the collected points and special mutation skill to create 'Ornish'.

A powerhouse comparable to a 5Lv advanced creature!

The result of a year of hard work.

Ornish would be a match against the griffin.

* * *

'He started moving.'

I smirked after noticing that the behaviour of the dungeon started changing.

This behaviour meant that the Dungeon Master Adol finally noticed.

I happily increased the marching speed.

I was looking forward to the reunion with Adol.

It would be disappointing if I came up here without facing a satisfying opponent. Just imagining his power caused a smile to form.

And once I reached the 30th floor, I met Adol who was accompanied by countless creatures...

"Who is this? Are you Randalph Brigsiel?"

It was like meeting a friend after not seeing them for hundreds of years.

I looked around at all the advanced creatures in the surroundings.

6 advanced 2Lv orc lords, two advanced 3Lv giant trolls. Behind them were thousands of orcs and trolls.

Indeed, a formidable power.

I shrugged.

"You remembered."

"A demon would be very stupid if they forgot! Have you come to swear allegiance to Grand Duke Upa-nim? Or a special pledge to me?"

"No. I know that you can't contact Upa."

This was Grand Duke Upa's nature. At most, he would only have Adol tell him where his dungeon was.

Adol's face changed at my words.

"Hu! Are you that anxious to die? Or are you confident because of the griffin?"

The griffin was flying in the air. The griffin was designed for attack. No matter how advanced the creature, it wouldn't be able to endure such large numbers.

"Is now the time to be talking?"

"Don't worry! But before entering into battle, I will introduce you to my son Ornish."

An odd shaped creature emerged from among the trolls and orcs.

That type of appearance...I couldn't describe it.

The size was 2 metres. Broad shoulders like a troll and the face was as ferocious as an orc. There was a long horn on its forehead and the wings were like a giant gargoyle.

I had never seen a creature like this.

I opened up Mind's Eye.

Name: Adol Luph

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title * Abnormal Sexual Tastes (U, Intelligence +6)


Strength 69 Intelligence 68 (+7)

Agility 68 Stamina 61

Magic Power 70

Potential: (336+7/500)

Uniqueness: None

Skill: Life Combination (U), Body Manipulation (U)

[Relative Comparison]

Adol Luph

Strength 69 Intelligence 75 Agility 68 Stamina 61 Magic 70 Potential (336+7/500)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 88 Intelligence 66 Agility 76 Stamina 82 Magic 90 Potential (379+23/500)

Name: Ornish


Strength 85 Intelligence 51

Agility 78 Stamina 86

Magic Power 75

Potential: (375/391)

Uniqueness: An organism created by Adol Luph. The skin and tendons of a giant troll, the heart of an orc lord, the wings of a gargoyle and the horn of a unicorn were ingredients used.

Skill: Instant Regeneration (Ex U)

[Relative Comparison]


Strength 85 Intelligence 51 Agility 78 Stamina 86 Magic 75 Potential (375/391)

Randalph Brigsiel

Strength 88 Intelligence 66 Agility 76 Stamina 82 Magic 90 Potential (379+23/500)

'Life Combination?'

In other words, it was a skill to create mutations. But its abilities were equal to a 5Lv advanced creature. A level that wouldn't be sold in the was understandable when looking at the ingredients.

'He must have used a minimum of 700,000 points.'

The 700,000 points weren't worth it when considering the attack stats.

It could grow a little bit more but 700,000 points could buy something more useful at the auction. It also only had one skill 'Instant Regeneration.' It would be useless in large scale wars.

'There are 8 advanced creatures.'

2Lv advanced orc lords, 3Lv advanced giant trolls and Ornish made up the main forces.

If I invested in the Demon World Auction and the Awakened then it would take me 3~4 years to reach this stage.

But obtaining the 8 golems and the griffin had dramatically reduced my time frame.

"Isn't it dignified?"

Adol's face was filled with confidence.


A sound was heard.

I laughed and raised Wrath.

And then said.

"Sweep them all up."


The 8 golems headed towards the orcs.

The orc lords pushed with their giant axes but couldn't stop them. The orcs had a high reproduction rate but the orc lords were no match for the golems.



Lightning poured from the mouth of the griffin.

Hundreds of orcs evaporated.

"What are you doing? Stop the golem! Make sure the griffin falls!"

Adol was frustrated.

Shortly after the battle started. His creatures were being overwhelmed.

'Numbers aren't everything.'

Sometimes too many numbers could get in the way. The large number of orcs were just food for the griffin as they were destroyed.

Orc lords? Advanced grade 2Lv. The lich and golems had a higher rating. The lich and golems were very strong in power.

There were only two giant trolls.

The remaining 'mob' could be entrusted to the griffin.

This was a strategy I planned as soon as I obtained the griffin.

Adol grinded his teeth together.

"Ornish! Kill the griffin! Don't let that damn bird fly in front of me!"

Kuweek! Ornish dripped saliva as it started moving.

I was about to use Wrath on Ornish when Krasla came up to me.

"Dungeon Master. Give me the chance to deal with that guy."

I hesitated for a moment before saying.

"Krasla. You want to take on that orc variant?"

Krasla bowed his head even deeper.

"That's correct. It is only an orc variant so there is no need for Dungeon Master to make a move."

Krasla definitely wanted to be pitted against Ornish. The stats weren't very different but Ornish appeared insane. The odds were in Krasla's favour if he used his skills.

"I'll allow it."

"I will definitely bring you victory!"


Krasla ran with his spear. Ornish who was rushing towards the griffin was forced to stop as Krasla intercepted it.


If not Ornish then there was only one opponent left.


Ornish certainly wasn't worthy to fight me.

The kings should fight among themselves. I should at least fight a Dungeon Master.

I moved around the dark elves. I walked without stopping until I arrived in front of Adol.

"We seem to be the only ones left."


Adol's face was flushed.

There was no choice.

The griffin was wreaking havoc among his creatures. An Earl was lacking compared to a Duke or Grand Duke.

I kicked the ground.

Wrath moved vertically and struck his shoulder.


It happened in an instant.

Adol stared at his torn left arm with disbelief.

There was a difference of 60 stats between them. Besides, I had crossed the 'junction' that was 400 points so Adol couldn't resist.

I leisurely placed Wrath on my shoulder and said.

"Do you know why Adol was sent from the Demon World Auction?"


Adol who was in pain stared at me.

I shrugged.

"His ego is strong so shouldn't I pay back his kindness? Isn't it good that the spirits intervened?"

"Don't talk nonsense!"

"Duke Pakan Griolli and Grand Duke Upa stood in front of me. And then he realized. That they wouldn't be able to stop me."

Adol's expression distorted.

"Bullshit! Grand Duke Upa-nim afraid of someone like you? You've only given me one wound!"

That blind, rotting faith.

But I didn't pay attention to it.

"The other three Grand Dukes were watching. Pakan and Upa fell in favour. A Grand Duke and his faction were forcefully removed. So I can take care of Upa in the future. He won't be able to beat me."


The 4 Grand Dukes.

The demons had infinite faith in the Grand Dukes.

But that way of thinking was wrong. It wasn't easy to change Adol's opinion towards Upa. Therefore I didn't bother.

Adol wouldn't be logical involving this matter. Upa's followers didn't care even if he was a sadistic bastard.

'This isn't a lie.'

A thin smile.

In addition, there was no benefit in being under Upa's employ. I was the critical factor involved in making Upa lose some privileges.

Thanks to Dubolong's help, he wasn't able to return to the Demon World Auction. And it was like a 'declaration of war' to Grand Duke Upa.

I declared.

"I will start with you. I'll cut Upa's limbs off one by one as I move up from below. He is too much of a nuisance to let it go."

"I will tear out your mouth!"

Adol's body started to transform. His muscles became bigger.

The Body Manipulation (U) skill.

But my eyes were still cold as I watched him.

"How foolish."

I raised Wrath again.

This was just a provocation.

In the end, Adol was just a great disappointment.

* * *

-Incredible achievement! A demon has been slayed for the first time!

2,000,000pt will be paid.

Adol's throat was cut.

A message window rose up stating that 2,000,000pt were paid.


In one year and a half, I had earned approximately 2.5 million points. But killing Adol gave me 2 million points all at once.

This was a huge first achievement meant the demons weren't fighting each other yet.

In addition, it was likely that a party of human Awakened had previously gained the achievement first. The Awakened grew steadily until they could match the capabilities of the demons.

Eventually there were one or two parties of Awakened that could defeat the dungeons. Among the dead were demons.

Kiik. Kieeek!

I turned my head towards the sound.

Ornish started to glow after its master died. It instinctively moved to perform the last command that Adol left behind. But it couldn't use its regeneration ability so the assault was just suicide.

Soon Krasla's red spear sliced off Ornish's head.

The thousands of orcs were killed by the griffin while the giant trolls and orc lords were defeated by the golems.

Of course, there was some damage. 9 dark elves and 3 golems were lost.

"Not bad."

I nodded.

It was less damage than I thought. There was also the reward from the achievement.

The results were beyond my expectations.

* * *

The dungeon's top floor.

I stood in front of the Dungeon Core fairy that was trembling with fright.

"What is your name?"



Guyo seemed to attach 'Guyo' to the end of his speech. A fairy's name was usually something like this.

I said confidently.

"Guyo. You are dependent on me. Your previous master Adol was a very poor guy. He had a zero chance of becoming the devil. But as you have seen, I am different.

Guyo's expression changed at my words.

Guyo had been worrying about this for a long time.


Guyo swallowed hard.

The fairies made a bargain with the devil to help the demons in order to become the Fairy King.

If their demon died then the fairy had two choices.

First of all, the fairy had no concept of death. But without the Dungeon Core, there was no energy. If a fairy lost the energy of the Dungeon Core then it would have to start from scratch again. This time could take billions of years.

So the first choice. Start again with a new core.

Second. Accept a new master. However, a new contract with shackles needed to be formed. Sometimes the shackles were so powerful that it could lead to their destruction. The penalty of losing the contract would significantly increase.

The following opportunities would be destroyed. Starting from scratch could mean eternal annihilation. It is an entirely different concept of death. An extreme fear that only the fairies would feel.

So...a fairy had to choose carefully.

Their new master must be someone with a chance to become the devil. It wouldn't be able to accept a third demon. The energy of a fairy's soul was used to form the contract and there wasn't enough for a third chance.

Guyo looked up at the man.

At the same time, he remembered the battle.

He had overcome the difference in numbers, Ornish and the Dungeon Master. He already owned a high class griffin so Guyo felt dizzy at the thought.

At the very least, Guyo never sensed anything like this from Adol.

Adol was very angry after the discovery of the intruders. He had a very hostile attitude after hearing the name Grand Duke Upa.

The man said he overcome the powerful faction. The man seemed very confident. He had no hesitation to use his power.

Growing up...he might really become the devil.

Guyo slowly opened his mouth.

* * *

I was still waiting.

I knew the importance of this selection so I remained silent.

After several minutes passed, Guyo opened his mouth.

"Guyo won't be mistreated?"

"As long as you faithfully fulfill your duties."

"T-then...please let me meet the other fairy. Then I will decide."

Guyo seemed to have already made a decision in his heart.

"That won't be difficult."

Fortunately this requirement was simple. I accepted and recalled an image of Yihi.

Thanks to the fairy's blessing, I could connect and have a conversation with her.


-Who is it?

A fast response.

I verified that the connection was working and said.

'Can you manifest where I am?'

-Ah, Master. Yihi thought that I was having a psychotic break. I suddenly heard a voice inside me. I'm really glad it wasn't like that. It can't be helped. This is the first time Master spoke to me inside my head. It is natural that Yihi was confused. By the way, isn't that the dungeon in Japan? It is regrettable that Yihi can't help you in that dungeon. Ah, that's right. What is the result? Yihi was so curious that I've been teasing the bees. Of course, I have no doubt that Master will win...

I broke the connection.

I nodded towards Guyo.

"Loosen the wards."

"Ah...! Y-you have received a blessing! The fairy scent on your lips! Oh my god!"

Guyo's eyes became as large as a lantern. And Guyo's wings flapped excitedly.

"T-then it is okay. I accept. You are a friend of the fairies. I will believe you."

The attitude changed by 180 degrees. It seemed like the blessing of a fairy was an important thing.

It was solved simply.

Guyo started flying in the air. The wings of the fairy sprayed powder in the air that formed letters.

"What is thy name?"

"Randalph Brigsiel."

Intense light poured from the letters.

Guyo spoke with a serious expression.

"Does Randalph Brigsiel agree to be the fairy Guyo's new master?"

"That's right."

"As the master of a dungeon, will you do your best to become the devil?"

"Of course."

"The contract has been completed. Devil bless this fairy!"

The end?

It was the first time I had obtained a lost dungeon. The contract was much simpler than I thought. I was slightly bewildered.


There was an enormous surge of magic power from the Dungeon Core.


-A unique achievement! The first occupation of a dungeon was successful.

-The title 'First to Occupy a Dungeon' has been given.

-The title of 'First to Occupy a Dungeon' has transformed into 'Dungeon Hunter.'


'Dungeon Hunter' is a special title given to the one who achieved two conditions at the same time, being the first to hunt a demon and the first to occupy a dungeon.

-Hunt more demons.

There are many more dungeons to occupy! Challenge an incomprehensible area. There is no way to know what is at the end.

The title was changed.

I was puzzled and checked my status window.

Name: Randalph Brigsiel

Occupation Demon Earl (Dungeon Master) Title *Dungeon Hunter (residual stats +1 when occupying dungeons and hunting demons)

* Indomitable Warrior (Ex U, all stats +2)

* First to Receive a Fairy's Blessing (U, Magic +6)


Strength 79 (+9) Intelligence 64 (+2)

Agility 74 (+2) Stamina 80 (+2)

Magic Power 82 (+8)

Potential: (379+23/500)

Remaining Stat Points: 3

Electric Power: 4GW

Uniqueness: Heart of the Hell Monarch has been transplanted (Full strength hasn't been fully opened). Changes have occurred in the Lightning God Technique since swallowing a huge amount of magic power. The results are unpredictable.

Skill: Skill Combination (R), Mind's Eye (Ex U), Lightning God Technique (???), Wrath (Epic)


This was a title?

The rating itself couldn't be seen but the description meant there was a chance to obtain '140' stats.

70 dungeons, 70 demons!

It was virtually impossible to handle all of them by myself but my expectations were high.

Residual stats could be used to break through the limits. If I reached my maximum potential of 500 then the residual stats could be used to break through the limit.

I could sense the difference after having one of my stats break through to 90. I couldn't imagine the difference once it reached 100. After reaching 100, it was also possible to rise to 110 and 120.

Maybe even more than that.


It was indeed a crazy title. And the title fit me perfectly.

I was walking alone. I would feed on the demons and their dungeons to reach the top. Hunting them would make me stronger and increase my stats more than some titles.

The status window showed my remaining points.

I received 1 stat point from the easter egg at the Demon World Auction. And this time I gained 2 for a total of 3 extra stat points.


A bright mood.

To be honest, I couldn't remember any useless title in my previous life. However, hunting and conquering more dungeons would increase the territory I needed to protect. It was like a double edge sword but the title of Dungeon Hunter could make it a legendary treasure.

'It isn't over yet.'

The smile lasted for a long time.

Adol was killed and I obtained his dungeon. Now was the time to look for additional benefits in the dungeon.

"Guyo. How many points did Adol have?"

Guyo hesitantly said.



My smile was erased in an instant.

It was fortunate that I obtained 2 million points for being the first to hunt a demon. Adol had clearly used a lot of points to make Ornish.

I decided to invest 500,000 points in the Japan dungeon.

This had to be done first.

I used Domestic Mode to check the status of the dungeon.

The creatures were mixed together so it would take a long time to divide them.

At any rate, the breeding situation of the creatures wasn't bad.

40,000 goblins, 10,000 kobolds, 10,000 gnolls, orc shamans...

"What happened with the arc goblins? There are too many of them. Did Adol summon them?"

The arc goblin was an intermediate 2Lv creature. It was similar to the common goblins but had much higher strength and agility. it was a tyrant known as the 'Little Predator' that ate all life around them.

There were 48 arc goblins. That number almost reached 50. Speaking of which, I could occasionally see arc goblins wandering the top floor.

Adol liked orcs so it was surprising to see any goblins.

Guyo shook his head at my question.

"No. The arc goblins were a natural occurrence."

"There should be a limit to the mutation. That is ridiculous."

"I don't know..."

Guyo was grouchy.

I started thinking.

'Is this specific to the dungeon?'

The wavelength of magic varied between dungeons. The creatures would adapt differently. It was very rare but sometimes demons could find that specificity to use it.

This was probably why the goblins multiplied.

'The wavelength of magic in this dungeon is a good match for the goblins. They can reproduce depending on the climate, flora or fauna.'

This was worth experimenting with.

"Guyo. Other than the goblins, push all the creatures in one place."

Under the Dungeon Master's command, it was possible for the fairy to supervise the creatures.

It was hard with the orcs and trolls who had low intelligence.

Of course, there was still a method with the creatures with low intelligence. If a kobold or goblin boss was summoned then control would be easy. It was necessary to spend a little bit of time on separating the creatures.

"I understand. This is the first task you gave me so I will work hard."

Guyo said while flapping his wings. The wounds from Adol were very large.

'He doesn't say his name.'

This was different from Yihi. Was this the difference between self-esteem? The physiology of a fairy differed between individuals.

His jaw tightened.

'An arc goblin will reproduce for survival. I should try some different experiments.'

I had returned but I didn't know everything.

In particular, I was ignorant about anything related to dungeons.

But I was determined to take on this challenge.

I would be directly involved in the ecological improvement of the dungeon. It felt like I was a god. Perhaps this was meant to make the demons take more interest in the human world.

Either way...if my experiment was successful then I could apply it in South Korea. It would be more efficient if I could breed a large number of creatures that matched the wavelength of the dungeon.

While I concentrated on these matters, I had Chrisley search the Japan dungeon with the pyrocks.

The first thing I did was separate the creatures by floor.

The goblins were on the 1st floor, the kobolds the 2nd, the gnolls the 3rd, the 4th floor were the orcs and the 5th floor the trolls.

Now that they were separated, the natural predators disappeared.

'The specific reproduction of the goblins. It will change when predators are gone.'

I was most interested in the goblins.

I wondered whether a large number of arc goblins were born to protect themselves from enemies or if it was influenced by the wavelength of the dungeon.

There was a noticeable change in the reproductive rate. The birth rate lowered after the predators disappeared. After observing the for 1 week, I was able to determine that it was reduced by 30%. This is somewhat credible.

In addition, the goblins had a hard time giving birth. Eight of them would die at once so the population would rapidly decrease in 6 months.

With no natural predators, it showed a similar birth rate to the dungeon in South Korea.

I saw it as natural selection. I needed to make certain choices if I wanted to maintain the population at a constant ratio.

But I confirmed that...the main cause of death was dystocia.

'The survival rate is very high.'

537 goblins were born in a week.

519 safely came into the world.

18 had died due to dystocia.

That was different from my dungeon. The death rate of the goblins in South Korea due to dystocia was 20%. If this place was South Korea's dungeon then 100 out of 537 would have died.

The difference between the figures were too big.

'There is something.'

This feeling was never wrong.

If Japan's dungeon was optimized to goblins then the South Korea dungeon must be optimized to a certain creature.

'It might be due to the wavelength of the dungeon or the climate and environment. A source that allows the creatures to live in the dungeons. However, this transition doesn't always match their body. If Japan is goblins...I need to find out the breed for the South Korea dungeon.'

All the creatures I've summoned so far. All of them failed to show optimization. I had no choice but to individually check the different species.

'Of course, it would be foolish to fill the dungeon only with creatures matching the wavelength. If Japan's dungeon was only filled with goblins then the weakness is obvious...I need to reasonably adjust the ratio. I just have to reference this.'

I thought about it in advance.

This was the type of worry associated with developing a country.

At any rate, it would help the development of the dungeon to find the species that matched the wavelength. This was still a hypothesis but if my theory was correct then I wouldn't need to waste a large number of points.

"My Dungeon Master. I found a place that I think is the altar of fire."

Chrisley came with the griffin and pyrocks.

I looked at her for a moment.

Even the griffin seemed to be obedient to Chrisley.

Anyway, she came at the right time.

I ended Domestic Mode.

The only things left would take time.

I nodded and said.

"Guide me."

* * *

All dungeons contained four altars with different attributes.

The altar regulated the internal flow of magic power and maintained the powerful barrier outside the dungeon. If all four altars collapsed then the barrier would disappear and the dungeon would be exposed to human firearms.

Therefore, each altar had two advanced golems protecting it.

They were set to automatically attack if someone other than the Dungeon Master approached.

In contrast, the Dungeon Master could move them in any way.

But...I was more curious about the message left by the gods.

Sentences that required 100 intelligence to read.

I wondered why such high intelligence was needed as I had never heard of a demon reaching 100 intelligence. It meant that the demons couldn't reach 100 intelligence.

Then the gods determined that I would someday reach 100 intelligence after returning and set that as the triggering condition.

Of course, the sentences wouldn't appear if I wasn't near.

I checked it through Chrisley.

'Isn't it too easy to obtain?'

This was a 'gift.' It would be fine without the trigger condition. But it was easy to obtain and easy to use. Wasn't there any restrictions?

The degree of the gift was a griffin. The level might be low but it was still a high class creature. A creature that was sufficient as a hidden card. I judged that there must be some conditions.

Something that could be easily found with 100 intelligence...if I reached it then I could receive the 'gift.'

But I didn't reach 100 intelligence. I could only read it because of Chrisley.

Like right now.

"This is the place of a fallen god. Here is our grave and our shackles. We have returned to our origins. I am the Earth God Geb. Together with my will...receive my last gift."

South Korea's dungeon had words left by the God of Wisdom Minerva.

Now Chrisley read similar but subtly different words.

Minerva spoke about the place inside the dungeon while Geb seemed to give a cryptic phrase.

Grave and shackles. Return to the origins...

I pondered on the meaning for a moment.


A crack above the altar. Chaotic and holy magic power from Geb rose in the local area. A huge creature soon appeared through the tear in space.


4 metres tall. A giant warrior wearing black helmet and armour. Red eyes that reminded me of the dignity of a high class creature could be seen in the opening of the helmet.

Similar to the griffin that could be called a 1Lv high class creature.

I opened Mind's Eye with dry lips.

Name: Gigantes


Strength 94 Intelligence 71

Agility 75 Stamina 92

Magic Power 74

Potential: (406/414)

Uniqueness: A black knight of the giant species that is a close aid to the Earth God Geb. He has a very noble character. He will not bow his head to anyone. Passing a test is required to obtain him.

Skill: Gigantic Slash (Epic), Arms of the Earth (Ex U)


He was looking at me with very angry eyes. It seemed a test was needed.

I started laughing.

'Let's take a look.'

[TL Note]: Due to the nature of the Korean language, it isn't explicitly stated whether Guyo is a male or female. I'm just going to leave it as male unless I learn otherwise. Then I will change it.