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Chapter 45-47: Dungeon Attack Record

Chapter 45-47: Dungeon Attack Record

The dungeon's 6th floor.

I changed the terrain using Domestic Mode. I've completed the ecology up to the 5th floor but the 6th floor was still empty.

I was hoping to raise some special creatures there.

But changing the terrain itself required points. I used roughly 100,000 points and changed a large chunk of the 6th floor to lava.


The transformation of the dungeon's 6th floor started.

First, the ground split apart. A volcano would intermittently pop up every 30 metres. 5 volcanoes were created in this manner and they started spewing out lava.

The specified lava zone was completed.

Of course, it couldn't end here.

I placed the 3Lv creature 'Pyrock Larva' on the lava field.

The pyrock larva was a creature that cost 1,200 pt. It was expensive for a palm sized larva but I bought 40 of them. There was no hesitation as I purchased it.

'They will duplicate once they become adults.'

Once the pyrock larvae grew into an adult, it could live outside.

The red larva would grow to 3 times its size before unravelling and forming an intermediate creature approximately 1 metre in size with the tail of a dragon and the wings of a bat.

But the pyrock weren't often sold as adults. It was because 99% of the larvae died before becoming adults.

There was a need for very strict management so the dark elves and dwarves were called.

'I need to find the source of magic power associated with the creature.'

The pyrock was a creature that lived on stones containing fire magic power. The volcano and lava meant the fire magic could be instinctively felt.

I bought the pyrock larvae due to the above reasons.

Yihi looked at me with confusion.

"Master. It is very hard to raise the pyrock larvae. The adults are very strong but Yihi knows that they aren't easy to raise. Although they are already purchased."

"I know."

"Doesn't the store sell adults? Yihi thinks you should just get an adult pyrock. I saw a very cute one."

Yihi didn't believe in my skills. In addition, Yihi was curious about why I was raising them.

I wanted the pyrocks for one specific reason.

'The dungeon contains 4 altars of different magic properties. I need to find the fire altar.'

This was also information he obtained from his previous life.

If the 4 altars with different properties were found then it was possible to raise more powerful advanced creatures.

I would use the pyrocks to find the altar. It would be good if they found the altar.

I confirmed in my previous life that it gave achievements. And releasing the more advanced creatures would kill more humans and wouldn't bring me benefits.

But things were different now.

I stood at the peak of the Awakened in South Korea. A monster wave would stir up the Awakened and would shake the country. I stood at the peak but it currently lacked impact. I was free to do a monster wave if I wanted.

There was one obvious effect.

Standing at the peak position...a monster wave was a golden opportunity to become recognized by other Awakened and civilians.

More than anything else.

'The leaders of this country aren't taking the situation seriously enough. After identifying the movements of the creatures in the dungeon, there has only been a lukewarm response. I need to break that perception.'

South Korea.

The vast majority of people were hanging on to the security measures. There was the issue of North Korea but they were slow to cope with the dungeon.

There had to be a real threat to make the country move.

It was inevitable that the country's leaders would use the dungeon as a propaganda tool. It was something I saw in my previous life.

'The Awakened need to be more desperate in order to grow. A competitive environment. And...if I become a symbol then it will be a big boost when hitting other dungeons.'

It was a choice I would make for the future.

In addition, the Awakened would raise awareness by protecting the civilians and they would desperately fight to become stronger for their survival.

Those with a sense of entitlement would use it as a driving force behind their corruption. I would be able to cut off the rotten ones.

There was another reason.

This was an opportunity to debut Chrisley. I intended to make her appear as the Dungeon Master.

The conclusion of my plan!

It would be a while before the creatures could find the altar.

My points were scarce so I couldn't use it at the moment.


Yihi spoke in a puzzled tone.

I began to talk with a relaxed expression.

"Yihi. Are the dark elves and dwarves gathered together?"

"They were gathered a while ago. Do you want Yihi to call them?"


I nodded and Yihi flapped her wings quickly.

* * *

"It is great to see Dungeon Master!"

"It is great to see Dungeon Master!"

The dark elves and dwarves.

They kneeled down before me.

Chrisley was included among the dark elves. Moreover, she seemed even more beautiful. She was at a level of the goddess of beauty and even I was forced to admire her.

I didn't easily go crazy with desire over a women but this......

I opened up Mind's Eye.

I wanted to see the results after one month.

Name: Chrisley

Occupation None Title * Person with the Blood of a True Demonic Dragon (Epic, Intelligence +6, Magic Power +6)

* Blessed by the Moon (Ex U, Magic Power +8)


Strength 26 Intelligence 94 (+6)

Agility 28 Stamina 32

Magic Power 55 (+18)

Potential: (235+24/478)

Uniqueness: A person with the true demonic dragon Aojin and the dark elf Shilla's blood, the end of her growth can't be seen.

Skill: Body Control (R), Undead Manufacturing (U)

[Before and After Comparison]

Strength 23 Intelligence 100 Agility 21 Stamina 27 Magic 60 Potential (211+20/478)

Strength 26 Intelligence 100 Agility 28 Stamina 32 Magic 73 Potential (235+24/478)

The Death Wand gave an addition 4 magic power.

After her health was restored, her stats rose up rapidly.

But I was surprised to see that Body Control had transformed into a rare skill.

It had only been one month.

Body Control had risen from the normal rating to rare.


Is this the power of 100 intelligence?

The growth rate of the skill was unbelievable.

After a few months, it didn't seem impossible for Body Control to reach the unique rating. The same was true for Undead Manufacturing.

Anyway, it was good that someone under my command had grown.

I shook my head and opened my mouth.

"Do any of you have experience leading an army?"

Two people raised their hands.

Dark elf Julliom and dwarf Stein.

Both of them were leaders of their village.

"Only two?"

"It will depend on your criteria of the army, Dungeon Master."

Julliom carefully expressed his opinion.

"Leading more than 500 would be good."

"Then there are two more people."

Three dark elves.

I moved my line of sight.


"One more."

"A total of five. That should be okay."

I couldn't randomly release the monster wave. A commanding presence was needed to lead them.

"The five of you step forward. Chrisley is permitted to take two steps."

Chrisley moved forward with the five people behind her.

The dark elves and dwarves gathered together. Chrisley was two steps away.

"A week later, the 1st monster wave will take place. It will be composed of 5,000 orcs, kobolds and gnolls and will create trouble for the humans."

"Dungeon Master. The 1st?"

Julliom asked an appropriate question.

"The 1st monster wave is just a device intended to awaken the human's awareness. Except for Chrisley, you five will step out. It doesn't matter if the creatures are lost but all leaders have to return safely. The next monster wave will occur after two months. At that time, Chrisley will be in charge of the mission. In addition, the quality of their creatures will change."

The 1st wave would just be a teaser.

I clenched my fists tightly and said.

"Time is running out. First, I will assign 1,000 creatures to each commander. You have a week to train them in the basics. Go forth from the dungeon and devastate the humans!"

"As you command!"

"As you command!"

The six commanders including Chrisley bowed their heads deeper.

"The remaining dark elves and dwarves will have a separate task. They were take care of the pyrock larvae that I've released on the 6th floor. After the pyrock larvae sticks out from the ground, letting them rest for 30 minutes is enough. There is a place with no lava so build houses to live in the area."

I quickly divided their roles.

The 1st wave that would take place after one week!

I was busy preparing for the move.

* * *

The 3rd and 4th floor were filled with 500 orcs.

4,500 kobolds and goblins.

There were an additional 20 harpies and goblin and kobold bosses that would be part of the 1st wave.

An army that humans could defeat.

There were no nuclear weapons. It was different with tanks and fighter jets but the regular infantry would find it difficult to deal with the creatures.

Even if they were armed with modern weapons, there were no humans that didn't fear death.

Kung! Kung!

The footprints of the creatures rang through the dungeon.

The creatures were neatly lined up on the dungeon's 1st floor.

I raised my right hand as I slowly moved forward.

"Let's move out."

"Let's move out!"

Kung! Kung!

The army of 5,000 creatures left the dungeon while being led by the 5 commanders.

* * *

The South Korean troops near Bukhan Mountain.

A number of soldiers were deployed in case the creatures emerged from the dungeon.

It wasn't easy for civilians to reach here and they were positioned in a place where they could observe the entrance.

But it had been more than a year and the creatures hadn't left the dungeon.

Discipline had been neglected and now it was just a routine patrol.

The troops stationed at the dungeon brought entertainment such as a pack of cards.

"5 matches."

"I'm sorry. I also have a match."

They were playing at the table originally used for operation planning. They squandered money and now there were only two people remaining.

But now it seemed to be ending.

The soldier who lost money had a long face.

"That is our Captain-nim. Just a little bit is acceptable. Ha! Today Captain-nim should buy chicken for the kids of our squadron.

The captain tsked at his men.

"You rascals, you think that I should buy chicken for the kids? I'm going to use the money to go and see Madam Jeong."

It was at that moment.

Just as all the money was being swept up! The door opened and someone came in.

The captain frowned.

"You should knock before you come in......"

"Captain-nim! I-it is serious! A monster wave!"

The captain laughed.

"Are you high?"

"You must be dreaming or something."

"That friend's words are a little strange."

The other soldiers also laughed.


But more patrolling soldiers kept entering through the door and the atmosphere changed.

"M-monster wave!"

"An estimated number of more than 4,000! The creatures are exiting the dungeon!"

* * *

Tang! Tatang!

Gun shots resounded from all over the mountain.

The smell of gunpowder and blood filled the air.

"Son of a bitch!"


The armoured vehicles were blindly firing machine guns at the goblins.

A few distracted goblins were killed.

The creatures didn't fear death.

The soldiers at the front all received the same fate.

The goblins attacked while neglecting their lives.


In a brief instant.

The soldier's face was instantly torn in half by the sharp teeth of the goblins. The soldiers were instantly killed. It was a gory sight but at least they didn't have to suffer from being eaten alive.


Something penetrated through the forehead of the goblin that was eating the soldier's neck.

The goblin was riddled with hundreds of holes from bullets.

The soldiers near the body opened fire.

"Die scum!"

The soldiers frowned at the sight.

There were the remains of vomit at the corners of their mouths. This scene was very common here.

The creatures didn't fear death but the soldiers definitely did!

The permanent post at Bukhan Mountain had received a surprise ambush. There was no radio contact under conditions like these.

The soldiers used the bullets and grenades in their arsenal and barely survived.

There were already a shootout against the creatures inside the garrison. Out of 150 soldiers, only 10 barely survived.

Their faces had already darkened.

"Captain-nim, are you okay?"

"Shit! Do I look like I'm okay? All the wounded people, follow me! Move!"

They didn't know.

There might be more creatures in the vicinity.

The troops would have no future if they met the orcs.

The wounded soldiers started moving.

But who knew?

That it would be like he said......

Chwiik. Chwiiik.


The captain cursed as he heard the familiar rough breathing of an orc.

* * *

The 7-Eleven near Buksan Mountain.

Today a convenience store worker called Kim Gun-sam gulped as a scantily clad woman wearing a fine silver blouse and short hot pants entered.


The woman ignored him and went to the corner where the tampons were. Kim Gun-sam secretly admired her while drinking.

'Hya! Look at that rear.'

The curve of her butt was emphasized by the hot pants. It was natural for the eyes to be drawn there.

'A person who works in the nightlife? I often see women like this in the red light district. Hehe......'

The value of the land around Bukhan Mountain had dropped due to the dungeon.

It was dangerous working near a dungeon but he had grudgingly accepted the job at the convenience store.

He had been working the part time job for a couple of days.

His mind had transformed into an oasis.

There were plenty of cheap entertainment places near the convenience store.

The woman placing items on the counter had that 'good feel.'

Kim Gun-sam looked at the cold wind blowing outside.

'She must be freezing.'

She was sexy but there were disadvantages to it.

Kim Gun-sam coughed and said.

"Hmm hmm! 8,800 won. Would you like an envelope?"

"That value should be covered by you."


"My ass, didn't you keep staring at it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about Customer-nim."

Kim Gun-sam hastily said with embarrassment.

And how did this woman know when she didn't even turn her head?

His conscience pricked but he had to deny it.

The woman stared at Kim Gun-sam.

"Should we check the CCTV? You were definitely looking at my ass!"

Why did this woman know that he was staring?

'This day?'

Kim Gun-sam was about to protest when he saw something outside the glass windows.




Eobobo. Kim Gun-sam's finger trembled as he pointed outside.

The woman turned with a frown but she soon showed the exact same reaction as Kim Gun-sam.



Both of them were gazing towards the same place.

Hundreds of creatures were moving on foot.

* * *

Monster wave.

The phenomenon that involved creatures coming out of the dungeon.

It had already happened a few times in other countries but South Korea officially had the 5th monster wave.

The soldiers stationed near the dungeon sacrificed themselves but weren't able to repel the advance of the creatures.

The creatures that came down from Bukhan Mountain immediately attacked Gangbuk-gu and Eunpyeong-gu (gu=district).

The residents were evacuated after noticing the existence of the creatures but Ui-dong, Suyu-dong and Galhyeon-dong (dong= neighbourhoods in the districts. Ui-dong & Suyu-dong= Gangbuk-gu. Galhyeon-dong= Eunpyeong-gu) were destroyed.

In fact, many people were already concerned.

It was common sense that a monster wave would ravage cities near the area.

But the media and government talked about the soldiers stationed there so the people believed that creatures would be tied up in the dungeon.

However, the military's response was dull.

Central Seoul's economy, culture and transportation couldn't cope with it.

As a result, the casualties reached 1,732 people.

When including the wounded, it reached over 2,000 people.

They succeeded in repelling the creatures that emerged from the dungeon but it caused them a massive headache.

* * *

'So they are trying to hit the dungeon.'

I was watching the scene while relaxing from the top floor of the dungeon.

The Dungeon Core was showing it through a hologram so I was entertained.

The pride of the army might have been crushed if the Awakened hadn't joined them. It was the perfect response of an idiot.

There was an intense surge of magic power inside the tower.

What was magic power? Originally it was the fundamental power.

It was the source of modern civilization in human hands. They gnawed on the source instead of using it properly. Even if it worked, I didn't get any bad feelings from it.

The Awakened could use the magic power to use modern weapons more efficiently.

But an army consisting of normal humans trying to invade an army?

I started laughing.

'Killing ordinary people won't give any points but......'

Only the existence of the Awakened gave points. Other dungeon creatures and demons also gave points but normal humans were worth nothing.

Of course, a public massacre would earn him some achievements.

Contributing to the destruction of the earth.

And if I killed 100 million people then a title and achievement could be obtained.

I would rather receive the contributions from killing the demons. Killing everyone in South Korea would be insufficient to reach 100 million. It was very tedious work.

It was better to use the demons.

'I should give a gift to Chrisley. The volume produced with Undead Manufacturing will be fun.'

I smiled as I determined the future of those entering the dungeon.

Anyway, using the Undead Manufacturing skill would raise the proficiency.

It was recycling.

' didn't feel good to have my dungeon ignored.'

Before the monster wave happened, the army had ignored me for North Korea. What did that mean?

They seemed to be looking down on me.

My army only consisted of 5,000 low level creatures but......

'I will welcome them as the Dungeon Master.'

Of course, I wouldn't be greeting them directly.

I wasn't going to show my official appearance.

An army of humans meeting the Dungeon Master?

It didn't fit.

It was different from the Awakened entering in large numbers. Even then, only a few creatures handled them.

After summarizing my thoughts, I had Krasla gather the dark elves.

The dwarves were left alone. Right now they needed to take care of the pyrock.

And the propagating harpies were in charge of the 20 mud golems and 30 puppets on the 5th floor.

* * *



The 20 golems that were 4 metres high and weighing 2 tons were lined up in a row.

They were made of hardened mud refined through alchemy and magic.

Among the intermediate creatures, there were none that was inferior to them.

Next to them were the 30 puppets made out of metal in the form of human beings.

The dark elves had climbed up one by one on both shoulders of the mud golem. They are armed with a bow and short dagger.

The dark elves could shoot arrows in the dark and could swing their knife quickly like an assassin.

In addition, the synergy with the dungeon meant that the dark elves were invincible against the humans.

Their number reached 40.

The combined total of 120 wasn't a large amount.



The fire horse, Inferno!

Krasla was sitting on Inferno.

The magic earrings were removed and his original appearance was regained.

In addition, there was an extremely determined look in his eyes.

'Inferno has been entrusted to me. In other words, I had to launch an overwhelming force that will devastate the enemy!'

Dungeon Master.

I directly lent him Inferno.

He was a general and his enemy was a country.

No matter how brief it was, Krasla had experience and knew how weak their army was. They couldn't use their tools and would be easily beaten.

Tactics? Strategy?

There was no need.

A frontal attack!

So I would completely break them.

Krasla and his troops were on the 1st floor. Scouts confirmed that the enemy was 500 metres in front of them.

Krasla raised his red spear.

"The enemies are in front. The dirty humans should withdraw their footsteps. Their numbers are plentiful but they are weak! We will trample on them for Master!"

Joy rose in the eyes of the dark elves.

They came from the Demon World. A world where the strong ruled. It was natural for the weak to be stepped on.

The dark elves might be weak in power but this was a chance to prove their worth.

They were pleased!

Krasla extended his spear and kicked Inferno to move forward.


Inferno started to run.

Krasla shouted in a loud voice.

"Sweep through those guys without leaving one of them behind!"

* * *

The Philippines, China, India, France and South Korea.

It was the order that the monster waves occurred in.

With the exception of France that didn't have the dungeon secured properly in the first place, the troops stationed nearby rapidly coped with it.

There were thousands of casualties and property damage due to the tanks so the amount of people complaining were very high.

The current government tried to reduce the danger of the dungeons through propaganda but it only worked on certain groups.

The damage and danger of the dungeon was enough to shake public opinion.

In order to change the flow of this, a meeting was held in a secret bunker between the Defense Minister, President, head of the Security Council and the Lieutenant General.


"If this operation fails then we will all die. It should be fine. But didn't we lose contact with the team not long after they entered the dungeon? Lieutenant General Choi Chun-ji. Did you install the wire connection directly?

The president slammed his fist down on the table while the sweating Choi Chun-ji licked his lips.

"President-nim. Don't worry. The power of the Special Division is unbeatable. The creatures won't be able to stop their firepower."

"Lieutenant General Choi Chun-ji! It is obvious that they will sweep through the dungeon. The problem is doing it with minimal damage! I can't relax let alone breathe until I know what is going on!"

Lieutenant Choi Chun-ji had a frustrated heart Didn't he know how great the power of one division was? A division specially organized to handle the dungeon.

The armed Special Forces contained k1a1 and k2 armoured tanks which were considered as the strongest.

It wasn't a power that the creatures could face.

The soldiers also had the latest firearms.

"Don't worry Sir. Even though communication was lost, we can still receive from the signaller. We just need to wait a few hours and we shall receive very good news."

Lieutenant Choi Chun-ji was confident.

He couldn't be anything else.

There were a number of political relationships tangled up in the dungeon but it was just a matter of performance. It was easy to deal with the people's complaints.

Thousands of creatures were wiped out so Choi Chun-ji couldn't understand the president's attitude.

The president's fist trembled.

"It must be like that. If you don't want your throat any means!"

* * *

Unlike Choi Chun-ji's hopeful observation, the situation of the soldiers wasn't very good.

8,000 people could easily move past the creatures but as they got deeper into the dungeon, more things started to malfunction.

First, the wire communications and radio were jammed. The tanks started emitting smoke and firearms stopped working.

"Division Commander-nim. All communications are jammed. It will take 5 hours for the signaler to return to the dungeon entrance. What do you want to do?"

"Continue the operation. We can handle the creatures."

The Division Commander firmly gave an order to continue the operation.

The faces of the soldiers darkened as they heard those words.

They already knew that the products of modern science would become jammed in the dungeon. The United States had already made their information about the dungeon public. No, they knew there was a high chance the operation wouldn't work.

But the soldiers had to follow the command. A few of them spoke words of complaint.

"Eh. I have no interest in going up......"

One of the soldiers muttered to himself. The surrounding soldiers nodded their heads in agreement.

Those with wealth and power only cared about the Cores but the soldiers felt frantic. They weren't interested in the inside of the dungeon.

The Awakened were the ones meant to deal with the dungeon.

To capture the dungeon using only the strength of humans, it felt......

"What is that?"

"Why is the ground shaking?"




Suddenly a loud sound could be heard from a short distance away. The soldiers were puzzled and turned their flashlights and torches in the direction.

A horse was approaching at a very fast speed. It was ridiculous but the horse was on fire! Someone was riding on top of it.

It was first time in their lives that they saw something like that. The mouths of the soldiers dropped open. The unusual horse was a surprising sight.

But the soldiers lost their spirits the moment they saw something else.

Dozens of huge golems!

The sight was overwhelming.

Next to them were shining metal dolls that moved quickly.

"Prepare to fight! Prepare to fight!"

It became a full length battlefield.

* * *

What was the reason for dividing the creatures between floors?

This arrangement was solely conceived for the Awakened. It could be used to raise them, increasing the points.

But...humans couldn't even step foot in the dungeon. There was no need to wait by dividing it among floors.

In addition, the humans weren't Awakened and couldn't resist the creatures inside the dungeon.

Modern weapons were certainly powerful but it was limited inside the dungeon.

Almost all firearms jammed or caused a fatal error.

Didn't they know that? Or were they ignoring it?

"Master. The humans are really stupid. If Master allows it then Yihi will make them go and bow down like dogs! Of course, there would be a tribute in exchange. A kiss is probably sufficient ~ yihihi."

Yihi said while looking at the progress of the battle through the crystal ball.

I had to admit that Yihi was stupid so I didn't have an answer for her.

Yihi quietly approached but I raised my hand.

I grabbed Yihi between the thumb and index finger of my right hand and stared at the crystal ball.

* * *

"Shit. Aim the muzzle correctly!"

"I-it isn't firing properly! The focus of the scope is slightly changing!"

"Throw grenades!"

"The safety pin isn't pulled properly? It isn't popping out!"



8,000 soldiers were attacking.

The bullets fired from the gun would move slightly away from the aimed target. If they closed their eyes and fired then there would be friendly fire.

A thrown grenade wouldn't explode or the extent of the explosion would be reduced. Any golems hit were quickly restored.

The dolls made of metal?

They were a similar size to humans and had sharp blades.

They were capable of stabbing and piercing.

The division commander told them.

"Are the tanks moving?"

"No! It will take time to repair the engine! None of the tanks are moving!"


The division commander frowned as he heard those words.

The situation was rather disturbing. The grenades didn't even work properly. It was the first time he had seen modern weapons disabled like this.

"Swords! Take out your swords!"

The division commander shouted.

The soldiers regained their spirits at the commander's loud voice.

They immediately put away their guns and pointed their greatswords at the incoming puppets.


But the greatsword was only good for damaging biological existences. A common human that wasn't Awakened couldn't damage the metal puppet.

It was limited to just scratches.

But the puppets were moderately put in check. The golems were very big so their movements were slow.

The real problem was the dark elves with dark skin riding them while wielding long spears.

There was approximately 40 of them.

But they couldn't be resisted.

They moved in the darkness like shadows.

The Special Forces struggled but they had limits.

They learned how to deal with humans but weren't prepared to face such strong creatures.

The result was very bleak.

"After all...keok!"

The division commander about to order a retreat was beheaded.


He had narrowed the distance with Inferno and swung his spear.

The soldiers were helpless before his breakthrough power. The soldiers on the front lines started to die one by one.

The dark elves quickly understood and only aimed at them.

A chain of confusion!

A situation that had exploded out of control.

At this moment, they all sat down with 'despair.'

* * *

The security conference.

The president leaned back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling with a pale expression.

It had been two days since contact had been disconnected.

As more time passed with no contact, the mood of the conference room sunk like they were at a funeral.

" contact?"

The president spoke in a voice mixed with phlegm while Lieutenant Choi Chun-ji kept his mouth tightly closed. It had been a few days with no contact so the worst result must have happened.

After a long moment, Lieutenant General Choi Chun-ji spoke up.

"I've sent a search party. Just wait a little longer......"

"A little longer, a little longer! How long is a little bit? If this operation fails then take off your clothes."

Choi Chun-ji shut his mouth at the president's words.

They all knew.

Previously there were only 1,700 casualties so it was difficult to imagine 8,000 people being wiped out.

The special troops of South Korea. It would be fortunate if Choi Chun-ji's only consequence was taking off his clothes.

At this time, the defense minister carefully spoke.

"President-nim. Measures...we need to establish them."

The president tapped his finger on the desk as he sighed.

"Apologize to the country. Is there any other method besides resigning?"

"Sir, the results are still unknown. The soldiers might return after brilliantly performing the operation......"

"Don't bother. I know a lot of people are dissatisfied with the current administration. The backlash will just get worse over time."

The president continued with a determined expression.

"Okay. Let's cover it up as much as possible."

The next day, the news related to the dungeon and the soldiers were extremely limited. The information was deliberately concealed from all media, information agencies and organizations.

Questions were just answered mechanically with ambiguous words like 'soon there will be news.'

Even the portal sites weren't safe. A large amount of data was censored or deleted on the forums.

But no matter how hard they tried to hide it, cracks started to form and they couldn' stop the water from rising.

In the first place, it had been impossible to pull the wool over their eyes.

After a month passed and the soldiers didn't return, public opinion completely turned against the current government.

The Awakened played a decisive role.

Some guilds searched inside the dungeon and found the tanks that the soldiers had used. There weren't any bodies lying around but it didn't look good.

It was almost like a story.

After a few days, uniformed zombies began to occasionally emerge on the 1st floor. The appearance of the soldiers wandering around was terrible.

The public exploded like a spring.

At first it was just a peaceful protest but things couldn't be easily resolved. They were all parents or family of the soldiers.

In the end, the president apologized by resigning and a number of candidates ran for the presidency.

A reporter from the United States, John also covered these series of events.

It was titled 'The Useless and Ridiculous Pride Along with Ignorance caused the Worst Result.'

At the same time, he published a book called 'Dungeon Attack Record' that detailed the monster wave that took place in South Korea and heavily criticized the government.

Thus, 2 months passed since the first monster wave occurred in South Korea.