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Author: Mao Ni

Lastchapter: 722 Welcome

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722 Welcome
721 He Mingchi
720 Shangguan Yangyu
719 One Night in Changan
718 All into Ashes
717 The Attitude of the Northern Army
716 I Have Been to the City of Wei
715 Fists as Heavy as Mountains and a Belt of Steel
714 Long Live Her Majesty
713 Back to the South
712 The Rainy Night at Xiao Mountain, Red Waters in the Clear River
711 End of the War
710 The Tang War
709 The Destruction of the City of Wei
708 Wei, Im Worried
707 The Subsequence
706 The Tangs Belief
705 Temporary Defea
704 Battle in Capital Cheng II
703 Battle in Capital Cheng I
702 Beginning of the Show
701 Someone Is Waiting, Someone Is Blocking
700 The Key to Changan City
699 The Quiet and Dark Palace
698 The Cold Autumn Palace
697 A New Story Part 2
696 A New Story Part 1
695 No Regrets Though We Part Without a Figh
694 Ascension to Heaven II
693 Ascension Part 1
692 Body in Light, Feet in Darkness
691 Turning the World Upside Down II
690 Turning the World Upside Down I
689 Story of the Headmaster II
688 The Headmasters Story Part 2
687 The Headmasters Story Part 1
686 Seedling Picking, Divorcing Ones Wife for a New Day
685 It Must Be Beautiful
684 Water Gushing out to the Ship at Nigh
683 Picking Fish and Remains in the Sea of Snow
682 This Is A Question
681 Peering into the Heavens through Plates
680 Traveling for Miles Just to Ea
679 The Headmasters Wrath
678 Sangsangs Smile
677 Something Truly Interesting
676 Sword of the World Part 2
675 Sword of the World Part 1
674 The Hand Reaching out to the Sky
673 Shooting the Golden Dragons Head
672 Dark Dreams Part 2
671 Dark Dreams Part I
670 The Darkness in the Northen Sky
669 The Light of the Southern Sky
668 Between Shooting and Not Shooting
667 Sending Arrows with a Song
666 Cries of The Desolate
665 The Northern Goshawk
664 Corpses and Swords Falling from Above and the Massive Chariot at the Wilderness
663 Towards Death
662 Winter Wont Leave
661 Summer Is Coming
660 Im Foretelling the Future On the Tower
659 War Began With An ID Token
658 Drink Ones Fill
657 The Dark Clouds Landed on the Silver Mask
656 Let Him Go
655 The Helan Gorge
654 The City of Wei Got Drunk
653 The Woodcutter, who Returned to Shubi Lake
652 Nearing Shubi Lake
651 Nobody Dares Ride on the Black Donkey
650 The Caw Through the Swamp
649 This is Battle
648 Good at Battle
647 Be Skillful in Battle
646 The Most Exciting Time
645 The Fog Dissipates, Revealing Red Robes
644 Inside the Quagmire
643 The Beginning of the Blood-Filled Journey to the Throne
642 One Can Go on the Path When There Is a Path
641 The Burning Horse Carriage
640 Immolation
639 Confucius Says
638 Buddhas Words
637 The Eldest Brother And The Younger Brother
636 My Teacher Asked Me to Send You Some Words
635 As the Strings Broke and Sound Arose, Here I Am
634 The Chief Preaching Monk
633 Dont Kill
632 The Killing Stone
631 Across the Lake is a World of Bloodshed
630 Relationships and Gossip
629 Black Crows and the Priest in Red
628 Break into the Monastery
627 The Trapped Beasts
626 Fight Against the Entire World
625 Invincible Among People With The Same State
624 Bound to You, Before the Broken Wall
623 The Flute Was Played With No Sound, Whos the One Under the Umbrella
622 Fallen Mountain and Chaotic Waterfall, Ruined Embankment and Overflowing River
621 The Strong Intent to Kill
620 My Sangsang Could Not Be So Cute
619 Spoon, When Will the Spoon Be Seen
618 The Clouds Gathered Above Chaoyang City II
617 The Clouds Gathered Above Chaoyang City I
616 Two Autumns
615 Chaoyang City Does Not Face the Sun
614 The Trailing Shadow
613 The Cloud
612 Nothing Can Stop Us, Not Even Buddha
611 The End of My Enemies, the Time to Reclaim Those Old Shoes
610 It Is Boring in the Wilderness
609 The Chiming of Bells in Xuankong Temple
608 We Were Here and Those Who Stop Us Shall Die
607 Beneath the Cloud, over the Ground
606 Leaving the Carriage in the Wilderness and Heading to the Mounds
605 Come and Go
604 The Three Who Tried A Case
603 The Same People and Things
602 Eternal Life and Death
601 Autumn Is Coming
600 Where Are They?
599 Deserted Ruins
598 The Academy is rational, the Gentleman knows the way
597 The Iron Sword and the Wooden Sword
596 The Fastest Sword and the Slowest Person
595 Second of the Academy
594 Tearing Through the Array!
593 The Wind in Lanke Temple
592 Tendrils
591 Battle, Victory over Buddha
590 The Buddha Among Men
589 A New Generation of Powerhouse
588 To Save or to Kill, by the Compassion of Buddha
587 We Were All Resisting
586 Yamas Daughter II
585 Yamas Daughter 1
584 Walking under the Light of Buddha
583 The Chime of a Bell
582 A Pebble
581 A Flower Addic
580 A Cup of Flower Tea
579 A Grand Celebration
578 The Handprint in Autumn Rain and the Dance in Front of Temple
577 Thoughts on the Stone Statues at Nigh
576 Buddhas Notes
575 Above All States
574 Studying Buddhism
573 Unpredictable Future
572 The Cause and Effect of Xuankong Temple
571 You Can Be White If You Want To Be
570 A Thousand-World Flower
569 Ask and It Shall Be Given
568 Black and White Between the Chessboard
567 Ill Wait for You on the Mountain
566 A Green Pear
565 Lucky to Have Sangsang
564 Which Color Do You Choose?
563 Flicking Red Leaves and Pinching Yellow Flowers
562 Sangsangs Saying
561 The Inconspicuous Yet Colorful Leaf
560 Heavens Will
559 The Interesting Gameplay on the Chessboard
558 Sangsangs Chess Play and the First Match Reminiscent of Bear Paws and Unclean Cuts
557 Warning Signs
556 A Perfect Silence Prevailed
555 The Leaping Birds
554 The Two Strong Speeches
553 Blunders by the Stream and I Dont Want to Miss I
552 Meeting an Old Friend Under the Bamboos
551 Whispers before the Hall
550 Real Buddha In Fron
549 Green Marks on the Tomb
548 Master Qishan
547 The Little Town on Wa Mountain
546 Scenery
545 The Flaring Divine Robes
544 The Divine Palanquin Moves North
543 Two Pearls on the Dark Walls
542 Medicine of Light III
541 Medicine of Light II
540 Medicine of Light I
539 Finally, I Hear Your Voice
538 Looking for the Drugs
537 Trekking in Twiligh
536 Who Could Foresee Destiny
535 Borrowing One Second from Brightness
534 Fire in Red Lotus Temple
533 Start with Debating
532 Autumn Rain Kills and Autumn Wind Laughs
531 Scattered Horses and People
530 Seven Iron Arrows
529 Iron Arrow and Black Peach Blossoms Finally Me
528 Frosted Red Maple Leaves, Riders in Black
527 The Shabby Temple in Autumn
526 Sitting on the Ground and Becoming Devils
525 Haotians Shadow
524 Cant Leave the Green Hill
523 Candy of Life
522 I Can Fall
521 Heavens Orders and Darkness
520 Gray-eyed Cub
519 The Taoist Priest without Bottom
518 Is This An Illness?
517 In the Future and Ours
516 Prophecy of the Broken Beam
515 The Beginning of History Books
514 The Family Cuis Interesting Reaction
513 Dont Get Any Ideas
512 Arrived in Qinghe County
511 The Lonesome Mountain
510 The Fallen Knigh
509 Hearts Blood
508 Meeting by the Road
507 The Black Horse Carriage with A Sunroof
506 Disappointed before Parting
505 Small Pills
504 A Small Porcelain Bottle
503 Just Because of One More Look at You
502 Who Would Protect Him If the Night Came?
501 Shall We Go to Worship Buddha?
500 We Had Seen the Darkness at the End of the Road II
499 We All Saw the Darkness at the End of the Road I
498 Sangsangs Illness
497 Another Dream
496 The Story of Spring III
495 The Story of Spring II
494 The Story of Spring I
493 New Life, Falling Rocks, and A Spring Outing
492 Tomb Sweeping
491 Discussing the Sword
490 The Same World, the Different Thoughts
489 Friends from the Same Sect and Enemies in the Winter Fores
488 After Your Death
487 They Were Each Others Life and Sangsang Sang to the Lake
486 Lullaby
485 The Generals Hair Turned White Overnight after the War
484 The Sword in the Dark
483 The Open Spear
482 The Spear
481 The Blood Flag Will Not Fall
480 The Meeting of Iron Flowers and Iron Arrows
479 It Had Never Been a War of Only One Man
478 Inside and Outside the Well
477 Frost Fall
476 The Wail of the Cicadas
475 Snowing
474 Hoisting the Flag
473 A Different Story
472 Those Forgotten Names
471 Blood in the Palm; People on the Bridge
470 The Only Choice
469 Another Insigh
468 Watching the Snow
467 Winter Solstice Festival
466 Disabusing
465 Teaching
464 Preaching
463 Stronger Feeling of Autumn
462 The Small Taoist Temple and Being Free
461 Discussing Taoism on the Streets
460 Look at the Other Charms of Changan
459 Yellow Leaves and the White Chess Piece
458 The Fisherman and the Invitation
457 The Families from Qinghe County
456 How to End the Old Grudge
455 Retiring and Growing Old
454 The Autumn Was Back
453 Observing the Sword for A Whole Night and Drawing i
452 Why Fight with Someone Who Was Not in the Same State as Yours?
451 Let Us Cultivate Together Part II
450 Let Us Cultivate Together Part I
449 Summertime Languidness
448 Everyone Has A Painful Childhood
447 The Time Would Come for Stars to Fall
446 Chalk, Powdered Ice, and Powdered Regrets
445 The Guest That Made the Host Uncomfortable
444 The Arrival of A Maiden Taoist Priest Drenched in the Rain.
443 Weeping Willow
442 Taming the Eagle
441 Holding Umbrella
440 Planting Lotus
439 Moving Trees
438 Sword Thunder
437 Tearing Paper
436 Embroidering Flowers
435 Blasting the Stream
434 Torn Armor
433 Cutting the Weeds
432 Purchasing the Lake
431 So What if You Have Money?
430 The Buyer from South Jin Kingdom
429 The Auctioneer Speaks
428 Genuine Works
427 A Package Wrapped in Blue Cloth
426 Who Was More Shameless and Better at Bragging?
425 And Where Were You?
424 Buildings without Walls
423 Raining Street and Burning People
422 The Vermilion Bird Recognizes Its Lord
421 General II
420 The General I
419 Being Able to Grasp It, but Unable to Let It Go
418 Legend of the Building II
417 Legend of the Building I
416 Lets Meet in the West-Hill in Three Years
415 Lets Go!
414 Under the Banyan, Beside the Pond
413 The Black Peach Flower Beside the Boa
412 Borrowing the Sword III
411 Borrowing the Sword II
410 Borrowing the Sword I
409 The Men Who Are Not Easily Fooled
408 The Successors of Gods
407 The Girl Kneeling Before God
406 How Can You Prove It?
405 The Academy Is Always Very Polite
404 Why Dont You Give in? II
403 Why Dont You Give in? I
402 A Simple Hack
401 I Pulled My Blade Because I Recognized I
400 The Strongest in This World...
399 A Big Show
398 The Shame of the Academy Who Refused to Show His Face
397 If the Heavens Way Really Exists
396 Debating about Night with the Headmaster of the Academy
395 Reading the Tomes of Arcane
394 The Third Book
393 The Very Last Qi
392 Spring was Waiting for You
391 Exhaustive Testing
390 The Old Lady Sweeping the Floor
389 A Challenger Came to the Academy
388 Jumping Down From the Waterfall and Talking About Beasts
387 Youngest Uncle of the New Generation
386 A New Weapon and A New Apprentice
385 New Green Life on the Old Cliff
384 Being Grounded for Cultivation II
383 Being Grounded for Cultivation I
382 Three Books II
381 Three Books Part I
380 Three Solutions, or Just One
379 Trick Heaven and Earth
378 Vegetable Washing and Load Carrying
377 Trying to Escape from the Cliff Cave for the First Time
376 Looking at Changan on the Cliff
375 A Student, the Master and a Jinlan Tree in the Back of the Mountain
374 Meeting A Friend for the First Time and Getting Punished by the Headmaster of the Academy
373 Meeting Teacher and the Poor Guys Who Have No Status
372 Smashing Rocks on Thin Chests, Shocking Winter Grass with Shamelessness
371 Visiting Relatives, Returning to the City and the Girl on the Bench
370 Porridge and Letters, Before and in the Future
369 Cant Help Loving Her Even Without Seeing Her
368 Chronicles of the Building of Pines and Cranes II
367 Chronicles of the Building of Pines and Cranes I
366 Cutting the Candle
365 The Dead Master
364 Buddhas Head and Meat Buns
363 Killing Oneself and Others Due to Compassion & Scolding and Laughing at Buddha Due to Small Fee
362 Clouds above the Mortal World, Buddha with a Bloody Face
361 Bun
360 Scolding the Lake
359 I Dont Like I
358 Looking for Sangsang
357 A Pitiful Kid
356 We Were Kids
355 The Fight between Two Different Opinions II
354 The Fight between Two Different Opinions I
353 Calligraphy, the Calligraphy Addict and the Academy
352 Red Walls and White Snow, What A Lovely Scene
351 Flower Falls
350 Hidden in the Fog
349 Comprehension Before the Fish
348 The Invitation from Lanke Temple
347 The Person Entering the Human Realm III
346 The Person Entering the Human Realm II
345 The Person Entering the Human Realm I
344 Heavier than the Blade and Faster than the Arrows
343 Pride of the Academy
342 Burying the Urns
341 A Reunion with New and Old Friends
340 I Cant Fall Asleep without You
339 Pigeon Soup II
338 Pigeon Soup I
337 Out of the Blue
336 I Have Never Suspected
335 The Vigilance from the Secular World
334 Just Invincible Prior to Knowing Destiny
333 The Future in Your Hands
332 There Is No Blood in Sangsangs Eyes
331 There Was Snow in the Lane at the Beginning of New Year
330 The Cracked Head
329 That Piece of Snow Was Falling
328 That Aura Has Awakened
327 Depressed yet Zealous
326 Everyone Has a Chain on His Neck
325 You Are Not Old, but Please Retire
324 The Darkness That Was Like Blood in Tuyang City
323 Bloody Bread
322 The Prince and the Beggar
321 We Might as Well Not Fight or Mee
320 Calling for Love in the North of the Wilderness
319 The One Addicted to Flowers Follows Silently
318 Two Characters in the Carriage
317 The Appearance of the Tomes of Arcane and What Happens After
316 A Hard Life for Them II
315 A Hard Life for Them I
314 Life is Hard
313 We Were Only Passers-By II
312 We Were Only Passers-By I
311 Another Man Falls from the Sky
310 The Eldest Brother of the Academy
309 An Unstoppable Fis
308 What Welcomed Ning Que Back to the World Was...
307 A Slight "eh" to a Beautiful Debu
306 Where Four People Travels, Someone Crosses the Lake
305 The Shame of the Academy Steps onto the World Stage
304 The Figure from Above
303 Returning Home with Youth
302 All Are Satisfied
301 To Not Kill
300 Wine, Successor, Potatoes
299 New Urn, Old Urn, and Bone ashes
298 Above the Sky
297 A Step off the Cliff
296 Besiege the Alley
295 On the Sly, Staying Together
294 How about Playing Chess, Chatting and Having A Bowl of Noodles?
293 An Encounter
292 Who Should Be The One to Leave?
291 Making Smoke with Pine Twigs and Washing A New Urn
290 Blazing eyes
289 A Thing of the Pas
288 No Idler in the World
287 The Same Nigh
286 Join the Devil XV
285 Join the Devil XIV
284 Join the Devil XIII
283 Join the Devil XII
282 Join the Devil XI
281 Join the Devil Part X
280 Join the Devil Part Ⅸ
279 Join the Devil Part VIII
278 Join the Devil Part VII
277 Join the Devil Part VI
276 Join the Devil V
275 Join the Devil IV
274 Join the Devil III
273 Join the Devil II
272 Join the Devil I
271 Liansheng 32 II
270 Liansheng 32 I
269 A Dying Monk in the Pile of Bones
268 Someone had been Here
267 The Grand and Inconspicuous Stone Cave
266 Predecessors Sword Style, Juniors Addiction
265 How to Set Up Stone Array Tactics II
264 How to Set Up Stone Array Tactics I
263 Disappearing Daming Lake
262 Tao Addicts Fish
261 Standing on Ice, Speaking to Kill
260 A Song for Tao Addic
259 Ning Ques Destiny for Whether Entering Knowing Destiny State Or No
258 An Arrow Ruins His Life
257 Breaking the Realm While Cooking Fish
256 Think it Over
255 Fishing in the Daming Lake
254 A Lake in the Valley
253 A Bet of Breaking A State
252 A Resentment Meeting on the Snow Cliff
251 A Stingy Addic
250 The Blossoming of Peach Blossoms
249 The Beginning of Ones Cultivation
248 Someone in the Mountain
247 White Snow and Black Eyebrow Never Cheated Each Other
246 Breaking the Confinement
245 The Millennial Verdict
244 This Is Very Meaningless
243 The Desolate Men Are Intriguing
242 The Yellow Mud Inkstone and the Snow White Ground
241 A Small Pause
240 Those Worthless Things
239 Those Things That She Couldn't Put Down
238 Crooked Calligraphy
237 It's Been A Long Time Since I Last Saw Your Trick
236 Slightly Venting by a Thorn Stick
235 Would I Tell Lies (Part 3)
234 Would I Tell Lies (Part 2)
233 Would I Tell Lies (Part 1)
232 Farewell to being a Nobody
231 The Career Prospects of the Young Spy
230 Changing the Calligraphy Addict's View of the World for the First Time and Flower Addict's Sadness
229 The Wilderness at Night
228 Big Black and Little Snow (Part 2)
227 Big Black and Little Snow (Part 1)
226 Choosing a Campsite
225 Enter the Palace
224 In a Horse Carriage
223 Flame and Seawater
222 Victory, has Nothing to Do with Light
221 To Kill with Psyche Power; to Break through with Talisman
220 Shameful to Stick Together, So Choose to Stay
219 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 7)
218 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 6)
217 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 5)
216 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 4)
215 Get on the Horse & You're a Thief (Part 3)
214 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 2)
213 Get on the Horse and You're a Thief (Part 1)
212 Lucky Chance
211 Inheritance
210 Escape-proof Net Outside General's Mansion
209 Enemy of the World
208 Chaos in Chang'an (Part 1)
207 If Light Was Coming
206 Behind the Mountain, Behind the Fence
205 Mo Shanshan Has No Mountains in Her Eyes
204 ID Tokens and Transfer Orders
203 Cutting Snow (Part 2)
202 Cutting Snow (Part 1)
201 Tomes of Arcane Lost in the Wilderness
200 A Dark Blue Lake Like a Waist (Part 3)
199 A Dark Blue Lake Like a Waist (Part 2)
198 Dark Blue As the Waist (Part 1)
197 Mr.Thirteen from the Military camp
196 Dawn
195 Primordial Thirteen Arrows
194 Here's the World
193 The Entertainer in the Princess Mansion
192 Synchronization
191 The Little Things That Happened Now and Those Years Ago
190 Here Comes an Ox Cart
189 Looking Towards the West
188 One, Two, Three, Talisman Arrow!
187 Stone Walked in the Stream
186 Let Me Do It
185 Arrangement of the Great Divine Priest of Judgment
184 Desolate Man Stepping onto the Grassland (Part 2)
183 Desolate Man Stepping onto the Grassland (Part 1)
182 Heading Back South for Food!
181 Eating Rice but Flowing Eggs out
180 A Midsummer's Rain
179 Chang'an City Is an Array
178 Seeing the Vermilion Bird Again
177 Disobedient Dots
176 The Damn Flying Sword!
175 Life is Full of Craziness (Part 2)
174 Life is Full of Craziness (Part 1)
173 A Divine Talisman Master in Few Years
172 Talisman Taoism
171 Should He Feel Awe at Those Peaks?
170 Brother and Sister
169 A Red Moon and Snowfield Direwolves
168 Senior Brothers and Sisters (Part 2)
167 Senior Brothers and Sisters (Part 1)
166 Back Mountain
165 A Night Conversation at The Palace
164 A Banquet in the Palace
163 The Freshest Thing Is only A Bowl of Chicken Soup
162 We Are Worth More From Today On
161 The View in the Spring Morning
160 Is the Master of Tang Empire Extraordinary?
159 Crack! Crack!
158 An Exquisite Scenery
157 Illusions of Trees on the Hill Top and Crushed Pastries
156 Breaking through the Barrier
155 The Silver Road and the Wooden Door, into the Mist
154 A Sheet of Paper, A Scroll of Calligraphy, Two Crashes of Thunder
153 The Fourteenth Year, Last Summer, and Going Upstairs Today
152 The Beginning
151 Ascending the Mountain
150 The Opening of the Second Floor
149 View the Mountain Scenery on a Speechless Night
148 Hope Exists in Man's World
147 You are so Beautiful
146 Giving Thanks After a Ceasefire?
145 A Good Drinker Never Shows Off
144 Let the Debate Begin
143 Debut
142 Two Men From the Yan Kingdom
141 Maybe the Day after Tomorrow
140 A Haze of the Rusted Nail
139 The Truth Hidden in Catkin
138 No Headline
137 Shocking Chang'an with One Piece of Calligraphy
136 Those Days in the Study With Three Idiots
135 The Couple in Daming Palace
134 Letters from West-Hill
133 If You Hadn't Danced That Year
132 The Great General As Powerful As Thunder
131 A Tranquil and Chill Autumn
130 A Young Man Faded into Oblivion in the Academy
129 Genius in the Academy
128 Sangsang, My Natal Item!
127 A Perceptive and Touching Friendship
126 Can You Deal with the Sudden Wealth Syndrome?
125 Whose Casino?
124 The Lad Loved Fortune, but Got It Immorally
123 Perception
122 Your Plan after Cultivation?
121 Unreasonable for Killing Barbarians since Childhood
120 The Forgotten Semester Exam
119 The Story of the Big Black Umbrella
118 The Most Wonderful Sound in the World
117 A Boiling Hot Towel
116 The Thing That You and I Can't Figure Out
115 The Unbearable Weight of Life
114 The Horse Carriage in Crisscrossed Streets
113 The State Discussed on the Tower
112 The Spear in Chest Scared Cicadas
111 The Vermilion Bird, the Big Black Umbrella and the Bright Night
110 A Black Blossom on the Back of the Lad
109 The First Fight
108 A Bowl of Noodles at Summer Night, a Tea Specialist beside the Lake
107 Summer Silently Arrived While Exchanging Letters
106 Cattles, the Back Mountain and a Prescription
105 Debates with Private Messages
104 To Remove the Mountain
103 Guys with Blocked or Broken Meridians
102 The Message About the Vertical Bamboo Flute of the World
101 Successor of the Divine Talisman Master
100 The Birth of the Two Famous Pieces of Calligraphy
99 People Left Behind by the World
98 Who Visited the Brothel?
97 The Sleepless Night
96 The Eight Strokes Calligraphy of Yong
95 The First Doorway Towards That World
94 Who Else has Entered the Emperor's Imperial Study Room?
93 Blood for Blood
92 Killing in the Woodshed of the Smithy
91 A Fairy Tale Named The Little Prince
90 First Visit to the Princess Residence
89 The Debut of the Great and Cheeky Penpal
88 Nothing to Note from Books
87 The Carriage with the Indigo Curtain
86 Disturbances out of the Building
85 Blooming Spring, the Exhausted Man and the Old Book
84 The First Split on the Mountain of Books
83 The Old Library
82 Lecturer in the Academy
81 Ah,Youth
80 The First Class
79 The "Academic Discussion" in the Twilight
78 Grade A Academy
77 Black Lightning and Bowstring's Buzz
76 I Chopped a Mass of Peach Blossom that Spring (IV)
75 I Chopped A Mass Of Peach Blossoms that Spring (III)
74 I Chopped a Mass of Peach Blossom that Spring (II)
73 I Chopped a Mass of Peach Blossom that Spring (I)
72 The Academy
71 Goodbye Street
70 The Flower Blooms on the Shore Astride (III)
69 The Flower Blooms on the Shore Astride (II)
68 The Flower Blooms on the Shore Astride (I)
67 The Fish That Jumped Across the Sea (II)
66 The Fish That Jumped Across The Sea (I)
65 The Imperial Study
64 Being Brothers for Life and the Two Bowls of Noodles with Fried Eggs
63 Killing People Is as Tiring as Hoeing
62 Billions of Raindrops Fall from Heaven
61 The Lad Running While Shooting Arrows
60 Chaos in Chang'an
59 The wind, the Rain and the Moonlight Could All Enter the Net
58 A Battle of Two Persons
57 Horse Carriages in the Rain, a Sword Splitting Two into Three
56 Chao Xiaoshu! Chao Xiaoshu!
55 A Legend Reappears on a Rainy Night
54 Whose Turquoise Robe Got Wet in the Pavilion
53 At the Spring Breeze Pavilion, Stood Good Old Chao Xiaoshu
52 I Can Still Live as Long as Heaven Tolerates Me
51 A Conversation Changed Chang'an Jianghu World
50 The Clash between the Empire And Tao Sect
49 Local Government Runner Injured and Elder Taoist beside Altar
48 Hollow Bamboo Echoing at Two Ends
47 The Relocation of the Chang'an City
46 The Death of Censor Zhang Yiqi
45 The Despair of Censor Zhang Yiqi
44 The Fall of Censor Zhang Yiqi
43 The Regrets of Censor Zhang Yiqi
42 The Boiling Hot Dewdrop on the Lotus Petal
41 A Beautiful Young Man by the Stream
40 Angry Mistress Jian in House of Red Sleeves
39 Drinking with Prosititutes, That's within Expectation
38 In Search of the Brothel
37 Staying Calm on the Surface with a Heart Penetrated by Pain
36 The Cool Spring Rain
35 The First Guest of Old Brush Pen Shop
34 The First Calligraphy at Lin 47th Street
33 A Penny Is Enough (Part 2)
32 A Penny Is Enough (Part 1)
31 The Fearful Vermilion Bird
30 Reunion after Seven Years
29 Outside the General's Mansion
28 Nice to meet you, Chang'an!
27 Long Time No See, the Great City
26 The First Dream
25 A Stubborn Man
24 You Were Supposed to Know My Talent...
23 A Lesson on the Journey
22 Cultivation in Limitlessness State
21 Two-thirds of the Painted Peach Blossoms
20 Nothing in the Snow Mountain
19 Your Beauty is to Blame
18 Storytelling beside the Bonfire
17 Out of the Mountains with a Little Girl
16 Ning Que, the Wood-chopper of Shubi Lake
15 I Have Three Podaos
14 A Blood Flower Bloomed on the Indigo Robe
13 The Devil's Severed Finger and the Military's Wing-Footed Arrow
12 Buzzing, Sighing, the Sword
11 Sword Held across Knees, Sword Drifting among Blood
10 Bodyguards, as Hard as Rocks
9 An Arrow Shot from the South of the Northern Mountain Road
8 Drinking at Night, Dreaming of the Ocean
7 Off to be Outstanding in Chang'an
6 The Night Without a Moon, A Time of Yearning
5 The Future Discussion of an Unrepresented Tang
4 The Simple View of Right & Wrong of the Tang
3 The Poverty-Stricken yet Wise Lad
2 Rain in City of Wei and a Lad with a Servant
1 The Beginning