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77 The Conclave Begins!

 The Guardian Supreme had come for one reason and one reason only. Someone had convened a Conclave. One could only convene a Conclave under three conditions.

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First, if the Gutu race was under threat or about to get affected in some way. Second, if there was information that could affect all the Gutu in the lower realms. Third, if a Guardian had chosen a successor. Kaguvi had never convened a meeting before, he wasn't even that old. He was actually one of the younger Guardians, but no one underestimated him. Anyone who was informed knew that he was a dragon in human form.

He preferred to spend his time indulging in carnal pleasures. Something, however, had caught his attention. Thus it could only mean one thing! Everyone moved as fast as they could to the meeting, their minds buzzing with anticipation.

The Guardian Supreme was a stoic woman, but there were rare moments of entertainment for her. As far as she was concerned, whenever Kaguvi moved, something would happen. As for what that something was, The Guardian Supreme had a clue but she did not want to assume anything, so she sat there patiently, waiting for the show to begin.


Kaguvi opened the large doors to the room. The entire city was called the Conclave of Guardians, but it was in this stupendous room was where the true Conclave occurred. The room was surprisingly simple. Brown walls and a brown floor, decorated with the images of the various totems from the various factions and clans.

Thousands upon thousands of Guardians had taken their seats. There was no exact number of Guardians as it fluctuated, but the Gutu people were currently experiencing a prosperous period, thus the number of Guardians matched that prosperity.

The room was split into 3 parts. The first two were filled with the seats the Guardians sat on. In the middle of the two was a silver carpet, splitting the room in half. The carpet led to a throne seemingly made out of wood. Instead of it looking carved, it seemed as if a verdant tree had naturally grown into this shape. This was the seat of the Guardian Supreme!

Every Guardian stared at that seat with deep-rooted reverence and worship in their eyes. Especially focused on the one seated on the throne. The Guardian Supreme was truly the epitome of perfection. She had the beauty of an angel but the sexiness of a demon. Her existence was like a contrast, defying the laws of the universe.

The top half of her face was always masked, leaving much to the imagination. Nevertheless, what little part of her face that was exposed was striking.

She had incredible breasts, while her seductive narrow waist made many a Guardian gulp, both male and female. Her hips were wide, while her buttocks were large and sumptuous. Her thighs were perfectly shaped and her slender legs made it seem as if the floor was unworthy of her steps.

She wore a tight-fitting purple dress that ended at the halfway point of her thighs, while a triangle gap revealed the inviting cleavage above. If it was not for the baleful aura, many a person would find it difficult to resist staring at her without reserve.

As Kaguvi entered the hallway, he ignored the gazes of the others and walked straight down the carpet. As he walked, plenty of Guardians spoke, murmuring to each other, each with various means of covering up their voices.

There was no official seating plan, but it was an unspoken rule that the closer you sat to the Guardian Supreme, the stronger you had to be in terms of cultivation. Thus it came as no surprise that Guardian Mugabe and Guardian Nkomo sat to The Guardian Supreme's left and right respectively.

Mugabe scowled at Kaguvi's presence. He thought the man to be a thorn in his side, but for now, he kept to himself. Kaguvi's circumstances were far too special to ignore. No one knew his true cultivation, and the man did well to keep to himself. Resulting in Mugabe achieving failure in his attempt at recruiting Kaguvi. The fact that they belonged to different factions meant little since Kaguvi seemed to not have any ties to his own faction, but every time he failed dismally, resulting in a big loss of face.

The Gutu valued honor and face quite a bit, so Mugabe held a grudge against Kaguvi. Mugabe even suspected that Kaguvi had moved against him in some of his endeavors, but he had no evidence to suspect his conjecture, so he did nothing.

Mugabe's rival, Guardian Nkomo, was not happy either. Kaguvi was under her Nzou faction in terms of totem, but he chose to stand alone, a rare decision for young guardians. After all, it goes without saying that the older you were, the stronger you were as well. Kaguvi was only a few millennia old, practically a baby to her, but he made her feel uncomfortable somehow...

Kaguvi walked up to The Guardian Supreme and knelt on one knee, doing the traditional greeting. He clapped his hands in a way that made him seem as if he was trying to keep an insect alive insect without killing it. The cupping clap was the male Gutu way of greeting their elders or superiors in certain situations.

"Great elephant, the one who roams unimpeded across the realms, the undefeated protector of our people, The Guardian Supreme of our Gutu, your humble subordinate Kaguvi has come to greet you."

The Guardian Supreme was a Gutu, so it goes without saying that she also is part of a faction. She was part of the Nzou faction, whose totem was the elephant, so Kaguvi greeted her using totemic greetings. This was one of the many ways of greeting superiors, and it was one she favored because it was one of the oldest traditions of her people. As a stickler for the rules, The Guardian Supreme was visibly pleased by Kaguvi's attention to detail and waved her hand magnanimously.

"You may rise. Kaguvi, since you have convened this meeting, I assume you have chosen?" said Guardian Supreme in a mysterious tone.